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[00:07:09] <AzumaHazuki> you know, watching Runaway degenerate into a stereotype is fucking depressing, mostly because of how completely predictable it is :/
[00:07:23] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Traces of New Dark Matter Candidate Could be Found in Crystals Deep Inside the Earth - http://sylnt.us - mondo-nono
[00:07:25] <AzumaHazuki> i've seen this happen to other people. i find myself predicting what he's going to say and do before he says or does it
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[01:01:40] <Sulla> his new JE?
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[06:26:06] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - WTF is Up With the "TROLL" Mods? - http://sylnt.us - tragedy-of-the-commons
[06:57:14] <FatPhil> I predicted Azuma would say that!
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[08:07:48] <chromas> https://www.youtube.com
[08:07:49] <upstart> ^ 03Earth's Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way Galaxy - 4K
[08:19:12] <SemperOSS> Mr-Late-to-the-Party is at it again: FatPhil, it's a bit of a coincidence as I have recently started using Seinfeld as an easy time-filler when I am engaged in activities where the hands may be engaged but a bit of surplus brain capacity is available, like eating dinner, doing rocket science, programming and such.
[08:19:55] <SemperOSS> It all started with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee for me.
[08:22:24] <FatPhil> that's just rollergirl without the sex?
[08:24:01] <FatPhil> I think about 6 months ago I heard an interiew with JS and/or LD, and they kept repeating that when they stopped it, it was the most successful comedy program ever. So I thought perhaps I should give it a chance.
[08:43:48] <chromas> Speaking of LD, https://www.youtube.com
[08:43:49] <upstart> ^ 03Larry Doesn't Say Thank You for Your Service Curb Your Enthusiasm
[08:49:47] <Sulla_> working an all nighter to get caught up on work. been grinding TOS. maybe should swithc to seinfeld
[09:26:11] <Sulla_> anyone else put spices in their coffee? I tend to do ginger/cinnimon/cardamon
[09:26:35] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Da Vinci Hidden Painting | New 'Virgin of the Rocks' Painting - http://sylnt.us - cover-up
[09:44:41] <chromas> Do you put in cocoa?
[09:52:28] <Sulla_> sometimes
[09:52:45] <Sulla_> did some ground cloves with this pot, not impressed
[10:15:27] <FatPhil> we do a splash of rochester ginger in our instant coffees sometimes
[10:16:16] <FatPhil> we used to grind some black cardamon into real coffee when we had a massive excess of the pods.
[10:21:45] <Bytram> coffee++
[10:21:45] <Bender> karma - coffee: 4924
[10:28:33] <Sulla_> coffee++
[10:28:33] <Bender> karma - coffee: 4925
[10:28:55] <Sulla_> i only drink coffee in despirate times, try to stay away from caffene
[10:29:06] <Sulla_> but its 3:30am and I still have another four or so hours of work before i have to drive to work
[10:29:53] <Sulla_> So kill myself with a combination of BPR, Sweedish Snus and Coffee
[10:29:59] <Sulla_> PBR*
[10:32:06] <Bytram> =g Pabst Blue Ribbon
[10:32:06] <upstart> https://pabstblueribbon.com - Pabst Blue Ribbon
[10:32:15] <Bytram> =g PBR
[10:32:16] <upstart> https://www.pbr.com - Professional Bull Riders
[10:32:20] <Bytram> lol
[10:33:32] <Sulla_> https://www.youtube.com
[10:33:33] <upstart> ^ 03Pabst Blue Ribbon Commercial
[10:34:09] <Bytram> does that make a troll a Professional Bull Writer?
[10:35:41] <Sulla_> dont know why not
[10:57:42] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - How Facebook Catches Bugs in Its 100 Million Lines of Code - http://sylnt.us - static-code-analysis
[11:46:30] <Bytram> =g the scarlett letter
[11:46:31] <upstart> https://en.wikipedia.org - The Scarlet Letter - Wikipedia
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[12:23:39] <Bytram> time for me to head off to do 'real' work... have a great day everyone!
[12:26:31] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - An AI Privacy Conundrum? The Neural Net Knows More Than It Says - http://sylnt.us - I-know-something-you-don't-know
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[12:45:54] <SoyCow1984> =submit https://www.engadget.com
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[12:47:44] <SoyCow1984> =submit https://www.engadget.com Wait people actually tip Amazon delivery people?
[12:47:47] <upstart> Submitting "Amazon will no longer use drivers' tips to cover their base pay"...
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[13:34:42] <Exaeta> https://soylentnews.org < aristicraus admitted to mod bombing me here. as an AC. I'm sure his IP address will show up though.
[13:34:43] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | WTF is Up With the "TROLL" Mods? ( https://soylentnews.org )
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[13:55:39] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Disney Accused of Inflating Revenue Figures by Billions - http://sylnt.us - that's-a-lot-of-gas
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[14:07:21] <FatPhil> one down, one to go: https://www.zerohedge.com
[14:07:22] <upstart> ^ 03Billionaire David Koch Dies At 79
[14:11:14] <Sulla_> Koch was interesting
[14:11:32] <Sulla_> he was spending tons of money pushing the type of voting where you list your top five choices
[14:16:00] <FatPhil> he supported the electoral college system, that's about as negative thing as one can say about anyone's views on actual democracy.
[14:22:14] <Sulla_> Other than not liking him for putting money into politics, i generally agree with him on policy. Socially liberal and generally libertarian. I suppose it probably helps that I like the electoral college as well, but thats just because it seems to protect me from California
[14:24:12] <AndyTheAbsurd> wat.
[14:25:11] <AndyTheAbsurd> The electoral college gives outsized weight to Wyoming and Vermont and other states with ridiculously small populations.
[14:28:25] <Sulla_> I have an irrational hate of California so anything that keeps them limited is enjoyable to me
[14:28:58] <AndyTheAbsurd> oh, I read it wrong.
[14:28:59] <FatPhil> But from an electoral system point of view, that's not its problem.
[14:29:18] <AndyTheAbsurd> "protect me from" somehow entered my eyeballs but not my brain.
[14:29:19] <FatPhil> That's simply the current instantiation of its problem.
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[14:30:34] <Sulla_> The electoral college college gives undue influence to the aggriculture states when it comes to the executive branch becaue of what they lose when it comes to congressional power
[14:30:41] <FatPhil> It is a system that lets, theoretically, 0.00001% of the population's vote outweigh 70% of the population's vote.
[14:32:07] <Sulla_> Yeah
[14:33:02] <Sulla_> Im open to suggestions on better methods of weighing the power of urban vs rural
[14:33:16] <Sulla_> because their interests have pretty much never aligned
[14:33:23] <Sulla_> and often work against eachother
[14:34:13] <FatPhil> USexit!
[14:34:19] <Sulla_> Even without the slavery issue the Civil War was on the verge of breaking out over trade
[14:34:54] <FatPhil> Slavery was as much an excuse as a reason. Way too much weight is given to it.
[14:35:05] <Sulla_> Well
[14:35:13] <Sulla_> it was the reason that the majority of southern states quit
[14:35:26] <Sulla_> but the only state that matters to me as far as being interesting is virginia
[14:36:39] <Sulla_> Virginia was in the process of voting to be a free state, but got so ticked off at Lincoln's demand to raise three regiments and send them south that they usexited
[14:38:33] <Sulla_> I always see it as three sides. The South which I care nothing about but was way too into slavery, the North that wanted a pretense to put more power over rural states, and Virginia/Maryland that actually debated the subjects
[14:39:36] <Sulla_> I need to get bck to work thouhg, have been awake for more than 24 hours at this point and if i work fast can get home and sleep in another 8
[14:39:41] <Sulla_> afk
[14:46:45] <FatPhil> Certainly it was about states rights and liberties, but to say it was about slavery is like say brexit was about getting #350 million to the NHS every week.
[14:47:38] <FatPhil> maintaining slavery was one of the states' rights that was an issue, it was an open would that could be used for leverage (for recruiting in particular).
[14:47:51] <FatPhil> (hence the similarity to the borisbus)
[14:50:31] <FatPhil> "specious humbug", gotta love Dickens. I wonder what he'd have made of Brexit.
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[14:59:15] <boru> "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"
[15:00:24] <boru> Probably something more informed than the claptrap the Guardian "journalists" are producing, anyway.
[15:04:28] <FatPhil> Oooh, I found this the other day: Daily Mail reporters ~ are liars, employ dirt (anagram)
[15:04:48] <FatPhil> Didn't try the grauniad
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[15:16:36] <FatPhil> I welcome a well-reasoned counter to https://www.youtube.com
[15:16:37] <upstart> ^ 03The Civil War was Not for Slavery
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[15:26:05] <FatPhil> boru: The Guardian's reporters ~ spreading truth! (or erase?) [shitty grammar, sorry]
[15:26:24] <FatPhil> The Guardian's reporters ~ erase truth and/or gripes
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[15:36:08] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - YouTube Disables 210 Channels for Spreading "Disinformation" about the Hong Kong Protests - http://sylnt.us - quantity!=quality
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[17:07:41] <chromas> Sulla_: you're full of shit. there's nothing irrational about your hatred of California
[17:11:42] <AndyTheAbsurd> How is being in California like being in a bowl of breakfast cereal?
[17:12:23] <AndyTheAbsurd> Anything not a fruit or a nut is probably a flake!
[18:00:45] <FatPhil> I was going to suggest something to do with being in shit soon
[18:04:09] <janrinok> hi guys - I see I've joined a conversation just in time...
[18:10:36] <janrinok> oh bollocks - I've made it go all quiet again
[18:13:51] -chromas:#Soylent- [quiet whispering]
[18:15:54] <chromas> Tonight on SoylentNews: Politics vs systemd
[18:17:15] <chromas> Shouldn't our lefties be for the electoral college? I thought they were pro-affirmative-action
[18:20:08] <janrinok> hi chromas !!!
[18:20:32] <chromas> ah oh! he saw me! Now I'm gonna have to post some stories
[18:20:38] <chromas> =g'day janrinok
[18:20:38] * upstart hideously rubs a gallon of void pointers on janrinok
[18:20:49] <janrinok> ~gday chromas
[18:20:50] * exec tediously pipes a whiff of bewb into chromas
[18:20:57] <janrinok> lucky you
[18:21:42] <chromas> your pointers are void. they can identify as anything you cast them to; even bewb!
[18:21:51] <janrinok> hadn't thought of that!
[18:22:30] <janrinok> any plans for the weekend?
[18:23:53] <chromas> Maybe some napping
[18:24:06] <janrinok> I do that every day
[18:24:08] <chromas> working on the bot code. a bit o' Borderlands
[18:26:14] <chromas> What're you up to? It's probably more weekenderer there than it is here
[18:27:13] <janrinok> its Friday evening here. Just had a beer and spending some time on IRC and the site. Various jobs around the house over the weekend but mainly taking it easy, with some coding in between.
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[18:38:23] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Mercedes Spies on Drivers by Secretly Installing Tracking Devices in Cars - http://sylnt.us - cue-music:-"I-always-feel-that-somebody's-watching-me"
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[18:55:51] <Sulla_> My biggest complaint with Trump's wall is that it isn't on oregon's southern border where it would actually be useful
[19:09:41] <Fnord666> lol
[19:44:35] <FatPhil> Sulla++
[19:44:35] <Bender> karma - sulla: 13
[19:44:39] <FatPhil> http://fatphil.org
[19:57:04] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Valve Says Turning Away Researcher Reporting Steam Vulnerability Was a Mistake - http://sylnt.us - oops,-what-I-meant-to-say-was...
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[21:35:35] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Ring Asks Police Not to Tell Public How its Law Enforcement Backend Works - http://sylnt.us - don't-say-surveillance
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[23:06:42] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Apollo’s PLSS And The Science Of Keeping Humans Alive In Space - http://sylnt.us - breathe-in-and-breathe-out
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