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[01:05:37] <AzumaHazuki> well, here's to the ass-end of 2020. Fuck this year, and I hope 2021 is better even though i know it will probably take 6 months to be so...
[01:13:52] <kyonko> lol
[01:14:02] <kyonko> its over, human extinction has begun
[01:14:34] <kyonko> the people who prevented human extinction in the 1960's got old and died
[01:14:49] <kyonko> now we are left with billy gates and ted turner and the fonz
[01:15:16] <kyonko> consider that richard feynman was a geezer in the 1980's
[01:15:25] <kyonko> wow, we are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past our expiration date
[01:15:28] <AzumaHazuki> to reiterate: fuck 2020 up its rotten plague-ridden nazi-flag-waving alt-right ass so hard 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 get haemmorhoids in Hell
[01:15:53] <kyonko> you'll figure out a way, boudicca
[01:16:06] <AzumaHazuki> the horrifying thing is, 2020 isn't even in my bottom 5 worst years, maybe not even bottom 10
[01:16:18] <kyonko> you mean internally to you?
[01:16:20] <AzumaHazuki> in fact, it was probably the best year i've had in over a decade. what the fuck does THAT say?
[01:16:25] <kyonko> oh yeah definately
[01:16:36] <kyonko> i still keep striving and achieving goals
[01:16:51] <kyonko> it means you are into esoteric crowley shit AzumaHazuki
[01:17:45] <kyonko> you can't just talk to a normie about the worst years of their lives, most normies will not go behind closed doors with a psychologist
[01:18:06] <kyonko> if you think people are afraid of needles, they are afraid of psychologists even more
[01:18:17] <AzumaHazuki> most of psychology seems pretty useless, IMO
[01:18:23] <kyonko> most?
[01:18:36] <AzumaHazuki> and the US attitude of "just chuck a bunch of powerful pills at these problems and shut the fuck up" is awful too
[01:18:40] <kyonko> you need to be good at math to be a pharmacy tech
[01:19:02] <AzumaHazuki> i am good at math, as far as pharmacy stuff goes. it's not calculus or even heavy algebra
[01:19:27] <kyonko> the elephant in the room is, can patients stock up on daily meds?
[01:19:35] <kyonko> I've been insinuated to do so
[01:19:43] <kyonko> I got the rx and all for it
[01:19:53] <kyonko> most normies just go buy meds in mexico
[01:20:02] <kyonko> but mexico has had a med shortage for a few years now
[01:20:27] <kyonko> these normies usually all die and leave their family in disarray
[01:22:05] <kyonko> its going on right fucking now
[01:22:46] <kyonko> look at how insulin has become a drug of abuse and insulin needles get diverted to IV street drugs
[01:23:15] <kyonko> I'm sorry but I never orgasmed from soda or kiddy juice
[01:31:42] <AzumaHazuki> there are at least three separate trains of thought in those last 10 lines...
[01:42:06] <kyonko> gimme the potassium chloride straight AzumaHazuki
[01:42:08] <kyonko> MAINLINE IT
[01:42:57] <AzumaHazuki> you realize you'll die horribly and painfully if you take IV KCl, no?
[01:43:27] <AzumaHazuki> it's the third drug in the lethal injection mix and is technically the one that does the killing (though the muscle relaxer will do it too)
[01:58:28] <kyonko> yeah I know what humans are and their fucked up pyramids of power
[01:58:37] <kyonko> best reason not to ever have kids
[01:59:17] <kyonko> but its not under your control, its the will of YHWH you horny violent animal
[02:00:56] <kyonko> INNOCULATE
[02:01:10] <kyonko> see who is strong enough to breed
[02:08:10] <AzumaHazuki> again: three different lines of thought in a handful of sentences, none related in any way any normal person can parse
[02:11:59] <kyonko> you aren't normal ms. ga-gina-big
[02:12:51] <Runaway1956_> lolol
[02:13:14] <kyonko> lady gaga stein
[02:13:53] <Runaway1956_> Oh yeah, Epstein's procuress was in the news today - judge told her she's full of shits
[02:14:34] <kyonko> gotta do a fecal transplant
[02:14:40] <kyonko> "elective surgery"
[02:14:50] <Runaway1956_> from her skull to her ass, maybe
[02:15:38] <Runaway1956_> It's odd that she hasn't been offed yet - she surely knows all of Epstein's secrets
[02:15:38] <kyonko> voice to skull microwave tech
[02:15:48] <kyonko> yeah its weird
[02:15:59] <kyonko> Gi-lane
[02:16:06] <Runaway1956_> also weird that no mothers have come to exact vengeance on her
[02:16:10] <kyonko> yep
[02:16:20] <kyonko> its like the chapo guzman trial
[02:16:27] <kyonko> the sinaloa cartel kingpin
[02:16:29] <Runaway1956_> the old "you turned my daughter into a whore" rationalization for murder
[02:16:48] <kyonko> no one in the NYC drug market killed him or his latest wife emma coronel
[02:16:56] <kyonko> its a joke
[02:16:58] <kyonko> all of it
[02:17:33] <Runaway1956_> A lot of powerful people need to be dealt with - fatally
[02:17:40] <kyonko> but they are powerful
[02:17:41] <AzumaHazuki> i really hope Ghislaine sings like a whole cage of canaries
[02:17:49] <kyonko> Gillane
[02:17:57] <AzumaHazuki> and brings down the entire ring of these fucking creeps.
[02:17:59] <kyonko> Gillian
[02:18:15] <AzumaHazuki> of all the crimes out there, sex trafficking is one of the worst, far worse than simply murdering someone
[02:18:20] <Runaway1956_> I'm sure she can cause a hundred humiliations
[02:18:28] <kyonko> the last guy epstein talked to died of covid once released from prison
[02:18:42] <AzumaHazuki> humiliations, hell. i want her testimony to lead to a hundred or more life sentences
[02:18:44] <kyonko> kinda jack rubey shit
[02:18:56] <kyonko> AzumaHazuki: we'll have to change the whole system then
[02:19:01] <Runaway1956_> executions would be good, but the public humiliations would be delicious
[02:19:02] <kyonko> get rid of the felony record
[02:19:16] <kyonko> but felons serve satan ehhhhhhhhhhhhh
[02:19:20] <kyonko> hail satan!
[02:19:30] <AzumaHazuki> take your meds for fuck's sake
[02:19:41] <AzumaHazuki> watching you type is like looking at schizophrenia
[02:19:45] <kyonko> you need to get primary care AzumaHazuki
[02:20:03] <Runaway1956_> lol she is primary care when you want your drugs
[02:20:06] <kyonko> let me guess, you have NO primary care record
[02:20:25] <AzumaHazuki> i have no healthcare till tomorrow, and then no fucking idea when i'll have the time to get seen for anything
[02:20:31] <kyonko> you get bad social credit score at the ER if you don't have primary care
[02:20:32] <AzumaHazuki> some prazosin for PTSD nightmares would be nice...
[02:21:10] <Runaway1956_> you might be fucking up - those mind drugs will fuck up your performance
[02:21:16] <Runaway1956_> not to mention your motivation
[02:21:20] <AzumaHazuki> do you know what prazosin is?
[02:21:37] <kyonko> Runaway1956_: they make you fat, clog your arteries, make you need insulin, and give you tremors
[02:21:42] <Runaway1956_> don't need to know specifics - it's obviously a ming drug
[02:21:45] <AzumaHazuki> it's an alpha-adrenergic blocker. its main effect is to lower peripheral blood pressure. it very much treats the symptoms rather than the causes
[02:21:51] <AzumaHazuki> it was invented for blood pressure control
[02:21:59] <kyonko> Runaway1956_: I could be taking AIDS meds for fucks sake
[02:22:15] <Runaway1956_> you could be taking estrogens
[02:22:19] <kyonko> I don't have AIDS, but I'm lumped in chronic disease with them
[02:22:36] <AzumaHazuki> prazosin is the ONLY medicine i will try for this. no SSRI/SNRI/DNRIs, no beta-blockers, no benzos, nothing like that. i'm the kind of person who doesn't even take tylenol unless in dire need
[02:22:51] <kyonko> yes you have a fever of 105 AzumaHazuki
[02:22:54] <AzumaHazuki> so, sorry, but I'll never be like you, mr safe full of controlled substances
[02:23:05] <kyonko> you are supposed to take tylenol ate 99 to 100F
[02:23:19] <AzumaHazuki> i don't run fevers. my normal temperature is in the low 97s apparently
[02:23:23] <AzumaHazuki> possibly a slow thyroid...?
[02:23:25] <kyonko> oh my god
[02:23:30] <kyonko> you are a cyborg
[02:23:36] <kyonko> that explains the rack
[02:23:38] <Runaway1956_> what's so funny about your perceptions is - I take drugs like you describe - won't even take tylenol unless I need it
[02:23:54] <kyonko> Runaway1956_: its a fever reducer, fevers kill people
[02:23:59] <AzumaHazuki> aside from whatever you need to lock up so your junkie son doesn't snaffle it :D
[02:24:01] <kyonko> its an "essential drug"
[02:24:24] <kyonko> people died from fevers before NSAIDs
[02:24:25] * AzumaHazuki is going to guess it's either pregabalin or gabapentin, or some form of amphetamine
[02:24:33] <Runaway1956_> That's just it - it was prescribed, and a thirty day supply has already lasted me 120 days because I only take as needed
[02:24:46] <kyonko> I got "take as needed" rx'es for ativan
[02:24:47] <Runaway1956_> if the kid got his hands on it, he'd eat it all at one sitting
[02:25:04] <kyonko> I don't have a "drug seeking behavior" record
[02:25:44] <AzumaHazuki> for my part, something to just calm the somatic symptoms of PTSD so i can properly recover during REM sleep should be sufficient. no one knows why prazosin works for this but it does
[02:26:02] <kyonko> you have PTSD from public school?
[02:26:12] <AzumaHazuki> no, from the horrible things i've been through
[02:26:14] <kyonko> do you need to wear glasses?
[02:26:30] <AzumaHazuki> what the fuck do glasses and PTSD have in common? I wear them but most of my family does
[02:26:37] <kyonko> so you have myopia
[02:26:53] <AzumaHazuki> very nearsighted, yes. a lot of people are
[02:26:53] <Runaway1956_> heropia
[02:27:01] <kyonko> and you have a great rack
[02:27:45] <AzumaHazuki> the PTSD comes from things like seeing friends die needlessly
[02:28:02] <AzumaHazuki> there were so many i couldn't save. i was just a kid or a teenager, sometimes on the other side of the country
[02:28:14] <kyonko> sometimes you lose people, but not to death
[02:28:15] <AzumaHazuki> and one reason i work in medicine is as tribute to those friends...
[02:28:28] <kyonko> did any of them fall in love with your bosom?
[02:28:39] <AzumaHazuki> what the fuck
[02:28:47] <Runaway1956_> poor kyonko - fixated on teats
[02:29:07] <Runaway1956_> rhinos have teats
[02:29:12] <kyonko> Runaway1956_: the woman who was supposed to be my wife can actually go in public shirtless
[02:29:13] <Runaway1956_> dogs have teats
[02:29:19] <kyonko> yes I've seen dog tits
[02:29:26] <Runaway1956_> cows have teats
[02:29:29] <AzumaHazuki> the worst was just a few years ago, a brilliant mother of four who'd beaten opioid addiction, only to have her family split up. she disappeared into the night and never came back, and i couldn't ever raise her on email or the phone
[02:29:50] <kyonko> AzumaHazuki: my god, sounds like obama era cleveland OH
[02:30:11] <AzumaHazuki> in case you haven't noticed the entire nation is in an opioid crisis and it's gotten a lot worse since "Obama era"
[02:30:19] <kyonko> yeah fuck obama
[02:30:31] <Runaway1956_> shit happens zoom-zoom - how many times have you cleaned hamburger up off the street, hamburger that used to be human?
[02:30:46] <AzumaHazuki> twice that i can remember. not in any official context
[02:30:53] <kyonko> Runaway1956_: there was bestgore.com and human skin is awfully rubber like
[02:30:53] <AzumaHazuki> remember what i said about needless deaths?
[02:31:15] * Runaway1956_ doesn't need bestgore thank you
[02:31:18] <AzumaHazuki> goddamn drunk drivers...
[02:31:29] <kyonko> yeah and super spreaders
[02:31:31] <Runaway1956_> and out of state drivers
[02:31:40] <kyonko> super spreaders are the new drunk drivers and texting drivers
[02:31:53] <kyonko> typhoid maries
[02:31:55] <AzumaHazuki> i better go. kyonko FFS take your quetiapine already
[02:32:05] <kyonko> quiet-a-pine
[02:32:06] <chromas> I just saw someone phoning and biking earlier today
[02:32:14] <Runaway1956_> New Holland Super Spreaders - the only machine that New Holland won't stand behind
[02:32:47] -!- AzumaHazuki has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[02:33:18] <Runaway1956_> I think you grossed her out kyonko
[02:33:19] <chromas> I think she means take your quietpoutine
[02:33:38] <kyonko> nah, she attracts a lot of looks in real life
[02:33:47] <kyonko> but "proud lesbian"
[02:33:52] <Runaway1956_> how would you know? Because she says so?
[02:34:14] <chromas> He's one of her other personalities
[02:34:25] <Runaway1956_> never thought of that chromas
[02:35:09] <Runaway1956_> Did you know platypussies also have teats?
[02:35:22] <chromas> Aren't the mammals?
[02:35:36] <kyonko> mammal milk
[02:35:36] <Runaway1956_> I guess you can't see them, they're kept hidden in the pouch
[02:35:36] <chromas> mammals have mammaries
[02:35:52] <chromas> heh, spellcheck wanted me to write "mammies"
[02:35:55] <chromas> sounds racis tho
[02:36:05] <kyonko> negro wet nurse bossman's baby
[02:36:05] <Runaway1956_> fek racisss
[02:36:19] <kyonko> the color purple
[02:36:26] <kyonko> OH MY KNEE GOT GOUT
[02:36:38] <chromas> So now your knee grows
[02:37:14] <Runaway1956_> he's from Chernobyl, his knee glows
[02:37:29] <chromas> glowie eh...I knew he was a fed
[02:38:18] <Runaway1956_> Well, it's fucking New Year's Eve - who thinks next year is going to be better?
[02:38:46] <Runaway1956_> Personally, I think the shit is just going to get worse
[02:39:10] <chromas> I dunno why it would get better. Still gotta flatten that curve and stay indoors
[02:39:17] <Runaway1956_> we're going to outsource more work to China, and everyone will be on welfare, but they have to work three jobs at the same time, each of them less than ten hours
[02:39:57] <gozar> China is getting too expensive, work is moving to Africa.
[02:40:04] <kyonko> Runaway1956_: we need military on the streets, I live next to fort huachuca, its an joint military base with an air strip
[02:40:16] <Runaway1956_> some, but Africans can't lobby congress like China can
[02:40:25] <chromas> Are the Chinese colonizers in Africa setting up new manufacturing?
[02:40:36] <kyonko> the united states has never had active duty military on the streets daily
[02:40:45] <Runaway1956_> hell no they aren't, they're setting up "markets"
[02:41:00] <chromas> My shiny new phone was made in Vietnam
[02:41:11] <kyonko> my blood pressure monitor is vietnamese
[02:41:20] <kyonko> chromas: can you at least remove the battery?
[02:41:26] <Runaway1956_> China can sell silk scarves in Africa cheaper than we can sell cheap ass rayon scarves -
[02:41:43] <chromas> It's all glued together
[02:41:56] <kyonko> they don't want you to remove the battery any more
[02:42:01] <kyonko> funny
[02:42:03] <chromas> Does have SD card and headphone jack though
[02:42:21] <kyonko> oh yeah and the sd external storage is fucking bad UX
[02:42:31] <chromas> and the stupid hole punch in the display
[02:42:36] <kyonko> I just pull out my sd cards and dd them to a larger drive
[02:42:46] <kyonko> the sd cards are microsoft exfat
[02:42:56] <kyonko> the hole punch?
[02:43:01] <kyonko> the face camera?
[02:43:06] <chromas> yeah
[02:43:12] <chromas> a little cutout in the display for it
[02:43:19] <kyonko> and you own this?
[02:43:31] <chromas> it's the hip new thing
[02:43:40] <chromas> all the pocket pcs are getting it
[02:43:56] <kyonko> its a lot of hard work to get an android device to act like a PC
[02:43:56] <chromas> soon, you will too
[02:44:07] <kyonko> I already have a back up phone for the tracking apps
[02:44:24] <kyonko> you know, COVID1984
[02:44:35] <Runaway1956_> Huh - you made me curious - my blood pressure cuff is Chinese - has 4 AA batteries in it - two rayovac, and two kendal batteries
[02:44:42] <chromas> If you want to 'boycott' China, buy more HDDs and fewer SSDs
[02:44:45] <Runaway1956_> from the factory - I've never changed batteries
[02:44:46] <kyonko> your batteries are going to leak
[02:45:01] <chromas> You're gonna get AIDS if you mix battery brands
[02:45:10] <kyonko> cancer aids
[02:45:28] <Runaway1956_> I think they are 5G batteries too
[02:45:53] <kyonko> chromas: is your phone a google pixel?
[02:46:11] <chromas> no. I was looking at them but no SD slot
[02:46:15] <kyonko> ah
[02:46:19] <kyonko> SD is the big thing
[02:46:20] <chromas> at least the ones I saw
[02:46:27] <chromas> Don't need it, but I wants it
[02:46:38] <Runaway1956_> what about a dongle?
[02:46:42] <kyonko> the google chromebook pixel are all USB C shit
[02:46:48] <Runaway1956_> slotted electronics are female
[02:46:54] <Runaway1956_> dongled electronics are male
[02:47:02] <kyonko> pixelbook usb c
[02:47:13] <chromas> no dongle, but the usb port's probably big enough for mine :(
[02:47:15] <kyonko> you are supposed to charge it and run peripherals from that
[02:47:21] <kyonko> sounds like a fire hazard
[02:47:22] <Runaway1956_> USB c is tranny
[02:47:57] <chromas> Nah, the cable's still male connectors
[02:48:10] <kyonko> you need to have an sd card chromas
[02:48:17] <kyonko> are you a terrorist?
[02:48:25] <chromas> well duh
[02:48:59] <chromas> have you seen all the shitpost subs my irc bot has enabled?
[02:49:08] <chromas> terr'izin' the editors
[02:49:35] <Runaway1956_> editors have ice water in their veins - you can't terrorize them
[02:50:04] <Runaway1956_> can't even torture them very effectively
[02:50:40] <kyonko> chromas: do you exchange crypto keys out of band?
[02:51:02] <Runaway1956_> Are you offering him an engagement ring?
[02:52:56] <chromas> He wants me to ring his belle. Know what I mean, Vern?
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[02:53:55] <kyonko> why don't they allow you to remove the battery from the phone?
[02:53:58] <Runaway1956_> the dancing robots are beat by this one - https://www.youtube.com
[02:54:01] <systemd> ^ 03Girl Biker Performs - You Must See
[02:54:19] <Runaway1956_> give her about 40 seconds to get warmed up, she looks lame for that long
[02:55:56] <Runaway1956_> Did you say Vern? Vern had some valuable skills - he quit because he was abused.
[02:56:12] <Runaway1956_> Couple years later, I'm doing Vern's old job - and I tell the boss we need Vern back
[02:56:18] <Runaway1956_> Boss tells me Vern died.
[02:56:32] <Runaway1956_> Next day, I saw where dead old Vern updated his Facefook
[02:56:40] <Runaway1956_> pretty neat trick, huh?
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[04:46:19] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Thirteen Linux Security Tutorials - https://sylnt.us - lockdown-of-a-different-type
[04:52:43] <chromas> finally the perfect gamehttps://www.youtube.com
[04:52:45] <systemd> ^ 03Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks
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[10:27:47] <FatPhil> is it over yet?
[10:29:02] <FatPhil> =g penn teller desert bus
[10:29:03] <systemd> https://www.newyorker.com - Desert Bus: The Very Worst Video Game Ever Created | The New ...
[10:29:12] <FatPhil> chromas: ^^^
[10:30:25] <FatPhil> =yt https://www.youtube.com
[10:30:26] <systemd> https://youtube.com - Desert Bus (Sega CD) Playthrough - NintendoComplete (08:07:48; 752,258 views; 👍11,309 👎886)
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[10:43:19] <FatPhil> 2021 looks like it's going to be better than 2020 - driveby's dumps seem to have been filtered to remove all the crap.
[10:48:05] <chromas> I'm a murkan. Where's muh dessert bus?
[10:48:40] <chromas> Haven't even seen driveby in a couple weeks 'til now
[11:07:54] <FatPhil> but you have to put canadian maple syrup on your pancakes
[11:09:23] <chromas> on my beligan waffles
[11:13:48] <FatPhil> n.p. https://www.youtube.com
[11:13:50] <systemd> ^ 03This Old House by Rosemary Clooney 1954
[11:13:55] <FatPhil> because why not?
[11:19:20] <FatPhil> fudgesicles, can't find any working Last Leg of the Year torrents. How am I supposed to see the new year again if I can't watch yesterday's telly?
[11:23:26] <chromas> Send me the file and I'll seed it for you
[11:34:32] <FatPhil> [insert silly response here]
[12:26:47] <FatPhil> Woh, I've just realised - I've finally brexitted.
[12:27:55] <FatPhil> did it happen at 1am or 2am, was it brussels time or london time?
[12:28:48] <FatPhil> if I was a shopkeeper in the UK< I'd double my prices, and hope that every other shopkeeper did the same.
[12:29:06] <FatPhil> moar profits, and you can just point the finger and say "blame them --->>>"
[12:55:33] <FatPhil> Internal Server Error
[12:55:34] <FatPhil> The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
[12:55:50] <FatPhil> nonreproducable
[14:11:48] <Bytram> FatPhil: what were you doing?
[14:20:06] <Ingar> Best Wishes all. May you expect 2021 to be even worse than 2020. That way you can't be dissapointed.
[14:20:52] <Ingar> I cleaned my bicycle.
[14:21:01] <Ingar> best new year's day ever
[14:23:33] <Runaway1956_> Bytram - he was doubling stuff because of Brexit and ran into an error because there can't be two FatPhils
[14:23:37] <Runaway1956_> <+FatPhil> if I was a shopkeeper in the UK< I'd double my prices,
[14:24:17] <Runaway1956_> and he can't answer now because quantum FatPhil
[14:24:38] <Bytram> "If some is good, and more is better, then too much is not enough!"
[14:24:52] <Bytram> Hmmm
[14:24:57] <Bytram> =g "If some is good, and more is better, then too much is not enough!"
[14:24:58] <systemd> [0 results]
[14:25:06] <Bytram> =g If some is good, and more is better, then too much is not enough
[14:25:08] <systemd> https://www.canr.msu.edu - If applying some fertilizer is good, then more is better, right? Wrong ...
[14:25:41] <Bytram> =g If some is good, and more is better, then "too much is not enough"
[14:25:43] <systemd> https://www.amazon.com - Too Much Is Not Enough: A Memoir of Fumbling ... - Amazon.com
[14:25:56] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Activist Hedge Fund Advises Intel to Outsource CPU Manufacturing - https://sylnt.us
[14:26:05] <Bytram> =g If some is good and "more is better" then "too much is not enough"
[14:26:07] <systemd> https://www0.gsb.columbia.edu - When too much is not enough: Inherited wealth and the ...
[14:26:28] <Bytram> =g "if some is good" and "more is better" then "too much is not enough"
[14:26:29] <systemd> https://www.corvetteforum.com - Too much is not enough!!!! - CorvetteForum - Chevrolet Corvette ...
[14:27:20] * Runaway1956_ always presumed that applied to sex
[14:39:25] <FatPhil> a mate of mine in Finland was a 'vette nutter.
[14:41:08] <FatPhil> After he'd had a stock one for a couple of years, he started tweaking, and in the end he got a lingenfelter custom engine shipped from the US for it
[14:41:47] <FatPhil> cost about 3x the original cost of the car.
[14:42:01] <FatPhil> it was a fucking beast.
[14:46:40] <Runaway1956_> Ahhhh, you have de-quantumized now, that's good
[15:13:27] <requerdanos> =submit https://www.engadget.com
[15:13:29] <systemd> Submitting "Puerto Rico commits $8 million to rebuild Arecibo telescope"...
[15:13:50] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Puerto Rico Commits $8 Million to Rebuild Arecibo Telescope" (8 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[15:19:05] <Runaway1956_> Is 8 million enough to rebuild? I guess they plan to save money by using Puerto Rican labor?
[15:19:17] <requerdanos> Not nearly enough, no
[15:19:39] <Runaway1956_> David Segal, Watchdog.net wants me to sign a petition to get a $2,000 welfare check
[15:19:44] <Runaway1956_> funny how that works
[15:19:56] <Runaway1956_> in a democracy everyone votes to give themselves something
[15:20:58] * Runaway1956_ thinks about Arecibo for a few moments
[15:21:26] <Runaway1956_> The foundations are still there, and they can probably reuse a some of the hardware
[15:21:42] <Runaway1956_> but the dish and everything in it probably needs replaced
[15:22:00] <Runaway1956_> and, obviously, ALL of the reinforcement struts cables etc
[15:22:38] <Runaway1956_> Ballpark figure - they probably need north of 25 million to do even a poor job of it
[15:22:48] <Runaway1956_> north of 50 million to do a decent job
[15:23:48] * Runaway1956_ isn't willing to actually dive into the engineering of the task
[15:35:15] <requerdanos> I guess I am glad that someone's willing , though
[16:06:53] <FatPhil> Im not sure the guys with the money are that fond of Puerto Rico, given their hurrican relif efforst, or lack thereof
[16:46:25] -!- lld has quit [Quit: leaving]
[16:55:27] -!- lld [lld!~lld@2001:f40:iko::v:rhiv] has joined #soylent
[17:47:55] <chromas> Did they find more relief supply stashes?
[17:59:27] <Runaway1956_> https://arstechnica.com
[17:59:28] <systemd> ^ 03When memes fail anatomy: The scale of a blue whale’s butthole
[17:59:57] <Runaway1956_> The question there is, do politicians or whales have bigger assholes?
[18:00:29] <chromas> arse technica
[18:01:09] <Runaway1956_> You think Arse has the biggest asshole?
[18:02:09] <chromas> Find out who does, so we can give 'em a Goatse™
[18:02:16] <chromas> or is that a Goatsie?
[18:02:36] <chromas> The Golden Receiver
[18:06:43] <Runaway1956_> Oh, I haven't checked yet -
[18:07:02] <Runaway1956_> is Great Britain still there, or did it sink under the waves upon exiting?
[18:07:20] <Runaway1956_> Maybe left Scotland and Ireland behind?
[18:07:35] <chromas> They wish
[18:07:40] <Runaway1956_> Would either of them bother searching for survivors?
[18:10:00] <Runaway1956_> This teacher has nice enough hooters
[18:10:04] <Runaway1956_> https://www.thegatewaypundit.com
[18:10:05] <systemd> ^ 03Chicago Teachers Union Leader Claims It's Unsafe for Teachers to Return to the Classroom While Tanning Poolside in Puerto Rico
[18:14:05] <FatPhil> =boner Runaway1956
[18:14:05] <systemd> Runaway1956 I've told you 1 times, put your boner away
[18:18:53] <Runaway1956_> I know fatphil - you're jealous
[18:19:16] <Runaway1956_> jealous not only of my sidearm, but my middle leg
[18:21:32] <Runaway1956_> "celebrities" are inexplicable
[18:21:37] <Runaway1956_> https://www.nytimes.com
[18:21:38] <systemd> ^ 03Can You Poison Your Way to Good Health?
[18:23:10] <Runaway1956_> here's a story with a mostly happy ending for you fatphil
[18:23:14] <Runaway1956_> https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com
[18:23:14] <systemd> ^ 03Hero dad: 4-year-old shot during home invasion, father shoots all 4 suspects
[18:32:11] <Deucalion> Happy 2021 everyone. May it be better for you and yours than the last 365 days.
[18:35:40] <FatPhil> you too
[18:37:46] <FatPhil> So the dad got into a gunfight, and then his daughter got shot? What a fucking mega-hero!
[19:00:59] <Deucalion> He just needed a bigger faster MOAR gun to take out the four intruders faster before a crossfire could ensue... perhaps an automated machine gun turret firing 50cal depleted Uranium rounds just to be sure. Or something like that. :/
[19:02:39] <Deucalion> I dunno how I feel about this.... when burglars come mob handed and are armed to the teeth..... of course it would be better if no-one was armed and no-one died... but 'MURICA gonna 'MURICA freedom and/or death or somesuch..
[19:05:23] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Machine Learning Could Boost the Success Rate of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - https://sylnt.us
[19:42:10] <Runaway1956_> which part of "home invasion" did you miss there, fatphil?
[20:17:44] <chromas> 'tis better to throw 'em in the meat grinder and start up a bbq
[20:17:50] <chromas> burglarburgers
[20:18:15] <Runaway1956_> They weren't precisely "burglars" though chromas
[20:18:56] <Runaway1956_> They weren't prowling, they came to that house looking for - money, revenge, or something
[20:19:08] <chromas> 'vaderburgers just doesn't have the same onion ring to it
[20:31:40] <FatPhil> Which bit about what I said made you think, if that's the term for the process that goes on between your ears, that I didn't recognise that it was a home invasion?
[20:32:29] <Runaway1956_> Well, it's silly to characterize the dad as "got into a gunfight" after 4 people broke into his home
[20:33:01] <chromas> When people break into my home, I like to start a slapfight
[20:33:37] <Runaway1956_> The last person to break into my home did so when I wasn't home, so we never found out how I would react to a violent home invasion
[20:34:07] <Runaway1956_> Not being a big huge muscular jock, a slap fight isn't the more likely scenario for me to engage in
[20:34:32] <chromas> Just get it on video, then you can sue them for hatecrime later
[20:34:47] -!- AzumaHazuki [AzumaHazuki!~hazuki@the.end.of.time] has joined #soylent
[20:35:58] <AzumaHazuki> double shift again. i'm tired, but the extra $ will be nice
[20:36:24] <Runaway1956_> Oh God - more money to spend? It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.
[20:36:41] <AzumaHazuki> to save
[20:36:58] <Runaway1956_> Don't put of until retirement what you can spend today!
[20:37:16] <AzumaHazuki> i have a bad relationship with money, that being, i've never had any so am terrified of spending it
[20:37:41] <Runaway1956_> Well, choose someone you really dislike, send the money to him, and he'll have to spend it
[20:37:59] <AzumaHazuki> hell no. it's going right into savings
[20:38:09] <chromas> I'd be hated on by the internet for some free monies
[20:38:12] <Runaway1956_> Isn't that Un-American
[20:38:32] <Runaway1956_> You should use that money for collateral to get a loan that you can never pay off
[20:38:46] <AzumaHazuki> i have five words for that and they ain't "mercury crystal power, make up"
[20:38:58] <AzumaHazuki> in fact, three or four of them are some variation on the f word
[20:39:12] <Runaway1956_> You communist-minded people hate the American Way.
[20:40:08] <Runaway1956_> Punctuate the above with lots of /sarcasm of course
[20:40:09] <chromas> Are you implying she wants all her income taxed away now?
[20:40:37] * Runaway1956_ implies nothing when it comes to purple haired milennials
[20:40:57] <AzumaHazuki> my hair is a very dark brown that looks black. purple wouldn't suit me
[20:41:32] <Runaway1956_> So purple it looks black? I've seen a few people with skin like that
[20:42:32] <AzumaHazuki> no, so brown it looks black. if the sun is shining right through it you can see brown
[20:42:41] <AzumaHazuki> also, what the fuck, who has purple skin?
[20:42:52] <chromas> illegal ancient aliens
[20:43:12] <Runaway1956_> An old old tribe of Africans have skin with a bluish/purplish cast to it
[20:43:18] <chromas> is there any (non-dyed) black hair that doesn't look brown in the sun?
[20:43:21] <Runaway1956_> if I must, I can look them up
[20:43:43] <Runaway1956_> Yes, Chromas, there is black hair that looks black in the sun
[20:44:03] <Runaway1956_> Native Americans often have such hair
[20:44:53] <Runaway1956_> Maybe "often" is not quite right - "sometimes" might be more accurate
[20:44:56] <chromas> Sounds like fake news
[20:53:30] <Runaway1956_> Nilote is the genetic group to which these blue-black people belong to, if anyone interested.
[20:54:02] <Runaway1956_> In a street filled with hundreds of black people, you can pick out the one Nilote immediately
[20:54:52] <Runaway1956_> of course, not all Nilotes are all as black as that - but they are on average much blacker than non-Nilote neighbors
[20:58:11] <AzumaHazuki> why did you even bring this up, and why do you keep going on about it?
[21:00:35] <Runaway1956_> I felt like it -
[21:00:41] <Runaway1956_> no justification needed
[21:01:02] * chromas justifies right
[21:01:19] <Runaway1956_> all right minded men justify right
[21:04:01] * chromas centers; sets font to comic sans ms
[21:04:58] <Runaway1956_> Europeans are weird.
[21:05:09] <Runaway1956_> https://www.youtube.com
[21:05:11] <systemd> ^ 0310 Funny European Commercials
[21:06:05] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Year-End-Wrapup [Updated] - https://sylnt.us
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[21:23:59] aristarchus is now known as SoyGuest1546
[21:24:07] <chromas> haha
[21:24:40] SoyGuest1546 is now known as runaway1956
[21:25:04] <chromas> Juggling too many alts to remember them?
[21:25:41] runaway1956 is now known as SoyGuest84803
[21:27:11] SoyGuest84803 is now known as runway1957
[21:27:42] runway1957 is now known as runaway1957
[21:28:50] <Deucalion> hmm
[21:56:07] <chromas> I switched Akonadi over to postgres and no problems so far. Killing off mysql and mysql derivatives seems to be the answer to all of life's problems
[21:56:33] <chromas> finally, kmail is better than thunderbird again
[21:58:33] <FatPhil> Anyone seen /Soul/ yet?
[21:58:49] <FatPhil> or planning to?
[21:59:16] -!- AzumaHazuki has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[22:10:15] <Runaway1956_> Hold on aristarchus - I'm searching for a fuck to give
[22:27:45] <kyonko> Seoul?
[22:27:57] <kyonko> its got a black guy as yhwh
[22:28:09] <kyonko> and a male and female mom and pop abstraction over him
[22:28:37] <kyonko> for some reason its all black guys playing yhwh
[22:56:47] <FatPhil> I wanna know what cubist/minimalist artist/piece inspired the Jerry characters, it's nagging me, as they're so familiar. There are bits of Kandinsky in them to my mind, but others seem to think it's Picasso.
[23:10:46] <chromas> I didn't even know Pixar made a new movie
[23:17:43] * Deucalion jiggles, yawns. Good 10K year sleep. Who is this yhwh thing and why is everyone so up in arms about the various forks that have sprung from that to justify their tribal nature? And wtf is a Pixar??
[23:18:33] * Deucalion contemplates another 10K year sleep. Perhaps humans will have found sanity by then. Or I'll wake up to a wasteland.
[23:25:43] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Desalination Breakthrough Could Lead to Cheaper Water Filtration - https://sylnt.us - clean-water++
[23:33:12] <kyonko> its about spirituality
[23:33:29] <kyonko> the jerry charecters are beatniks
[23:34:53] <kyonko> its 1950's art deco
[23:35:06] <kyonko> used to freak me out when I drew it in middle school
[23:38:22] <FatPhil> art deco significantly predates the 50s
[23:38:53] <FatPhil> it is quite picasso/kandinsky-ish, but there's a closer match, I'm sure.
[23:39:25] <kyonko> its whatever art deco evolved into
[23:39:30] <kyonko> and art deco was in norway in the 1900's
[23:40:03] <FatPhil> For those who have no clue what we're talking about: https://disney.fandom.com
[23:40:04] <systemd> ^ 03Jerry | Disney Wiki | Fandom ( https://disney.fandom.com(Soul) )
[23:40:47] <kyonko> they are jerrys like rick and morty
[23:40:57] <kyonko> I found it clear jerrys are above yhwh
[23:41:39] <kyonko> if you want to get all feynman you can go nuts over the geometric math of the circular polarization of electromagnetism
[23:41:59] <kyonko> it looks a lot like a nautilus shell
[23:42:48] <kyonko> then you can get all roger penrose about it and say, the universe is the wake of the photon
[23:43:42] <kyonko> its really really hard to visualize electromagnetism, but what works is that its a particle leaving behind a wake
[23:43:57] <kyonko> it works in the glass lens, it works in the parabolic reflector
[23:45:33] <kyonko> the parabolic reflector doesn't make sense in the big fat wave with infinite amplitude
[23:46:10] <kyonko> electromagnetic amplitude can be infinately high that roger penrose told joe rogan that its possible to get information from a previously existing universe
[23:46:48] <kyonko> and then there is that philosophical problem of playing catch-up with whatever the "ether" is
[23:46:52] <kyonko> which does not exist at all
[23:47:12] <kyonko> big ass amplitude doesn't mean exeeding the speed of light
[23:47:13] <chromas> How do I refill my mana without ether?
[23:47:58] <kyonko> a small not well known experiment proved the ether doesn't exist
[23:48:35] <kyonko> because ether is like air to a tuning fork
[23:49:00] <kyonko> you can't just cast a tuning fork either
[23:49:11] <kyonko> you have to machine it
[23:49:22] <kyonko> and you need a massive heavy machine to prevent deviantions from the work itself
[23:49:40] <requerdanos> deviantions?
[23:49:59] <kyonko> heh
[23:50:02] <kyonko> i can't spell
[23:50:07] <requerdanos> oh, typo
[23:51:04] <kyonko> so jerryes are before and after the universe, fucking bad ass
[23:51:21] <kyonko> but laymen normies don't know or care
[23:53:12] <kyonko> Lol, there are terrys, like positrons
[23:56:55] <kyonko> the black guy with the glasses and a fedora in soul is a beatnik