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[00:34:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> https://www.youtube.com
[00:34:05] <dogbox> ^ 03The Bacon Song - YouTube
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[01:28:01] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Killing Superbugs With Star-Shaped Polymers, Not Antibiotics - http://sylnt.us - like-throwing-stars-but-smaller
[01:58:51] <cmn32480> sirfinkus - were you able to get into the wiki?
[01:59:00] <SirFinkus> yeah, looks like it
[01:59:01] <cmn32480> I did not get an email to approve you.
[01:59:09] <SirFinkus> haven't tried making a page or any edits
[01:59:32] <SirFinkus> some crisis shit going down right now, starting the instant I got home
[01:59:45] <cmn32480> grandma show up on the front steps?
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[02:00:10] <cmn32480> ~gday bytram
[02:00:11] * exec inadequately stuffs a truckload of secret sauce into bytram
[02:00:23] * Bytram tiredly stumbles in and slinks into a comfy chair in the corner
[02:00:34] <Bytram> allergies--
[02:00:34] <Bender> karma - allergies: -2
[02:00:43] <Bytram> ~gday cmn32480
[02:00:45] * exec abnormally pesters promises of weed with cmn32480
[02:00:51] * cmn32480 hands bytram a cup of hot tea, and an admonisihon to look at the stories page, then go to bed
[02:01:03] * Bytram had already noticed
[02:01:14] * cmn32480 giggle like a schoolgirl
[02:01:32] * Bytram at this juncture, no caffeine, but maybe a little chamomile would be nice
[02:01:46] <chromas> Did I hear we need moar clickbait submitted?
[02:01:48] * Bytram ponders a little athleticism -- kick
[02:01:52] * cmn32480 passes the chammomile laced with Benedryl
[02:02:08] * Bytram graciously accepts
[02:02:20] <cmn32480> Deucalion taghut me one that is better then kick.
[02:02:26] <cmn32480> .quiet chromas
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[02:02:45] <cmn32480> .unquiet chromas
[02:02:45] -!- mode/#Soylent [-q *!*@0::1] by Aphrodite
[02:02:48] <exec> Bwahahaha!
[02:03:10] * Bytram would rather change reality than his perception of it
[02:03:33] <Bytram> comment on the green boat story....
[02:03:43] <chromas> There;s also .kickban ;)
[02:03:59] <Bytram> dept might admonish that sailing vessels were pretty green, back in the day. yanno?
[02:04:52] <cmn32480> I'm sure tht will be in the comments.. but if you got a better dept line.. have at it. that one sucked.
[02:05:00] <cmn32480> mine sucked, I mean...
[02:05:41] * Bytram is lacking in creative juices atm -- just mentioned it in case it sparked an idea for a better one
[02:05:58] <Bytram> afk brb
[02:10:15] <Bytram> http://phys.org
[02:10:15] <dogbox> ^ 03Mapping our galaxy: The Milky Way revealed ( http://phys.org )
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[02:16:45] * cmn32480 signs off and heads off to study the inside of his eyelids.
[02:16:50] <cmn32480> ~gnight #soylent
[02:16:52] * exec single-handedly inserts a dong of feminism into #soylent
[02:16:57] <Bytram> ~gnight cmn32480
[02:16:59] * exec flatulantly cracks open some chewy chunks of NCommander for cmn32480
[02:17:11] <cmn32480> a dong of feminism
[02:17:19] <cmn32480> .me blames a very quiet chromas
[02:17:30] <cmn32480> ~gnight bytram
[02:17:30] <chromas> .kickban chromas
[02:17:32] * exec sexually flicks a plate of skittles at bytram
[02:17:42] <cmn32480> ~gnight chromas
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[02:17:44] * exec presumably cracks open a freedom sandwich of rune stones for chromas
[02:17:55] <chromas> g'night cmn32480
[02:17:59] <chromas> ~g'night cmn32480
[02:18:01] * exec abrasively cyberbullies a mouthful of nasty, rotten burrito at cmn32480
[02:21:10] <Bytram> http://go.theregister.com
[02:21:11] <dogbox> ^ 03VMware Workstation's installer loads danger-junk, so patch it ASAP • The Register ( http://www.theregister.co.uk )
[02:36:46] * Bytram has an early start awaiting him for tomorrow -- time to hit the hay.
[02:36:52] <Bytram> `gnight all
[02:36:55] <Bytram> ~night all
[02:37:03] <Bytram> ~gight all
[02:37:10] <Bytram> ~gnight all
[02:37:12] * exec retroactively shoves a terabyte of coins in all
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[04:57:05] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Male Chemistry Primes Females for Reproduction—but at a Cost - http://sylnt.us - we-get-blamed-for-everything
[05:03:34] <xuser> http://www.europhysicsnews.org
[05:03:34] <dogbox> ^ 03( http://www.europhysicsnews.org )
[06:36:57] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Denise Mueller Sets Women's Paced Bicycle Land Speed Record -- 147 Mph - http://sylnt.us - holding-the-bumper-doesn't-count
[06:40:15] <chromas> Sexist department I tells ya!
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[07:22:29] <NotSanguine> auth
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[09:09:15] <SirFinkus> thanks apple for sending me 3 emails telling me I added 2 factor auth to my account
[09:10:35] <chromas> Thanks, Apple. Thapple.
[09:11:07] * chromas puts Linux inside SirFinkus box
[09:11:14] <SirFinkus> RAPE
[09:11:59] <chromas> BRAHAHAHA! Embrace the hate!
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[09:19:24] <FatPhil> if you enable 3-factor, do they tattoo or brand you to let you know it's done?
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[09:27:53] <boru> Of course not, it's Crapple. You get a suppository RF implant.
[09:28:20] <mecctro> iPlant
[09:28:25] <crutchy> SirFinkus, it even has systemd
[09:29:12] <SirFinkus> TRIGGERED
[09:31:19] <chromas> It would be a tATu because trendy
[09:38:19] <FatPhil> uninstall triggerd for better sanity
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[09:52:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> coffee++
[09:52:35] <Bender> karma - coffee: 2860
[09:56:30] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Japan Scientists Detect Rare, Deep-earth Tremor - http://sylnt.us - shake-it-up
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[10:09:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> you know, i think MrPlow needs to become a systemd module
[10:12:43] <AndyTheAbsurd> "you know, I think Lenardt Poettering's dick needs to become a systemd module"
[10:12:49] <AndyTheAbsurd> Makes as much sense, right?
[10:12:51] <crutchy> ~update-exec-file scripts/wiki.php
[10:12:52] <exec> attempting to download https://raw.githubusercontent.com
[10:12:53] <exec> successfully saved downloaded content to "/home/chris/Downloads/Exec/exec-irc-bot-master/scripts/wiki.php"
[10:14:03] <crutchy> ~alias-info .spamctl
[10:14:05] <exec> 02 *** error: alias not found
[10:14:18] <crutchy> ~rehash
[10:14:27] <exec> successfully reloaded exec file (163 aliases)
[10:14:31] <crutchy> ~alias-info .spamctl
[10:14:35] <exec> 02 *** error: alias not found
[10:14:41] <crutchy> hmm. might not be an alias
[10:14:58] <crutchy> ~alias-info ~wiki-privmsg
[10:15:00] <exec> 02exec [enabled]: ~wiki-privmsg|40|0|0|0||||||php scripts/wiki.php %%trailing%% %%dest%% %%nick%% %%alias%%
[10:15:00] <exec> 02file: /home/chris/Downloads/Exec/exec-irc-bot-master/scripts/wiki.php [modified: 2016-09-14 10:12:49, size: 5696 bytes]
[10:15:33] <crutchy> [[IRC|Bots]]
[10:15:58] <crutchy> hmm
[10:19:21] <crutchy> ~update-exec-file scripts/wiki.php
[10:19:23] <exec> attempting to download https://raw.githubusercontent.com
[10:19:23] <exec> successfully saved downloaded content to "/home/chris/Downloads/Exec/exec-irc-bot-master/scripts/wiki.php"
[10:19:52] <TheMightyBuzzard> #smake crutchy
[10:19:52] * MrPlow smakes crutchy upside the head with some tp
[10:20:42] <chromas> AndyTheAbsurd: how do you know it's not?
[10:20:50] <chromas> #yt detachable penis
[10:21:11] <chromas> #youtube
[10:21:11] <MrPlow> search youtube. #youtube <search string>
[10:21:50] <chromas> #wikictl disable account-creation
[10:23:15] <TheMightyBuzzard> #youtube detachable penis
[10:23:16] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com
[10:24:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> see? pottering's been planning this ever since he first heard king missle
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[10:27:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> smoke break
[10:27:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> nicotine++
[10:27:16] <Bender> karma - nicotine: 144
[10:37:02] * TheMightyBuzzard sighs
[10:39:41] <TheMightyBuzzard> fucking microsoft. gotta rewrite my bing search function for MrPlow cause they wanna change up their fookin api.
[10:40:14] -!- _muxer_ has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[10:40:40] <chromas> Time to scrape
[10:40:57] <chromas> the search results, not the prom date
[10:43:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh, wait, i quit using bing search
[10:43:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> nevermind
[10:43:29] <TheMightyBuzzard> #g screw microsoft
[10:43:30] <MrPlow> https://www.microsoft.com - "NET, ScrewTurn Wiki installs and runs seamlessly on the Microsoft Web Platform. Lots of available plugins and themes let you create, extend and customize ..."
[10:44:05] <chromas> switched to yacy?
[10:45:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> nah, you can use an api if you use a custom search engine from google. even if you "customize" it by setting it to search any domain.
[10:46:21] <chromas> Neat
[10:52:06] <chromas> The Wiki's getting assaulted without affirmative consent. Did someone turn unfettered account creation back on?
[10:52:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> yup, apparently
[10:52:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> quick, make an account and you too can tell us of the wonders of male enhancement
[10:52:57] <chromas> And diaper bags
[10:53:20] <crutchy> yeah apparently we're expecting...
[10:53:26] <crutchy> or something :|
[10:53:43] <chromas> They probably read the comments
[10:53:58] <crutchy> either that or they think we're SoiledNews
[10:54:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> neato, what should we name it?
[10:54:27] <chromas> We need sn.org 'cause it sounds funny
[10:54:27] <crutchy> gravis
[10:54:39] <TheMightyBuzzard> crutchy, the baby not the dirty diaper
[10:54:40] * crutchy snorgs
[10:55:14] <crutchy> some batshit crazy person updated mediawiki :|
[10:55:26] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya. silly wabbits
[10:59:00] <chromas> kmail--
[10:59:00] <Bender> karma - kmail: -1
[10:59:06] <TheMightyBuzzard> blerg. having issues with the new comment pagination code and really do not feel like fixing it just now.
[10:59:28] <chromas> Start over
[10:59:29] <TheMightyBuzzard> oi, chromas, what's dis i hear bout kde5 not having a screensaver?
[10:59:34] <chromas> Just make a systemd module
[11:00:30] <chromas> The default is a screen locker that doesn't save. I thought there was an option though. I'm looking around
[11:01:33] <TheMightyBuzzard> kde-using friend of mine just moved over to arch n kde5 at the same time. headaches abound.
[11:09:29] <TheMightyBuzzard> fook it. i'm not playing with this wacky code right now. ima go smoke a cigarette then play some diablo 3.
[11:25:25] * chromas tries to get sxcreensaver to work but it resists
[11:34:00] <crutchy> ~update-exec-file scripts/wiki.php
[11:34:02] <exec> attempting to download https://raw.githubusercontent.com
[11:34:02] <exec> successfully saved downloaded content to "/home/chris/Downloads/Exec/exec-irc-bot-master/scripts/wiki.php"
[11:34:14] <crutchy> need to get sexscreensaver to work
[11:35:06] <crutchy> ~update-exec-file scripts/wiki_lib.php
[11:35:08] <exec> attempting to download https://raw.githubusercontent.com
[11:35:08] <exec> successfully saved downloaded content to "/home/chris/Downloads/Exec/exec-irc-bot-master/scripts/wiki_lib.php"
[11:35:45] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Canada to Complete World’s Longest Recreational Trail - http://sylnt.us - better-start-walking
[11:37:17] <chromas> TheMightyBuzzard: there is a way
[11:37:25] <chromas> https://www.kubuntuforums.net
[11:37:31] <dogbox> ^ 03403 FORBIDDEN : LOGGED BY www.kubuntuforums.net
[11:37:38] <chromas> it's a hack. do that and disable kde's lock screen
[11:38:15] <boru> That's not the first time.
[11:38:39] * chromas turns red
[11:39:33] <boru> Oh, I should have read the previous statement. Nevermind.
[11:40:14] <chromas> Too late. You made the joke
[11:40:46] <boru> I made a joke?
[11:40:54] <chromas> You did now
[11:40:55] <boru> I was just referring to KDE's terrible security record.
[11:41:34] <chromas> oh, it's not for security. just for pretty screensavers
[11:42:04] <boru> Pft, who needs screensavers? Slock should be enough for anyone!
[11:43:10] <chromas> We need a screensaver that makes the screen look like an old CRT with burn-in from lack of screensaver
[11:44:02] <boru> Why?
[11:44:04] <mecctro> we talking burnt amber?
[11:44:19] <chromas> Put it on co-workers computers. It'll look like they've been looking at porn all day and tried to hide it
[11:45:50] <boru> I think they'd have had to be looking at it for a month for that to happen.#
[11:46:01] <boru> s/#$//
[11:46:01] <sedctl> <boru> I think they'd have had to be looking at it for a month for that to happen.
[11:46:21] <boru> Oh, there's actually a bot to do that.
[11:46:32] <boru> Is it POSIX or GNU sed?
[11:47:06] <chromas> sedctl
[11:47:08] <chromas> sedctl:
[11:47:08] * sedctl is a 53-line gawk script, https://github.com
[11:47:42] <boru> sed bot written in Awk. How quaint.
[11:48:00] * boru approves
[11:48:40] <chromas> It uses suckless' ii for the connection
[11:49:02] <boru> Boo, should've used socat(1).
[11:49:30] <boru> Then you could've run it from another machine over a serial connection! How rad would that be!
[11:49:52] <chromas> Well I could always use netcat or something
[11:50:27] <boru> netcat is crap, and especially insecure if it's GNU netcat.
[11:50:31] <chromas> or pipe through ssh. I did that once to move to a new harddrive in a computer with only one disk
[11:50:40] <boru> socat is netcat on steroids.
[11:51:36] <chromas> ooh, it's installed
[11:51:41] * chromas 's never used either one
[11:52:01] <boru> socat is so very useful. I use it for quite a bit of stuff.
[11:52:26] <boru> e.g. making really really long serial cables.
[11:52:33] <boru> (Ones that go half way around the planet)
[11:54:49] <chromas> I use systemd units for that
[11:55:14] <boru> I bet you do, you pervert.
[11:55:56] <chromas> systemctl start jarjard-planetcored
[11:58:30] <boru> Emetic.
[11:58:39] <chromas> is poettering the jar jar of linux?
[11:58:51] <chromas> betteridge says no. that just means I need to reword the question
[11:59:02] * boru chuckles.
[11:59:39] <boru> Does Linux really need Pootering's monstrous progeny?
[11:59:53] <boru> Betteridge applies there.
[12:00:20] <chromas> pretends to be silly. but is secretly evil. finding this out doesn't fix the plot though
[12:00:59] <chromas> Remember when Linux was twonicorns and rainbow farts?
[12:01:07] <chromas> Betteridge Farm remembers
[12:02:02] <chromas> Now I need to rewatch the plinket reviews. thanks a lot, SirFinkus
[12:17:00] <cmn32480> coffee++
[12:17:00] <Bender> karma - coffee: 2861
[13:17:02] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - U.S. Presidential Candidates Answer ScienceDebate 2016 Questions - http://sylnt.us - interesting-but-not-surprising
[13:24:12] <crutchy> got to the bottom of the wiki login thingy
[13:24:31] <crutchy> exec needed another special bot password
[13:24:56] <crutchy> fiik why but i can at least login with it now :/
[13:25:05] <cmn32480> woot!
[13:25:40] <crutchy> had to use exec's admin privs to make it work
[13:25:49] <crutchy> mwhahahaha!
[13:26:10] * crutchy is a l337 h@h0r
[13:26:18] <crutchy> that can't spell :|
[13:26:45] <cmn32480> speeelling is overrrated
[13:28:34] <crutchy> shore iz
[14:02:15] <crutchy> anyone else finding the SN wiki site to be bog slow?
[14:02:40] <crutchy> shit. maybe cos its midnight and telling me to go to bed
[14:02:50] <boru> I have a turbo bog. I cannot relate.
[14:04:18] <cmn32480> yes it is
[14:04:25] <cmn32480> they haven't put any caching on it
[14:04:30] <cmn32480> since the upgrade
[14:04:42] <cmn32480> and it is midnight... go to bed
[14:04:46] <cmn32480> ~time crutchy
[14:04:48] <exec> Thursday, 15 September 2016 @ 12:04 am AEST - Melbourne VIC
[14:04:58] <cmn32480> cripe.. it's tomorrow already!
[14:05:03] <cmn32480> where did today go....
[14:07:42] <cmn32480> fek... I'ms tarting to hate my job...
[14:07:57] <cmn32480> i suppose that's pretty good... it took 7 1/2 years
[14:37:48] -!- crutchy has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[14:58:19] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Snail Venom Holds Key to Better Diabetes Treatments - http://sylnt.us - slow-going
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[16:35:59] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Green-Powered Boat Readies for Round-the-World Voyage - http://sylnt.us - not-quite-production-ready
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[17:03:55] <Runaway1956> #submit https://theintercept.com
[17:03:56] <MrPlow> Submitting. There is a mandatory delay, please be patient.
[17:04:22] <MrPlow> Submission successful. https://soylentnews.org
[17:09:51] <cmn32480> http://www.google.com
[17:09:51] <dogbox> ^✓ 03Google
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[17:32:21] zz_janrinok is now known as janrinok
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[17:33:24] <janrinok> hi guya
[17:33:29] <janrinok> guys*
[17:33:42] * janrinok types 1 line - 1 spelling mistake!
[17:47:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> afternoon, janrinok
[17:47:26] <janrinok> TheMightyBuzzard, ~gday
[17:47:33] <janrinok> ~gday
[17:47:39] <janrinok> no exec
[17:47:57] <janrinok> how's things?
[17:48:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> eh, pretty fair
[17:48:50] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~gday janrinok
[17:48:52] * exec explicitly gives birth to a spoon of grandma's gash for janrinok
[17:48:59] <janrinok> that's better
[17:49:19] <janrinok> ... although I could have done without Grandma's gash ...
[17:49:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> just having problems with using dev's cert on the dev vm.
[17:50:13] <janrinok> Firefox won't let me install any certs, but I think that it is a FF problem
[17:51:31] <janrinok> or it's me be an absolute numpty again
[17:51:40] <janrinok> being*
[17:51:59] <TheMightyBuzzard> nah, it's a perl scripting prollem
[17:52:05] <TheMightyBuzzard> much less straight forward
[17:52:14] <janrinok> really?
[17:52:28] <cmn32480> ~gday janrinok
[17:52:29] * exec $adverb poops a triply-linked list of bluehost for janrinok
[17:52:52] <janrinok> ~gday cmn32480 - how's things? Hoppy
[17:52:54] * exec faithfully nudges my butt of com objects toward cmn32480
[17:53:40] <cmn32480> it's gimpy.... at least get the insults right!
[17:54:12] <janrinok> gimpy, hoppy, it's all the same - I half expected you to turn up in Rio
[17:54:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> okay, just skipped the https termination nginx and went straight to apache
[17:55:02] <janrinok> sounds like you're being decisive again ...
[17:55:47] <cmn32480> yes
[17:55:49] <cmn32480> no
[17:55:54] <cmn32480> well... maybe?
[17:56:07] <janrinok> not you, you one legged editor, you!
[17:56:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya, now i just gotta figure out why it ain't logging me in
[17:56:31] <janrinok> not that there is anything wrong with 1 legged editors, well, except in your case
[17:56:32] * TheMightyBuzzard sighs and goes for a smoke
[17:56:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> smoke break
[17:56:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> nicotine++
[17:56:36] <Bender> karma - nicotine: 145
[17:56:44] <janrinok> TheMightyBuzzard++
[17:56:44] <Bender> karma - themightybuzzard: 257
[17:57:49] <janrinok> cmn32480, how's things in your bit of the world?
[17:58:22] <cmn32480> ahh the usual
[17:58:30] <cmn32480> thinking about retiring and living off the state
[17:58:55] <janrinok> go for it - I'm loving it
[18:00:17] <janrinok> how's the family?
[18:00:48] * janrinok hears the sounds of MASH starting on TV
[18:00:58] <cmn32480> family is good
[18:01:11] <cmn32480> annoying and forcing me to keep working.. but other than that... not bad
[18:01:26] <janrinok> yeah, families do that ...
[18:02:40] <janrinok> are you working from home, or have you found some way of getting into work?
[18:02:53] <cmn32480> I fonund tyhat driving inot the office worked rather well
[18:02:58] <cmn32480> been doing it for some years now
[18:03:08] <janrinok> ah, Americans and their automatics ...
[18:03:11] <cmn32480> it was just a little too far to ride a bike
[18:03:24] <cmn32480> no. I leave my automatic at home
[18:03:30] <janrinok> Most europeans drive a manual - if you haven't got 2 feet, you don't drive
[18:03:48] <cmn32480> the office has a no guns policy as they are afraid we will shoot studpi people
[18:04:06] <janrinok> otherwise known as 'clients'
[18:04:19] <cmn32480> "salespeople" actually
[18:04:35] <janrinok> even worse
[18:04:45] <cmn32480> yes, my car has an automatic transmission
[18:05:13] <cmn32480> manuals are actually more expensive here, and there are fewer adn fewer cars that offer them as an option
[18:06:17] <janrinok> quite the opposite from here
[18:07:00] <cmn32480> the only thigns we get that have manual tranny's anymore are sports cars generally
[18:07:16] <cmn32480> and of course, ya know... drag queens
[18:07:27] <janrinok> we bought an automatic for S at one point - I couldn't wait to get rid of it. I know what gear I want - not some heap of metal
[18:07:34] <AndyTheAbsurd> and the *really* big trucks
[18:07:44] <cmn32480> well yes
[18:07:47] <AndyTheAbsurd> but light trucks are mostly automatics too at this point
[18:08:08] <cmn32480> I was looking at a light truck and manuals aren't offered anymore
[18:08:45] <AndyTheAbsurd> I'm not even sure you can get an F-x50 with a manual where x < 4.
[18:09:00] <cmn32480> no, you can't
[18:09:05] <AndyTheAbsurd> Although I guess they just do x = 1, 2, 3 and then go to "Super Duty" now.
[18:09:28] <janrinok> what is a F-x50? a Ford of some kind?
[18:09:57] <cmn32480> wife wanted to look at an RV so I started by looking at the truck.. adn manual trans in any of the normal F-x50 that you can find on the lot doens't exist.
[18:10:07] <cmn32480> Ford F-150, 250, 350
[18:10:11] <cmn32480> pickup truck
[18:10:22] <janrinok> doesn't exist here - or at least I've never heard of it
[18:10:54] <AndyTheAbsurd> janrinok: The Ford F-150 pickup truck is the #1 selling vehicle in the US.
[18:10:55] <cmn32480> think toyota Tundra
[18:11:02] <cmn32480> Nissan Titan
[18:11:14] <AndyTheAbsurd> not #1 selling truck. #1 selling *vehicle*, across all categories.
[18:11:17] <janrinok> that's better - manly names
[18:11:47] <janrinok> any colour you want as long as it is grey, white or black?
[18:11:56] <AndyTheAbsurd> Ford stopped making the Ranger - their smaller pickup - because it didn't sell well enough. But I guess it's got a better name.
[18:12:41] <cmn32480> yeah
[18:13:01] <cmn32480> and there isn't really a good alternative in that small/mid pickup range anymore except the Toyota Tacoma
[18:13:20] <cmn32480> but buying one new and w/ decent options is $40k
[18:13:24] -!- mechanicjay1 [mechanicjay1!~jhowe@2607:4000:200:vp:tuyx:rhwy:wnsz:piwy] has joined #Soylent
[18:13:55] <janrinok> ~gday mechanicjay - long time, no see
[18:13:57] * exec implicitly sodomizes a drawing of terrible puns with mechanicjay
[18:14:16] <cmn32480> he "fixed" the wiki yesterday
[18:14:24] <cmn32480> now it is a spam magnet :-)
[18:14:33] <janrinok> oops
[18:14:45] <mechanicjay1> sorry
[18:14:56] <cmn32480> is ok
[18:14:59] <mechanicjay1> can someone kick mechanicjay
[18:15:08] <mechanicjay1> so I can be me again?
[18:15:10] <janrinok> well, it was probably being underutilised until you modified it :)
[18:15:14] <mechanicjay1> lol
[18:15:30] <mechanicjay1> All I did was repair the upgrade that NC did ;)
[18:15:30] <cmn32480> .kick mechanicjay
[18:15:30] -!- mechanicjay was kicked from #Soylent by Aphrodite!Aphrodite@dodekatheon.olympus.gr [(cmn32480) No reason given]
[18:15:38] <AndyTheAbsurd> cmn32480: A friend of mine sold me a 2004 Ranger for $20 earlier this year. It's the best $20 I ever spent. But I'd have gone for long bed/regular cab rather than the long bed/extended cab. Of course for $20 I wasn't going to nitpick. :)
[18:15:40] mechanicjay1 is now known as mechanicay
[18:15:52] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Chicago Bagman Who Helped DOJ in Red Light Camera Case Gets 6 Months - http://sylnt.us - follow-the-money
[18:16:02] -!- mechanicay has quit [Client Quit]
[18:16:06] <cmn32480> $20????? shit.. how about I double your money and give you $40?
[18:16:21] -!- mechanicjay1 [mechanicjay1!~jhowe@2607:4000:200:vp:tuyx:rhwy:wnsz:piwy] has joined #Soylent
[18:16:25] <janrinok> blame NC, and failing that, Bytram
[18:16:30] <cmn32480> ~blame
[18:16:31] <AndyTheAbsurd> but then I won't have a way to get to work!
[18:16:32] * exec points at Bytram
[18:16:46] <cmn32480> I'd almost offer to trade my 2007 Yaris for it...
[18:16:52] <cmn32480> but I actually like the darn thing
[18:17:19] <mechanicjay1> fuck, that's a lot of spam!
[18:17:23] <AndyTheAbsurd> If you were willing to throw in some cash, I'd consider it.
[18:17:30] <mechanicjay1> I'll get a user validation something or other setup
[18:17:45] <cmn32480> user validation to my email address @sn.com was how it was set up
[18:17:56] <cmn32480> but I don't have rights in the wiki to muck w/ it.
[18:17:58] <janrinok> can you just roll-back to the last backup to get rid of the spam?
[18:18:08] <mechanicjay1> cmn32480: I'm guessing whatever validation plugins didn't make the upgrade
[18:18:13] <cmn32480> it's the wiki... you really think we have backups?
[18:18:30] <mechanicjay1> janrinok: thankfully, I took a complete database dump yesterday after I fixed since..um there were none at all.
[18:18:49] <mechanicjay1> There is now a nightly db dump for all databasses on that box, backed up to a different machine :)
[18:18:53] <janrinok> well, in my naivety, I did
[18:19:13] <cmn32480> it's a dump alruight
[18:19:17] <janrinok> so we also have copies of the spam? Yippeeeee
[18:20:09] <mechanicjay1> The first dump I took, had no spam.
[18:20:12] <mechanicjay1> nograb
[18:20:18] <cmn32480> or only what was in there previously
[18:20:29] <cmn32480> spam has that effect on a lot of people
[18:20:39] <janrinok> everything that I typed looks like spam anyway
[18:27:26] <mechanicjay1> PSA: I am breaking the wiki
[18:27:34] <janrinok> ... again
[18:28:56] <mechanicjay1> janrinok: sometimes you need to make a mess before you clean up
[18:29:36] <janrinok> well, it's usually more fun
[18:29:56] <cmn32480> and boy do we have a lot of cleanup work to do!
[18:30:59] <janrinok> we need to update the editor bits to reflect recent changes e.g. Submission rejection etc
[18:31:20] <mechanicjay1> don't update anything just yet, I'm going to restore a clean db backup from yesterday afternoon
[18:31:40] <cmn32480> then change the thing to nequire approval again
[18:31:57] <mechanicjay1> I just got the User Validation stuff back in place. cmn32480 account requests require your approval now -- you should have just gotten an email from mj_test
[18:32:05] * cmn32480 is pretty sure SirFinkus volunteered for that job
[18:32:15] <janrinok> mechanicjay1, oh, don't worry, it takes us months to get round to actually doing something ....
[18:32:37] <mechanicjay1> lol -- I know.
[18:32:48] <cmn32480> survey says no
[18:34:17] <cmn32480> no email yet mechanicjay1
[18:35:19] <mechanicjay1> hrm, might be missing some other plugins. a grand total of Zero additional plugins were added to upgrade. Looks like there's a few more -- need to do a full audit.
[18:35:40] * cmn32480 hands mechanicjay1 a beer and some spare time
[18:35:42] <mechanicjay1> goona restore a db backup to hopefully clear up some spam.
[18:35:47] <mechanicjay1> it'll be from midnight lastnight.
[18:36:10] <janrinok> I don't suppose much of importance has happened since then
[18:36:39] <janrinok> You could always fix this for the future by taking NC's access perms away :)
[18:36:44] <cmn32480> first batch of newest spam started at 00:50 Eastern
[18:38:46] <mechanicjay1> janrinok: :)
[18:40:15] <mechanicjay1> There is no spam on me, HEY!
[18:40:37] <mechanicjay1> oof, okay now to figure out the plugin situation
[18:41:55] * cmn32480 passes an extension cord
[18:42:06] <cmn32480> it's to help you plugin
[18:42:47] <janrinok> And to add to your help, I was going to suggest that the plugin list should be in the wiki somewhere ....
[18:43:45] <mechanicjay1> indeed
[18:43:55] <mechanicjay1> who was the wiki master that set this stuff up?
[18:44:02] <cmn32480> so, in reality, the wiki is unplugged and that is why it doesn't work?
[18:44:17] <mechanicjay1> cmn32480: yeah sorta
[18:44:17] <cmn32480> that should be on the wiki
[18:44:33] <janrinok> it works perfectly well for the spammers, we must be doing something wrong
[18:44:38] * mechanicjay1 slaps cmn32480
[18:44:55] <mechanicjay1> FunPika mrcoolbp cosurgi
[18:44:56] <cmn32480> https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[18:44:57] <dogbox> ^ 03Wiki: WhosWho
[18:44:58] <mechanicjay1> https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[18:44:59] <dogbox> ^ 03Wiki: Wiki
[18:45:12] <cmn32480> I'll wait for my apology
[18:46:30] <mechanicjay1> The wiki apparently can self-report it's plugins...which doesn't help you figure out what's missing from a previous install :(
[18:46:52] <janrinok> but at least you know that they are _all_ missing
[18:48:08] <mechanicjay1> by looking at the LocalSettings.php file, I can see what he commented out to get the new version to run, so it turns out I have a pretty complete list.
[18:48:42] <janrinok> cmn32480, I am not at all sure that we a the two most suited to the task of assisting mechanicjay1 in his endeavours, but it has given me a couple of laughs
[18:52:44] <janrinok> almost time for me to go - despite the fun that we are having here
[18:53:07] <mechanicjay1> 3 down 12 to go!
[18:53:21] <janrinok> you found the missing list?
[18:55:08] <mechanicjay1> yeah, they're all commented out in the config
[18:56:32] <cmn32480> well that makes it easy
[18:56:40] <cmn32480> so all you had to do was plug it in
[18:56:42] <janrinok> easier
[18:56:45] <janrinok> lol
[18:57:00] <janrinok> lets make a not of that somewhere ...
[18:57:08] <janrinok> note*
[18:57:17] <cmn32480> I suggest the wiki!
[19:03:04] <cmn32480> AndyTheAbsurd - just heard on the news that Ford is re-releasing the Ford ranger sometime late this year
[19:03:29] <cmn32480> http://www.fordcarsinfo.com
[19:03:30] <dogbox> ^ 032016 Ford Ranger Price, Release date, Diesel, Pics, mpg, usa
[19:04:46] <cmn32480> seesm that they aren't released in the US
[19:04:55] <janrinok> bye guys - have a good one, back here tomorrow I guess
[19:05:31] janrinok is now known as zz_janrinok
[19:09:16] <mechanicjay1> cmn32480: okay, I got an email to confirm my test account. It looks like the wiki then generated a message to you. Can you check?
[19:13:02] <cmn32480> !woop
[19:13:02] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[19:13:14] <cmn32480> mechanicjay++
[19:13:14] <Bender> karma - mechanicjay: 20
[19:13:19] <cmn32480> it wors!
[19:13:31] <cmn32480> s/wors/works/
[19:13:31] <sedctl> <cmn32480> it works!
[19:13:55] <mechanicjay1> nice
[19:13:59] <cmn32480> hahahah
[19:14:07] <cmn32480> then I click the link and get told I don't have the privs...
[19:14:15] <cmn32480> since I'm not logged in, that makes sense
[19:14:34] * mechanicjay1 notes there a crap ton of never used/confirmed spam accounts on the wkki
[19:15:21] <cmn32480> I see 3
[19:15:28] <cmn32480> 3 unconfirmed
[19:16:25] <mechanicjay1> https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[19:16:26] <dogbox> ^ 03Wiki: User list
[19:18:14] <cmn32480> oh
[19:18:16] <cmn32480> yeah
[19:18:24] <cmn32480> we had exec doing it on the automatic for a while
[19:19:06] <mechanicjay1> yeah, I vaguely remember helping setup the user account confirmation stuff.
[19:21:48] <cmn32480> i had nothgin to do w/ the setup.. but I somehow volunteered to get the emails
[19:22:42] -!- muxer [muxer!~muxing@mumo-23-066-652-508.hstntx.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #Soylent
[19:23:25] <mechanicjay1> oof, looks like it's a PITA to clean up the users -- I guess that's why we never did it.
[19:23:47] <cmn32480> yep
[19:23:56] <cmn32480> I'll do it little by little If I ahve the acces rights
[19:24:10] <mechanicjay1> crap, I need to do some work for my actual job.
[19:24:10] <cmn32480> or since SirFinkus volunteered for it, he can do that as his first maintenance chore
[19:24:15] <cmn32480> me too
[19:32:23] <swiss> cleaning users?
[19:39:44] -!- weeds [weeds!~42c02ea2@01-732-05-876.static.twtelecom.net] has joined #Soylent
[19:43:41] <cmn32480> swiss - with bleach and a steel bristle brush
[19:44:01] <swiss> that's my favorite way to be cleaned
[19:44:53] <AndyTheAbsurd> is there any other way?
[19:47:32] <cmn32480> sulphuric acid
[19:49:42] <AndyTheAbsurd> that's more "dissolving" than "cleaning", isn't it?
[19:49:47] <cmn32480> yes
[19:50:27] <cmn32480> still solves the porblem if you don't like the person
[19:57:09] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Mars Rover Curiosity Views Spectacular Layered Rock Formations - http://sylnt.us - it's-probably-a-hoax-in-Arizona
[20:00:00] <weeds> When you sign into IRC, you always pick up in the middle of conversations. That was about the strangest one.
[20:01:26] -!- julian_ [julian_!~Julian@96-644-4-826.dhcp.snlo.ca.charter.com] has joined #Soylent
[20:17:37] <Nerdfest> Anyone else notice that we're ahead of Microsoft on Folding@Home now?
[20:18:19] <SirFinkus> yup
[20:18:23] <SirFinkus> passed them a few days ago
[20:18:41] <Nerdfest> It's pretty cool. I doubth they take it very seriously, but still.
[20:19:14] <SirFinkus> they're going to roll it into the next windows 10 update
[20:19:22] <Nerdfest> I was thinking the same.
[20:19:39] <Nerdfest> AT least it would put their evil to some good for a change.
[20:19:45] <SirFinkus> cmn32480, do I have that power?
[20:19:50] <Nerdfest> ... therefore unlikely.
[20:20:06] <SirFinkus> give me a banhammer, and I'll wield it
[20:21:16] * chromas wishes he had power, but only has privilege
[20:21:41] <SirFinkus> looks like my account was deleted too
[20:26:36] <cmn32480> check your privilege chromas
[20:26:50] <cmn32480> very likely happened in the db restore
[20:30:12] * chromas never had any
[20:31:29] <cmn32480> recreate your account SirFinkus
[20:31:41] <SirFinkus> I did, you should have gotten an email
[20:31:46] <SirFinkus> or whoever approves shit
[20:31:52] <cmn32480> I do
[20:31:55] <cmn32480> biatch
[20:31:59] <cmn32480> on your knees!
[20:32:08] <SirFinkus> take me to dinner first
[20:32:20] <cmn32480> how 'bout just a reacharound?
[20:32:24] <cmn32480> nograb
[20:32:37] <chromas> Approval by cmn
[20:32:43] <cmn32480> AHHHHHHnow I know your real name!
[20:32:53] <SirFinkus> don't stalk me big boy
[20:32:56] <SirFinkus> ;^)
[20:33:05] <cmn32480> My credentials:
[20:33:05] <cmn32480> dicksdicksdicksdicksdicksdicksdicksdicksdicks
[20:33:07] <cmn32480> lol
[20:34:06] <cmn32480> Permission error
[20:34:06] <cmn32480> You do not have permission to do that, for the following reason:
[20:34:06] <cmn32480> You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested.
[20:34:08] <cmn32480> lol
[20:34:20] <cmn32480> I get the emails.. but I can't execute the thingy to allow you in
[20:34:23] <SirFinkus> 2kewl4scewl
[20:35:03] -!- julian_ has quit [Quit: My MacBook Air has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
[20:35:11] <cmn32480> but I can change my own user rights to give myself permission
[20:35:18] <cmn32480> WTF????????!!!!
[20:35:51] <chromas> sounds like windows file permissions
[20:36:11] * cmn32480 promises only to use this power for good and never for evil
[20:36:15] <chromas> "You don't have permission to delete these files, would you like to change that?"
[20:36:47] <cmn32480> pretty much
[20:36:58] <cmn32480> you shoudl be getting an email SirFinkus
[20:38:47] <SirFinkus> ok, I'm in
[20:39:00] <SirFinkus> now give me POWER
[20:39:48] <chromas> There's still some spams waiting for murder
[20:39:53] <chromas> https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[20:39:54] <dogbox> ^ 03Wiki: Category:Candidates for speedy deletion
[20:40:59] <SirFinkus> I don't think I an actually delete them though
[20:41:30] <chromas> cmn should be able to
[20:41:39] <chromas> spread your cmn all over the wiki!
[20:41:40] <cmn32480> I have noo idea what privs you actually are s'posed ot get
[20:42:03] <SirFinkus> I also can't edit the who's who page
[20:42:08] <chromas> I'll take all of them for 50 karmas
[20:42:19] <SirFinkus> I think all of them, if I'm supposed to be fixing the wiki
[20:42:22] <SirFinkus> but idk
[20:42:41] <mechanicjay1> SirFinkus: If you're fixing the wiki, we should get your sysop or administrator privs
[20:42:51] <SirFinkus> just the content I mean
[20:42:55] <SirFinkus> not the technical stuff
[20:43:06] <SirFinkus> like keeping the staff pages up to date and stuff
[20:43:18] * chromas wonders what happened to mechanicjay0
[20:43:25] <mechanicjay1> Sorry, in Wikispeak, you need to be bureaucrat
[20:43:46] <mechanicjay1> mechanicayjay is at home behind a NAT today so I can't kill him.
[20:43:56] <chromas> /cs ghost
[20:44:03] * SirFinkus extends neckbeard and jowls
[20:44:30] <chromas> You call that a neckbeard? With your Mac and wiki?
[20:44:43] <SirFinkus> I intend to rule with a giant black rubber fist
[20:45:04] * chromas dons his giant radioactive rubber pants
[20:48:42] * SirFinkus primes his wedding gland
[20:56:16] <mechanicjay1> SirFinkus: you're all permissionized on the wiki, just please put your wedding gland away.
[20:56:26] <SirFinkus> ok, thanks
[20:57:08] <cmn32480> mechanicjay1 - Does Sirfinkus have a SN email addy?
[20:59:52] <mechanicjay1> I have no record of a sirfinkus @ sn Shall I impregnate the mail system with his presence?
[21:00:12] <cmn32480> please
[21:00:20] <cmn32480> I'm sure he will lend you his wedding gland to do so
[21:00:28] <mechanicjay1> SirFinkus: You want a real mailbox or just an alias that forwards somewhere else?
[21:01:02] <SirFinkus> real mailbox I think, just so I can keep shit separate and don't need to mess with tags and folders and such
[21:01:06] <SirFinkus> thanks
[21:01:24] * chromas spams
[21:02:58] * cmn32480 wishes chromas well.
[21:08:39] <cmn32480> according to #wiki Sirfinkus is going to town!
[21:09:15] * cmn32480 is going home.
[21:09:20] <cmn32480> see you all later
[21:10:48] <chromas> SirFinkus++
[21:10:48] <Bender> karma - sirfinkus: 42
[21:12:14] <mechanicjay1> Le Sigh
[21:12:20] <mechanicjay1> Webmail is all fucked too due to someone updating it.
[21:13:33] <SirFinkus> ok, now to figure out how the tables work
[21:30:06] <SirFinkus> oh, I should read scrollback
[21:31:26] <SirFinkus> should just use exchange, it'd make all of this much easier
[21:38:40] <SirFinkus> I'm beginning to grok the wiki language
[21:45:33] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Learning to Turn Down Your Amygdala Can Modify Your Emotions - http://sylnt.us - brain-brain-go-away
[22:19:33] <aliasd> http://www.badselfeater.com <---weird occult countdown timer is approaches 0! what is a badselfeater? why is it an anagram for federal beast? why are they circulating fake money advertising their site? i really do not know! if this is horrible don't blame me!
[22:19:34] <dogbox> ^ 03BadSelfEater
[23:02:59] <chromas> Very dramatic
[23:04:38] * chromas gets an abortion
[23:10:33] <aliasd> ...
[23:10:36] <aliasd> wow
[23:10:49] <aliasd> it's like, you are all asleep, the single issue
[23:10:56] <aliasd> gotta admire the commitment
[23:11:06] <aliasd> then*
[23:11:27] <chromas> "im jerking off to the abortions in this video"
[23:11:39] <chromas> youtube_comments++
[23:11:39] <Bender> karma - youtube_comments: 3
[23:12:39] <SirFinkus> WAKE UP SHEEPLE
[23:13:39] <chromas> damn, the language
[23:13:46] <chromas> "give a rip"
[23:15:48] <SirFinkus> god dangit bobby
[23:16:54] <chromas> Soooo many dislikes too
[23:18:33] <aliasd> damn, if only he collapsed the govt there would be less abortions
[23:18:34] <aliasd> fail
[23:18:57] <SirFinkus> this entire countdown thing passed me by
[23:19:04] <SirFinkus> advantage of not being on facebook
[23:19:25] <chromas> could be a social justice project but he hasn't apologized for his racism
[23:26:14] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - The Numbers Are In: The Chevrolet Bolt Will Have a 238-Mile Range - http://sylnt.us - it's-electric-woogie-woogie-woogie
[23:27:29] <chromas> "What do they do with all the baby meat?"
[23:44:41] <aliasd> that one is interesting
[23:44:49] <aliasd> the baby meat
[23:45:15] <aliasd> i think what is used in stem cell experimental treatments is often not so morally justified
[23:45:37] <aliasd> but this whole bulshit around it all detracts from that
[23:46:46] <aliasd> certainly there is a big industry built off the 'abortion problem' that doesn't want to solve it
[23:48:37] <aliasd> but this guy is just an ass
[23:52:05] <cmn32480> sirfinkus++ for ginving that bastard child wiki some TLC
[23:52:05] <Bender> karma - sirfinkus: 43