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[01:02:36] <Bytram> http://feedproxy.google.com
[01:02:37] <PC-Police> ^ 03Journalists hit with $200 Wi-Fi bill for presidential debates - CNET ( https://www.cnet.com )
[01:05:36] <Bytram> http://arstechnica.com
[01:05:36] <PC-Police> ^ 03Journalists must fork over $200 for Wi-Fi at presidential debate | Ars Technica
[01:05:45] <Bytram> https://twitter.com
[01:05:45] <PC-Police> ^ 03emily (((dreyfuss))) on Twitter: "Aaaaaaaaand the $200 Wi-Fi Hofstra forced the reporters to buy at the #debate? It's down."
[01:33:58] <chromas> "so what happens now? Does the dongle ban get dropped, or are journalists just offline for the rest of the evening?"
[01:34:15] <chromas> Dongle ban? That's sexual harassment!
[01:34:36] <sea> It's not sexual harassment against men. You can't sexually harass men, coz of the patriarchy.
[01:44:00] <Bytram> don't use a personal hotspot, maybe? Use a wired connection between phone and laptop, maybe?
[01:44:24] <Bytram> btw, story submission queue is pretty empty atm; could use a few good submissions atm
[01:45:13] <chromas> I haven't looked into it because reading is for chumps, but I figured "dongles" included USB cell modems
[01:45:53] <chromas> How about some politics and celeb gossip? :D :D
[01:47:16] * Bytram is listening to debate, and trying to get some stories to put out so the site does not go 'dry'
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[02:08:36] * MrPlow smakes the db upside the head with a limp carrot
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[02:09:39] <Ethanol-fueled> Trump getting BTFO
[02:10:00] <Ethanol-fueled> He should be doing better despite Hillary's advantages.
[02:10:19] <swiss> he just needs to bring up emails, and really question her
[02:10:27] <TheMightyBuzzard> Ethanol-fueled, why the hell you watching that nonsense? i went fishing to avoid it.
[02:10:28] <Ethanol-fueled> Welp - the deep state has won. The final "competitor" has thrown the fight.
[02:11:03] <Ethanol-fueled> Buzard, I'm not watching it per se, i turned it on for a few seconds, turned it back off, then checked in the commentary every few seconds to hope for an upset.
[02:11:39] <Ethanol-fueled> Wise move goin' fishin' though, the depate is depressing no matter who you want to win or lose.
[02:11:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> personally i want it to get suicide bombed
[02:12:06] <swiss> jill stein in the debates for comic relief
[02:12:24] <Ethanol-fueled> swiss, we need cameos from Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones
[02:12:49] <Ethanol-fueled> And an in memoriam trubute to Vince Foster
[02:13:14] <julian> What the hell was that? Trump uses the word "cyber" as a noun
[02:13:46] <Ethanol-fueled> WWIII incoming
[02:13:55] <Ethanol-fueled> all protestors will be forced into FEMA camps
[02:13:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> me, i need some ice cream and bed. i'll pretend to give a damn about the two shitbirds pulling each other's hair out tomorrow after coffee.
[02:14:24] <Ethanol-fueled> Good idea, buzzard.
[02:14:38] <swiss> julian: i love the cyber
[02:15:09] <Ethanol-fueled> Trump has language problems, perhaps some kind of speech impediment stemming from childhood
[02:15:24] <Ethanol-fueled> He's decent at hiding it, but it slips out here and there during his speeches.
[02:16:01] <julian> I think he's just not very smart. He's intuitive in very limited domains, but that's not the same thing as general intelligence
[02:16:36] <julian> And those limited domains aren't useful for the job he's running for
[02:17:06] <Ethanol-fueled> So you say what will get you elected, then surround yourself with experts...and hope that they're they right experts for the jobs
[02:17:22] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Disney Considering Bid for Twitter - http://sylnt.us - bids-limited-to-140-chars
[02:17:35] <Ethanol-fueled> And not in the "I donated to your campaign so I get to be the ambassador to Nigeria" kind
[02:17:51] <Ethanol-fueled> Hah...as if Twitter could possibly be any more worthless
[02:20:11] <Ethanol-fueled> Even my most diehard conservative pals are saying trump is getting his ass beat
[02:21:59] <swiss> he is losing this one imo
[02:22:12] <swiss> isn't gonna convince anyone who was on the fence with what he's saying tonight
[02:22:32] <julian> Did he just say the Iraq war started in 2004?
[02:22:36] <swiss> but the interviewer did ask more "Why did you say different things in the past" questions to him
[02:23:18] <Ethanol-fueled> It was a given that the "moderators" and perception would be stacked against him, but still, he could have easily won or at least tied.
[02:23:30] <julian> They should have just printed out his Tweets that refute his own words he's speaking now
[02:23:40] <julian> Like the Chinese global warming hoax one
[02:24:27] <Ethanol-fueled> The only thing that would save him is to claim that he said those things ironically, and if taken literally, indicate lack of deeper intelligence.
[02:24:40] <julian> centrifuges whirling away...until Stuxnet
[02:24:41] <Ethanol-fueled> Calling them "hyperbole" etc etc
[02:25:35] <julian> And he's doing it not, in real time
[02:25:48] <julian> Just said destroying an Iranian ship wouldn't start a war
[02:25:53] <julian> *doing it now
[02:25:55] <swiss> I think Clinton won when her site put up the fact checker for the debate tonight
[02:25:58] <swiss> and she announced it
[02:26:24] <Ethanol-fueled> julian, to be fair, if turkey's shooting down of a Russkie plane didn't start a war, then I doubt firing on an iranian boat will
[02:26:47] <Ethanol-fueled> It would be a big shitstorm that both nations would try to de-escalate fast
[02:27:00] <julian> I think that was an accident, he's talking about doing it on purpose and telling them it was on purpose
[02:29:28] <julian> Oh wow, he totally doesn't understand the dynamic between China and N.Korea
[02:30:06] <Ethanol-fueled> When NK throws another missile or two, then they want food gibs
[02:30:24] <julian> That's been their racket for 30+ years
[02:30:35] <Ethanol-fueled> No way in hell China would actually use those morons for anything, well, actually useful to their aims.
[02:32:01] <julian> Didn
[02:32:28] <julian> Didn't Nixon say he had a secret plan for defeating the communists in Vietnam, but he wouldn't tell anyone
[02:33:20] <Ethanol-fueled> julian, he did, but those pinkos back home stopped him
[02:34:06] <Ethanol-fueled> he couldn't do it without popular support, and besides, to put an early end to the war would have made it a lot less profitable to those behind the scenes.
[02:34:19] <Ethanol-fueled> Which was why he was removed from power, just as Bill Clinton was...just in different ways.
[02:36:26] <Ethanol-fueled> Under Nixon we had Linebacker and Linebacker II
[02:36:27] <Ethanol-fueled> https://en.wikipedia.org
[02:36:28] <PC-Police> ^ 03Wiki: Operation Linebacker
[02:36:50] <Ethanol-fueled> Under Obama we have Operation Foofey Loofah
[02:37:05] <Bytram> you spelled falafel funny
[02:37:58] <julian> Funny that Obama takes flack from both sides; conservatives think he's not tough enough, liberals hate his expansive drone war
[02:38:01] <Ethanol-fueled> Bytram, the sad thing is that I'm probably the only other motherfucker in this channel who recognizes that as a Bill O' Reilly joke
[02:38:38] * Bytram didn't know about Bill O'Reilly joker.
[02:39:19] <Ethanol-fueled> It from Bill O' Reilly "Honorable Catholic" 's sexual harassment alligations
[02:39:36] <Bytram> methnks that if they had trouble with WiFi from Hoffstra U before the debate, let's see how it holds up as the press tries to push their stories out all at the same time!
[02:39:54] <Ethanol-fueled> The joke is that he was making inappropriate advancements towards...what, a female coworker? And was discussing massaging her down with a falafel
[02:40:04] <Ethanol-fueled> because, apparantly, falafels and loofas are the same thing.
[02:40:15] <julian> Autocorrect strikes again
[02:40:26] <Bytram> orly? ROFL!
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[02:41:06] <Ethanol-fueled> http://nymag.com
[02:41:06] <PC-Police> ^ 03The History of New York Scandals - Bill OReilly Sexual Harassment Lawsuit -- New York Magazine
[02:41:25] <Ethanol-fueled> I remember when he had to actually address it on his FoxNews TV segment
[02:41:58] <Ethanol-fueled> he said almost verbatim, "My corporate lawyers have instructed me not to say anything about it, let's just forget about it, it didn't happen. "
[02:42:11] <julian> Well that was a loss for Trump, IMO
[02:42:12] <Bytram> btw, this was the first time I watched TV since the Superb Owl.
[02:43:09] <Ethanol-fueled> Well, the deep-state and "democracy" win again. Time for WWIII!
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[02:45:07] <SirFinkus> well, so one of those is going to be president
[02:45:08] <SirFinkus> jesus
[02:45:11] <Bytram> I was waiting for Hillary, at one point, to counter Donald's advocation for more stop and frisk with a simple "So, what you are saying is that our nation should move to: 'Papers Please.'?"
[02:45:37] <SirFinkus> the NBC sound guy was fucking SHIT
[02:46:02] <SirFinkus> he has 3 fucking mics to manage during the debate
[02:46:03] <SirFinkus> THREE
[02:46:11] <Bytram> you mean you had audio problems?
[02:46:26] <SirFinkus> just the levels constantly changing
[02:46:33] <SirFinkus> enough that I had to adjust the volume on my laptop
[02:46:44] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, it was some Goebbels shit - all that applause...canned
[02:47:02] <Bytram> did you think of maybe watching on a different channel? ABC, NBC, CBS, and I'm sure a bunch of others were covering it.
[02:47:03] <SirFinkus> I'm sure
[02:47:19] <SirFinkus> I don't think I agreed with anything either of them said
[02:47:32] <SirFinkus> aside from the generic "we should do good stuff, not bad stuff"
[02:47:50] <Bytram> so much for honesty?
[02:48:12] <Ethanol-fueled> Actually, there are two big possibilities - Trump was in on it all along and threw it, or Hill-dawg dangled evidence of his trips aboard Epstein's "Loli Express" in front of his face before the debate.
[02:48:28] <Bytram> You expected them to say "we should do bad stuff, not good stuff, because that is what our corporate bribes^W supporters say we should do."
[02:48:57] <SirFinkus> trump missed a good opportunity
[02:49:12] <Ethanol-fueled> Yup, which is what makes the whole thing suspicious
[02:49:25] <SirFinkus> hillary brought up gun shit during the racial debate, said she wanted to keep the guns out of the hands of the wrong guys
[02:49:42] <SirFinkus> trump should have said "so people of color are the 'wrong guys?'"
[02:50:08] <Bytram> I would rather they paid more attention to freedom from overreach by the federal gov't into the lives of Americans
[02:50:17] <SirFinkus> lmao
[02:50:31] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, Trump had plenty of ammo to go for the jugular, and he didn't. It was thrown or something else.
[02:50:44] <SirFinkus> idgaf at this point
[02:51:00] <Bytram> He who would give up essential freedom for temporary security deserves neither freedom nor security" (Ben Franklin -- from memeory so might be off on a few words ther.)
[02:51:02] <SirFinkus> they both seem almost equally bad
[02:51:11] <SirFinkus> hillary seems maybe 1% less bad
[02:51:36] <Ethanol-fueled> The big issues that we have to worry about now is that, now that the deep-state has won, we have to prepare for America being the next Nazi Germany.
[02:52:18] <Bytram> Justonce, when Trump interrupted Hillary, I'd like to have seen her make a loud stage cough, wait, and then give him the 'Evil Eye' like only a mother can do, and suggest that he needed a timeout for that behavior.
[02:52:24] <Ethanol-fueled> Which means internment if not execution for bad idealogues, devastating wars, possibly escalating to nuclear given that Russia is on the record embracing the Samson option.
[02:53:13] <SirFinkus> it's been a little "world warry" the past 10 years or so
[02:53:13] <Ethanol-fueled> The Samson option, contrary to popular belief, is not total destruction, rather, it is using nuclear warfare as a defensive measure while losing a conventional war.
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[02:53:27] <Bytram> well, as much as I'd like to chat, I need some shuteye -- tomorrow is a work day for me.
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[02:53:57] <julian> Isn't that an Israeli doctrine?
[02:54:12] <Ethanol-fueled> julian, that is true.
[02:54:44] <Ethanol-fueled> The Russkies adpoted it a year or few ago as a nod to that, implicitly making it a "far" tactic in a war against the West.
[02:54:49] <julian> I think they had plans to do that if they started losing a conventional war. Thankfully their the strongest military in the ME and it never came to that
[02:55:01] <swiss> ABC's poll is showing trump winning
[02:55:02] <swiss> interesting
[02:55:05] <julian> *they're
[02:55:28] <Ethanol-fueled> swiss, that's some spooky shit, then. Or Trump's a genius.
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[02:55:37] <julian> swiss: his supporters really don't care what he says. They just want the illegals out, and the laws changed so all future immigrants are illegal
[02:55:38] <exec> welcome chromas: Walla Walla, WA, USA, 21°C/69°F, 7:55 pm GMT-7, Monday, 26 September 2016
[02:55:54] <julian> Anne Coulter said as much: do whatever you want, Trump, just get the illegals out
[02:56:01] <SirFinkus> almost everything about this song is shit, but that main guitar riff is great https://www.youtube.com
[02:56:02] <PC-Police> ^ 03Rebel Meets Rebel - Cherokee Cry - YouTube
[02:56:16] <swiss> julian: i think you're assuming a lot of things about trump supporters that aren't true
[02:56:36] <swiss> also, I find it hillarious that enforcing border laws is "all future immigrants are illegal"
[02:56:55] <julian> White nativism and/or nationalism (the scary bad kind) is the one thing most Trump supporters believe in common
[02:57:07] <swiss> Personally, I just want our actions to reflect our laws. if we have open borders, I'm cool with it. If we restrict our borders, i'm cool with it
[02:57:18] <julian> swiss: they don't just want to enforce the laws, they want them changed and drastically tightened with things like religious tests for immigration
[02:57:20] <swiss> The middle ground is there to exploit illegal immigrants
[02:57:23] <julian> Although Trump walked back that statement
[02:58:01] <SirFinkus> immigration is fine imo, just need to document the people coming in, for our benefit, and theirs too
[02:58:04] <julian> "Just enforce the immigration laws!" is disingenious when you're also advocating changing the laws to be much harsher
[02:58:08] <SirFinkus> should be easier to legit come to the states
[02:58:26] <swiss> julian: and when he says "Build a wall, and kick illegal immigrants out," how is that "making the laws much harsher"
[02:58:37] <SirFinkus> that path to citizenship costs 10s of thousands of dollars
[02:58:50] <julian> I'll meet him halfway though, more than that. We do need to protect our border--especially ports. Did you know we still don't scan all shipping containers for radioactive material?
[02:58:53] <swiss> SirFinkus: agreed. Though I'd imagine that having to account for so much illegal immigration restricts the number of legal immigrants we want to allow
[02:59:11] <SirFinkus> if I was in charge
[02:59:42] <swiss> julian: people were calling him racist when he was simply advocating to enforce current laws
[02:59:43] <SirFinkus> I'd make us harsher on illegal immigration and border security, but make it much easier to enter legitimately
[03:00:01] <swiss> SirFinkus: Trump has said that as well though
[03:00:10] <julian> swiss: like I said, they want the laws changed, too. He floated the idea of banning Muslim immigration
[03:00:16] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, I'd station the National Guard on the border and shoot on sight anybody who doesn't have papers or cross legitimately
[03:00:20] <SirFinkus> lol
[03:00:26] <swiss> julian: that's post-paul-ryan Trump, who I'm less on board with :/
[03:00:29] <Ethanol-fueled> Then I'd destroy the Middle-east, including israel, but sparing Iran
[03:00:30] <SirFinkus> trump says a lot of things
[03:00:55] <swiss> SirFinkus: But that was really part of his thing a year ago. Enforce the laws, then fix the immigration process so that it can really be used
[03:00:59] <Ethanol-fueled> Let's face it - the national guard doesn't do shit these days other than collect a paycheck
[03:01:07] <SirFinkus> then, I'd agree with him on that issue
[03:01:20] <SirFinkus> but he fails several of my litmus tests
[03:01:26] <swiss> Also, a year ago, he supported Planned Parenthood during the "fetus selling" debacle
[03:01:40] <SirFinkus> immigration is kind of lower on my list than "hey, maybe we shouldn't be torturing people"
[03:01:57] <swiss> He also supported Obamacare ideology (though he said Obamacare didn't work very well)
[03:02:12] <swiss> Wanted to improve obamacare
[03:02:16] <swiss> then there was the Paul Ryan meeting
[03:02:38] <swiss> and suddenly he was Pro Life, wanted to punish women who had abortions, and wanted to throw out obamacare
[03:02:54] <swiss> and wanted to "trust the free market with healthcare"
[03:03:01] <SirFinkus> lol
[03:03:01] <Ethanol-fueled> I want to throw out obamacare as well
[03:03:19] <SirFinkus> healthcare isn't a free market, since providers have the ultimate leverage
[03:03:33] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink knows this.
[03:03:34] <SirFinkus> don't want to pay for our services? well you can fucking die in that case
[03:03:40] <sea> Does anyone have an http-only site?
[03:03:41] <swiss> a year ago, he was basically the republican party without the stupid ethical and religious shit
[03:03:43] <sea> I need to borrow it
[03:03:49] <sea> er, I need to know the URL
[03:04:01] <Ethanol-fueled> having a free market for any essential service run by a collusion or monopoly is a bad idea
[03:04:05] <swiss> SirFinkus: healthcare could be free market if there wasn't collusion and corruption
[03:04:30] <Bytram> and no profit
[03:04:31] <swiss> and the only way we can fix that is to either break up the collusion, or start our own competitor that's reasonable
[03:04:41] <swiss> forcing the collusion group to drop prices
[03:04:41] <SirFinkus> you're going to doctor shop when you have a heart attack?
[03:04:55] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, the good thing about America's healthcare is that you won't die, it'll just be a choice between making a full recovery or living the rest of life as a paraplegic
[03:04:56] <swiss> by "we" i mean "the government"
[03:05:08] <Ethanol-fueled> No joke - such is the difference between insured and uninsured.
[03:05:24] <SirFinkus> I think we should just go single payer and be done with it
[03:05:27] <swiss> Ethanol-fueled: the disgusting part is that a doctor's office can make more off an uninsured patient than an insured one
[03:05:42] <Ethanol-fueled> swiss - how does that happen?
[03:05:42] <SirFinkus> it seems to work reasonably well in other countries
[03:05:48] <Ethanol-fueled> Outside of fraud?
[03:05:54] <swiss> Ethanol-fueled: the insurance companies have different negotiated rates with the doctors.
[03:06:13] <SirFinkus> you're basically subsidizing people who can't pay anyway every time you go to the doctor
[03:06:32] <SirFinkus> might as well cut out the middle man profit center (insurance companies)
[03:06:35] <swiss> Which isn't technically fraud, because they pay off the lawmakers to keep it from being called fraud
[03:06:38] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, and they're subject to a lower standard of care.
[03:06:56] <swiss> why do you think the different insurance companies are taken at different offices? It depends on the rates they negotiated with the office
[03:07:13] <swiss> so it "shows" them paying half, but maybe they're only paying a tenth of that
[03:07:31] <swiss> you're really buying a coupon book when you buy insurance
[03:07:43] <swiss> which isn't how insurance is supposed to work
[03:07:52] <Ethanol-fueled> That is true, agreed.
[03:07:55] <swiss> but collusion between doctors and insurance companies have caused this
[03:08:16] <swiss> insurance company "We'll tell our patients to go to your office, but only charge us 80% of what you charge to other patients."
[03:08:19] <SirFinkus> the AMA literally has a meeting in new york to determine prices for medical procedures
[03:08:22] <swiss> Doctor "Deal."
[03:08:45] <Ethanol-fueled> So if Obamacare isn't sustainable, then what happens?
[03:08:46] <swiss> This shit is so corrupt and illegal
[03:08:58] <swiss> Ethanol-fueled: we tax insurance companies until it is
[03:09:22] <swiss> force insurance companies to subsidize government insurance, until they beat the rates that government insurance is offering
[03:09:24] <Ethanol-fueled> I like that idea, as long as they can't pass it to the ratepayers.
[03:09:38] <SirFinkus> obamacare is a little better than we used to have
[03:09:39] <swiss> but if they pass it to the ratepayers, the ratepayers just jump to the government offering
[03:09:46] <SirFinkus> Japan has something similarish
[03:09:58] <swiss> I had surgery on my foot in the bahamas after an accident
[03:10:08] <swiss> without insurance, and without the local rate, it cost $50
[03:10:19] <SirFinkus> don't lie
[03:10:21] <swiss> not lying
[03:10:25] <SirFinkus> we know it was really breast implants
[03:10:31] <swiss> oh, no, those cost more
[03:10:35] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, no, I don't think so. If somebody is too poor (as I occasionally am) to pay the mandatory monthy quota of fees, then we get dinged fat through out tax refund.
[03:10:39] <swiss> silicone ain't free yo
[03:11:15] <Ethanol-fueled> I live in a liberal (read: heavy subsidization of illegals) state, so my rates are significant even for the poorfag version.
[03:11:15] <swiss> but insurance is supposed to be costing you more, in case you have a bad accident
[03:11:27] <SirFinkus> I'm poor as fuck, and can afford to see a doctor now and get meds and shit
[03:11:38] <SirFinkus> so it works for me I guess
[03:11:39] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, you live in a cheaper state.
[03:11:50] <swiss> on average, a person should be paying less in their lifetime (between insurance + doctors office visits) than they would if they didn't have insurance
[03:11:56] <swiss> that's literally the way insurance works
[03:12:06] <Ethanol-fueled> The cheapest plan they have here is around $250/mo
[03:12:12] <swiss> but the same shit has occurred with car insurance. Car insurance has deals with shops to get their labor for cheaper
[03:12:46] <SirFinkus> that sucks
[03:12:49] <swiss> if insurance costs you $500/year, and you get in ONE accident in 60 years of driving that totals a $30k car, you saved money
[03:12:55] <Ethanol-fueled> swiss, the difference is that before, I was paying nothing for no insurance. Now, I pay $250/mo for insurance or lose a fat chunk of change of money I don't even hace.
[03:13:26] <swiss> Ethanol-fueled: I don't agree with where they get the money for it, but the program needs to exist
[03:14:03] <SirFinkus> I can kind of understand that though, since you're fairly young, you're subsidizing the old folks
[03:14:09] <SirFinkus> like social security
[03:14:21] <SirFinkus> which is really why it should just be single payer
[03:14:24] <Ethanol-fueled> swiss - the problem is that people like me and younger folks are finding it too expensive and so drop out. Even though they pay a penalty, with too many people dropping out starves the program.
[03:14:58] <swiss> Ethanol-fueled: see previous statement
[03:15:23] <Ethanol-fueled> State-sponsored robbery.
[03:16:20] <Ethanol-fueled> I get it, but the problem is that I get charged for it without receiving the benefits for it.
[03:16:50] <SirFinkus> the idea is you'll get the benefit when you're old
[03:16:57] <SirFinkus> you pay into social security now
[03:17:06] <SirFinkus> but won't get shit until you're older
[03:17:18] <SirFinkus> in theory anyway
[03:17:25] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, lawmakers can always pull the rug out from under you. A lot can change between now and then.
[03:17:26] <SirFinkus> money has a habit of disappearing
[03:17:47] <Ethanol-fueled> True, fink...the recipients of the post-9/11 G.I. bill can attest to that, bahahah
[03:18:19] <SirFinkus> with any healthcare system, the young are going to be subsidizing the old to some extent
[03:18:22] <SirFinkus> unless we go logans run
[03:18:37] <Bytram> ~gnight #Soylent
[03:18:37] <SirFinkus> awesome miniatures btw
[03:18:39] * exec suspiciously blows a data stream of bewb at #Soylent
[03:20:35] <SirFinkus> oh, we might be playing for Bandidos in a few weeks
[03:20:48] <Ethanol-fueled> The biker gang?
[03:20:51] <SirFinkus> yeah
[03:20:55] <Ethanol-fueled> Sweet.
[03:20:58] <SirFinkus> we played a harley dealership last weekend
[03:21:03] <Ethanol-fueled> Nice.
[03:21:10] <SirFinkus> sons of hell were there too
[03:21:21] <SirFinkus> hell's angels support club
[03:21:27] <SirFinkus> idk if they're rivals or not
[03:21:59] <Ethanol-fueled> Bikers are chill dudes, great to drink with
[03:22:02] <SirFinkus> the bandidos have a bar they hang out in in town so I know a little about them
[03:22:11] <Ethanol-fueled> Noice
[03:23:17] <SirFinkus> I think I understand the appeal of bikes now
[03:23:33] <SirFinkus> they all were different, I think anyone could find one they'd like
[03:23:45] <SirFinkus> good marketing
[03:24:04] <Ethanol-fueled> I die a little inside when I see an expensive one with a belt-drive, but to each his own
[03:24:17] <SirFinkus> I don't know shit about bikes
[03:24:22] <Ethanol-fueled> I don't even have the balls to ride anything other than dirt-bike just yet.
[03:25:00] <Ethanol-fueled> Fink, on the lower part of the bike, like where the chain on a bicycle is, you can see a fat ribbed belt like 2 inches wide
[03:25:08] <SirFinkus> yeah, I got that much
[03:25:13] <SirFinkus> wasn't really looking at that part
[03:25:28] <SirFinkus> it was more of an "ooooh, shiny"
[03:26:01] <SirFinkus> by the end of the night, we'd all found something we liked
[03:26:13] <SirFinkus> great fucking business strategy
[03:26:35] <SirFinkus> all were very different
[03:28:22] <Ethanol-fueled> https://upload.wikimedia.org
[03:28:31] <Ethanol-fueled> Get a Gold Wing with the Mama on the back
[03:29:42] <SirFinkus> fat bottomed girls indead
[03:29:46] <Ethanol-fueled> Allright, gonna bail
[03:29:49] <Ethanol-fueled> may be back
[03:29:58] -!- Ethanol-fueled has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[03:31:34] <chromas> Goldwing. The RV of motorcycles
[04:00:19] -!- chromie [chromie!~toobee@50-50-115-186.dhcp.knwc.wa.charter.com] has parted #Soylent
[04:06:46] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Vaccine Against the Common Cold may be Achievable - http://sylnt.us - saving-tissues
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[04:08:10] -!- mecctro [mecctro!~mecctro@vnh-521-051-94-94.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #Soylent
[04:28:14] <julian> We're having a heatwave here in Socal and it's really demonstrating how terrible Apple's thermal regulation code is
[04:29:18] <julian> I needed to use a 3rd party program to crank the fan RPM up to max (6500rpm) to avoid throttling
[04:29:39] <julian> on a MacBook Air, not even a super hot running computer
[04:30:03] <SirFinkus> depends on what they're optimizing for
[04:31:12] <julian> I think they're optimizing for silence, even if it melts your hardware
[04:35:45] <SirFinkus> been running my mbp for 4 years, hasn't melted yet
[04:36:01] <SirFinkus> heavily too
[04:36:02] <SirFinkus> single data point etc
[04:47:54] -!- muxer has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[04:50:55] <julian> I like Apple hardware, I just think they should be more aggressive with the fan speed
[04:51:08] <julian> Cooler components last longer, and I want a laptop to last 6+ years
[04:54:21] <julian> But I've never had an Apple laptop die due to heat, provably. They do probably know their hardware safety margins more than me
[05:49:21] -!- xuser has quit [Quit: SIGTERM]
[05:56:33] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Wells Fargo Likely Hurt Customers' Credit Scores; Labor Department Launches Review - http://sylnt.us - how-far-did-Wells-Fargo-go-to-far?
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[08:06:54] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #Soylent
[08:06:57] <exec> welcome crutchy: Melbourne VIC, 14°C/57°F, 6:06 pm AEST, Tuesday, 27 September 2016
[08:35:51] -!- cosurgi has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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[09:23:58] <crutchy> ~alias-macro
[09:29:35] -!- Web_weasel has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[09:29:35] -!- Webweasel_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[09:30:51] -!- Web_weasel [Web_weasel!~Stefan@xgji33-504-182-034.range88-509.btcentralplus.com] has joined #Soylent
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[09:59:25] -!- Popeidol [Popeidol!~popeidol@489-467-305-394.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Soylent
[10:17:35] <crutchy> ~deb ghc
[10:17:37] <exec> The Glasgow Haskell Compilation system
[10:27:24] <TheMightyBuzzard> coffee++
[10:27:24] <Bender> karma - coffee: 2889
[10:42:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> #weather 74872
[10:42:37] <MrPlow> Today: Sunshine and clouds mixed. High near 80F. Winds light and variable. Tomorrow: Sunny skies. High 87F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.
[10:53:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> suck it bitches. one pull request in before i got half my first cup of coffee down.
[10:54:08] <boru> What did it break?
[10:55:58] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - A Mechanical Harmony to NASA's Webb Telescope Sunshield - http://sylnt.us - lots-of-bits
[11:03:31] <TheMightyBuzzard> wait, wut?
[11:04:20] <TheMightyBuzzard> boru, oh probably some obscure thing that only three people on the site used but it'd been broken for ages.
[11:05:20] <boru> I was just poking fun at committing before coffee, is all.
[11:10:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> http://imgur.com
[11:10:17] <PC-Police> ^ 0399 little bugs in the code... - Imgur
[11:15:16] <boru> Sounds like a web developer mantra, but I'd add 'take one down, patch it around, test in production, take out production, 127 bugs in the code..."
[11:28:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> aight, time for a smoke n to get the trash out
[11:40:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> nix the trash idea. too dark to see what i'm doing out there still.
[11:56:55] -!- SoyGuest32799 has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[12:02:44] -!- FatPhil [FatPhil!phil@azdr.ee] has joined #Soylent
[12:03:43] FatPhil is now known as SoyGuest15089
[12:21:02] -!- muxer has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[12:31:06] <TheMightyBuzzard> .unvoice Deucalion
[12:31:12] <TheMightyBuzzard> awe
[12:31:37] <TheMightyBuzzard> .devoice Deucalion
[12:31:37] -!- mode/#Soylent [-v Deucalion] by Poseidon
[12:31:41] * TheMightyBuzzard snickers
[12:31:57] <crutchy> aw you meanie
[12:32:06] <TheMightyBuzzard> for great justice!
[12:32:15] <TheMightyBuzzard> or fight the powah or something
[12:32:22] <crutchy> for the king!
[12:32:39] <TheMightyBuzzard> don or burger?
[12:32:46] <crutchy> plow
[12:33:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> good nuff
[12:33:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> i may revisit his monkey ass once perl6 gets mods worth a shit and documentation
[12:33:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> so in a couple years
[12:34:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> #yt if that ain't country
[12:34:18] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com
[12:35:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> hrm, if i can clear two more issues we'll be back under a hundred
[12:46:46] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Windows 10 Will Soon Run Edge in a Virtual Machine to Keep You Safe - http://sylnt.us - harder,-stronger,-slower
[12:55:31] <crutchy> ~update-exec-file scripts/update.php
[12:55:32] <exec> attempting to download https://raw.githubusercontent.com
[12:55:33] <exec> successfully saved downloaded content to "/home/chris/Downloads/Exec/exec-irc-bot-master/scripts/update.php"
[12:56:23] <crutchy> ~delete-exec-file scripts/wiki.php
[12:56:25] <exec> successfully deleted "/home/chris/Downloads/Exec/exec-irc-bot-master/scripts/wiki.php"
[12:56:32] <crutchy> ~delete-exec-file scripts/wiki_lib.php
[12:56:35] <exec> successfully deleted "/home/chris/Downloads/Exec/exec-irc-bot-master/scripts/wiki_lib.php"
[12:57:23] <crutchy> ~update-exec-file scripts/wiki/sn_wiki.php
[12:57:25] <exec> attempting to download https://raw.githubusercontent.com
[12:57:26] <exec> error downloading file (3)
[12:57:49] <crutchy> damn. need to make the path
[12:57:58] <crutchy> ~rehash
[12:58:08] <exec> successfully reloaded exec file (162 aliases)
[13:00:27] <crutchy> ~tell cmn32480 updated the exec update script to be able to delete files. have a look at https://github.com should be securitah enough. deleted the old wiki scripts but unable to download the new ones till i update the update script again to make a new folder. will do that tomorrow
[13:02:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> woah, you been talky
[13:03:33] <crutchy> ~gnight #soylent
[13:03:35] * exec crutchyly formulates a petabyte of medium salsa for #soylent
[13:03:40] <crutchy> betterr go or the missus might hurt me
[13:04:15] -!- crutchy has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[13:08:32] <TheMightyBuzzard> hot damn, Issues: 99 Open
[13:08:42] * TheMightyBuzzard does the under 100 dance
[13:16:07] zz_janrinok is now known as janrinok
[13:20:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> afternoon, janrinok
[13:20:49] <janrinok> TheMightyBuzzard, ~gday to you, how's things?
[13:21:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> great. got the issue tracker down to under 100
[13:21:20] <janrinok> so I noted :)
[13:24:39] <janrinok> are the rest biggies, or just niggles?
[13:26:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh plenty of both really
[13:26:53] <janrinok> should keep you busy'ish then
[13:27:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> neat, our alexa rating is down under 400K
[13:27:44] <janrinok> I've never look at it - so lower is better?
[13:29:05] <TheMightyBuzzard> yar
[13:29:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> we've dropped quite a bit just in the past three months
[13:32:26] <janrinok> ah, I love upside down graph axes...!
[13:32:53] <janrinok> that's quite an achievement for our lil' ole site
[13:35:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> https://www.similarweb.com
[13:35:59] <PC-Police> ^ 03soylentnews.org Analytics - See Traffic Ranking Stats
[13:36:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> we're closing the gap, slowly but surely
[13:37:48] <janrinok> but still quite a bit to go
[13:38:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> yar but it took them 20 years or so to get where they are
[13:39:02] <TheMightyBuzzard> we been at it for two-ish
[13:40:24] <TheMightyBuzzard> shit, man, we GAINED traffic over the summer. nobody does that.
[13:42:41] <TheMightyBuzzard> smoke break
[13:42:44] <TheMightyBuzzard> nicotine++
[13:42:44] <Bender> karma - nicotine: 155
[13:43:14] <janrinok> perhaps we attract the younger, out-of-college types?
[13:56:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> or the middle-aged folks who vaguely remember school
[13:56:14] <janrinok> yep, more likely ....
[13:57:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> though we do have our share of kiddos like EF and NC
[13:57:55] <janrinok> lol
[14:04:46] <weeds> and the Statler and Waldorf types like me!
[14:04:52] <janrinok> and me!
[14:07:34] <weeds> Longer visits, more pages visited, and going up instead of down. I'd say that was prety favorable. Soyent readers are more engaged and that's the goal.
[14:08:10] weeds is now known as Statler
[14:08:31] <janrinok> I wish it would translate to actual contributing membership, although I am happy that we are being read
[14:09:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> .#submit oi, ya lazy fuckers, sub more stuff!
[14:09:55] <janrinok> ah, some bastard of an editor will only filter it out - oh, that's me ....
[14:11:10] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya, damned eds
[14:17:55] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Autism and Evolution - http://sylnt.us
[15:36:09] -!- everdred has quit [Quit: leaving]
[15:36:24] -!- everdred [everdred!~irssi@Soylent/Users/110/Everdred] has joined #Soylent
[15:47:40] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - BBC to Require Users to Log in to Access iPlayer From 2017 - http://sylnt.us - hammer-falls
[16:05:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> and... nap time.
[16:05:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> naps++
[16:05:43] <Bender> karma - naps: 47
[17:18:49] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - 3-D Nanoprinting to Turbocharge Microscopes - http://sylnt.us - overcoming-tiny-problems
[17:33:13] -!- muxer [muxer!~muxing@lnyr-54-942-030-565.hstntx.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #Soylent
[18:14:18] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[18:46:57] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Transmission of New Virus Believed to Occur Between Farmed and Wild Fish - http://sylnt.us - virus-exchange
[18:55:38] <Statler> naps++
[18:55:38] <Bender> karma - naps: 48
[18:59:45] <Deucalion> .voice
[18:59:45] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v Deucalion] by Poseidon
[19:02:13] * mechanicjay screams into the abyss
[19:02:29] <Deucalion> sup mechanicjay ? Having "issues"?
[19:02:35] AndyTheAbsurd is now known as the_abyss
[19:02:46] * the_abyss screams back at mechanicjay
[19:02:54] the_abyss is now known as AndyTheAbsurd
[19:03:02] <mechanicjay> classes start tomorrow. about 200% more last minute critical stuff to do than usual
[19:04:27] <Deucalion> no doubt all stuff that could have been done well ahead of time but is now top priority because some other disorganised turd didn't have their shit together :D
[19:05:03] <AndyTheAbsurd> mechanicjay: are you a student or a teacher of these classes?
[19:05:47] <mechanicjay> IT staff supporting such
[19:06:28] <AndyTheAbsurd> oh, fun. I have a friend that does that for St Petersburg College here in Florida.
[19:06:39] <mechanicjay> I've been just long enough now to get a reputation as "dude who knows how to get shit done." This is back-firing on my as I really do need to be getting shit done right now.
[19:06:48] <AndyTheAbsurd> they usually ask him to do 80 hours of work in the week break between semesters.
[19:07:21] <mechanicjay> Yeah, I used to have a cover for about 20 hours of stuff, which I automated with cron.
[19:09:46] <mechanicjay> I'm just a little bit out of my depth with the current task. I'm setting up a new box, software raid 1 on / and zfs pool for the data volume. Trying to get the RedHat kickstart file to work with the software raid is a major PITA.
[19:14:21] * Deucalion understands the requirement but is decidedly blank on any practical guidance :) zfs I've never played with.... using mdraid for / ?
[19:16:52] <Deucalion> All the / encrypt and raid stuff I've meddled with in amateur fashion seems to have required /boot to be available before any of the aforementioned can be brought up. But then grannies and sucking eggs comes to mind at this point
[19:28:56] <chromas> You can encrypt /boot now
[19:29:27] <chromas> grub handles it. Needs the password twice though
[20:10:36] <Deucalion> can't see that being great for a headless server :P
[20:14:29] <Deucalion> but I can see sticking /boot on a partition on a write-protected micro-SD or pci-ssd in the server and only enabling write for it when doing an os update that will affect it. Then shove everything else on more generic storage. ~shrug~ I really don;t know how this stuff is done in the real world
[20:15:52] <Deucalion> but sounds like mechj is more having issues with redhats init stuff rather than with /boot :)
[20:18:52] * Deucalion seriously needs to get their broadband faults sorted out.... open Steam every couple of days for a ~quick~ game of something and the bastard is either insisting on updating itself or one game or another wants to "update" itself by completely downloading itself again. Have these guys never heard of differential updates???
[20:19:11] <mechanicjay> Deucalion: Yeah, it's pretty much just the kickstart stuff is a pain and has a very specific way of laying out the file for an unattended install.
[20:19:37] <Deucalion> Half an hour later the shit's finished updating and I've gone of the idea and close it again lol
[20:20:52] <Deucalion> mechanicjay, oooh so kickstart is a scripty thing for doing something like PXE / TFTP builds on new kit that needs to auto install itself?
[20:27:37] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Middlesbrough Trader Prosecuted for Selling Streaming Boxes Preloaded With Kodi - http://sylnt.us - streaming-pile-of-justice
[20:51:36] -!- cosurgi [cosurgi!~cosurgi@153.19.wn.lgu] has joined #Soylent
[20:51:51] <SirFinkus> lots of wacky shit in the wiki
[20:52:04] -!- cosurgi has quit [Changing host]
[20:52:04] -!- cosurgi [cosurgi!~cosurgi@Soylent/Staff/Misc/cosurgi] has joined #Soylent
[20:52:04] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v cosurgi] by Poseidon
[20:52:08] <SirFinkus> https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[20:52:09] <PC-Police> ^ 03Wiki: PureContent
[22:05:28] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Shape-Programmable Miniscule Robots - http://sylnt.us - innerspace
[22:09:06] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #Soylent
[22:09:10] <exec> welcome crutchy: Melbourne VIC, 10°C/50°F, 8:09 am AEST, Wednesday, 28 September 2016
[22:17:09] <Deucalion> It's worth looking who authored that PureContent type originally. I know NC had an idea to host slash / rehash virtual instances for others at one point in time - different skins etc for each but with the same central engine. That seemed to morph into the Nexus plan... I'm kinda vague on any of it tbh. If you can get him to sit still long enough, it's worth having a chat :D
[22:19:06] <Deucalion> Oooh - it dates back to 2014... forget the above :D
[22:20:21] <SirFinkus> one of the proposals was some kind of bittorrent distribution scheme with browser plugins and such
[22:24:58] <Deucalion> Sounds great.... tie in some kind of blockchain work too... the world can feed itself and end all suffering with blockchains yaknow!
[22:38:11] <SirFinkus> oh, chromas, my youtube shit mysteriously started working again today
[22:39:36] <chromas> woohoo++
[22:39:37] <Bender> karma - woohoo: 14
[22:39:43] <chromas> Did your google account come back too?
[22:43:26] <SirFinkus> good question
[22:43:55] <SirFinkus> MOTHERFUCKER
[22:44:18] <Deucalion> ~weather
[22:44:19] <exec> 10London, UK - currently 60°F / 16°C, mostly cloudy, wind SW at 6 mph, humidity 94% - Tuesday partly cloudy (53°F:66°F / 12°C:19°C), Wednesday mostly sunny (62°F:76°F / 17°C:24°C), Thursday showers (53°F:65°F / 12°C:18°C), Friday partly cloudy (51°F:63°F / 11°C:17°C)
[22:44:57] <Deucalion> balmy early autumn.. tres bon
[22:55:00] <chromas> http://kval.com
[22:55:01] <PC-Police> ^ 03Trooper trips up Trump-transporting HOV lane cheater | KVAL
[23:28:50] -!- khallow [khallow!~d8a1c132@216.161.rmu.kv] has joined #Soylent
[23:41:45] <khallow> greetings Earthlings
[23:53:14] <SirFinkus> lo khallow
[23:55:52] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Dev Teaches Bot to Talk Spammers' Ears Off - http://sylnt.us - sweet-sweet-honeypot