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[00:18:09] <SoyCow6430> Just an FYI - the site's cert expired about 18 minutes ago.
[00:18:17] <SoyCow6430> The site is unreachable in Chrome
[00:18:57] <SoyCow6430> The message in Chrome is "You cannot visit soylentnews.org right now because the website uses HSTS."
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[00:54:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> huh. i've been running without sound on my desktop for two days without noticing.
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[01:42:00] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Site Services Restored - http://sylnt.us
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[02:12:24] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Report Criticizes UK Complicity in U.S. Rendition - http://sylnt.us - allies
[03:03:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> fucking tired. sleep now.
[04:41:01] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - The Billionaire Space Race is Making Life Difficult for Airlines - http://sylnt.us - and-on-the-left-side-of-the-plane-you-will-see-a-launch-of-the...
[07:01:00] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Sensor Detects How Bad Your Body Odor is - http://sylnt.us - Try-it-on-all-your-friends!
[09:22:46] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Facebook Will Only have to Pay ZeniMax Media $250 Million in Oculus Infringement Case - http://sylnt.us - I-wish-I-had-*only*-$250M
[11:31:04] <Bytram> coffee++
[11:31:04] <Bender> karma - coffee: 4156
[11:31:06] <Bytram> !uid
[11:31:06] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 7019, owned by lauren77
[11:31:57] * Bytram updates the beg-o-meter -- looks like we exceeded our base goal of $3000 by over $250! Yay!!
[11:32:14] <Bytram> all values estimated, of course.
[11:42:14] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - New Evidence of Ancient Child Sacrifice Found in Turkey - http://sylnt.us - Ancient-Children
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[12:08:28] <Bytram> https://forums.sifive.com
[12:08:29] <upstart> ^ 03DDR controller configuration register values for HiFive Unleashed - HiFive Unleashed - SiFive Forums
[13:42:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> coffee++
[13:42:00] <Bender> karma - coffee: 4157
[13:42:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> better late than never
[13:43:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> okay, going to give the single cert for both base domains and both wildcard thing a try again right after a smoke.
[13:45:06] * Bytram wishes he could watch over TheMightyBuzzard's shoulder to get a clue as to what is involved... especially when things *don't* go smoothly
[13:51:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> just a bunch of butt pain and wtfing
[13:51:28] * Bytram chuckles
[13:52:24] <Bytram> but I really am serious... wish I knew what was where and how things were supposed to work... Venn diagram thinking... when I understand all the things it ain't supposed to be, then I'll know what it IS supposed tobe. =)
[13:54:59] <TheMightyBuzzard> spose i could (and probably should) do up a staff wiki article
[13:58:57] <Bytram> is a tossup, tho. Is good to gather stuff as ya go, so nothing gets left out... otoh, can be hard enough to get things working when things go sideways. :/
[13:59:48] <Bytram> if nothing else, would be great if there were a way to capture, at a minimum, the commands that were issued, and at best, all the replies/responses, too. Could use that for making an annotated guide?
[14:00:00] <Bytram> anyway, best of luck to ya!
[14:01:14] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Science Fiction Legend Harlan Ellison Dead at 84 - http://sylnt.us - such-a-short-time-on-Earth
[14:06:42] <Bytram> break time
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[14:28:29] <Sulla> greetings folks
[14:34:53] <TheMightyBuzzard> mornin
[14:37:48] <Sulla> blackberry contest finally over
[14:38:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> i lost, didn't i? it's okay, you can tell me, i can take it.
[14:38:27] <Sulla> Yeah hard to win when you don't enter
[14:39:45] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh god damnit. our fucking CAA record is incorrect to authorize a soylentnews.org wildcard cert.
[14:42:32] <Sulla> Had to google what all them words meant, but now know enough to respond. Lame.
[14:51:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> now i gotta read up on how to create a type257 record cause we use an ancient version of bind that doesn't support CAA records
[14:52:21] <chromas> Can't update it?
[14:53:28] * chromas switches it to a .357 record
[14:54:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh i can update it but NCommander would shoot me inna face
[14:55:30] <chromas> Update it, but only inside a container so you still have the old one. And keep both versions running
[14:57:02] <TheMightyBuzzard> my container has coffee in it right now
[15:30:04] <Bytram> coffee++
[15:30:04] <Bender> karma - coffee: 4158
[15:30:09] <Bytram> #g CAA
[15:30:09] <MrPlow> https://www.caa.com - "For Talent. Entertainment Talent. Comedy Touring · Culinary · Digital · Endorsements & Voiceovers · Licensing · Motion Pictures · Music · Publishing · Speakers ..."
[15:30:10] <upstart> ^ 03Creative Artists Agency | CAA
[15:30:13] <Bytram> lol
[15:30:22] <Bytram> #g CAA certificate
[15:30:23] <MrPlow> https://www.globalsign.com - "Aug 22, 2017 ... If a CA receives an order for a certificate for a domain with a CAA record and that CA isn't listed as an authorized issuer, they are prohibited ..."
[15:30:23] <upstart> ^ 03What is CAA (Certificate Authority Authorization)?
[15:31:50] <chromas> SN should do a Google and become its own CA and issue new certs every 5 minutes
[15:32:59] <TheMightyBuzzard> aight. think i got it all fingered out. now to go have a smoke then come back and try again.
[15:33:15] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: according to the above link, ISTM we don't need a CAA record?
[15:33:17] <Bytram> Here are the processing rules for CAs:
[15:33:19] <Bytram> No CAA record: CA can issue.
[15:33:21] <Bytram> CAA record includes CA: CA can issue.
[15:33:23] <Bytram> CAA record, but does not include CA: CA cannot issue.
[15:34:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram, NEED? no. NC decided we should have some though so we do.
[15:34:24] <TheMightyBuzzard> we don't NEED to run https either, but we do.
[15:34:25] <Bytram> Oh? Oh. Oooooooh. :P
[15:34:50] <Bytram> well, I'm okay with the https everywhere stuff... more noise for the TLA's to parse
[15:34:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> yar
[15:35:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> need my smoke now though
[15:35:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> smoke break
[15:35:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> nicotine++
[15:35:09] <Bender> karma - nicotine: 635
[15:35:19] <Sulla> Bytram
[15:35:50] <Bytram> Sulla: Sulla
[15:35:59] <Sulla> for remaining blackberries should I just do them firstcomefirstserve or bother with trying to verify they got subs?
[15:36:40] <Bytram> is up to you, of course...
[15:37:15] <Bytram> give folks a deadline to sign up, first-come-first-served, and when you have a list let me know and I can validate it for ya. How does that sounds?
[15:37:52] <Sulla> Okay
[15:38:11] <Bytram> and, if anything goes wrong, you've always got this...
[15:38:14] <Bytram> ~blame
[15:38:15] * exec points at Bytram
[15:38:18] <Bytram> =)
[15:39:58] <Bytram> Sulla: out of curiosity, what is the timespan for the entries?
[15:40:47] <Sulla> I just said until they are gone
[15:41:06] <Bytram> nod nod, but how about a *starting* date/time
[15:41:17] <Sulla> in the journal i said
[15:41:19] <Bytram> I do not think you meant from the time the site got launched, right?
[15:41:31] <Sulla> to just say you want one
[15:41:58] <Sulla> If someone was to send me a thing saying they requested a blackberry from me back in 2008 i would honor it
[15:42:08] <Bytram> oh, with no subscription requirement?
[15:42:22] <Sulla> i said i would "bug someone at sn irc to validate subscription"
[15:42:52] <Bytram> k
[15:43:08] <Sulla> we have seven working ones and then one without a battery
[15:43:32] <Bytram> so anyone who subscribed at any time, and who requests one, so long as there are BBs available, they'll get one... is that right?
[15:43:41] <Sulla> figure ill send a working one and then the one without a battery to gaaark because he has supported early and often to the giveaway
[15:43:44] <Sulla> sure
[15:44:43] * Bytram kinda wishes he had *bought* a subscription, instead of granting hisself time so as to verify subscription running low/out messages
[15:44:53] <Bytram> which reminds me
[15:45:18] <Sulla> if you want a bb go post in the thread saying first or something then send me an email
[15:45:41] <Sulla> too many rules and formalities, mostly was a fun way to pass out blackberries
[15:45:41] <TheMightyBuzzard> fucking YAY!
[15:45:50] <Bytram> !grab TheMightyBuzzard
[15:45:50] <Bender> Added quote 874
[15:46:05] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: wazzup?
[15:46:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> victory is mine!
[15:46:17] <Bytram> !grab TheMightyBuzzard
[15:46:18] <Bender> Added quote 875
[15:49:38] <Sulla> Signed up for some community college courses to get the extra credits i need for my CPA. Remember how much I hate professors now
[15:49:55] <Sulla> Give two sets of conflicting instructions then tell you to "read the instructions" when you ask about it
[15:50:51] <Bytram> Sounds like some [non]resident state income tax forms I had to fill out way back when
[15:51:44] <Sulla> Im sure it helped that state income taxes are always a farce
[15:52:29] <Bytram> well, not according to my bank account :(
[15:55:10] <TheMightyBuzzard> okay, currently active load balancer is using our shiny new cert. now to copy it around to the other boxes.
[15:55:24] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard++
[15:55:24] <Bender> karma - themightybuzzard: 320
[15:58:29] <TheMightyBuzzard> no, i think now to eat a biscuit, smoke a cigarette, enjoy the victory, and have a nap.
[16:05:48] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: so... you plan to take a victory... nap?
[16:05:50] <Bytram> ;)
[16:07:11] <Bytram> Sulla: comment posted. thanks for the reminder
[16:10:48] <Sulla> Sounds good
[16:11:00] <Sulla> make sure to email your address to the protonmail mail
[16:11:17] <Sulla> I am currently in process of unlocking the phones (muh procrastination) but having no issues
[16:11:17] <Bytram> Sulla: FYI, all nicks listed in your latest journal entry check out... oldest sub was on 2018-05-27
[16:11:31] <Bytram> Oh? Nice!
[16:11:56] <Bytram> Sulla: pm?
[16:12:57] <Sulla> sure? dont know how them pms work
[16:14:12] <Sulla> fortunately my home phone is a bb classic so i can steal its sims to make sure all works well
[16:15:07] <Sulla> oh dang wrong sized sim
[16:15:14] <Bytram> ooops!
[16:15:41] <Sulla> i cant talk in that window
[16:15:43] <Bytram> I dunno what IRC client you have, but you should now see a new 'channel'
[16:15:53] <Bytram> orly? Huh!
[16:15:55] <Sulla> i sees it, but its not allowing me to function within it
[16:16:06] <Sulla> i saw your ping but it got mad when i tried to respond
[16:16:13] <Bytram> hmmm
[16:16:29] <Bytram> you got a browser window handy?
[16:16:43] <Sulla> im using firefox currently and irc on firefox
[16:16:54] <Sulla> you can probably keep talking at me there
[16:17:05] <Sulla> i received the word ping, so i assume i will receive more, even if i cant respond
[16:17:07] <Bytram> you mean through our IRC link on the side bar? http://chat.soylentnews.org
[16:17:13] <Sulla> yeah
[16:17:20] <Bytram> huh! lemme see
[16:17:28] <Sulla> i was never able to get a client to work on my phone when i reset it
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[16:19:54] <Bytram> Sulla: at the top of the screen in the upper left corner, should see something like: [MENU] [Status] [#Soylent][Messages]
[16:20:03] <Bytram> click on the [Messages] box
[16:20:18] <Sulla> yeah
[16:20:26] <Bytram> oh.
[16:20:36] <Bytram> [12:20] Can't use this command in this window
[16:20:40] <Bytram> :(
[16:20:43] <Bytram> nvm
[16:20:49] <Sulla> lol
[16:20:59] -!- martyb2 has quit [Client Quit]
[16:21:23] * Bytram tries another, simpler approach!
[16:23:00] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Man Arrested for Threats to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's Family Over Net Neutrality - http://sylnt.us - stubble-manliness
[16:24:10] <Sulla> stealing all my data for the phones to update
[16:26:11] * Bytram just sent an admin-to-user msg to Sulla -- should appear within next 5 or so minutes
[16:26:51] * Bytram adds just go to your "Info" page, and click on the "Messages" button
[16:27:03] <Sulla> wow abuse of power
[16:27:23] <Bytram> Sulla: s/ab/proper /
[16:27:35] <Bytram> ~sed on
[16:27:36] <exec> sed enabled for 10#Soylent
[16:27:39] <Bytram> Sulla: s/ab/proper /
[16:27:40] <exec> <Bytram> <Sulla> wow proper use of power
[16:27:44] <Bytram> ;)
[16:27:50] <Sulla> brutal
[16:27:59] <Bytram> *chuckles*
[16:28:13] <Bytram> if ya can't have fun once in a while... right?
[16:28:19] <Sulla> how do i tell if a phone is locked? we reformatted them all. they appear to work fine
[16:28:21] <Sulla> interwebs work
[16:28:27] <Bytram> yays!
[16:28:42] <Bytram> sorry, no eyed dear.
[16:29:02] <Sulla> i figure once i find a sim adaptaer ill put my sim in and if it "just works" then it must be fine
[16:33:59] <Sulla> You can make a burner email address at protonmail
[16:34:27] <Sulla> as far as physical address goes the only place they will be stored is whatever location you send them to. so if you tell me through SN it will only live there and then when i write it on the box/parcel
[16:35:17] <Sulla> i was also wondering about the address I put on the send line on the parcel. But fortunately it appears that arist didn't win so I'm not so worried about getting doxed
[16:35:22] <Bytram> is okay with my sn email addy... can be found on site and if it gets slammed, I got good friends who can help me out, here.
[16:35:38] <Bytram> oohh good point.
[16:36:07] <Bytram> and, yeah, for phys, that sounds like as best as can be hoped. glad you understand.
[16:36:13] <Bytram> Sulla++
[16:36:13] <Bender> karma - sulla: 7
[16:36:58] * Sulla realizes has been calling his own personal phone number to confirm phones work
[16:37:26] <Bytram> #g Who ya gonna call?
[16:37:26] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com - "Aug 5, 2008 ... GhostBusters Theme Song Arguably the best theme song!"
[16:37:27] <upstart> ^ 03Original GhostBusters Theme Song - YouTube
[16:37:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> Sulla, you know you can put 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC, 20006 as the return address, yes?
[16:38:08] <Sulla> dead mail room?
[16:38:44] * Bytram thinks that some, other address might just be advisable... given the outside of all mail is photographed (from what I've read)
[16:38:50] <TheMightyBuzzard> more or less, though i expect someone at least opens most of the stuff to see if it's a bomb or anything
[16:39:17] <Bytram> how else do they convert handwritten addresses to the bar code that they affix to the bottom?
[16:39:27] <Bytram> if they have the image already, might as well keep a copy, too.
[16:39:41] <TheMightyBuzzard> point being, you don't have to put your actual address as the return address since you're giving them away anyway.
[16:39:52] <Sulla> true
[16:40:01] <Bytram> gnawed gnawed
[16:40:03] <Sulla> woohoo at least one phone works on att
[16:40:08] <Bytram> hmmm
[16:40:08] <Sulla> i can't prove if they will work on not-att
[16:40:34] * Bytram realizes he has had nothing to eat all day and heads off to kitchen to fix that situation... biab
[16:40:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> you can also put "your name" general delivery, town, state, zip as well and pick it up at the post office
[16:41:19] <Bytram> does the FM radio work?
[16:41:50] <Bytram> Sulla: another admin-to-user msg for ya. thanks!!
[16:41:53] <Sulla> i will test
[16:42:01] <Sulla> i know it does on my classic, unsure what the q10 has
[16:42:01] <Bytram> obliged!
[16:42:44] <Bytram> ping me when you received the 2nd message, just so I know you got it.
[16:42:50] <Bytram> afk biab
[16:42:52] <Sulla> will do
[16:43:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram, Sulla: /msg eachother your message here will work from any irc window
[16:43:24] <Bytram> oh!
[16:45:29] <Sulla> q10 so small compared to the priv
[16:53:04] <Bytram> It's what's on the inside that counts, right?
[16:56:49] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram, that's what she said
[16:57:22] * Bytram looks around nervously for TheMightyBuzzard... how DID he hear that?
[16:57:26] <Bytram> ;)
[16:57:32] <TheMightyBuzzard> it's a gift
[16:58:09] <Bytram> that keeps on giving?
[16:58:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> no, that's herpes
[16:58:31] <Bytram> lol
[16:58:46] <Bytram> which one? Simplex? Zoster? (OW!)
[16:59:03] <Bytram> #submit https://phys.org
[16:59:03] <MrPlow> Unable to find a title for that page
[16:59:13] <Bytram> #smake MrPlow
[16:59:13] * MrPlow smakes MrPlow upside the head with diego
[17:03:10] <Bytram> ~weather adrar
[17:03:12] <exec> 10Adrar, Algeria - currently 117°F / 47°C, sunny, wind N at 9 mph, humidity 5% - Sunday clear (86°F:118°F / 30°C:48°C), Monday sunny (86°F:119°F / 30°C:48°C), Tuesday sunny (87°F:120°F / 31°C:49°C), Wednesday partly cloudy (91°F:120°F / 33°C:49°C)
[17:03:40] <Bytram> ~weather concordia station
[17:03:42] <exec> 10Concordia Station, Antarctica - currently -80°F / -62°C, cloudy, wind S at 11 mph, humidity 75% - Sunday cloudy (-81°F:-68°F / -63°C:-56°C), Monday cloudy (-81°F:-73°F / -63°C:-58°C), Tuesday cloudy (-81°F:-73°F / -63°C:-58°C), Wednesday cloudy (-74°F:-69°F / -59°C:-56°C)
[17:03:52] <Bytram> ~weather Vostok station
[17:03:54] <exec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[17:03:56] <Sulla> 117 is brutal
[17:04:01] <Sulla> ~weather Deadhorse
[17:04:03] <exec> 10Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, AK - currently 37°F / 3°C, cloudy, wind N at 3 mph, humidity 88% - Sunday partly cloudy (34°F:43°F / 1°C:6°C), Monday partly cloudy (49°F:57°F / 9°C:14°C), Tuesday scattered showers (49°F:62°F / 9°C:17°C), Wednesday rain (33°F:50°F / 1°C:10°C)
[17:04:05] <Bytram> ~weather Vostok, Antarctica
[17:04:07] <exec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[17:04:19] <Bytram> ~weather Dome A, Antarctica
[17:04:21] <exec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[17:04:27] <Bytram> ~weather Dome CC, Antarctica
[17:04:29] <exec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[17:04:32] <Bytram> ~weather Dome C, Antarctica
[17:04:33] <exec> 10Dome C - currently -80°F / -62°C, cloudy, wind S at 11 mph, humidity 75% - Sunday cloudy (-81°F:-68°F / -63°C:-56°C), Monday cloudy (-81°F:-73°F / -63°C:-58°C), Tuesday cloudy (-81°F:-73°F / -63°C:-58°C), Wednesday cloudy (-74°F:-69°F / -59°C:-56°C)
[17:07:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> okay, really nap time now. no more getting distracted by https://www.facebook.com
[17:07:09] <upstart> ^ 03Facebook
[17:21:46] -!- Sulla has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]
[18:42:29] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Brave Browser Tests Integrating Tor and Opt-In Ads - http://sylnt.us - it-comes-with-no-headphone-jack
[19:11:26] <Bytram> nap time
[19:13:27] <TheMightyBuzzard> oi, stop stealin my line
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[21:02:11] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - 29 Photos that Show the US-Mexico Border's Evolution Over 100 Years - http://sylnt.us - 'Good-fences-make-good-neighbors'-/-Mending-Wall-/-Robert-Frost
[23:33:19] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Amazon Buys Pill Distributor, Sends Pharmacy Stocks Tumbling - http://sylnt.us - resistance-is-futile