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[00:20:33] <FatPhil> https://bigmemes.funnyjunk.com
[00:21:30] <FatPhil> For reference, Fingerpori is a Finnish cartoon, written in Finnish, but just a small fraction have been translated officially into English (many don't translate, as they are Finnish wordplays - inz will explain...)
[00:22:05] <FatPhil> I kinda got hooked on them when I lived there, it was a test for my language skills. I got about 3% of them.
[00:26:58] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - NASA Releases Incredible Video of OSIRIS-REx Tagging Asteroid – Mysterious Dark Patches Puzzle Team - https://sylnt.us - snatch-and-grab
[00:28:25] <RandomFactor> Ignition of the second stage engine
[00:29:03] <RandomFactor> SECO II
[00:29:32] <RandomFactor> Nominal Orbit
[00:54:14] <RandomFactor> Satellite Deploy
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[02:37:02] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - The Cheap Pen that Changed Writing Forever - https://sylnt.us - crystal-clear
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[04:59:02] <Fnord666> =cite https://doi.org
[05:19:45] <inz> FatPhil, I won't explain fingerpori, if you explain it, it stops being funny ;)
[05:32:04] <Bytram> chromas++ thank you!
[05:32:04] <Bender> karma - chromas: 306
[05:34:32] <chromas> Oh no, thank you
[05:35:17] <Bytram> how does one turn it off?
[05:35:27] <Bytram> =disable titles
[05:35:27] <systemd> k
[05:35:40] <Bytram> really?
[05:35:59] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[05:36:08] <Bytram> =enable titles
[05:36:08] <systemd> k
[05:36:18] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[05:36:20] <systemd> ^ 03Trail of Bubbles Leads Scientists to New Coronavirus Clue - SoylentNews
[05:36:25] <Bytram> :D
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[07:25:29] <FatPhil> inz: "looks like he was an electrician"
[07:26:50] <FatPhil> but at least that one did translate easily.
[07:27:09] <FatPhil> "Etola" just can't be translated at all.
[08:07:47] <inz> This is one of my all time favourites of the non-translatable ones: https://lorien-media-prod.s3.amazonaws.com
[08:09:08] <lld> does japanese sentences full of emoji count?
[08:17:40] <soycow9642> Political interpretative dances https://twitter.com
[08:17:41] <systemd> ^ 03Twitter ( https://mobile.twitter.com )
[08:19:43] <FatPhil> inz: that's one of the 97
[08:20:00] <FatPhil> even my dictionary doesn't help me
[08:20:40] <FatPhil> I'll put money on siemens being sperm-related though
[08:22:05] <inz> Yeah, "siemensin" is "I seeded" or "I inseminated"
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[08:32:04] <FatPhil> So, are bookmakers offering odds on whether there will be any post-loss lynchings in Georgia?
[08:37:38] <Runaway1957> =asub https://www.hstoday.us
[08:37:42] <systemd> Submitting "White Supremacist Symbols Scrawled on Oregon Billboards - Homeland Security Today"...
[08:38:04] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03White Supremacist Symbols Scrawled on Oregon Billboards - Homeland Security Today" (1 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[08:38:31] <FatPhil> ahhh, shitnozzle time
[08:38:50] <Runaway1957> Easy, there, expat Brit!
[08:51:02] <Runaway1957> Trumpf is what happens when you teach Germans to speak English.
[08:53:12] <Runaway1957> =asub https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk
[08:53:15] <systemd> Submitting "'Utterly insane' far right group bombards Hull homes with leaflets"...
[08:53:37] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03'Utterly Insane' Far Right Group Bombards Hull Homes With Leaflets" (13 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[08:57:12] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Dust Travelled Thousands of Miles to Enrich Hawaiian Soils - https://sylnt.us - Dust-in-the-Wind
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[09:30:48] <FatPhil> =georgiaonmymind AzumaHazuki
[09:30:49] * systemd casually derives some promises of degradation from AzumaHazuki
[09:31:04] <AzumaHazuki> hey, if you want that go pay a dominatrix
[09:32:13] <FatPhil> would it be more degrading to *promise* degradation, and then not deliver it!?!? The bog mindles.
[09:32:52] <FatPhil> Hurt me, says the masochist. No, says the sadist.
[09:51:00] <AzumaHazuki> okay, time for work. these IV shifts are something i've never done but they feel weirdly nostalgic
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[11:05:54] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Startling Case Study Finds Asymptomatic COVID-19 Carrier who Shed Virus for 70 Days - https://sylnt.us - what-about-nights?
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[13:15:28] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - New Technology Allows Cameras to Capture Colors Invisible to the Human Eye - https://sylnt.us - picture-this
[14:53:15] <Teckla> LOL @ https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com
[15:04:47] <Fnord666> ok that's hilarious
[15:05:52] <soycow9642> GA and PA blue-d
[15:27:08] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - US City Fined Over Former Employee's Data Theft - https://sylnt.us - consequences
[15:41:00] <Fnord666> =asub https://www.tomsguide.com
[15:41:02] <systemd> Submitting "Nasty malware attacks iPhones and Android"...
[15:41:24] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Nasty Malware Attacks iPhones and Android" (25 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
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[17:35:50] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Platypuses Glow an Eerie Blue-Green Under UV Light - https://sylnt.us - disco-duck
[17:44:20] <Runaway1956> Uhhhhh - backwoods nowhere superstitions about stolen penises
[17:44:30] <Runaway1956> All I can say is "wow"
[17:44:42] <Runaway1956> https://sputniknews.com
[17:44:44] <systemd> ^ 03Seven Nigerian Men Who Can't Find Their Penis Accuse Local Pastor of 'Snatching Manhood'
[17:45:01] <Runaway1956> I guess they have to sit to pee now?
[17:47:07] <Runaway1956> https://www.withinnigeria.com
[17:47:09] <systemd> ^ 03'How My Penis Was Stolen In Lagos', Nigerian Film Director Recounts
[17:47:57] <Runaway1956> https://www.straightdope.com
[17:47:58] <systemd> ^ 03What’s up with penis-stealing sorcerers in Africa?
[17:49:16] <Runaway1956> https://www.alternet.org
[17:49:17] <systemd> ^ 03Penis Snatching on the Rise -- Africa’s Genital-Stealing Crime Wave Hits the Countryside
[17:49:46] <Runaway1956> That's far too much already - fokkin' weird!!
[18:10:08] <Fnord666> This come up in one of your nermal google searches?
[18:10:24] <Ingar> google knows him well
[18:14:14] <Fnord666> =threadcount
[18:14:15] <systemd> 4
[18:14:35] <Fnord666> =gcctl stats
[18:14:35] <systemd> Used/free (KB): 17404/5123
[18:14:51] <Fnord666> =folding_rank
[18:16:15] <Runaway1956> The first link came across news feed - the others found with a search
[18:20:33] <Fnord666> weird does even begin to describe those stories
[18:20:41] <Fnord666> =ping
[18:20:41] <systemd> Pong!
[18:21:01] <Fnord666> =honk
[18:21:01] <systemd> 🤡
[18:22:06] <Fnord666> =taco
[18:22:07] * systemd sets out a plate of abominable tacos.
[18:23:11] <Fnord666> =blame systemd
[18:23:11] * systemd points at Fnord666
[18:23:31] <Fnord666> =folding-rank
[18:23:31] <systemd> Rank: 10331 | WUs: 10155,076 | Score: 102,188,276,984 (10Fri Nov 06 17:40:31 GMT 2020)
[18:30:37] <Runaway1956> https://www.foxnews.com
[18:30:38] <systemd> ^ 03Bear cub denied entry to Canada after attempt at 'forceful entry,' funny post shows
[18:47:19] <Runaway1956> =submit https://phys.org
[18:47:23] <systemd> Submitting "As mid-Atlantic's native bee populations decline, an exotic species proliferates"...
[18:47:45] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03As mid-Atlantic's Native Bee Populations Decline, an Exotic Species Proliferates" (18 paragraphs) -> https://soylentnews.org
[19:45:24] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Votes We Can All Get Behind - https://sylnt.us
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[20:13:19] <AzumaHazuki> man, the "fuck your feelings" crowd is sure havin' a lotta feelz
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[21:24:01] * Teckla does not mind recounts with more watchers so that everyone can have more confidence in the integrity of the election.
[21:27:29] <Teckla> Trump and the GOP should play this one carefully, though; at the moment, they're coming off a little like "Alex Jones is my Personal Lord and Savior" crazy.
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[21:30:02] <Teckla> Maybe present themselves more like: "Hey, we're concerned about the integrity of the election and these votes. Let's do A, B, and C to boost confidence."
[21:30:43] <Teckla> And instead they're more like: "OH MY GERD! DEMON-CRATS STEALING MUH ELECTION! EVIL COMMUNISTS! ILLUMINATI!"
[21:57:05] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - "Project X" - Pure Open-Source Coreboot Support On AMD Zen - https://sylnt.us - unstrapping-your-bootstrapping
[21:57:41] <Ingar> lol, integrity of the election
[21:57:50] <Ingar> US president elections are rigged from the start
[21:58:44] <Ingar> (not that I don't pretend living in a banana republic myself)
[21:58:50] <AzumaHazuki> all the ratfucking that lot did and they're still losing
[21:59:12] <AzumaHazuki> i really hope biden wins, just to stabilize the country long enough for me to get the fuck out
[21:59:19] <Ingar> too bad Trump is most likely going to lose (or already has, havent been following)
[21:59:24] <Ingar> it would have been the more funny option
[22:04:05] <Teckla> Trump still has a chance, but his odds are kind of low at this point.
[22:06:59] <Teckla> You also have to factor in that the districts are crazily gerrymandered against the D's and for the R's at this point.
[22:07:31] <Teckla> And R states disenfranchise D voters by having far insufficient voting places in urban areas.
[22:07:46] <Teckla> Resulting in hours-long waits... and of course then people blow off voting since it's such a hassle.
[22:08:07] <Teckla> Not that D's are saints either... they would have gerrymandered if they had been in control last time the lines were drawn.
[22:08:20] <Ingar> as I said, elections are rigged to begin with
[22:08:20] <Teckla> And they race bait all the damn time and have his bizarro immigration worship thing going on.
[22:08:22] <Teckla> They all suck.
[22:09:01] <Teckla> D's and R's -- all garbage.
[22:09:05] <Ingar> not to mention the red-blue ditchotomy
[22:09:24] <Ingar> I think last time I voted some orange
[22:09:34] <Teckla> ...some orange?! :)
[22:09:54] <Ingar> well not that orange guy :p
[22:10:24] <Ingar> our political spectrum just has more than two colours
[22:10:36] <Ingar> ofc they all suck
[22:10:47] <Teckla> Ingar: Where are you?
[22:10:54] <Ingar> Belgium
[22:11:00] <Ingar> Currently in Lockdown II
[22:11:08] <Teckla> Ooooh. I'm American, but I think I got lots of genetics from that area
[22:12:36] <Teckla> I think I am a mix of German + Denmark + Belgium
[22:12:48] <Ingar> The Flemish part I might hope!
[22:12:54] <Ingar> Damn those frenchies!
[22:13:10] <Teckla> Just vaguely that general area :)
[22:13:19] <Teckla> Ingar: ha!
[22:13:20] <Teckla> :)
[22:13:46] <Ingar> nationalism is a thing here
[22:13:55] <Ingar> the nationalists suck too ofc
[22:14:22] <Ingar> they technically won the election and then a govt without them was formed :D
[22:14:56] <Ingar> also took them a year and a half and a pandemic to do so
[22:15:08] * Teckla raises an eyebrow
[22:15:28] <Ingar> welcome to our banana republic :D
[22:15:58] <Ingar> and it's not even a republic, "The Kingdom of Belgium is a federal state"
[22:16:37] <Ingar> the past 5 years we've been without govt half the time, that's how good democracy works here
[22:16:45] <Ingar> country has never done better
[22:16:52] <Ingar> (in the years without govt)
[22:17:13] <Ingar> nobody fucking cared
[22:17:21] <Teckla> haha!
[22:17:24] <Teckla> Oh dear...
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[22:18:43] <Ingar> atm it's more like a fascist police state though
[22:18:45] -!- Runaway1956 [Runaway1956!~some@67.223.okg.wi] has joined #soylent
[22:19:00] <Ingar> curfew from midnight till 5 am, go outside, get arrested
[22:19:30] <Ingar> police is in full foce to catch them damn corona offenders!
[22:19:36] <Ingar> and oooh they love it
[22:25:24] <Teckla> Ingar: Holy crap, that's harsh.
[22:25:41] <Teckla> Ingar: I assume you have a small number of reasons you can legitimately be outside? Like picking up groceries?
[22:26:00] <Runaway1956> https://m.youtube.com
[22:26:03] <systemd> ^ 03My Corona | A "My Sharona" Viral Anthem ( https://www.youtube.com )
[22:26:09] <Ingar> tbh it's not as bad as Lockdown II
[22:26:13] <Ingar> slightly more stores open
[22:26:18] <Ingar> you can move around, jsut not at night
[22:26:26] <Ingar> *not as bad as Lockdown I
[22:26:54] <Ingar> I've been going to work as usual since the very beginning
[22:27:23] <Ingar> (part of my job is rly on-site stuff)
[22:27:50] <Ingar> but it is very quiet outside
[22:28:23] <Ingar> no events, no parties, no bars, no hookers
[22:28:44] <Ingar> the roads havent been this emoty in decades
[22:28:50] <Ingar> *empty
[22:31:58] <Runaway1956> emo roads
[22:34:17] <Ingar> they are, I tested that last time I was thrown over my bicycle's handlebar
[23:31:29] <FatPhil> Final result in1
[23:31:37] <FatPhil> The old white guy won!
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[23:56:18] <Eth> Wuddup niggaz
[23:56:40] <Eth> Dayum, what a shitshow, huh?
[23:57:35] <Eth> Lol at my ip mask being "joo.z"
[23:58:57] <Eth> Well, im not gonna shit my pants at the presidential loss. Obama sucked but he wasn't the end of the world.
[23:59:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'm just waiting for everyone to get fed up with the nonsense and say "fuck it, let kanye have it"
[23:59:39] <chromas> (-1, Redundant)