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[00:38:06] <paulej72> plaunurk
[00:39:11] <cmn32480> is that the next planet that degrassee tyson is gonna get disqualified?
[00:39:24] <paulej72> sure
[00:39:37] <paulej72> actually I like to make up words
[00:40:09] <paulej72> snotify
[00:41:21] <charon_> arbalisticle
[00:41:32] <cmn32480> sphinctercicle
[00:41:56] <paulej72> frozen shit
[00:42:12] <cmn32480> think super cold day on a ski lift
[00:42:22] <cmn32480> diarrehea
[00:42:28] <charon_> coprocryonic?
[00:42:42] <cmn32480> when the sphictercicle freezes to your ass before splattering on the ground
[00:44:52] <cmn32480> ti was a term coined by a buddy of mine when we were skiing and it was about 6 degrees F
[00:44:57] <cmn32480> windy...
[00:45:00] <cmn32480> cold AF
[00:45:28] <charon_> when you were 12?
[00:45:33] <cmn32480> great day for skiing
[00:47:44] <cmn32480> this was about 10 years ago
[00:48:12] <paulej72> so you were at least twice that age, but acting like it
[00:48:19] <charon_> heh
[00:48:30] <cmn32480> I would have been 26
[00:48:52] <cmn32480> still brings a smile to my face
[00:49:01] <chromas> You're too young for this site
[00:49:03] <chromas> /kick
[00:49:19] * cmn32480 passes charon his walker and false teeth
[00:49:37] <cmn32480> s/charon/chromas/
[00:49:37] <sedctl> <cmn32480> passes chromas his walker and false teeth
[00:49:37] <charon_> don't forget the ear-trumpet
[00:49:41] <exec> <cmn32480> passes chromas his walker and false teeth
[00:52:03] <cmn32480> it has been a helluva day
[00:52:23] <cmn32480> moveing 12 pallets of material by hand SUCKS ASS
[00:54:03] <charon_> not pallet jack?
[00:54:23] <chromas> pallets of pallet jacks
[00:54:29] <charon_> but i guess taking it off the pallets and putting stuff on a shelf?
[00:54:44] <charon_> i got your pallet right here, jack
[00:55:51] <cmn32480> moving from my warehouse to an off-site storage facility
[00:55:59] <cmn32480> load the trailer with a forklift
[00:55:59] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - NASA Extends Trial of Steerable Parachute for Scientific Payloads - http://sylnt.us - Ben-Franklin-would-be-proud-of-our-astroboffins
[00:56:09] <cmn32480> unload w/ a pallet jack
[00:56:35] <cmn32480> tehn transfer to other pallets by hadn to fit 10lbs of shit into a 5lb bag
[00:56:59] <cmn32480> boxes are about 26lbs each
[00:57:14] <cmn32480> 40ish cases to a pallet
[00:59:04] <cmn32480> got it all in w/ Crisco and a shoe horn
[01:00:05] <charon_> sounds fun
[01:00:24] <charon_> was this payback for the forklift incident?
[01:01:38] <cmn32480> probably
[01:06:45] <cmn32480> all in all ti could ahve been way worse
[01:07:11] <cmn32480> could ahve been 14 pallets
[01:07:46] <charon_> true, that would have been worse
[01:08:16] <charon_> or it could have been 12 pallets of rotten vegetables
[01:08:29] <cmn32480> that woudl have sucked worse
[01:30:48] <cmn32480> yay short ribs are ready
[01:30:51] <cmn32480> Wot!
[01:31:03] <cmn32480> s/wot/WOOT/
[01:31:10] <cmn32480> s/Wot/WOOT/
[01:31:10] <sedctl> <cmn32480> WOOT!
[01:31:13] <exec> <cmn32480> WOOT!
[01:56:06] <cmn32480> !woop
[01:56:07] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[01:56:11] <cmn32480> and they are tasty
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[02:27:12] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Fukushima Radiation Exceeds Chernobyl's Worst - http://sylnt.us - close-to-double
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[02:29:53] <chromas> Bender: s/E.{6}(.*)cl.*/Trumps\1make-fallout-great-again/
[02:29:54] <sedctl> <chromas> <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Fukushima Radiation Trumps Chernobyl's Worst - http://sylnt.us - make-fallout-great-again
[02:29:57] <exec> └─ 13Fukushima Radiation Exceeds Chernobyl's Worst - SoylentNews
[02:39:06] <cmn32480> well done chromas
[02:40:05] <chromas> http://si.wsj.net
[02:59:46] * cmn32480 can't hand;e being awake any mroe.
[02:59:50] <cmn32480> bedtime for bonzo
[02:59:55] <cmn32480> ~gnight #soylent
[02:59:57] * exec literally requisitions a scrote of pleasant hooters for #soylent
[03:00:04] <charon> ~gnight cmn32480
[03:00:06] * exec buttmagically postulates a hemp bag of words towards cmn32480
[03:03:16] <Bytram> chromas: That was some masterful regex work... and it made me laugh, truly well done!
[03:10:00] <chromas> Thanks :D
[03:10:46] * chromas learned all he knows about regex right here at soylent
[03:21:09] <Bytram> orly?
[03:22:09] <Bytram> sadly, my exposure has mostly been under the guise of windows ports of unix utilities and windows does not play nicely with all the characters all the time, and the ports have their own shortcomings/errors.
[03:22:57] <Bytram> so I find the ability to reference previously 'identified' text using \1 to have been a weak spot in my learning
[03:23:22] <Bytram> also, sed and AWK seem to have their own take on it. (Using &n -- I think)
[03:23:36] <chromas> x
[03:23:46] <chromas> s/(x)/&1test/
[03:23:46] <sedctl> <chromas> x1test
[03:24:07] * chromas doesn't know how it works
[03:24:10] <chromas> I've seen it too though
[03:24:16] <Bytram> Give me some good, expository examples, and it goes much further for me than any amount of meta descriptions of how things work.
[03:24:25] <Bytram> nodnod
[03:25:06] * Bytram just ran in to some major, unanticipated medical bills so has had to hold off on getting a proper, standalone *nix machine. :(
[03:25:37] <chromas> One neat thing linux (and probably others) has over windows is I can put question marks (or pretty much anything) into file names
[03:25:38] * Bytram knows he could get a RPi but is looking for something a little bit more performant than that.
[03:25:53] <Bytram> umm, '/' works on windows, too
[03:25:57] <Bytram> ugh
[03:26:01] <Bytram> ? works on windows, too
[03:26:04] <charon> but RPis are so cuuuute
[03:26:10] * charon squees
[03:26:22] * Bytram chuckles and smiles broadly
[03:26:41] <chromas> I always get a tooltip telling me off if I try to put any one of a large set of characters into a file name
[03:26:45] <Bytram> charon: s/s$/gees/
[03:26:45] <sedctl> <Bytram> <charon> squeegees
[03:26:47] <exec> <Bytram> <charon> squeegees
[03:26:50] <chromas> That's more a limit of Explorer though
[03:27:05] <Bytram> I'm talkiing about at the CMD prompt
[03:27:22] <Bytram> dir foo.201701??.html
[03:27:45] <Bytram> not quite as refined as:
[03:27:59] <Bytram> ls foo.201702[0-3][0-9].html
[03:28:07] <chromas> doesn't that work as a wildcard though?
[03:28:15] <Bytram> ? matches a single char
[03:28:28] <Bytram> * matches 1 (0?) or more chars
[03:28:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> 0
[03:28:40] <Bytram> danke
[03:28:56] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: hiya! hope you had a good day
[03:29:03] <charon> who are you calling greedy?
[03:29:05] <chromas> But in linux, you can actually use those chars in file names
[03:29:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> fairly
[03:29:42] <chromas> Yo'ure up past your bed time, mister! No fooshes for you!
[03:30:18] <Bytram> chromas: sure can... Wheeler has an indepth article on the problems with trying to iterate through all files in a directory. Different mechanisms, their shortcomings, and their strengths.
[03:30:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> chromas, s/f(oo)s/f$1$1$1$1s/
[03:30:19] <sedctl> <TheMightyBuzzard> <chromas> Yo'ure up past your bed time, mister! No f$1$1$1$1shes for you!
[03:30:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> #smake sedctl
[03:30:30] * MrPlow smakes sedctl upside the head with a barrel o' monkeys
[03:30:35] <Bytram> there are a whole lot of edge / corner cases to watch for
[03:30:47] <chromas> hm, I can't seem to put slashes in file names anymore
[03:31:03] * chromas blames btrfs
[03:31:29] <Bytram> echo test > 'foo/bar' ;
[03:31:36] <Bytram> echo test > 'foo//bar' ;
[03:31:41] <Bytram> echo test > 'foo\bar' ;
[03:31:44] <Bytram> echo test > 'foo\\bar' ;
[03:31:48] <Bytram> ^^ try those
[03:32:54] <chromas> \\ works
[03:33:16] <chromas> somehow the \ acted like it did, but dindu nuffin
[03:33:39] <chromas> oh never mind. it did the same as \\
[03:33:43] <chromas> so one overwrote it
[03:35:15] <Bytram> I am guessing that '\\' explicily escapes to a single slash, whereas the single slash, baring a valid modifying character following it, fell back to its being a single char? Or do I have the meaning of slash and backslash reversed?
[03:35:20] <Bytram> is late and /me is tired.
[03:35:56] <chromas> that seems right. I just expected it to escape the next char
[03:37:20] <Bytram> ugh. brb
[03:39:16] * TheMightyBuzzard wanders off to bed
[03:41:42] <Bytram> hey! I *did* have it right!
[03:41:42] <Bytram> https://www.gnu.org
[03:41:45] <exec> └─ 13The GNU Awk User’s Guide: Escape Sequences
[03:44:57] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: have a good night!
[03:55:19] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Wikileaks' Julian Assange Interviewed in Sydney - http://sylnt.us - he-likes-fake-news
[04:09:16] <chromas> ^s/(([^/\\]|\\.)+)/(([^/\\]|\\.)*)/(([0-9]*[1-9][0-9]*|g)|([iI]))*[[:space:]]*$
[04:12:08] <takyon> wowweee
[04:37:13] <takyon> https://www.vice.com
[04:40:40] <chromas> What a cockup
[05:36:38] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Carbon Fibre Makes Australian Debut - http://sylnt.us - like-a-really-complicated-spider
[07:05:48] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Power Company Sends Fire-Spewing Drone to Burn Trash Off High-Voltage Wires - http://sylnt.us - new-from-Ronco:-why-rake-leaves-when-you-can-incinerate-them?
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[10:06:08] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Linux Usability Improvements - http://sylnt.us - it's-already-perfect-is-not-the-right-answer
[11:36:19] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Apple Files Defense Against Back Tax Claim, Claiming Errors and Overreach - http://sylnt.us - so-where-do-they-pay-tax?
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[11:54:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> coffee++
[11:54:30] <Bender> karma - coffee: 3225
[12:02:46] <clorox|2> coffee--
[12:02:46] <Bender> karma - tea: 575
[12:02:51] <clorox|2> classic
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[12:10:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> tis boxen updating day i think
[12:10:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> being as i'm two kernel patch versions behind
[12:11:10] <clorox|2> Set up a cron script
[12:19:46] <Bytram> coffee++
[12:19:46] <Bender> karma - coffee: 3226
[12:19:49] <Bytram> !uid
[12:19:49] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 6504, owned by Robert1
[12:19:57] <Bytram> ~weather presque isle
[12:19:59] <exec> 10Presque Isle, ME, USA - currently 29°F, cloudy, wind SE at 5 mph, humidity 78% - Wednesday cloudy (23°F:44°F), Thursday freezing rain (27°F:45°F), Friday mostly cloudy (30°F:39°F), Saturday scattered showers (32°F:48°F)
[12:20:03] <Bytram> ~weather portland, me
[12:20:05] <exec> 10Portland, ME, USA - currently 35°F, partly cloudy, wind SW at 0 mph, humidity 74% - Wednesday partly cloudy (31°F:44°F), Thursday mostly cloudy (35°F:49°F), Friday scattered showers (37°F:44°F), Saturday scattered showers (35°F:49°F)
[12:20:06] <Bytram> ~weather boston
[12:20:08] <exec> 10Boston, MA, USA - currently 40°F, cloudy, wind SW at 9 mph, humidity 76% - Wednesday partly cloudy (39°F:54°F), Thursday sunny (45°F:61°F), Friday partly cloudy (44°F:52°F), Saturday partly cloudy (40°F:60°F)
[12:20:15] <Bytram> ~weather baltimore
[12:20:17] <exec> 10Baltimore, MD, USA - currently 45°F, cloudy, wind NE at 1 mph, humidity 75% - Wednesday mostly cloudy (51°F:63°F), Thursday partly cloudy (55°F:72°F), Friday partly cloudy (57°F:72°F), Saturday scattered thunderstorms (41°F:69°F)
[12:20:19] <Bytram> ~weather miamo
[12:20:21] <exec> 10Miami, FL, USA - currently 73°F, cloudy, wind SE at 15 mph, humidity 73% - Wednesday rain (60°F:76°F), Thursday partly cloudy (63°F:79°F), Friday mostly sunny (63°F:82°F), Saturday mostly sunny (64°F:83°F)
[12:20:38] <boru> Doing a lot of travelling today?
[12:20:39] <Bytram> ~submit https://www.nytimes.com
[12:20:42] <exec> └─ 13Wearable Fitness Devices Don’t Seem to Make You More Fit - The New York Times
[12:21:00] <Bytram> I letting my fingers do my walking
[12:21:13] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[12:21:18] <boru> You're phoning those places?
[12:21:47] * Bytram was wondering if you would recognize the obscure reference
[12:22:05] <Bytram> nah, I'll leave the phoning to E.T.
[12:22:11] <boru> Pft. I let my blue box do the walking!
[12:22:40] <Bytram> Captain Crunch!
[12:22:49] <Bytram> which reminds me, i really should get some breakfast
[12:22:52] <Bytram> =)
[12:23:15] <boru> I recommend steak.
[12:26:53] <TheMightyBuzzard> clorox|2, i don't do automated updates for any reason
[12:27:16] <boru> Automated updates are a Really Bad Idea™
[12:27:52] <boru> I don't get this rolling release mentality of must-update-asap.
[12:28:14] <clorox|2> Don't automate the install; just the builds
[12:28:22] <boru> Update when there are security vulnerabilities or there's new functionality you want.
[12:29:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> boru, there were security updates
[12:29:58] <boru> That wasn't levelled at you, old chap.
[12:30:00] <Bytram> automatic updates mean that when something goes sideways, there's a good chance you won't be able to reproduce that bug 'cause another update of something happened since the bug first appeared
[12:30:38] <boru> I was just having a general curmudgeonly grump about things.
[12:30:44] <TheMightyBuzzard> ahh, nod nod
[12:31:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> really wanting the 4.10 kernel but it hasn't hit portage yet
[12:31:21] <boru> It's been a meeting heavy day, today. As fun as it is eviscerating management, it sure does soak up a lot of time.
[12:31:35] <cmn32480> coffee++
[12:31:35] <Bender> karma - coffee: 3227
[12:31:45] <boru> Ah, you have to build out of portage?
[12:32:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> some significant amdgpu driver improvements in it
[12:32:19] * cmn32480 passes the SN Canoe
[12:32:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> well i don't have to but i've got one or two tweaks that make accepting the binary version a no-go
[12:32:41] <boru> I always thought a better model for gentoo would be something like the BSD model, where you can build/update the kernel from the base system, and ports are separate.
[12:33:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> like i prefer my kernel be built to my specific processor instead of generic x86_64
[12:33:30] <boru> As opposed to building the base system from portage, I mean.
[12:33:36] <boru> I am not formulating what I mean well.
[12:33:46] <boru> Aye, same here.
[12:34:44] * cmn32480 tries to cram as much work into the next 30 minutes as possible... before the rest of the dept and the sales drones show up
[12:34:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> ah ha! $show is being set by something. that's why top level comments aren't getting affected by Threshold
[12:36:46] <TheMightyBuzzard> think i fixed it
[12:37:04] <AndyTheAbsurd> boru: we had another request to port Pale Moon to BSD show up in the #palemoon IRC channel yesterday. You gonna get on that soon? </good_natured_ribbing>
[12:37:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> nope
[12:41:13] <boru> Pft!
[12:41:21] <boru> As if I have the cycles for that at the moment.
[12:41:32] <AndyTheAbsurd> yeah I figured
[12:41:36] <boru> If you keep ribbing me, I'll get around to it sooner rather than later.
[12:41:50] <boru> I did manage to get it to build and run. Plugins were my next task.
[12:42:02] <boru> I think I shared my mozconfig for FreeBSD.
[12:42:16] <boru> But yes, keep bothering me and I'll fix it.
[12:42:33] <AndyTheAbsurd> Okay... I will try to remember to poke you about it occasionally.
[12:42:35] * cmn32480 helps in poking boru with a stick
[12:44:40] * cmn32480 notes a lack of response and gets to work sharpening his stick
[12:45:39] <clorox|2> .poke stick
[12:45:40] * exec pokes stick
[12:45:40] * exec pokes stick
[12:45:59] <cmn32480> .poke clorox|2
[12:46:00] * exec pokes clorox|2
[12:46:00] * exec pokes clorox|2
[12:46:09] <cmn32480> interesting
[12:54:11] * boru chuckles.
[12:54:28] <boru> Be careful, you might find that stick installed as a suppository.
[13:01:11] <boru> AndyTheAbsurd; I'll return to lurking in #palemoon
[13:04:01] <cmn32480> that .poke command must be one of the macros I missed when exec had a mix of ~ and . as the starter for his commands
[13:04:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> huh, found a bug in live code
[13:04:26] <cmn32480> where there is one there are always more...
[13:04:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh there's prolly tons
[13:04:52] <Bytram> bugs are community creatures -- they like to hang together -- and make more
[13:06:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> anyway, very close to having tos working how it should.
[13:14:59] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~first
[13:15:00] <exec> 03Ops: random, first, last, all, count, source. Parameters: message, nick, channel (regex); since, until (date-/time range); limit (maximum messages to return; default is 1, unless op=all); type [message (plain+action; default), plain, action, nick, mode, join, part, quit, kick, kill, topic]; out [json, php, tab, irc, message, html]; debug (show the query and whatever else)
[13:15:00] <exec>  http://chromas.0x.no
[13:15:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~help first
[13:15:24] <cmn32480> what you trying to find buzzard?
[13:15:39] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Another Definition of a Planet Proposed by "Pluto People" - http://sylnt.us - i-can-be-a-planet-too!
[13:16:24] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~first channel=#soylent nick=aqu4 message= ^
[13:16:45] <exec> 03[2014-03-07 00:22:05] #Soylent -*- aqu4 chucks a nasty, rotten burrito at SedBot
[13:18:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~first channel=#soylent nick=aqu4 message=Dev
[13:18:51] <exec> 03[2014-03-21 14:46:03] #Soylent <aqu4> [1]: Title: Robot, mechanical device that can perform physical tasks | URL: 12http://duckduckgo.com/Robot
[13:19:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~first channel=#soylent nick=aqu4 message=Dev SN
[13:19:18] <exec> 03[nothing found]
[13:21:15] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~first channel=#soylent nick=aqu4 message=Dev.SN
[13:21:19] <exec> 03[2015-03-30 12:44:1] #Soylent <aqu4> Title for page "https://dev.soylentnews.org/article.pl?sid=15/03/29/1622202": "3UTF-8 character support - Dev.SN"
[13:21:25] <clorox|2> ~first message=sammich
[13:21:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> well hmmm
[13:21:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> i thought we'd had exec or someone doing titles
[13:22:19] <exec> 03[2014-02-27 05:16:46] #Soylent <andrew> I'm going to eat a sammich and head to bed.
[13:22:41] <TheMightyBuzzard> !quote bewbs
[13:22:42] <Bender> Quote 131 - <crutchy> ubuntu... with bewbs
[13:22:46] <Bender> Also in quotes: 630, 740
[13:22:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> !quote 630
[13:22:56] <Bender> Quote 630 - <crutchy> all i saw were bewbs
[13:23:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> !quote 740
[13:23:01] <Bender> Quote 740 - <TheMightyBuzzard> !grab bewbs
[13:23:04] <cmn32480> exec does titles...
[13:23:04] <clorox|2> https://dev.soylentnews.org
[13:23:08] <exec> └─ 13UTF-8 character support - Dev.SN
[13:23:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> so why is aqu4 doing them over in #dev?
[13:23:36] <cmn32480> so does Monopoly, but I think chromas has that turned off
[13:23:43] * cmn32480 shurgs
[13:24:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> $godzilla
[13:24:07] <aqu4> How about no?
[13:24:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> bah
[13:24:11] <cmn32480> prolly 'cuz exec isn't in dev
[13:24:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> $burrito Subsentient
[13:24:28] * aqu4 chucks a nasty, rotten burrito at Subsentient
[13:24:47] * Subsentient takes a massive juicy dump in TheMightyBuzzard's coffee
[13:24:48] <cmn32480> and that is why that bot is on my ignore list... mostly the Godzilla one
[13:24:57] <TheMightyBuzzard> s'still coffee
[13:25:08] <Subsentient> $burrito cmn32480
[13:25:08] * aqu4 chucks a nasty, rotten burrito at cmn32480
[13:25:20] <TheMightyBuzzard> bit nutty
[13:25:48] <clorox|2> You got your burrito in his cmn
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[14:46:50] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Cake or Biscuit? Why Jaffa Cakes Excite Philosophers - http://sylnt.us - schrödinger's-cake
[14:52:44] * TheMightyBuzzard boggles at random code weirdness
[16:15:59] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Cafe Overwhelmed With Customers After It Is Accidentally Awarded a Michelin Star - http://sylnt.us - when-you-wish-upon-a-star
[16:40:24] <FatPhil> WHen the number of each item of cutlery in the sink is three times the number of people in the household, perhaps it's time to do the washing up? Or maybe just buy more cutlery?
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[17:47:10] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - PuTTY 0.68 Released, Containing ECC, a 64-bit Build, and Security Fixes - http://sylnt.us - no-so-silly-PuTTY
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[20:13:48] <cmn32480> hmmm
[20:14:06] -!- nick [nick!~nick@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #Soylent
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[20:14:08] <exec> welcome nick: Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay, 29°C/85°F, 5:14 pm GMT-3, Wednesday, 22 February 2017
[20:14:37] <cmn32480> how to set up 2 firewalls (that are supposed to go to different sites) and hook them up outside to outside in my office to make sure that the VPN connection works.
[20:46:57] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Drug Treatment Could Combat Hearing Loss - http://sylnt.us - wonder-what-that-would-do-in-the-eyes
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[21:57:13] * cmn32480 blew the dust off an old Linksys and hopes it works.
[22:08:37] * chromas tosses in a pfsense cube
[22:09:28] <paulej72> I may have an auii hub and some 10bT trancievers
[22:27:54] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Has There Been a Nuclear Incident in the Arctic? - http://sylnt.us - the-thing-escaped
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[23:51:22] <nick> uruguay spiders have balls... one just crawled across my hand while i was using the mouse
[23:52:23] <chromas> "I thought we were dogpiling :( "
[23:53:08] * charon_ crosses Uruguay off the list of places to visit
[23:54:12] <nick> i hate spiders, but they get around here
[23:54:36] <nick> i'm not averse to killing them with some quite powerful spray stuff
[23:55:39] <nick> they're not like aussie spiders though, unlikely to be bitten/poisoned by one
[23:56:02] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Pacific Command Chief: Link Army, Navy Missile Defense Networks, Network Hundreds of Drones - http://sylnt.us - frakking-toasters
[23:56:51] <charon_> i don't mind spiders, just don't want them actually on me
[23:58:42] <nick> they're ok... but when they start grouping on the ceiling above my head like they're plotting... they get dealt with
[23:58:56] <nick> or if they're on the floor heading in the direction of my shoes
[23:59:49] * charon_ nods