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[00:31:14] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Nanotechnology Self-Cleaning Clothes Are on the Way - http://sylnt.us - putting-laundromats-out-of-business
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[00:56:08] <crutchy> coffee++
[00:56:08] <Bender> karma - coffee: 2389
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[01:47:04] <cmn32480> ~gday crutchy
[01:47:06] * exec metrosexually bitchslaps yo mama of Jesus' Cheeses with crutchy
[02:00:31] <Bytram> http://www.wsj.com
[02:00:32] <NetCraft> ^ 03Netflix Throttles Its Videos on ATT, Verizon Networks - WSJ
[02:00:45] <Bytram> ^^^ is paywalled, but... this is not:
[02:00:46] <Bytram> http://www.nasdaq.com
[02:00:47] <NetCraft> ^ 03Netflix Throttles Its Videos on ATT, Verizon Phones--2nd Update - NASDAQ.com
[02:01:19] <Bytram> ~g nyse:A
[02:01:21] <exec> [google] www.google.com/finance?cid=663860
[02:01:28] <cmn32480> ~nyse A
[02:01:30] <exec> 39.43
[02:01:32] <exec> http://www.google.com
[02:01:45] <Bytram> ~nyse m
[02:01:47] <exec> 43.48
[02:01:49] <exec> http://www.google.com
[02:01:53] <Bytram> noice!
[02:01:58] <Bytram> ~nasdaq appl
[02:02:04] <Bytram> :(
[02:02:16] <Bytram> ~g nasdaq:appl
[02:02:18] <exec> [google] www.google.com/finance?cid=22144
[02:05:03] <Bytram> http://www.google.com
[02:05:04] <NetCraft> ^ 03APPELL PETROLEUM COM USD0.01: OTCMKTS:APPL quotes news - Google Finance
[02:05:21] <Bytram> http://www.google.com
[02:05:21] <NetCraft> ^ 03APPELL PETROLEUM COM USD0.01: OTCMKTS:APPL quotes news - Google Finance
[02:05:27] <Bytram> hmmm?
[02:05:50] <Bytram> http://www.google.com
[02:05:51] <NetCraft> ^ 03Apple Inc.: NASDAQ:AAPL quotes news - Google Finance
[02:05:55] <Bytram> =)
[02:06:02] <Bytram> ~g nasdaq:aapl
[02:06:04] <exec> [google] www.google.com/finance?cid=22144
[02:06:11] <Bytram> ~nasdaq aapl
[02:06:39] <Bytram> http://www.nasdaq.com
[02:06:40] <NetCraft> ^ 03AAPL stock quote - Apple Inc. Common Stock price - NASDAQ.com
[02:07:08] <Bytram> http://quotes.wsj.com
[02:07:10] <NetCraft> ^ 03AAPL Stock Price News - Apple Inc. - Wall Street Journal
[02:07:27] <Bytram> http://money.cnn.com
[02:07:28] <NetCraft> ^ 03AAPL - Apple Stock quote - CNNMoney.com
[02:08:51] <Bytram> ~nasdaq goog
[02:09:10] <Bytram> ~g nasdaq:goog
[02:09:12] <exec> [google] www.nasdaq.com/symbol/goog
[02:09:14] <Bytram> ~g nasdaq:googl
[02:09:16] <exec> [google] www.nasdaq.com/symbol/googl
[02:15:31] <crutchy> ~nyse aapl
[02:15:32] <exec> 105.67
[02:15:34] <exec> http://www.google.com
[02:16:07] <crutchy> ~nyse goog
[02:16:09] <exec> 735.30
[02:16:11] <exec> http://www.google.com
[02:16:34] <Bytram> Oh? Oh. Oooooops. My bad.
[02:17:32] <crutchy> :D
[02:17:55] <Bytram> here's a more impacting 'oops':
[02:17:56] <Bytram> http://arstechnica.com
[02:17:57] <NetCraft> ^ 03Rage-quit: Coder unpublished 17 lines of JavaScript and “broke the Internet” | Ars Technica
[02:19:21] <crutchy> bah that's old news Bytram :p
[02:19:35] <Bytram> mebee to you, iz newz to me
[02:19:47] <crutchy> you been stuck in work land?
[02:22:35] <crutchy> i think jquery will 'break the internet' one day
[02:22:42] <crutchy> too many websites link to it too
[02:23:34] <Bytram> IF you depend on code for your stuff to work, be absolutely certain that you have a LOCAL COPY and refer to THAT one in your code.
[02:24:22] <crutchy> jquery encourages linking to their latest though, which is begging for grief
[02:25:10] <Bytram> oh, so I have a sight that references *their* copy, and they change *their* copy, and *my* code could/would break.
[02:25:12] <Bytram> ??
[02:25:13] <Bytram> Dumb.
[02:25:32] <Bytram> copy it local, give it a version number, and refer to THAT copy.
[02:25:33] <crutchy> yup. pretty much
[02:25:59] <cmn32480> ~gday knuckleheads
[02:26:01] * exec covertly pours a sac of adhesive medical strips for knuckleheads
[02:26:06] <crutchy> web devs *should* make a local copy
[02:26:11] <Bytram> besides, why in the world would I want to tell, say, jquery every time one of my users loads a page, and give them the IP address, too?
[02:26:24] <crutchy> beats me
[02:26:30] <crutchy> the web is borken
[02:26:33] <cmn32480> I can explain this in 4 letters
[02:26:36] <cmn32480> L
[02:26:37] <cmn32480> A
[02:26:38] <cmn32480> Z
[02:26:40] <cmn32480> Y
[02:26:45] <crutchy> yup
[02:27:09] <cmn32480> mostly them PHP guys
[02:27:15] <chromas> by having everyone refer to the same copy, the browser cache hides the fact that it's a giant lib
[02:27:49] <crutchy> even css is linked nowadays
[02:27:50] <Bytram> actually, there's some hocus pocus by ThePowersThatBe[Greedy] that encourage sites to refer to, say, google's copy so that it is more likely to already be in their cache
[02:28:35] <Bytram> sure, it also cuts down on the amount of bandwidth that your own site must support, but is it worth the savings?
[02:29:24] <crutchy> i think caching is the main argument of proponents of shared libs
[02:32:47] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Harmful Bacteria May Hide in Semen - http://sylnt.us - the-wifey-always-told-me-it-was-poison
[02:33:05] <SirFinkus> shocked that the semen story doesn't have more comments
[02:34:44] <SirFinkus> is it possible, and I know this is a long shot
[02:34:55] <SirFinkus> is it possible, and I know this is a horrifying concept
[02:35:03] <SirFinkus> is it possible that the SN community is...
[02:35:05] <SirFinkus> ...mature?
[02:35:45] <Bytram> nah, given the typical behaviors of basement dwellers, instead of 'mature', I'd suggest 'ripe'
[02:36:21] <SirFinkus> checking their belly buttons for infection
[02:37:13] <SirFinkus> https://www.youtube.com
[02:37:15] <NetCraft> ^ 03Moral Orel: "Sacrifice" - Clay's monologue - YouTube
[02:37:27] <cmn32480> but I like the dept line...
[02:38:29] <SirFinkus> why even wipe?
[02:48:44] * crutchy likes the shape of myoming
[02:48:55] <crutchy> *wyoming
[02:49:51] <cmn32480> it's a big empty square with a couple shitholes instead of actual towns
[02:50:19] <crutchy> it looks like a place i could get easily lost in
[02:51:35] <cmn32480> yes
[02:51:44] <crutchy> kinda like the aussie outback
[02:51:45] <cmn32480> I ahve a buddy who lost 2 years of his life there
[02:51:54] * crutchy likes wide open spaces
[02:52:07] <cmn32480> the Dixie Chicks aren't bad.. but I prefer Shania Twain
[02:52:40] <cmn32480> https://www.youtube.com
[02:52:42] <NetCraft> ^ 03Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces - YouTube
[02:53:04] * crutchy is looking forward to a holiday in south australia
[02:53:13] <crutchy> not sure if i'll get there this year
[02:53:28] <crutchy> depends on the financial situation in september
[02:53:41] <cmn32480> you are the one who boght the new car
[02:53:58] <crutchy> i wouldn't have driven to SA in the old car
[02:54:06] <cmn32480> how far?
[02:54:51] <crutchy> google says 1730 km
[02:55:25] <cmn32480> that's a long drive
[02:56:15] <crutchy> bit of a hike yeah
[02:56:15] <cmn32480> 14-15 hours
[02:56:24] <crutchy> google says about 18 hrs
[02:56:34] <crutchy> probably will need a stop over in adelaide
[02:57:03] <cmn32480> nap and a piddle
[02:57:16] <Bytram> nip and a paddle?
[02:57:30] <crutchy> this kinda open space is what i like: https://www.google.com.au!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sR1dGgwAV5ywBAQhRr73RhA!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo2.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3DR1dGgwAV5ywBAQhRr73RhA%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D79.87%26pitch%3D0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en
[02:57:31] <NetCraft> ^ 03302 Moved ( https://www.google.com.au )
[02:57:36] <Bytram> what about flights?
[02:57:58] <crutchy> nah i wanna drive. otherwise you miss the best parts
[02:58:14] <SirFinkus> of the wasteland?
[02:58:17] <SirFinkus> I've seen mad max
[02:58:21] <SirFinkus> I know what it's like
[02:58:54] <crutchy> i've never seen a clearer sky than at night driving on the newell highway. the stuart hwy would be just as awesome
[02:59:12] <SirFinkus> remember to aim for the cain toads
[02:59:23] <Bytram> only if you are abel
[02:59:28] <Bytram> ;)
[02:59:33] <cmn32480> more my style: http://backpackersblaze.blogs.theledger.com
[02:59:35] <crutchy> dunno how to describe. feels very peaceful
[03:00:09] <crutchy> cmn32480, yeah i don't mind a bit of mountain hiking. there's lots of that near me though so i just take that for granted :p
[03:00:17] <cmn32480> ahhhh
[03:00:31] <cmn32480> we have hills here... need to go that thousand miles to get real mountains
[03:01:06] <crutchy> i dunno if the mountains near me are that great compared to there, but i can see snow on them in winter
[03:01:25] <crutchy> part of the great dividing range that runs along the east coast of aus
[03:01:32] <cmn32480> stuff here tos out at about 1.6km high
[03:01:40] <cmn32480> on the east coast
[03:02:22] <cmn32480> get into Colorado and the Rockies, you get inot stuff that is 4.5km tall or better
[03:02:27] <crutchy> there's a mountain that's about 1.9km high, but probably most are a bit lower
[03:02:56] <cmn32480> the picture above is on one about 3.8km tall
[03:02:56] <crutchy> mt feathertop is a nice walk
[03:03:00] <crutchy> ah
[03:03:04] <crutchy> yeah that's a mountain :p
[03:03:15] <cmn32480> i pulled the pic off the web, but I have actually hiked that trail
[03:03:59] <crutchy> i don't think there's anything near that high in all of australia
[03:04:27] <crutchy> mt kosciuszko is 2.9 km as the highest
[03:04:39] <crutchy> derp. i mean 2.2
[03:04:39] <cmn32480> the air gets THIN
[03:04:53] <Bytram> http://www.howderfamily.com
[03:04:55] <NetCraft> ^ 03Australia?s Highest Elevation » Twelve Mile Circle » maps, geography, travel
[03:05:23] <crutchy> lol
[03:05:54] <crutchy> apparently australia has claimed a big chunk of antarctica too. there might be some decent mountains there
[03:06:03] <Bytram> https://en.wikipedia.org
[03:06:04] <NetCraft> ^ 03Wiki: List of elevation extremes by country
[03:06:31] <Bytram> says Mount Kosciuszko is 2228 m
[03:06:50] <crutchy> its a pretty flat country really
[03:07:42] <cmn32480> the mid west is flat
[03:07:49] <cmn32480> the east coast reasonably so
[03:08:53] <crutchy> i thought everest was in nepal?
[03:09:00] <crutchy> that wikipedia pays says its in china
[03:09:04] <crutchy> *page
[03:09:13] <crutchy> oh lol its in both
[03:09:19] <Bytram> so long as you stay away from the Appalachian mountain range
[03:09:19] <cmn32480> sits on the border
[03:09:22] <cmn32480> I think
[03:09:33] <Bytram> nodnod
[03:09:56] * crutchy wanders his google maps back over to the US mid west
[03:09:58] * Bytram notes his BiL climbed Everest a year or two ago
[03:10:10] <crutchy> wow
[03:10:38] <Bytram> yep
[03:10:41] <crutchy> even though its probably getting easier with new equipment its still likely very dangerous
[03:10:49] <crutchy> kudos to him
[03:10:52] <Bytram> will be seeing him in a few days... need to find out more about his trip
[03:11:12] * Bytram can't remember if he summited or not.
[03:11:26] <Bytram> break time; biab
[03:11:33] <crutchy> utah looks interesting
[03:11:48] * crutchy is in glen canyon area now
[03:14:44] * Bytram has been to the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire (Home of the 'worst weather in the world') https://en.wikipedia.org(New_Hampshire)
[03:14:45] <NetCraft> ^ 03Wiki: Mount Washington (New Hampshire
[03:16:03] <cmn32480> the mid west... where you can see the "Exiting Nebraska" sign from the "Entering Nebraska" sign
[03:16:39] <Bytram> ROFL!!
[03:16:49] <Bytram> max elevationin florida is 345 feet.
[03:17:10] <cmn32480> Delaware has the lowest highest point
[03:17:23] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:17:46] <Bytram> ISTR that a 10m rise in water levels would basically inundate pretty much all of Florida
[03:18:43] <Bytram> actually, District of Columbia has max elev of 409 feet which is less than Delaware at 447 ft
[03:19:11] <Bytram> hmm, and both of those are higher than Florida at 345 feet
[03:19:18] <Bytram> https://en.wikipedia.org
[03:19:19] <NetCraft> ^ 03Wiki: List of U.S. states by elevation
[03:19:24] <cmn32480> https://www.youtube.com
[03:19:24] <NetCraft> ^ 03Moxy Früvous - Lowest Highest Point - YouTube
[03:20:42] <cmn32480> bedtime gents
[03:20:53] <cmn32480> crutchy - shoud;nt you be going to work
[03:21:06] <crutchy> good friday here
[03:21:07] <Bytram> cmn32480: btw, how was the steak and pie?
[03:21:12] <crutchy> day off woohoo!
[03:21:22] <cmn32480> booooooooooo
[03:21:23] * Bytram works; late shift :(
[03:21:28] <cmn32480> steak and pie were excellent
[03:21:36] <crutchy> steak in pie
[03:21:38] * cmn32480 works... regular shift
[03:21:55] <cmn32480> steak... w/ asparagus, and broccoli
[03:22:00] <crutchy> i could have worked, but i needed a break
[03:22:07] <cmn32480> and the wife brought home cooked marinated shrimp
[03:22:07] <crutchy> shitty busy month
[03:22:18] <crutchy> ew shrimp
[03:22:20] <Bytram> tmrw: 12:15p - 9:15p and sat: 9:45a-6:45p, but I *do* have sunday off.
[03:22:22] <cmn32480> and cherry pie
[03:22:42] <cmn32480> tomorrow, regfular work, then paint the old section of the office
[03:22:45] <crutchy> Bytram, oh dude that's some fucked hours mate
[03:22:55] <cmn32480> retail blows
[03:23:05] <Bytram> cmn32480: glad they were excellent... now finish celebrating your birthday by getting to bed at a reasonable hour!
[03:23:11] <cmn32480> lol
[03:23:17] <cmn32480> yes dad
[03:23:17] <Bytram> (you can catch up on your sleep, later. ;)
[03:23:26] <cmn32480> brown chicken brown cow
[03:23:39] <Bytram> huh?
[03:23:48] <crutchy> is it your birthday cmn32480?
[03:23:51] <cmn32480> how do I explain this joke
[03:23:54] <cmn32480> yes sir
[03:24:00] * Bytram is unsure if cmn32480 noticed the intended distinction between going to bed and going to sleep
[03:24:00] <crutchy> happy birthday mate!
[03:24:18] <Bytram> if it's that hard, don't explain... just go to bed!
[03:24:22] <Bytram> nograb
[03:24:25] <cmn32480> ~define brown chicken brown cow
[03:24:27] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03brown chicken brown cow: A farm joke thats said in the bow chicka bow wow
[03:24:49] <Bytram> yep, that didn't help.
[03:24:53] <Bytram> don't worry about it.
[03:24:54] <cmn32480> yep
[03:24:58] * Bytram needs some sleep, too
[03:24:59] <cmn32480> think porno music
[03:25:02] <Bytram> k
[03:25:06] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[03:25:49] <Bytram|away> we have stories queued up until Noon UTC for tomorrow, so that gives us some breathing room.
[03:25:54] <cmn32480> ~gngiht Bytram|away
[03:26:02] <cmn32480> ~gnight Bytram|away
[03:26:02] <Bytram|away> g'night all!
[03:26:05] * exec diabolically hallucinates an assfull of red cordial with Bytram|away
[03:26:12] <Bytram|away> ~gnight all!
[03:26:12] <cmn32480> ~gnight crutchy
[03:26:17] * exec implicitly runs the Installshield Wizard to set up +1 mace of splodge for all!
[03:26:18] * exec dexterously crossbreeds a pair of chocolate chips with crutchy
[03:26:35] <cmn32480> that's a new one!
[03:26:35] <crutchy> ~g'night gents
[03:26:38] * exec faithfully hurls a caravan of 🍆 at gents
[03:26:40] <Bytram|away> yeppers!
[03:26:44] <Bytram|away> ta ta for now
[03:32:42] <SirFinkus> oh god
[03:32:48] <SirFinkus> few comments on the semen story
[03:32:53] <SirFinkus> but one of them fucking DELIVERS
[03:33:06] <chromas> "I came for this comment"
[03:33:17] <SirFinkus> fuck you, I'm stealing that
[03:33:23] <chromas> do it
[03:50:12] <Deucalion> !grab chromas
[03:50:12] <Bender> Added quote 699
[03:50:47] <Deucalion> Too late....!
[03:51:10] <Deucalion> !grab Deucalion
[03:51:10] <Bender> Added quote 700
[03:51:45] <Deucalion> I.. I... I think I'm losing my mind!
[03:51:47] <Deucalion> !grab Deucalion
[03:51:47] <Bender> Added quote 701
[03:53:23] <Deucalion> There's something disturbingly right about grabbing your own quotes.... I am losing it!!
[03:53:26] <Deucalion> !grab Deucalion
[03:53:26] <Bender> Added quote 702
[03:54:29] <takyon> Deuc Grabem
[03:55:29] <Deucalion> sup takyon? I got distracted by the recursion of being able to grab myself I guess ~shrug~
[03:55:55] <chromas> Bender: grab Deucalion
[03:55:55] <Bender> Added quote 703
[03:56:04] <takyon> dunno
[03:56:09] <takyon> maybe I will submit something
[03:56:29] <takyon> it was a boring day for news
[03:57:20] <takyon> http://www.theregister.co.uk
[03:57:21] <NetCraft> ^ 03Cosmic bonks, breakups led to birth of Saturn's moons as dinos died out • The Register
[03:58:53] <Deucalion> Is it just me or is ElReg going ever more low brow since they had the recent author shake up? Probably just me.
[03:58:55] -!- richardboegli has quit [Ping timeout: 268 seconds]
[03:59:24] <takyon> http://www.vice.com
[03:59:25] <NetCraft> ^ 03George R. R. Martin Spent $3.5 Million to Make This Sci-Fi Art Utopia a Reality | VICE | United States
[03:59:51] <Deucalion> good for him?
[03:59:51] <takyon> I doubt it
[03:59:57] <takyon> article has some cool pics
[04:02:04] <takyon> http://www.vice.com
[04:02:05] <NetCraft> ^ 03This UN Summit Could Finally End the War on Drugs | VICE | United States
[04:02:25] <chromas> from the sure… dept
[04:02:44] <takyon> "Next month, the 193 member states of the United Nations will meet to talk about drugs. The last time this happened, in 1998, the summit ended with a distinctly utopian ambition: the total eradication of all drugs from the entire world. "A drug-free world—we can do it!" the summit declared. Eighteen years later, narcotics are still as popular as ever, with the UN estimating that the global number of illicit drug users will increase 2
[04:02:44] <takyon> 5 percent by 2050."
[04:03:25] <chromas> It was a noble cause. Get rid of supply and the demand goes with it
[04:03:27] <Deucalion> By removing 25% of drugs from being illicit?
[04:03:56] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Modified Maggots Could Help Human Wound Healing - http://sylnt.us - better-than-leeches?
[04:04:44] <chromas> Better than unmodified maggots?
[04:04:49] <takyon> In the meantime, a handful of countries have experimented with alternative approaches. Portugal famously decriminalized all drugs in 2001, while Switzerland has pioneered the policy of heroin prescription, and Washington and Colorado have legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes. So far, all of those schemes have, by and large, proved successful in minimizing harm and boosting local economies.
[04:05:22] <SirFinkus> REPRESENT
[04:05:48] <SirFinkus> I will say there has been a marked increase in dankness in washington
[04:05:53] <SirFinkus> it's now dank as fuck here
[04:06:25] <chromas> I thought Seattle was always dank
[04:06:32] * chromas offers up a sponge
[04:07:03] <takyon> get ready for my 4/20 post this year
[04:07:04] <SirFinkus> we've had a huge increase in people climbing up and staying in trees over the past year too
[04:07:12] <SirFinkus> the trend is a vertical line
[04:07:17] <takyon> not sure if it will be as long as last year's, but it will be a huge info dump
[04:07:20] <chromas> From 0 to 1
[04:07:24] <chromas> 1 is also vertical
[04:07:29] <Deucalion> Oh wow - new definition of "dank" to me.....
[04:07:48] <takyon> here's my article from last year: https://soylentnews.org
[04:07:50] <NetCraft> ^ 03SN article:  4/20: StonerNews is People 04(64 comments)
[04:07:56] <takyon> get with the dank memes Duecalion
[04:09:22] <Deucalion> "dank" to me was until now a word associated with damp, cold, mouldy cellars and the like.... so glad it has another meaning now
[04:09:37] <chromas> Pretty cool, huh
[04:10:02] <chromas> Also rad, hip, sweet, bad and bitchin'
[04:10:18] <takyon> I've already collected 3-4 of the likely 20+ articles I'll be putting in the 4/20 post
[04:10:30] <chromas> 4
[04:10:38] <chromas> you've collected 4 of 20
[04:10:42] * Deucalion looks forward to it :/
[04:10:56] <takyon> which will be a year in review mainly, as well as a preview of what's to come - particularly 2016 ballot initiatives
[04:19:30] <takyon> I'm going to slap some groundwork down now, to get rid of a few tabs.
[04:23:29] -!- JamesNZ [JamesNZ!~JamesNZ@60.234.vml.gj] has joined #Soylent
[04:23:57] <takyon> oh man
[04:24:04] <takyon> I didn't realize the UN General Assembly Special Session started on April 19th
[04:24:07] <takyon> that's perfect
[04:30:26] <takyon> contains about 10% of the content and it's already long (only visible to eds): https://soylentnews.org
[04:30:27] <NetCraft> ^ 03Error
[04:31:08] <SirFinkus> oooh, secret soylentdank
[04:31:31] <takyon> for you
[04:33:16] <SirFinkus> I could apply to be an editor, but then the joke would be on me
[04:34:43] <takyon> it really would
[04:45:58] <takyon> later
[04:56:44] -!- erratic has quit [Quit: All good things must come to an end]
[05:20:35] -!- erratic [erratic!~erratic@2607:f2f8:lmrh:vwoo::o] has joined #Soylent
[05:35:06] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Microsoft Snuffs Out AI Twitter Bot After Offensive Tweets - http://sylnt.us - truth-is-online
[05:37:19] -!- JamesNZ has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[06:25:47] <chromas> Bender: s/-o.*/problematic/
[06:25:56] <chromas> :(
[06:38:50] -!- richardboegli [richardboegli!~r@640-169-624-782.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Soylent
[06:54:35] -!- richardboegliAFK [richardboegliAFK!~r@383-857-824-872.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Soylent
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[07:06:16] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Ancient Virus Found Hibernating in the Human Genome—and It Might Wake Up - http://sylnt.us - Shhh-Be-Very-Very-Quiet!
[07:06:35] <Subsentient> Yeah, that one is terrifying.
[07:06:55] <Subsentient> The fucktards want to recreate this ancient virus that hit humanity so long ago that it got embedded in our DNA.
[07:07:49] <chromas> turns out, it's Subsentient's Windows virus that somehow got loose and was transported into pre-history
[07:08:14] <chromas> kinda surprised the dept isn't "Vewy-Vewy"
[07:10:01] <Subsentient> lol
[07:53:51] * Subsentient has completed the 'resource file compiler'
[07:54:24] <Subsentient> Generates a nice header file I can include that contains my data files. :^)
[08:04:47] <Subsentient> * This software is not designed to cause permanent damage to any system or data,
[08:04:47] <Subsentient> * but rather to serve as a benign prank to change the appearance and behaviour of
[08:04:47] <Subsentient> * affected operating systems to something deliberately disgusting.
[08:04:48] <Subsentient> * This software does not self-reproduce outside of maintaining the infection
[08:04:49] <Subsentient> * on the original computer it is executed upon. This software contains no code to
[08:04:51] <Subsentient> * destroy user data.
[08:04:53] <Subsentient> */
[08:05:10] <Subsentient> /**Longhorny gag malware, 2016 Subsentient, all rights reserved. Credits to chromas for the name.
[08:05:31] <crutchy> wat?
[08:05:36] <Subsentient> :^D
[08:05:50] * chromas puts this on his résumé
[08:05:53] <Subsentient> The heading comment in main.cpp :^)
[08:08:57] <crutchy> Subsentient, microsoft already beat you to it with windows 8
[08:09:14] <crutchy> remember... the fish
[08:09:50] <Subsentient> hehe
[08:10:06] <Subsentient> I just dug up some old source of mine for changing the Windows 7 logon screen's background.
[08:10:09] <Subsentient> Prepare for goatse.
[08:10:13] <Subsentient> And the wallpaper is tubgirl.
[08:10:40] <Subsentient> The Windows startup sound will be something really nasty, and a horrible scream will randomly play from every 3-5 mins
[08:11:37] <crutchy> ooh tubgirl is hawt
[08:11:43] <Subsentient> :^D
[08:32:06] -!- richardboegliAFK has quit [Ping timeout: 268 seconds]
[08:33:04] -!- richardboegli [richardboegli!~r@338-357-10-692.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Soylent
[08:36:28] <SirFinkus> those PSE chucklefucks
[08:36:33] <SirFinkus> power out for about an hour
[08:36:48] <SirFinkus> for no apparent reason
[08:37:14] <SirFinkus> I was in the god damn shower
[08:38:17] <SirFinkus> oh nevermind
[08:38:20] <SirFinkus> car accident
[08:38:23] <SirFinkus> what can you do?
[08:38:41] * SirFinkus fdisks
[08:43:43] <SirFinkus> *fscks
[08:43:49] <SirFinkus> don't confuse them
[09:07:50] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - US Representatives Say NSA Must End Plans to Expand Domestic Spying - http://sylnt.us - sudden-outbreak-of-common-sense
[09:38:30] -!- richardboegliAFK [richardboegliAFK!~r@408-082-459-932.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Soylent
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[10:09:33] <crutchy> one sucks one fucks
[10:09:57] <crutchy> fsck & fdisk
[10:15:53] <TheMightyBuzzard> coffee++
[10:15:53] <Bender> karma - coffee: 2390
[10:31:59] -!- richardboegli has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[10:32:04] -!- richardboegli [richardboegli!~r@527-601-573-606.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #Soylent
[10:33:18] <Subsentient> Just got done watching the flatland movie.
[10:33:34] <Subsentient> Good movie, but they never try to visualize the 4th euclidean dimension like I had hoped.
[10:34:58] <Subsentient> One day I'm going to try and write a 2D universe simulator, and my universe won't require death to sustain life.
[10:38:59] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - New SMB Vulnerability "Badlock" Affects Windows and Samba; Fix to be Released April 12 - http://sylnt.us - you-have-been-warned
[10:39:44] <TheMightyBuzzard> it's easy to visualize it. just watch something move.
[10:40:52] <TheMightyBuzzard> nothing in three dimensions can move without a 4th time dimension existing.
[10:51:23] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: time isn't a spacial dimension.
[10:52:33] <Subsentient> That's why I said euclidean
[10:52:53] <Subsentient> Width, height, depth, other, then time.
[10:52:57] <Subsentient> that'd be what I'm talking about.
[10:53:05] <chromas> How do you know time isn't 0?
[10:53:16] <chromas> Or 0 and 1
[11:09:34] <crutchy> time is speshul
[11:09:54] <crutchy> mmmyyaaaaaat daaaaamon speshul
[11:22:57] <TheMightyBuzzard> hrm... i don't feel like whipping out any C for the bot today. or even the perl i'd need to parse some returned json.
[11:27:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> well, no, i spose i could write the perl to parse the json and return a printable response as a single string.
[11:41:24] -!- crutchy has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[11:45:02] <cmn32480> ~gday the
[11:45:05] * exec metrosexually generates a small script that substitutes a wine flute of unintended consequences for the
[11:45:07] <cmn32480> ~gday TheMightyBuzzard
[11:45:09] * exec problematically experiences a bongload of male tears with TheMightyBuzzard
[11:45:16] <cmn32480> ~gdaycrutchy
[11:45:17] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~gday cmn32480
[11:45:18] <cmn32480> ~gday crutchy
[11:45:24] * exec figuratively hallucinates a vial of allah snackbar with crutchy
[11:45:24] <cmn32480> and I already can't type
[11:45:31] <AndyTheAbsurd> ~gday cmn32480
[11:45:36] * exec retroactively farts a massive fart two fingers of popplers at cmn32480
[11:45:42] <cmn32480> ~gday AndyTheAbsurd
[11:45:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> poor overloaded exec
[11:46:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> #smake cmn32480
[11:46:01] * MrPlow smakes cmn32480 upside the head with a red rocket
[11:46:14] <cmn32480> if I didn't ahve the folding@home client running on that box I bet the response time woudl eb better
[11:48:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> prolly. pegging your cpu on a box is not a good way to increase responsiveness.
[11:54:05] <cmn32480> ok
[11:54:25] <cmn32480> I'm dropping in and out I'm gonna drop off, go to my meeting and see what happens when I come back in abn hour or so.
[11:55:31] <TheMightyBuzzard> see yas
[11:55:58] * Subsentient has written the version checking and most of the file operations facilities for longhorny
[11:56:43] * TheMightyBuzzard shakes his head
[11:59:43] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: On Windows 7, it changes the logon background to goatse, and on all versions, your wallpaper to tubgirl.
[12:00:00] <Subsentient> It also sets the KKK theme song as your boot chime. :^D
[12:01:15] <TheMightyBuzzard> why for do you this silliness?
[12:03:56] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: It's good programming practice, and I've always wanted to write a goatse virus.
[12:04:09] <Subsentient> Never gonna release it, it's just for theory. :^)
[12:04:15] <Subsentient> (not even source)
[12:04:26] <Subsentient> Will probably make a video of it fucking some Windows VM's shit up though
[12:04:40] <TheMightyBuzzard> definitely should be if you want it to get past a heuristic virus scanner
[12:04:57] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: should be what?
[12:05:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> good practice
[12:05:39] <Subsentient> Well yeah, I mean like 50% of everything I compile for Windows is detected as malware even though it's not, so might as well give it something legitimate to bitch about.
[12:06:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> no i mean learning to get around heuristic detection should be a good learning experience.
[12:07:07] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: Ahh, yeah, I suppose.
[12:08:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> sweet, got testbot down to 11.6MB resident
[12:08:42] <TheMightyBuzzard> not bad for having a full on perl interpreter in it.
[12:11:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> believe that's good enough for a vacation morning. think i'll go swap lies with the other old guys down at the fishing hole.
[12:12:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> fishing++
[12:12:48] <Bender> karma - fishing: 21
[12:13:33] <Subsentient> fishmurder--
[12:13:33] <Bender> karma - fishmurder: -1
[12:40:32] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - More Education Won't Necessarily Make You Richer, New Research Reveals - http://sylnt.us - I-Kant-believe-it
[12:58:19] <alexbst> fishery++
[12:58:19] <Bender> karma - fishery: 1
[12:58:26] <alexbst> veganbating++
[12:58:26] <Bender> karma - veganbating: 1
[13:07:08] * Subsentient starts writing the registry modification functions
[13:07:18] <cmn32480> fishmurder++
[13:07:18] <Bender> karma - fishmurder: 0
[13:08:49] <Subsentient> ... MUAHAHAHAHA: waveOutSetVolume() https://msdn.microsoft.com
[13:08:50] <NetCraft> ^ 03waveOutSetVolume
[13:09:06] <Subsentient> 100%, KKK theme song as the startup chime. :^D
[13:09:23] <Subsentient> fishmurder--
[13:09:24] <Bender> karma - fishmurder: -1
[13:09:30] <aqu4> fishmurder--
[13:09:30] <Bender> karma - fishmurder: -2
[13:09:49] <AndyTheAbsurd> fishmurder??
[13:10:07] <Subsentient> AndyTheAbsurd: Buzzard is going fishing.
[13:10:49] <AndyTheAbsurd> I know, but if the fish being killed isn't being specifically target, isn't it just fishslaughter?
[13:11:49] <Subsentient> lol
[13:12:25] * AndyTheAbsurd thinks it probably depends on what jurisdiction you're murdering/slaughtering fish in
[13:15:14] <cmn32480> and I think he plays catch and release...
[14:11:42] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Harvesting Fog to Help Solve the World’s Water Crisis - http://sylnt.us - what-happens-downwind?
[14:11:57] <Runaway1956> This - is just so fucking far out there - I lack words to express how fucking retarded it is - http://www.foxnews.com
[14:11:58] <NetCraft> ^ 03Students terrified by 'Trump 2016' chalk drawings | Fox News
[14:13:07] <AndyTheAbsurd> it's Fox "News" - I put it in quotes because their job isn't to produce news, it's to produce outrage (and clicks).
[14:14:16] <Runaway1956> Faux Noise - yeah, they have an absurd political mission, but that doesn't change the fact that our campuses are populated by effeminate pansy assed twits
[14:16:08] <AndyTheAbsurd> This is a less "OMG the sky is falling!" article on the same topic: http://www.washingtontimes.com
[14:16:09] <NetCraft> ^ 03Emory students distressed by pro-Donald Trump chalkings - Washington Times
[14:16:22] <Runaway1956> http://www.newsweek.com
[14:16:23] <NetCraft> ^ 03Emory Students Explain Why ‘Trump 2016’ Chalk Messages Triggered Protest
[14:16:52] <AndyTheAbsurd> but yeah, it looks like the students involved are definitely a bunch of pantywaists who can't tell a genuine threat from hurt feelings.
[14:17:01] <Runaway1956> Bunch of pansy faggots, no matter how you look at it
[14:17:46] <Runaway1956> Maybe we can drag a whole truckload of them out the Pacific Northwest of Canada - and abandon them there
[14:17:50] <Subsentient> How's this look for a start? http://imgur.com
[14:17:51] <NetCraft> ^ 03Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
[14:17:51] <Runaway1956> Bear food
[14:18:56] <AndyTheAbsurd> hey man
[14:19:02] <AndyTheAbsurd> don't post that shit while I'm at work
[14:19:07] <Subsentient> ok
[14:19:13] <Subsentient> 4NSFW ^^
[14:19:17] <AndyTheAbsurd> or if you do, at least tag it with NSFW.
[14:19:21] <Subsentient> 4NSFW ^^
[14:19:36] * Runaway1956 has to look now
[14:19:37] <Subsentient> 4Don't click the imgur link if at work
[14:20:47] <Runaway1956> Fuck the nsfw tag - just tag it goatse, and we'll all remember that Subsentient has perverse tastes
[14:21:21] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: Torn between tubgirl and goatse for the login screen, what do you think?
[14:22:02] <Runaway1956> Fek man, you don't even want to talk to me about that shit
[14:22:13] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: Sure I do, you got a better one? :^D
[14:22:35] * Subsentient loves collecting horror porn
[14:23:35] <Subsentient> chromas: And indeed, it's named longhorny :^3
[14:23:43] <Runaway1956> A login screen is subject to personal preferences, of course, but any of these images can trip my trigger
[14:23:48] <Runaway1956> https://www.google.com
[14:23:49] <NetCraft> ^ 03Navy destroyer - Google Search ( https://www.google.com )
[14:24:17] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: I don't want to scare people or scar them, I want to make them cover their keyboard in chunky vomit.
[14:24:55] <Subsentient> Triggering veterans... that's fucked up.
[14:24:58] <Subsentient> Not doing that.
[14:25:03] <Runaway1956> It all depends on who gets scared. I don't mind scaring people
[14:25:21] <Subsentient> I was thinking of a popup video of that puke scene from scary movie
[14:25:56] <Subsentient> And setting the account picture to Hitler twisting mein titties.
[14:27:35] * Runaway1956 scrolls down through the link, and dreams about destroying something like a mosque
[14:28:00] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: Becoming a terrorist is a terrible way to defeat terrorists.
[14:28:38] <Runaway1956> Nonsense - war is terrifying, the point is to terrify the other side more than your own side
[14:29:07] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: Seriously, you could end up killing children and old women.
[14:29:09] <Subsentient> Don't.
[14:29:12] <Runaway1956> The west seems to be quaking in fear, to paralyzed to take any appropriate action
[14:29:36] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: The news will use your acts as a spin to say 'see, violence isn't the answer'
[14:29:46] <Subsentient> and it'll guilt us into backing off a bit on ISIS.
[14:29:52] <Runaway1956> You're right, the ragheads didn't kill any women or children in Paris, or Brussels, or in the World Trade Center
[14:30:05] * Runaway1956 has the solution to that
[14:30:15] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: There's an old imeutan saying, "don't drink from your enemy's glass."
[14:30:27] <Runaway1956> one cruise missile for each newspaper corporate center which publishes such stories
[14:30:59] <Runaway1956> One act of treason, one cruise missile - problem solved.
[14:31:13] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: If you bomb a mosque, I'll cut open your ballsack and stretch your scrotum over your face and head.
[14:31:16] <Runaway1956> Turner Broadcasting will be looking for new management very soon
[14:31:49] * Subsentient would actually do that
[14:31:51] <Runaway1956> No problem man, if you can catch me, you can have your way with me - right after you subdue me
[14:32:04] <Runaway1956> and that's probably the same thing that guy in your link told you
[14:32:26] <Subsentient> lol
[14:32:46] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: But seriously, don't do that. Don't kill innocents to avenge the killing of innocents.
[14:32:58] <Subsentient> It's ironic and counterproductive.
[14:33:18] <Runaway1956> be aware - more innocents than combatants have died in EVERY WAR in mankind's history
[14:33:25] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: If you can find actual, proven ISIS terrorists, feel free to fry them in hot bacon grease, but don't harm innocents.
[14:33:57] * Runaway1956 would nuke Mecca, and at the same time broadcast to the world that Allah has abandoned Islam
[14:34:21] <Runaway1956> No two stones of this mosque will ever touch each other again
[14:34:27] <Runaway1956> Allah hates Islam
[14:34:58] <AndyTheAbsurd> Sadly, I'm sure that nuking the holy sites in the middle east is the only way to get people to stop fighting over them.
[14:35:03] <Subsentient> ... that'd be a good demoralizer, but I am a utilitarian to my core, and do not believe this would save more innocents than it would destroy.
[14:35:29] <Runaway1956> Oh, fuck, man, you wanna have a serious talk on that subject?
[14:35:39] <AndyTheAbsurd> No
[14:35:50] <Runaway1956> Okay . . . I'll save it then.
[14:36:00] <AndyTheAbsurd> I've said all I'm going to say on that topic.
[14:36:24] <AndyTheAbsurd> You can feel free to rant away; just don't expect me to participate. (And I may not even pay attention.)
[14:36:25] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: I factor in probability and the 100% chance of death of many innocents from nuclear fallout cannot balance the possible chance of war with the middle east.
[14:37:14] <Runaway1956> Out of respect for our mates - if you wish to hear my opinions, open a private chat
[14:37:29] <Subsentient> I await your messages.
[15:26:43] * Runaway1956 cries "FOUL"
[15:27:13] <Runaway1956> I was catching up to cmn32480 but every time I look, he stays the same distance ahead
[15:27:31] * Runaway1956 suspects him of highjacking CPU's
[15:34:18] <Runaway1956> !folding-rank
[15:34:30] <Runaway1956> ~folding-rank
[15:34:33] <exec> 071351
[15:34:39] <Runaway1956> oh - there it is
[15:42:52] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Dyson Developing Electric Cars... With UK Government Money - http://sylnt.us - electric-cars-that-suck
[16:55:41] <Runaway1956> ~define imeutan
[16:55:43] <exec> imeutan: unable to find definition
[17:27:55] * nick yawn
[17:44:25] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Electronic Snooping 'Small Price to Pay' Against Terror: Expert - http://sylnt.us - who-needs-liberty
[17:45:42] <AndyTheAbsurd> which "expert" and how soon do we lynch him?
[18:36:42] -!- mechanicjay has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[18:40:47] -!- mechanicjay [mechanicjay!~jhowe@Soylent/Staff/Sysop/mechanicjay] has joined #Soylent
[18:40:47] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v mechanicjay] by Aphrodite
[18:45:11] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Evidence of a Colossal Bronze Age Battle Assembled - http://sylnt.us - war-never-changes
[20:08:02] -!- sea [sea!~sea@104.153.xsu.tys] has joined #Soylent
[20:08:09] <sea> NOOOOOO My phone screen has burn-in!!
[20:08:42] <Runaway1956> You shouldn't have bought a phone with a CRT display then.
[20:09:15] <sea> I came here to mention it because I was surprised it could suffer burn-in. It's an AMOLED display, and those can burn-in. I only learned that today.
[20:09:32] <sea> I thought it would make a nifty note for the site, because I figure other people might not notice it until it's too late, too
[20:09:40] <Runaway1956> Hmmmmm - I hadn't heard that before
[20:10:07] * Runaway1956 checks his ancient phone with CRT display
[20:13:28] <sea> Well, other phones that can have screen burn-in are the Nexus 6, pretty much any Samsung phone, and the Lumia 930
[20:14:37] <sea> amusingly, in this case there's a ghostly image of a cat on my screen, because I had the wallpaper set to a white cat, on a black background, and had the phone display set to no-blanking overnight. Now there's a permanent ghost cat.
[20:15:11] <Runaway1956> This may interest you, sea - https://www.androidpit.com
[20:15:12] <NetCraft> ^ 03How to fix AMOLED burn-in on Android displays - AndroidPIT
[20:15:34] <Runaway1956> I can't vouch for it - hell, I didn't know that amoled could burn in just ten minutes ago
[20:15:47] <Runaway1956> But, they claim to fix or alleviate the problem
[20:16:22] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater, Under Investigation by DoJ - http://sylnt.us - super-merc
[20:16:50] <sea> Yeah, I used a similar method. I got a screen dimming program and set the screen to be very, very dim. The cat only appears when the screen is bright.
[20:17:17] <sea> I didn't fiddle with the colors specifically under the region that's different, but then, I'd just get burn-in elsewhere eventually anyway
[20:17:30] <Runaway1956> It's not Schroedinger's cat, is it?
[20:18:08] <sea> Some of the time.
[20:18:15] <Runaway1956> Mrs. Schroedinger has been looking for that cat
[20:18:52] <sea> Ah. We had better tell her that it might be here, then.
[20:19:29] <sea> Oh god! My mother put pepper in the ketchup jar and I just scooped up some on a tortilla and ate it
[20:19:48] <sea> There's a reason I label the jars..
[20:20:51] <Runaway1956> You eat Tex-Mex?
[20:21:13] <sea> idk what that is
[20:21:18] <sea> I'm thinking of a way to retaliate.
[20:21:56] <Runaway1956> Tex-Mex is this weird blend of Texas and Mexican cooking, where everything has some kind of pepper ingredient.
[20:22:33] <Runaway1956> Real Mexicans can serve up genuine cooking absent of any peppers at all, but Tex-Mex is incapable of cooking without peppers.
[20:23:11] * Subsentient shoves a peeled jalapeno up Runaway1956 's urethra
[20:24:02] <sea> Hmm.. I exclusively eat potato, tomato, cucumber, garlic, toast, tortillas, grapes, and peas. No pepper, but I guess I just ate some and it wasn't that bad.
[20:24:03] * Runaway1956 experiences an erection that knocks Subsentient cold
[20:24:46] <Runaway1956> Don't pay any mind to the deviant
[20:25:29] <sea> mindcoin?
[20:25:42] <sea> Oh, wow, mindcoin exists
[20:26:07] <Runaway1956> Peppers - there are so many kinds of peppers, some are actually good tasting, others are so hot, no one can claim to actually "taste" them
[20:26:38] <Runaway1956> Jalabanero peppers have been known to raise blisters on your hands while preparing them for dinner
[20:27:14] <Runaway1956> Jalapenos, on the other hand, aren't really all that hot
[20:27:30] <Subsentient> No they aren't, and I fucking love them.\
[20:28:14] <Runaway1956> They're OK pickled - in limited quantities
[20:28:20] <sea> JalapenoCoin. The next hot thing!
[20:29:12] <Subsentient> GoatseCoin.
[20:29:58] * Runaway1956 misses simple stuff like pasetas, and lira, and Israeli pounds, and pence and shillings
[20:31:08] <Subsentient> Runaway1956: If I were emperor, I would seriously mint coins with goatse engraved on them.
[20:31:28] <Runaway1956> Oh yeah, Deustch marks and Krugerands
[20:31:51] <Subsentient> "mommy can I get a quarter for a soda?" "ok, but don't look at the quarter"
[20:32:15] <Subsentient> I'd even have the ring on the goatse guy's little ring finger gold plated
[20:32:16] <sea> Hmm. I watched the mindCoin infomercial thing and the end of it bothered me. "Bob left his job and became a full-time trader!"
[20:33:06] <sea> Sounds to me like the whole point is to become a parasite, and it's not even hidden anymore, it's in the infomercials!
[20:33:12] <Runaway1956> Yeah, well, there was a reason that Bobby sat in the back of the class, wearing that conical cap all the time.
[20:33:42] <sea> Runaway1956: Bob was secretly a Wizard.
[20:33:48] <sea> Runaway1956: OR an Elf.
[20:34:03] * Runaway1956 thinks he may have been a munchkin
[20:35:17] <Runaway1956> Maybe - just maybe - if I go back to bed, no one will come in and kick the shit out of me . . . .
[20:35:52] * Runaway1956 turns all the fans on high to muffle the moron with no muffler on his old farm truck
[20:37:10] <sea> Speaking of that. There's a racing track near my house, and I hate the sound. I have a load of cinder blocks, though. I'm only strong enough to lift one at a time but I can stack them into a parabolic wall over time, set up a boom box, and broadcast the Titanic song.
[20:37:33] <sea> Do you think it'll work? The goal is to get them to move the race track.
[20:41:51] <sea> A more direct approach is to use mirrors to shine sunlight directly at the cars.
[21:14:51] -!- richardboegli has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[21:43:41] <Subsentient> sea: That's terrible, don't do that. :^)
[21:48:53] <sea> I don't think it's fair that their cars are so loud. Everybody else has to keep noise levels down or the police comes. Not the racetrack. Why can't they race electric cars?
[22:09:28] <exec> 05*** SN funding is currently $984
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[23:11:08] <takyon> bingeeeeeeee
[23:12:38] <crutchy> coffee++
[23:12:38] <Bender> karma - coffee: 2391
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[23:54:39] <takyon> at this rate we could make it a science saturday
[23:54:48] <takyon> submit science articles and I will post nothing but science
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