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[00:01:41] <u> so, this australian arms control treaty is nuts: https://soylentnews.org
[00:01:42] <Scruffy> ^ 03SN comment by [02U (4584)] (02Score:1)
[00:06:19] <n1> thanks for sharing, u
[00:06:57] <n1> really wish i was surprised in some way
[00:07:24] <u> There's probably more insanity in it if you want to go looking for it.
[00:07:42] <u> This law will probably be selectively enforced at the convenience of the state.
[00:08:00] <n1> naturally
[00:08:17] <takyon> used soylent upgrade to insert an "e accent aigu" into a submission. the future is now.
[00:11:03] * n1 cant find/see it
[00:13:31] * SirFinkus wonders if the riots will kick off tonight
[00:16:42] <n1> has there been any media hype for it?
[00:17:02] <takyon> what's going on
[00:17:33] <SirFinkus> two black guys got shot in my town
[00:17:42] <SirFinkus> there was a rather large protest last night
[00:18:26] <SirFinkus> they say they're going to march to the cop's house tonight
[00:18:55] <u> jesus christ, what is WRONG with the US?
[00:18:58] <SirFinkus> http://www.theolympian.com
[00:18:59] <Scruffy> ^ 03Olympia police shooting of 2 men prompts civic conversations, civil protests | Local News | The Olympian
[00:19:30] <chromas> Olympia. So if the riot then it's just a sport
[00:19:44] <SirFinkus> this one is retarded, very few details about the actual incident have been made public, people just jump to conclusions
[00:19:48] <chromas> "Riot of Olympic proportions"
[00:20:33] <SirFinkus> I'd go take pictures, but it's raining and I can't be assed
[00:20:37] <n1> sometimes those peopl have guns
[00:20:40] <n1> people*
[00:21:06] <chromas> “There was a time in this country when two packs of beer wouldn’t get you shot.”
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[00:21:11] <chromas> There was another time when it would
[00:21:40] <SirFinkus> they stole corona and a watermelon
[00:21:42] <SirFinkus> no comment
[00:23:48] * chromas rofls off his stool
[00:24:35] <SirFinkus> the good news is both the guys that got shot are expected to survive
[00:25:03] <chromas> wait it's only in the 60s there?
[00:25:10] <SpallsHurgenson> blame Obama and his banning of military-grade weapons for police; if it wasn't for that, those guys would be dead!
[00:25:10] <chromas> doesn't sound like rioting weather
[00:25:32] <SirFinkus> apparently it's going to clear up in a few hours
[00:25:34] * SpallsHurgenson is practicing being a republican nutcase :)
[00:25:45] <SirFinkus> we're used the the rain, it isn't bad
[00:25:51] <chromas> SpallsHurgenson: do you love guns and god?
[00:26:04] <SirFinkus> I just don't want to ride my bike in it, or drive my car downtown and get it vandalized if shit does go down
[00:26:24] <chromas> it's not that it's rainy, but my understanding is traditionally you need hot weather for hood riots
[00:26:42] <SpallsHurgenson> Jesus has an AR-15!
[00:27:11] <chromas> http://i1.ytimg.com
[00:28:25] <SpallsHurgenson> all praise the true messiah!
[00:30:24] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Poll: Who deserves the Hugo? - http://sylnt.us
[00:30:31] <Bytram> Olympia -- is that in washington?
[00:30:44] <chromas> I like how the security video is avtually a guy hand-holding a camera to his windows computer
[00:30:51] <chromas> yeah
[00:30:51] <SirFinkus> yes
[00:31:02] <chromas> the good washington
[00:31:08] <Bytram> heh. Bender is a little slow on the uptake there. that story already got posted and then marked as NOT display so as to give credit to the poll submitter.
[00:31:09] * SpallsHurgenson clicks the poll link: "Nothing for you to see here. Please move along."
[00:31:23] <SirFinkus> I drove through the protests yesterday, I think I saw 2 black people
[00:31:28] <SirFinkus> which is kind of funny
[00:31:34] <chromas> When did Bender start announcing polls anyhow?
[00:32:07] <SirFinkus> I thought there was some kind of huge shitstorm over the hugo awards
[00:32:19] <SirFinkus> something about puppies
[00:32:20] <SpallsHurgenson> at 8:30pm May 22 2015 EST :)
[00:32:26] <Bytram> SpallsHurgenson: that's a link to the *story* that I ran for about 15 seconds so that the submitter could get credit for submitting it... the *poll* is located at: https://soylentnews.org
[00:32:27] <Scruffy> ^ 03SoylentNews Poll | The finalists for the 2015 Hugo ...
[00:32:44] <Bytram> chromas: ^^
[00:32:51] <chromas> ah that makes sense
[00:33:00] <Bytram> ~weather Olympia, WA
[00:33:02] <exec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[00:33:06] <chromas> 'cause no user-submittable polls
[00:33:08] * Bytram kicks exec
[00:33:17] <chromas> ^weather olympia
[00:33:18] <geotti_away> [Olympia, Washington] Overcast. Temp is 15.2*C. West wind: 4.8 kph. Humidity: 76%.
[00:33:41] <chromas> I guess it's the default Olympia
[00:33:47] <Bytram> well, there's a way to submit a poll and for us to run it as a *story* that is linked to a poll, but I don't think I've ever seen that done before.
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[00:34:43] Roy_Orbison is now known as Bytram
[00:34:46] <SirFinkus> it's actually been pretty nice most of the week
[00:35:07] <SirFinkus> yesterday we were at 25℃ partly cloudy
[00:35:10] <SirFinkus> pretty much perfect
[00:35:54] <crutchy> ~restart
[00:35:55] <exec> successfully saved buckets file (63.2 kb)
[00:36:04] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[00:36:06] * crutchy added Bytram to admin
[00:36:42] <crutchy> restart won't help weather screipt though cos google changed their weather box layout. just need to tweak the script
[00:37:01] <Bytram> crutchy: gracias!
[00:37:22] <Bytram> http://www.forbes.com
[00:37:22] <Scruffy> ^ 03Apple Loop: iOS 9 Leaks, iPhone 6S Launch Date, Apple TV Dream Dies
[00:37:33] <SirFinkus> oh, for brain hurt, follow #olympiashooting on the twitter
[00:37:34] <Bytram> crutchy: did you get a chance to see "Ex Machina" ??
[00:37:48] <crutchy> yeah i saw it online last week
[00:37:49] <Bytram> SirFinkus: no thanks
[00:37:52] <crutchy> pretty good
[00:37:54] * Bytram doesn't tweet.
[00:38:17] <Bytram> online? ripped or payperview or somesuch?
[00:38:54] <crutchy> i dunno. prolly. viooz.ac
[00:39:07] <crutchy> i think the mpaa keep chasing them but they just keep changing tld :p
[00:39:34] <Bytram> Ava's scenes in the first couple of 'examinations' were absolutely mesmerising
[00:39:49] <crutchy> she's a hottie
[00:40:28] <crutchy> if you're gunna make a robot, why not make it female, and if you're gunna make a female robot, why not make it fuckable
[00:40:34] <Bytram> embodied thoughtfulness, a certain naivite (sp?), and inosense (sp?) all at the same time that I found spellbinding.
[00:41:44] <Bytram> OTOH, it seemed that she lacked an ability to move without conscious effort, yet the earlier 'robot' kyoko could dance up a storm... had trouble reconciling those two things.
[00:42:04] <Bytram> attributed it to artistic license
[00:42:29] <crutchy> best part was when she left that tosser locked up in the house while she walked out :)
[00:42:30] <Bytram> other than that, found myself reflecting on the story for the next 24 hours straight.
[00:42:43] <crutchy> oops. prolly should have obfuscated that
[00:43:04] <Bytram> whatdayamean tosser? I thought he played that roll rather well.
[00:43:05] <SpallsHurgenson> argh! spoilers!
[00:43:07] <chromas> crutchy: encrypt it while you still can
[00:43:08] <crutchy> 00,00best part was when she left that tosser locked up in the house while she walked out :)
[00:43:11] <Bytram> lol
[00:43:12] <ciri> i missed it, what are you laughing at? >.>
[00:43:27] * Bytram offers dark glasses to SpallsHurgenson
[00:43:32] <crutchy> he played the role of tosser quite well
[00:43:44] <arti> salad tosser!
[00:43:58] <Bytram> ~define tosser
[00:44:11] <SpallsHurgenson> one who tosses :)
[00:44:13] <crutchy> oops
[00:44:22] -!- exec [exec!~exec@utioner/T-800/BeVeryAfraid] has joined #Soylent
[00:44:22] <arti> tosser is used like douchbag
[00:44:45] <arti> inward.
[00:45:14] <Bytram> I get the concept from the context, but I didn't see him that way.
[00:45:23] <crutchy> i got a little .start macro that does things like join #soylent, but i gotta run it separately. its just in case the bot goes birko on startup so it doesn't go birko in #soylent
[00:45:34] <SpallsHurgenson> toss is synonymous to masturbation, isn't it?
[00:45:50] <arti> i think you're thinking of wanker
[00:45:51] <Bytram> Struck me as being a pawn in a horribly complicated game of dog-and-cat-andmouse
[00:45:54] <crutchy> i saw him as a condescending slef-absorbed pussywhipped little boy
[00:46:06] <SpallsHurgenson> I think they are the same. Let's ask the Internet.
[00:46:20] <Bytram> ~fight wanker tosser
[00:46:32] <crutchy> !fight wanker vs tosser
[00:46:33] <ciri> By results on Google.com/intl/en: wanker beats tosser by 6,700,000 to 624,000!
[00:46:47] <crutchy> apparently there are more wankers on the internets than tossers
[00:47:10] <Bytram> huh? I didn't see anything returned...
[00:47:19] <SpallsHurgenson> "erm of contempt in British slang, by 1977, probably from slang toss off "act of masturbation" (1735). Agent noun from toss (v.). " (etymonlne.com)
[00:47:22] * Bytram does have ciri silenced, but that's it.
[00:47:50] <chromas> ciri is the fightbot
[00:47:57] <Bytram> oh. LOL!
[00:48:09] <SpallsHurgenson> "wanker (n.) 1940s, "masturbator," British slang, from wank "to masturbate," of unknown origin. General sense of "contemptible person" is attested from 1972."
[00:48:20] <n1> wanker beats tosser...
[00:48:33] <chromas> tossers need salads
[00:48:36] <Bytram> interesting choice of words you used there
[00:49:10] <SpallsHurgenson> useless fact of the day: the phrase "toss off " is older (1735) than "wank" (1948) as a reference to masturbation :)
[00:50:17] <SpallsHurgenson> be aware this new piece of useless information has probably now permanently pushed out a more vital piece of information in your already information-saturated brain
[00:51:40] <SpallsHurgenson> if you forget to brush your teeth or how to chop onions or something similar, its probably thanks to your new knowledge of wanking and tossing. You're welcome :)
[00:52:56] <SirFinkus> Slashdot @slashdot
[00:52:56] <SirFinkus> Make your iPhone run like new (by cleaning up temp files & other paring down) w/ PhoneClean; now $10 via /. Deals: stck.so/1EJNDsL
[00:52:59] <SirFinkus> oh slashdot
[00:53:47] <SpallsHurgenson> I don't get it
[00:54:18] <chromas> looks like they're running ads as stories I guess
[00:54:29] <chromas> the @ probably means it's twatter
[00:54:34] <SpallsHurgenson> I don't see that as a story on slashdot
[00:54:45] <SpallsHurgenson> oh, twitter. nobody takes that sort of thing seriously :)
[00:55:01] <chromas> https://twitter.com
[00:55:02] <Scruffy> ^ 03Slashdot (@slashdot) | Twitter
[00:55:51] <SpallsHurgenson> I'm not clicking on a twitter link and you can't make me!
[00:56:07] * crutchy hates reading html of google pages :/
[00:56:28] <chromas> Did you run it through htmltidy?
[00:57:04] <crutchy> ~define htmltidy
[00:57:14] <exec> htmltidy: unable to find definition
[00:57:52] <chromas> ~deb htmldity
[00:57:54] <exec> E: No packages found
[00:57:58] <chromas> ~deb dityhtml
[00:57:59] <exec> E: No packages found
[00:58:01] <chromas> herp
[00:58:05] <chromas> ~deb htmltidy
[00:58:07] <exec> E: No packages found
[00:58:36] <crutchy> lol
[00:58:36] <chromas> oh it's just tidy in debstributoins
[00:58:38] <chromas> ~deb tidy
[00:58:39] <exec> HTML syntax checker and reformatter
[01:01:05] * SpallsHurgenson rolls back the web so there only the <html>, <body> and <a> tags are valid
[01:01:35] <crutchy> hmm. the noscript version of google's weather box doesn't look any different
[01:01:46] * crutchy isn't sure what borked the weatehr script now
[01:02:38] <chromas> maybe it's your useragent
[01:02:41] <crutchy> i'll go through the html anyway since they might have changed div id's or summin stupid like that
[01:02:45] <crutchy> or that yeah
[01:03:17] <chromas> =get .config/user_agent
[01:03:20] <SpallsHurgenson> heh http://www.smbc-comics.com
[01:03:21] <Scruffy> ^ 03Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
[01:03:36] <crutchy> i should use linx or something. at least then i got an excuse for noscript
[01:03:47] <takyon> http://www.theregister.co.uk
[01:03:48] <Scruffy> ^ 03ROBOQUAFF, who is he? Boffins build super-cyber-drinking-arm • The Register
[01:04:06] * crutchy initially read that as ROBOQUEEF
[01:04:57] <takyon> pfft
[01:06:34] <crutchy> i'll change exec's UA string to "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0"
[01:10:14] * crutchy disables some of geany's autocomplete features. starting to get a tad annoying
[01:10:37] <crutchy> ~weather
[01:10:39] <exec> 03Melbourne VIC - currently 12°C, partly cloudy, wind S at 10 km/h, humidity 67% - Saturday partly cloudy (4°C-13°C), Sunday partly cloudy (7°C-17°C), Monday partly cloudy (7°C-19°C), Tuesday sunny (12°C-19°C)
[01:10:48] <crutchy> heh. that was easy
[01:11:14] <crutchy> just changed the first closing delimiter
[01:11:22] <SpallsHurgenson> omigosh, you haxored google! call the cops!
[01:11:23] <chromas> set it to "roboqueef"
[01:12:44] <crutchy> they must've removed the 'detailed forecast' link
[01:12:50] <crutchy> or renamed it or something
[01:12:57] <SpallsHurgenson> reminds me of http://thedailywtf.com
[01:12:57] <Scruffy> ^ 03Pizza Hacker - The Daily WTF
[01:16:45] -!- Ethanol-fueled [Ethanol-fueled!~Ethanol-f@SectorZeroZeroOne] has joined #Soylent
[01:17:01] <Ethanol-fueled> It's time for booze and marihuana
[01:17:35] <SirFinkus> hi Ethanol-fueled
[01:17:36] <ciri> howdy SirFinkus
[01:17:42] <SirFinkus> no you ciri
[01:17:48] <Ethanol-fueled> how you doing bro? Go out to omak lately?
[01:18:02] <SirFinkus> nope, following the possible riots in town
[01:18:15] <SirFinkus> should be fun
[01:18:21] <Ethanol-fueled> There ain't gonna be no riots, that's just to distract everybody from TPP and patriot act
[01:18:36] <Ethanol-fueled> Even teh Baltimore "riot" was pretty weak.
[01:18:45] <crutchy> is rand paul still fillibrustering patriot?
[01:19:16] <SirFinkus> http://i.imgur.com people are posting this shit everywhere
[01:19:22] <takyon> no
[01:19:26] <takyon> he ended it before midnight
[01:19:44] <takyon> is that printed on receipt paper
[01:19:49] <Ethanol-fueled> HAHA Finkus. Those were probably printed by the FBI.
[01:19:52] <crutchy> SirFinkus, only if there isn't some reality tv show on at that time
[01:19:53] <SirFinkus> it little violence yesterday, but probably more drunks
[01:20:01] <SirFinkus> *just drunks
[01:20:01] <Ethanol-fueled> still funny though...they'd make a good collector's item.
[01:20:21] <SirFinkus> I may drive down there and take a peak
[01:20:29] <Ethanol-fueled> Yeah, a handful of people actually care for the cause, but a lot of those guys are just rabblerousers who want to fuck shit up.
[01:20:32] <SirFinkus> but I've got hoptimum now, so I'm comfy here
[01:20:42] <takyon> look at the 'B' in Bring
[01:20:53] <SirFinkus> these are the anarchists, we have a few here
[01:21:01] <crutchy> Ethanol-fueled, yeah i think you might be right. there's no grammar or spelling errors. and who types anything while in a blind rage using a font like that anyway?
[01:21:01] <takyon> I guess it's the edge of the paper in the shadow maybe
[01:21:32] <SirFinkus> what's wrong with the b?
[01:21:45] * Ethanol-fueled didn't see anything wrong with either "B"
[01:21:53] <crutchy> if it smells like a setup, looks like a setup and tastes like a setup its prolly a setup
[01:22:15] <SirFinkus> http://t.co
[01:22:16] <Scruffy> ^ 03http://twitter.com/jonhumbert/status/601920529268772864/photo/1
[01:22:23] <SirFinkus> bunch of guys guarding the cops house
[01:23:26] <takyon> Jon Humbert Verified account
[01:23:26] <takyon> @jonhumbert
[01:23:26] <takyon> Investigative reporter/fill-in sports for KOMO. CO native & CU Buff. Kayaker & camper. Pre-husband to @goberthicks.
[01:23:28] <chromas> Looks like they're guarding his car
[01:23:32] <Ethanol-fueled> Don't get me wrong, I wanna see some riots.
[01:23:35] <takyon> "pre-husband"
[01:23:41] <Ethanol-fueled> on the scale of the LA riots
[01:23:51] <chromas> keep it in LA
[01:23:55] <Ethanol-fueled> agreed, chromas.
[01:23:55] <SirFinkus> I have enough ammo
[01:23:56] <chromas> let the shitty states have the riots
[01:24:02] <crutchy> real riots are prolly organised using tor nowadays
[01:24:40] <Ethanol-fueled> bullshit, crutchy. Your average American rioter doesn't know what tor is.
[01:24:54] <crutchy> not the rioters, just the organisers
[01:25:29] <takyon> yeah I doubt it
[01:25:35] <Ethanol-fueled> Gonna get food for the evening and take a shower. Be back here in like 20 minuts or so.
[01:25:36] <takyon> probably use the latest app
[01:25:46] <crutchy> or maybe not. i'm just guessing that it takes a bit of effort to organise a riot, but maybe they don't need much
[01:25:56] Ethanol-fueled is now known as Ethanol-Fueled
[01:25:59] <crutchy> hehe StartARiot
[01:26:02] <SpallsHurgenson> I think by definition riots aren't organized :)
[01:26:25] <crutchy> they prolly start of as organised rallies
[01:26:29] <crutchy> *off
[01:26:40] <SpallsHurgenson> not all of 'em :)
[01:28:18] <takyon> here's what you use to organize riots:
[01:28:19] <takyon> http://www.tomshardware.com
[01:28:20] <Scruffy> ^ 03Whiteout Brings Easy To Use PGP-Encrypted Email To Android, iOS And Desktop
[01:30:28] <SpallsHurgenson> here's what you use to avoid riots: GOG freebies https://www.gog.com)
[01:30:29] <Scruffy> ^ 03Games ● GOG.com ( https://www.gog.com )
[01:31:10] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Africa's Worst New Internet Censorship Law Could be Coming to South Africa - http://sylnt.us - how-many-wrongs
[01:32:01] <SpallsHurgenson> today South Africa, tomorrow Australia and the UK, and the day after that the US :)
[01:33:40] <SpallsHurgenson> well, it might take a bit longer to get to the US - we like to pretend about freedom of speech - but Australia will love it :)
[01:34:18] <crutchy> we don't have freedum here. we're under no illusions
[01:36:10] <crutchy> you get stopped by the police in australia, we know that you just do as you're told
[01:36:34] <crutchy> no bill of rights or anything
[01:36:57] <crutchy> but meh. we're prolly still more free than most countries
[01:37:10] <chromas> We have a second amendment that people only 'use' to defend the second amendment
[01:37:49] <SpallsHurgenson> I'm a rare lefty who supports the right to arm bears :)
[01:37:53] <crutchy> your second amendment will come into play eventually, and it will become obvious what it was meant for
[01:38:06] <crutchy> not yet though
[01:38:17] <chromas> we just need more Dexters
[01:38:51] <SpallsHurgenson> I'd prefer never although I see its usefulness... but civil war is such a /risky/ thing. More often than not, you get something worse out of the bargain than what you started with
[01:39:14] <crutchy> 2nd amendment is all to do that uncomfortable concept of government tyranny
[01:40:13] <crutchy> the militias are growing but it will prolly take a while before they are ready and till the government is weakened to the point where they can make a difference
[01:40:35] <takyon> lol militias
[01:40:35] <ciri> i missed it, what are you laughing at? >.>
[01:40:56] <Bytram> takyon: that's like one one-thousandth of tia, right?
[01:41:01] <Bytram> =)
[01:41:11] <takyon> it's going to take a lot more than small arms
[01:41:23] <takyon> nah that's millitias
[01:41:29] <crutchy> apparently militias are what vets join after they leave the military
[01:41:30] * Bytram starts pumping iron and watches his biceps start growing
[01:41:39] <takyon> they also join biker gangs
[01:41:48] * Bytram hopes to have bigger arms Real Soon Now.
[01:41:52] <crutchy> i guess that's another name for them
[01:41:52] <takyon> https://firstlook.org
[01:41:53] <Scruffy> ^ 03Exclusive: Leaked Report Profiles Military, Police Members of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs - The Intercept
[01:42:04] <SpallsHurgenson> actually, small arms are effective. you don't necessarily need to beat the army, just wreck the infrastructure
[01:42:07] <takyon> biker gang !== militia
[01:42:36] <crutchy> i think most militias are a bit more than just bikie gangs
[01:42:44] <crutchy> they're apparently quite professional
[01:43:14] <SpallsHurgenson> there are lots of vulnerable bits in a country that are hard to defend
[01:43:57] <takyon> the real threat is synthetic biology
[01:44:01] <crutchy> a couple of ragheads can take down an armoured military convoy with a home made IED
[01:47:09] <SpallsHurgenson> (damn you HumbleBundle, once again your amazing deals overcome my frugality and common sense)
[01:49:19] <crutchy> Bytram, the ~weatehr thingy works again. it was a change to google page but only a little one
[01:49:26] <crutchy> thas the problem with scraping i guess
[01:50:18] <Bytram> crutchy: thanks! Yeah, it can be challenging to be specific enough to get the data you want, without getting locked into particular implementation details.
[01:50:23] <Bytram> ~weather boston, ma
[01:50:25] <exec> 03Boston, MA, USA - currently 63°F, clear, wind W at 14 mph, humidity 24% - Friday clear with periodic clouds (44°F-72°F), Saturday sunny (51°F-66°F), Sunday sunny (59°F-80°F), Monday mostly cloudy (63°F-77°F)
[01:50:28] <Bytram> !woop
[01:50:28] <Bender> woop woop woop (\/) (;,,;) (\/)
[01:50:31] <Bytram> crutchy++
[01:50:31] <Bender> karma - crutchy: 168
[01:51:02] <Bytram> crutchy: do you mind if I give a try at restarting exec, just for practice and just in case.
[01:51:09] <crutchy> go for it
[01:51:20] <Bytram> do you just do a ~restart?
[01:51:37] <Bytram> or is there some other process you usually follow?
[01:51:45] <Bytram> ~restart
[01:51:48] <crutchy> it won't autojoin #soylent, but you can just do ~join #soylent from # or #exec
[01:51:51] <chromas> also go ahead and test for bugs and try to crash his computer
[01:51:54] <chromas> ;)
[01:52:09] <Bytram> *crickets* ??
[01:52:13] <crutchy> hmm
[01:52:30] <crutchy> authentication failure: "martyb" attempted to run "~restart" but is not authorized
[01:52:40] <crutchy> lol. i put bytram in the list :p
[01:52:53] Bytram is now known as bytram
[01:52:57] <bytram> ~restart
[01:53:08] <crutchy> goes by nickserv account
[01:53:10] <crutchy> ~restart
[01:53:11] <bytram> *grasshoppers*
[01:53:12] <exec> successfully saved buckets file (60.9 kb)
[01:53:15] <crutchy> should work after this restart
[01:53:19] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[01:53:37] <bytram> if (toupper(nick) == 'BYTRAM') {do stuff}
[01:53:47] -!- exec [exec!~exec@utioner/T-800/BeVeryAfraid] has joined #Soylent
[01:53:50] <crutchy> hehe
[01:54:01] <crutchy> try now should work
[01:54:10] * crutchy crosses finglers
[01:54:11] <bytram> ~restart
[01:54:12] <exec> successfully saved buckets file (57.3 kb)
[01:54:16] <chromas> is toupper() faster than tolower()?
[01:54:20] -!- exec has quit [Client Quit]
[01:54:33] * chromas figures one should be
[01:55:06] <chromas> !fight and vs or
[01:55:07] <ciri> By results on Google.com/intl/en: and beats or by 25,270,000,000 to 17,120,000,000!
[01:55:08] <Ethanol-Fueled> back
[01:55:23] <arti> front
[01:55:28] <crutchy> derp. its come back as a soyguest for some reason :/
[01:55:31] <Bytram> For ASCII, it's just a logical OR or AND to mask certain bits on/off -- I don't really think it makes a difference performance-wise.
[01:55:43] <Ethanol-Fueled> deal, arti. See, guys, now THAT's how you share a hooker.
[01:55:48] <crutchy> stupid bot
[01:57:07] <chromas> arti gets the jiggly bits and two holes
[01:57:30] <takyon> heh
[01:57:51] <crutchy> it sent the nickserv identify message, but for some reason nickserv didn't get it or something
[01:58:20] <arti> biggly jits
[01:58:21] -!- exec [exec!~exec@utioner/T-800/BeVeryAfraid] has joined #Soylent
[01:58:24] <SpallsHurgenson> jiggly bits and two holes... are we talking about the new macbook?
[01:58:28] <arti> hwo toles
[01:59:07] <crutchy> macbooks are kinda girly
[01:59:25] <arti> computers are girly, pfft.
[01:59:33] <crutchy> maybe they've added rounded corners
[01:59:47] <arti> that's so people don't cut themselves
[02:00:20] <crutchy> Rounded Corners (TM)
[02:00:27] <crutchy> cos the patent got overturned
[02:00:31] <Bytram> wtf? USGS topo maps web site won't work w/o youtube enabled? http://viewer.nationalmap.gov
[02:00:32] <Scruffy> ^ 03USGS TNM 2.0 Viewer
[02:00:39] <Ethanol-Fueled> It's official -- Mac == Gay.
[02:00:50] <crutchy> USGS got bought by Google maybe?
[02:00:59] <Bytram> nice. Just got an alert: "error handle invoked!" [OK]
[02:00:59] <arti> but google makes all their magic in house!
[02:01:01] <crutchy> it's now Google Geology
[02:01:12] <arti> they're different from the other companies!
[02:01:20] <crutchy> with a hard 'G'
[02:01:25] <arti> hard gay
[02:01:26] <crutchy> not like GIF
[02:01:50] <Ethanol-Fueled> hahahah "error handle invoked"
[02:01:59] <Ethanol-Fueled> did somebody forget to comment out a debug statement?
[02:02:13] <crutchy> its so you have something to hold onto while your computer makes the jump to hyperspace
[02:02:26] <Ethanol-Fueled> Hahahah
[02:02:53] <takyon> Name this: "<p>[...]"
[02:02:54] * Bytram remembers many hours spent playing 'star raiders' on his Atari 800
[02:04:08] <takyon> it is now called foreshortened paragraph
[02:04:35] <Ethanol-Fueled> hahah, a Navy jet (T-45C) ran right off the runway and into the bay here in San Diego...
[02:04:42] <Ethanol-Fueled> The pilot ejected and was picked up by some dude in a boat.
[02:04:48] <takyon> dang
[02:04:59] <Ethanol-Fueled> http://www.nbclosangeles.com
[02:05:00] <Scruffy> ^ 03Plane Runs Into San Diego Bay off North Island | NBC Southern California
[02:05:03] <takyon> that's one way to celebrate memorial day
[02:06:24] <Bytram> one day they brought this huge TV projector rig into the student union. this was back in '81. the intent was to rent and project VCR tapes instead of movies. Had standard RF connectors... I ran to my dorm, snared my Atari 800, brought it to the student union, hooked it up to the projector and the AMPs we were setting up for a concert. Played Star Raiders on a ten-foot screen with 2 kilowatts of sound
[02:06:24] <Bytram> blasting around me.
[02:06:59] <takyon> finest hour
[02:07:22] <Bytram> I had a *blast*!!
[02:07:36] <Bytram> when the shipwent into hyperspace, it sounded like a 747 taking off!
[02:07:41] <Ethanol-Fueled> hahaha, nice.
[02:07:42] <crutchy> never got into student union stuff at uni, but they do get up to some funny stuff
[02:08:07] <crutchy> drinking-puking contests etc
[02:08:08] * Ethanol-Fueled is sad, will never have a proper college experience.
[02:08:46] <crutchy> just don't do anything too hard. aerospace nerds don't really get much of a chance to get into uni social stuff
[02:08:57] <Ethanol-Fueled> crutchy, I wasn't in school, but when an older friend was we'd steal liquor and go into the dorms. Saw a dude spill beer and suck it outta the rug.
[02:08:57] <crutchy> plus they're usually shoved into remote campuses :(
[02:09:21] <Bytram> we had a 300watt amp for the bass bins, a 200 watt amp for the horns, and an 80 watt amp for the tweeters. that was for *each* side. Bass bins (woofers) had 12-inch speakers (maybe 14 can't remember for sure)
[02:09:36] <Ethanol-Fueled> The university I'm attending is always sending out these announcements about rape culture and minority celebration days and shit.
[02:09:52] <Ethanol-Fueled> Bleech, at least they were kind enough to have an online program.
[02:10:10] <crutchy> "lets not be homophobic by celebrating the fact that being gay is different!"
[02:10:20] <Ethanol-Fueled> That's a pretty bitchin' rig, bytram.
[02:10:33] <crutchy> well, not really fact
[02:10:38] <Bytram> you got that right, and that was back in 1981, IIRC.
[02:10:47] <crutchy> old school still rocks
[02:10:56] <Ethanol-Fueled> old school does rock.
[02:11:00] * crutchy watched the into to the 2015 grammies on youtube
[02:11:07] <Bytram> let's put it this way... that atari was pretty close to state-of-the-art for home computers at the time.
[02:11:15] * crutchy feels sorry for that singer chick that had to follow AC/DC
[02:11:34] <crutchy> they came, they rocked, they left... and it all went downhill from there
[02:11:35] <Ethanol-Fueled> shame on you, crutchy...not only willingly watching an award show, but one of the shitties ones. Did the missus make you do it?
[02:11:50] <crutchy> nah i just watched the first bit with AC/DC
[02:11:55] <crutchy> fuck the rest
[02:12:28] <Ethanol-Fueled> We guitar players call 'em "AE/DG" because those are the only chords they know how to play.
[02:12:35] <crutchy> lol
[02:12:35] <ciri> heh
[02:12:44] <Ethanol-Fueled> But it's Ballsy, simple, loud rock and roll. AC/DC are legends.
[02:12:50] <crutchy> have you seen angus play e-f?
[02:12:56] * Ethanol-Fueled likes Brian Johnson more than Bon Scott
[02:13:01] <crutchy> he doesn't really just 'play'
[02:13:10] <Ethanol-Fueled> crutchy, unfortunately not live.
[02:13:27] <crutchy> me neither live, but the live videos online are still pretty awesome
[02:13:53] <crutchy> the guy is in his 60's and still rocks like a 20 something
[02:14:02] <crutchy> sweats like one too
[02:14:06] <Ethanol-Fueled> Oh yeah, they're great. Angus (like Slash) has one of the most distinctive styles and stage presence of all guitar legends.
[02:14:41] * crutchy types "angus young solo" in youtube search
[02:14:42] <Ethanol-Fueled> And they have bar cred, doing mad dope, dancing on broken glass, etc.
[02:15:40] <Ethanol-Fueled> any guitar players in here?
[02:15:55] <crutchy> mrcoolbp?
[02:16:18] * crutchy is watching https://www.youtube.com (again)
[02:16:19] <Scruffy> ^ 03ANGUS YOUNG _ BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE SOLO - YouTube
[02:16:22] <Ethanol-Fueled> Bytram, Ataris did some pretty cool tricks under the hood to be able to do some of the things they did.
[02:16:35] <Ethanol-Fueled> mecoolbp aint around much when I am.
[02:16:43] <crutchy> they guy looks like a fucking guitar-playing zombie
[02:16:53] <Ethanol-Fueled> ~last khyber
[02:16:55] <exec> 03Parameters: op [random,first,last,all,count] message regex to match channel limit scope to a channel since, until date/time range limit maximum records to return; default is 1 nick limit scope to a nick out [json, php, tab, irc] debug show the query and whatever else type [message,action]
[02:16:56] <exec>  http://chromas.0x.no
[02:17:05] <Bytram> that's for sure... their sound chip was pretty amazing, and IIRC, they did some really slick stuff with 'sprite's
[02:17:12] <crutchy> ~last nick=khyber
[02:17:18] <Ethanol-Fueled> oh, thanks.
[02:17:32] <exec> 03<Khyber> BBC has already covered me and one company using my technology
[02:20:57] <chromas> ciri: Khyber is a genius
[02:24:32] <Ethanol-Fueled> Pitfall! was an awesome game that used all those tricks.
[02:24:48] <Ethanol-Fueled> David Crane later made a similar game called "A Boy and his Blob"
[02:42:18] * SpallsHurgenson scratches
[02:43:38] * Bytram offers SpallsHurgenson some calamine lotion
[02:44:08] * SpallsHurgenson helpfully scratches the bottle
[02:44:19] <Bytram> ROFL!!!
[02:46:00] * Bytram is waiting for this to finish loading: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov
[02:46:13] <Bytram> animated gif of Ceres
[02:46:45] <Bytram> taken from about 7000 km away
[02:47:33] <SpallsHurgenson> I call dibs on Ceres!
[02:47:50] <Bytram> ~define Ceres
[02:47:51] * SpallsHurgenson has plans for that asteroid... big plans, muahahahahahahaha!
[02:47:54] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03Ceres: A small hick town. Filled with loud mexican music and stuck up white people. The high school is actually a boxing ring and there is never anything to do. Except eat and get fucked up. Ceres, Ca
[02:48:05] <Ethanol-Fueled> Sounds like San Diego.
[02:48:19] <Ethanol-Fueled> with the exception of "small"
[02:48:38] <Bytram> there IS a resemblance... but that goes for most of the places I've visited in CA
[02:48:57] <Ethanol-Fueled> Where you at now, ME?
[02:48:58] <ciri> out and about!! Ethanol-Fueled
[02:49:04] <Bytram> on second thought, not so much
[02:49:12] <Bytram> northeast US
[02:49:46] <Ethanol-Fueled> What do you think about it? Better or worse than CA?
[02:50:01] <Ethanol-Fueled> (Besides that our weather is obviously better, muahahah...)
[02:50:05] * Bytram spent the better part of a week in SD back in '95 or so. Great weather and had a good time at the Marine Park (whatever it was called)
[02:50:29] <Bytram> In retrospect, I think I'd have been better off going to the zoo
[02:50:40] <Ethanol-Fueled> There's a LOT of good marine tech on the Northeast coast though
[02:50:48] * Bytram likes seasons... just when I get tired of one, there's another one on its way.
[02:51:02] <Ethanol-Fueled> Here in San Diego we have no seasons.
[02:52:21] <Bytram> I also spent the better part of a summer well into fall in San Jose on business. Nice enough. Glad I went. Wouldn't really want to live there, though. Too expensive and not enough trees.
[02:52:54] <SpallsHurgenson> Ceres keeps going 'round and 'round and 'round... it's hypnotic
[02:53:15] * Bytram thinks he should be mostly done with the D/L by now.
[02:54:34] <Bytram> took some getting used to the geography, too. Astonishingly flat and level valley surrounded by hills that just jutted up from the valley floor. I'm used to rolling hills and mountains with an occasional flat-ish place here and there.
[02:56:10] * Bytram DID enjoy driving down Lombard street in SF -- can't imagine owning one of the homes along it, tho.
[02:56:32] <SpallsHurgenson> tourist :)
[02:56:50] <Bytram> yuppers, and proud of it, at the time.
[02:57:08] <Ethanol-Fueled> I agree with spalls, if you didn't traverse any mountain paths, it's probably because you drove from San Diego to San Jose.
[02:57:38] <Ethanol-Fueled> There is a fuckton of mountain townships and culture in California.
[02:57:38] <Bytram> I remember going to a Morocan restaurant in San Jose on IIRC West Gish(!) street.
[02:58:06] <Bytram> two different trips -- several years apart
[02:58:38] * Bytram wishes he had made time to go see the Sequoias
[03:00:39] <SpallsHurgenson> its not as exciting as you might think; they don't let you chop one down
[03:00:43] <SpallsHurgenson> (and get upset if you try)
[03:00:46] <crutchy> Ethanol-Fueled, isn't some of the west border of CA shared with Arizona?
[03:01:01] <crutchy> pretty sure there are some goat tracks around there
[03:02:32] <Bytram> crutchy: the *west* border of CA is the Pacific ocean. :/
[03:03:02] * Bytram is not so sure what is on the *east* side, tho.
[03:03:07] <crutchy> oops. the *other* west :p
[03:03:14] <Ethanol-Fueled> Why are you being all confrontational about it, crutchy? Arizona has some awesome parts.
[03:03:23] <Bytram> crutchy: comes from viewing things downside up
[03:03:33] <Ethanol-Fueled> (unfortunately the parts that border CA are all crap)
[03:03:41] <crutchy> nah i meant goat tracks as in cool little mining towns
[03:03:51] <crutchy> prolly just talking a different language :D
[03:04:25] * Bytram thinks crutchy has watched too many oaters
[03:05:00] <chromas> ~define oater
[03:05:04] <exec> [urbandictionary] 03oaters: an oaters refers to eating another mans anus with tounge or other utensils
[03:05:10] <Bytram> oaters -- term referring to 'westerns' aka cowboy movies. Oats are what are often fed to horses
[03:05:20] <Ethanol-Fueled> American Arizona is like Australian Australia
[03:05:43] <Ethanol-Fueled> large swaths of dead man's land with lethal critters roaming
[03:06:07] <crutchy> we're not all dead man's land
[03:06:29] <Bytram> crutchy: yuse have dead wimmin, too?
[03:06:44] <Bytram> ;)
[03:06:46] <Ethanol-Fueled> crutchy, either are the two major population centers and all the other outposts.
[03:07:23] <Bytram> hey gang... enjoyed the chat, but time for me to catch some shuteye.
[03:07:34] <Bytram> have a good night everyone!
[03:07:36] <Ethanol-Fueled> later
[03:07:41] <crutchy> just avoid sand, dirt, ocean, air, etc and you'll be fine
[03:07:49] <crutchy> cya Bytram :)
[03:08:05] <Bytram> crutchy: thanks for the admin privs on exec... I'll exercise restraint. mostly.
[03:08:18] <Bytram> ;)
[03:08:20] <Bytram> ciao!
[03:08:23] <crutchy> nah go for it. can't do too much damage (i think?)
[03:08:34] <Bytram> k will do!
[03:08:46] <crutchy> testing++
[03:08:46] <Bender> karma - testing: 4
[03:09:08] -!- kadal [kadal!~kadal@m-90-227-85-93.hsd0.ma.comcast.net] has joined #Soylent
[03:29:41] <SpallsHurgenson> remember, if you can't love the one you want, love the one you're with
[03:32:42] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - The First First-Person Shooter - http://sylnt.us - so-it-wasn't-cod:mw?
[03:38:17] <SpallsHurgenson> "They just followed some pretty simple rules and just looked around for people, and when they saw them, they shot them."
[03:45:27] <kadal> http://limbero.org - i love wittle batman
[03:45:30] <Scruffy> ^ 03#58 - JL8 Comic
[03:47:03] -!- SoyCow4923 [SoyCow4923!~32894c48@m-90-227-85-93.hsd0.ma.comcast.net] has joined #Soylent
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[04:07:17] -!- kadal has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
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[04:18:49] * juggs peeks around a corner... it's all good, don;t thin anyone noticed.
[04:19:01] <juggs> don't think*
[04:19:52] <JamesNZ> Obama noticed.
[04:22:55] <juggs> I doubt it. But even if so, he's hardly going to authorise a drone strike on the UK. The black bag men.. yeah not so sure on that. Dammit, why did you have to make this an Amurican thing, I was just peeking into the channel.
[04:23:42] <JamesNZ> :D
[04:28:26] <juggs> I am beset by trolls.
[04:28:30] <juggs> :P
[04:49:51] <crutchy> trollolol
[04:50:05] <juggs> uh-oh
[04:50:17] * crutchy sets the dropbears loose
[04:50:39] * juggs does the serpentine dance away
[04:51:17] * juggs runs out of stamina... nooooooooo I died,,,, I tried man
[04:53:27] <juggs> I'm sorry, I've been watching far too many stream troll vids. Some of them had me dying with laughter. I think I need more sleep.
[05:14:26] <juggs> Terminology fail on my behalf. Stream snipe rather than troll. Who knew... shit moves on with a decade or so away from gaming :)
[05:18:21] * juggs melts into the scenery.
[06:35:01] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Why We Should Let the Pantheon Crack - http://sylnt.us - boys-will-be-boys
[07:08:17] <crutchy> juggs, we can both blame new zealand
[07:20:52] <JamesNZ> Blame shifters!
[08:36:33] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - ICANN CEO Chehade Tenders his Resignation - http://sylnt.us - pick-a-revolving-door
[10:37:35] -!- JamesNZ has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[10:45:06] <crutchy> ICUNNT
[10:45:11] <SirFinkus> well, no riots tonight
[10:45:17] <SirFinkus> had fun drinking though
[10:45:38] <crutchy> what does it mean when riots are even a possibility?
[10:45:55] <arti> it means a night out for some folks.
[10:45:59] <SirFinkus> bunch of stupid folks
[10:46:15] <crutchy> 'lets get some beers and go see if there's some rioting tonight'
[10:46:21] <SirFinkus> there were obvious agent provocateurs, but a shortage of people
[10:46:39] <SirFinkus> a smattering of bussed in black panther types
[10:46:40] <crutchy> 'maybe we'll throw rocks at some pizza joint windows'
[10:46:53] <arti> quickly, smash locally owned businesses!
[10:47:09] <SirFinkus> but there were like 5 guys at the actual station, all pro police, and probably cops
[10:47:21] <crutchy> so it was a setup
[10:47:25] <crutchy> pretty lame
[10:48:24] <crutchy> what nigga's gunna use cursive in a flyer telling his homeys to smash some shit up
[11:07:59] <SirFinkus> https://au.news.yahoo.com
[11:08:02] <Scruffy> ^ 03The devastating moment lovers discover they are long lost brothers - Yahoo7
[11:08:02] <SirFinkus> from australia
[11:08:46] <SirFinkus> GAY INCEST
[11:38:52] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Artificial Sexuality: A Round-Table Discussion on Screwing Robots - http://sylnt.us - mrs.-palm-will-be-jealous
[12:21:36] <Bytram> coffee++
[12:21:36] <Bender> karma - coffee: 1386
[12:21:38] <Bytram> !uid
[12:21:39] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 5259, owned by mTor
[12:21:46] <Bytram> ~weather boston, ma
[12:21:54] <exec> 03Boston, MA, USA - currently 46°F, mostly sunny, wind W at 12 mph, humidity 37% - Saturday sunny (51°F-65°F), Sunday sunny (59°F-81°F), Monday cloudy (64°F-82°F), Tuesday partly cloudy (65°F-85°F)
[12:21:58] <Bytram> ~weather portland, me
[12:22:00] <exec> 03Portland, ME, USA - currently 46°F, sunny, wind W at 11 mph, humidity 40% - Saturday sunny (46°F-62°F), Sunday mostly sunny (57°F-79°F), Monday mostly cloudy (56°F-78°F), Tuesday partly cloudy (62°F-79°F)
[12:22:04] <Bytram> ~weather presque isle, me
[12:22:07] <exec> 03Presque Isle, ME, USA - currently 35°F, snow, wind W at 4 mph, humidity 80% - Saturday cloudy (42°F-57°F), Sunday mostly sunny (51°F-69°F), Monday partly cloudy (56°F-79°F), Tuesday scattered showers (63°F-79°F)
[12:22:41] <Bytram> ~weather Old Orchard Beach, ME
[12:22:43] <exec> 03Old Orchard Beach, ME, USA - currently 46°F, sunny, wind W at 9 mph, humidity 39% - Saturday sunny (45°F-63°F), Sunday mostly sunny (55°F-79°F), Monday mostly cloudy (56°F-76°F), Tuesday partly cloudy (61°F-79°F)
[12:24:59] <n1> https://www.youtube.com
[12:25:02] <Scruffy> ^ 03Amp Live 3 Flight In G Minor feat Dirty Cello - YouTube
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[13:47:37] <paulej72> ~weather cape may, no
[13:47:39] <exec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[13:48:18] <paulej72> ~weather cape may, nj
[13:48:19] <exec> 03Cape May, NJ, USA - currently 57°F / 14°C, mostly sunny, wind N at 14 mph, humidity 39% - Saturday sunny (53°F-64°F / 12°C-18°C), Sunday mostly sunny (61°F-75°F / 16°C-24°C), Monday partly cloudy (64°F-79°F / 18°C-26°C), Tuesday sunny (64°F-78°F / 18°C-26°C)
[13:49:27] * n1 ponders installing arma3
[15:38:37] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[16:12:20] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Grand Theft Auto Parent Company Sues BBC - http://sylnt.us - meta-story
[17:10:11] * n1 watches the tumbleweed roll by
[17:13:06] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Microsoft Threatened the UK Over Open Standards - http://sylnt.us - threatened-or-lobbying?
[18:13:52] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - A Public Apology to Microsoft and sigma - http://sylnt.us - mea-culpa
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[18:28:28] -!- SirFinkus [SirFinkus!~SirFinkus@q-37-359-375-883.hsd6.wa.comcast.net] has joined #Soylent
[19:04:23] * SirFinkus grumbles
[19:04:45] <SirFinkus> I finally got a graphics card for my G5, but apparently it uses Agp Pro graphics
[19:07:24] -!- SoyCovvarck [SoyCovvarck!~47e5cd6f@l-80-483-464-825.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #Soylent
[19:08:54] <SirFinkus> hope it works
[19:10:28] <n1> graphics card is nice to have in your private jet
[19:14:38] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - "Astoria" Tor Client Aims to Defeat Traffic Analysis - http://sylnt.us - peeling-the-layers
[19:25:29] <SirFinkus> nope
[19:27:28] <SirFinkus> http://www.jcsenterprises.com
[19:27:29] <Scruffy> ^ 03G4 (and G5) AGP Graphics Card Upgrades: Part 2- OS X
[19:27:36] <SirFinkus> look, I found a terrible webpage
[19:28:21] <chromas> At least there's no repeating pattern gif background
[19:29:36] <SirFinkus> holy shit
[19:29:43] <SirFinkus> so the entire thing is an image
[19:29:53] <SirFinkus> I thought it was some weird anti-copy thing
[19:30:04] <SirFinkus> but the alt attribute is the entire text of the page
[19:31:51] <SoyCovvarck> fuck graphics cards
[19:31:57] <arti> how?
[19:32:04] <SoyCovvarck> i just need a DAC chip to put ascii on a tube screen
[19:32:39] <SoyCovvarck> you have to take out the fans to put your penus in the air intake hole
[19:32:41] <SirFinkus> apparently he used "iweb" to create the site, but I somehow doubt iweb shat out pngs for paragraphs
[19:32:44] <chromas> tubes are for pussies; just use a printer
[19:32:55] <SoyCovvarck> i was seriously considering that recently
[19:32:56] <arti> sirfinkus, this is the future of the internet
[19:33:08] <SoyCovvarck> I'm quite confortable using ed for programming &c
[19:33:18] <SoyCovvarck> better spatial memory with that
[19:33:55] <chromas> SoyCovvarck: s/at/ec/
[19:33:55] <sedctl> <chromas> <SoyCovvarck> better special memory with that
[19:34:15] <SoyCovvarck> smirk.
[19:34:16] <chromas> speshul
[19:40:06] <arti> spechul
[19:44:30] <SoyCovvarck> install gentoo
[19:44:44] <arti> install freebsd
[19:46:20] <SoyCovvarck> install openbsd
[19:46:24] <SoyCovvarck> oh wait no drivers
[19:46:43] <chromas> Windows has the drivers; install that
[19:47:22] <arti> i thought uber had the drivers?
[19:47:33] <SoyCovvarck> mov eyball, knife
[19:48:11] <chromas> assembly mnemonics are for n00bz
[19:48:27] <SoyCovvarck> intel syntax ftw
[19:48:27] <chromas> toggle them switches, mister!
[19:50:59] <Bytram> coffee++
[19:50:59] <Bender> karma - coffee: 1387
[19:51:15] <SoyCovvarck> inc espresso
[19:51:44] <chromas> xor tea, tea
[19:52:08] -!- SoyCovvarck_ [SoyCovvarck_!~47e5cd6f@l-80-483-464-825.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #Soylent
[19:52:15] <SoyCovvarck_> ls
[19:53:26] <chromas> sudo cp /dev/null /dev/sda
[19:53:37] -!- kadal [kadal!~kadal@73.47.lyy.kjn] has joined #Soylent
[19:53:47] <arti> all hail kadal, master of text and vowels
[19:54:00] <arti> what word from the outside world?
[19:55:30] <kadal> the ringworld is inhabited!
[19:55:53] -!- SoyCovvarck has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[19:59:43] <SoyCovvarck_> lsdkjflsf
[19:59:55] <SoyCovvarck_> ^^^^^ encryption
[20:00:12] * chromas tattles to the Dropbear Committee
[20:03:09] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[20:03:19] -!- Ethanol-fueled [Ethanol-fueled!~Ethanol-f@SectorZeroZeroOne] has joined #Soylent
[20:03:28] <Ethanol-fueled> Unh.
[20:05:03] -!- LaDarius [LaDarius!~LaDarius@ka52-830-964-802.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #Soylent
[20:05:14] <Ethanol-fueled> 'sup LaDarius
[20:06:00] <Ethanol-fueled> !yo how are you doing?
[20:06:00] <LaDarius> how are you doing?
[20:06:03] <LaDarius> Man, y'all White boys pissin me da fucc off!
[20:06:23] -!- Ethanol-fueled has quit [Client Quit]
[20:09:41] -!- kadal has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[20:13:31] -!- SoyCovvarck_ has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[20:29:13] <Bytram> http://sot.wikia.com
[20:29:14] <Scruffy> ^ 03Wizard's Rules - Sword of Truth Wiki - Terry Goodkind, Wizard's First Rule, Magic
[20:30:03] <LaDarius> Aw HEY-YELL NAW!
[20:31:03] <LaDarius> *PfffffffHAAAAAAAW!* Schlimma-Schlamma Ding-dong DIZZY!
[20:32:03] <LaDarius> You juss arrestin' me cuz I BLACK! PO-LICE brutality! Ow!
[20:32:16] -!- LaDarius has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:46:55] <SirFinkus> we're good
[20:46:55] <SirFinkus> http://blog.unicode.org
[20:46:56] <Scruffy> ^ 03The Unicode Blog: Unicode 9.0 Candidate Emoji
[20:47:08] <SirFinkus> bacon emoji is probably going to happen
[21:05:58] <arti> that name
[21:06:09] <arti> sounds like a scene band
[21:06:33] <arti> "our hair is dark and long, these chords are the same all night long~"
[21:07:04] <chromas> "Please touch my footlong dong"
[21:07:57] <Subsentient> chromas: hah
[21:08:00] -!- SoyCow8305 [SoyCow8305!~2e1b5e42@46.27.km.iv] has joined #Soylent
[21:08:04] <SoyCow8305> hi
[21:08:05] <ciri> hi SoyCow8305
[21:08:08] <arti> greetings Subsentient
[21:08:12] <arti> how've you been?
[21:08:32] SoyCow8305 is now known as darent
[21:08:42] <chromas> I'm disappointed there's stil no unicode bird
[21:08:43] <arti> have you paid da rent?
[21:08:51] <darent> whot?
[21:08:53] <arti> chromas: .!.. ?
[21:09:20] <chromas> see that's weird; why is your finger floating above the knuckle?
[21:09:30] <arti> chromas: matrix
[21:09:41] <arti> maybe i do a crummy job at rigging :D
[21:09:49] <arti> or is that boning.
[21:10:19] <chromas> Let's ask yo mama
[21:10:39] <arti> you'll have to dial heaven
[21:11:08] -!- darent has quit [Client Quit]
[21:11:09] <Subsentient> arti: gelflejflkefjelrkjfrlefjerlkfjelkfj
[21:11:26] <Subsentient> arti: I'm alright, I'm not homeless
[21:11:37] <arti> my murlock translator is busted
[21:11:46] <arti> murloc*
[21:11:51] <arti> rlrlrlrlrlr
[21:12:20] <arti> awesome, glad to hear it. you might consider getting a giant shell to crawl in
[21:16:11] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - News About Pfizer's Most Popular Pill - http://sylnt.us - giving-malaria-the-blues
[21:17:24] <chromas> from the malaria-has-it-hard dept
[21:17:54] <n1> chromas++
[21:17:54] <Bender> karma - chromas: 108
[21:29:23] -!- Tachyon [Tachyon!~Tachyon@xuco.me] has joined #Soylent
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[22:19:21] <n1> if anyone has any stories they're pondering submitting
[22:19:23] <n1> please do
[22:29:07] <Subsentient> Nurble nurble, flesh eating gerbil.
[22:29:16] <Subsentient> Peanut butter going burble
[22:55:58] -!- Ethanol-fueled [Ethanol-fueled!~Ethanol-f@SectorZeroZeroOne] has joined #Soylent
[22:56:19] <Ethanol-fueled> Hey cats! I double-dare you to run the story I just posted.
[22:56:46] <Ethanol-fueled> IF you do, you have balls and truly respect alternative opinion, even if you don't agree with it.
[22:57:00] <Ethanol-fueled> Plus, it will piss off gewg_
[22:57:09] <chromas> dancing under the rainbows
[22:57:24] <chromas> Ethanol-fueled: you know why gays have the rainbow?
[22:57:30] <chromas> it's to remind god not to drown them again
[22:57:37] <Ethanol-fueled> hahahaha
[22:59:03] <Ethanol-fueled> I also can't wait until sigma's story is run.
[22:59:08] <Ethanol-fueled> That one should be good.
[22:59:51] <Ethanol-fueled> I understand that the editors need style guidelines, however, I don't think they should interfere with the more decent submitters shit like mine for having a style of its own.
[23:00:57] <Ethanol-fueled> I'm going to bring that up in the discussion -- that some submitters have style and write in a conversational way that is more like speaking informally rather than writing a proper English paper.
[23:01:17] <n1> we generally dont seek to change the 'style' of any submission
[23:02:24] <Ethanol-fueled> So basically, my recommendation would be not to meddle with People who can write good submissions; like Hugh Pickens, myself, gewg_, or buzzard and ncommander if they weren't already staff (so likely not being edited)
[23:02:41] <n1> thats pretty much what we do
[23:02:44] <chromas> http://www.popsci.com
[23:02:46] <Scruffy> ^ 03Watch A Record-Setting Hoverboard Flight | Popular Science
[23:02:52] <Ethanol-fueled> But at the same time I totally understand why things could be made more provocative.
[23:03:18] <n1> but sometimes we do get 'flow of consciousness' submissions that are not very coherent
[23:03:40] <Ethanol-fueled> I don't think Janrinok's public self-flaggelation was necessary, though. Shit happens.
[23:03:48] <Ethanol-fueled> good point, n1.
[23:03:51] <n1> and i usually go out of my way to remove any provocation from headlines especially
[23:03:58] <n1> resulting in what i assume is less comments and views
[23:04:18] <Ethanol-fueled> n1, you should run the story I submitted. guaranteed replies :)
[23:04:20] <Ethanol-fueled> HAHAHAHA
[23:04:27] <n1> the information can speak for itself, opinion can be saved for the comments
[23:04:45] <n1> which is how i think the microsoft/UK story should have gone
[23:05:15] <n1> i'm looking at it now, i'm not averse to running it at all
[23:05:29] <Ethanol-fueled> I didn't really read the whole discussion yet...but wasn't that true? What Microsoft did could be considered blackmail, right?
[23:05:57] <n1> it could be, sure
[23:06:07] <Ethanol-fueled> The issue was rather that sigma didn't agree with the wording(and felt misrepresented) rather than whether or not Microsoft did could be actually considered blackmail
[23:06:18] <n1> there were two issues in there
[23:06:26] <n1> which are quite seperate
[23:06:47] <n1> the blackmail thing is one and the addition of the comment is the other
[23:07:34] <Ethanol-fueled> what was the comment addition?
[23:07:50] <n1> the comment addition was about what MS did being 'normal business'
[23:07:55] <n1> not an exclusively MS tactic
[23:08:45] <n1> janrinok was trying to provide balance, good intentions, but it was in a story that really didn't warrant it
[23:09:00] <n1> the facts speak for themselves
[23:17:18] <n1> TFA of your submission is interesting
[23:17:43] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Tech Industry Execs Attend Secret Summit on Surveillance in the UK - http://sylnt.us - not-what-I-was-expecting
[23:23:58] <Ethanol-fueled> WTF?! The Intercept is not a "Snowden Newsletter"
[23:24:19] <Ethanol-fueled> They run stories on shit that Snowden has nothing to do with.
[23:25:40] <SirFinkus> I don't think snowden has even released anything in a year
[23:26:18] <Ethanol-fueled> snowden doesn't release anything, he just gave journalists the wad and they release the stories. Snowden then sometimes comments after their release.
[23:26:22] <Ethanol-fueled> sup fink
[23:26:27] <n1> El Reg should be ashamed with that really
[23:27:29] <Landon> mmm soylent is getting tasty
[23:27:36] <SirFinkus> not much
[23:27:41] <Landon> tbsp of cocoa powder and a frozen strawwberry helps a lot
[23:27:45] <SirFinkus> went downtown yesterday, no riots
[23:28:03] <Ethanol-fueled> I figured as such
[23:28:27] <SirFinkus> there were lots of black panther looking guys on all the streetcorners though
[23:28:47] <SirFinkus> probably would have been a riot if anyone showed up to actually protest
[23:29:15] <Ethanol-fueled> Washington is the place you go to avoid riots.
[23:29:35] <Ethanol-fueled> (as well as the collapse of society. Go Northwestern Front!)
[23:31:03] <n1> without the protests, the 'riot' would look more like reality, a small number of people trying to cause trouble using demonstrations as cover
[23:31:13] <Ethanol-fueled> Yup.
[23:31:48] <n1> one thing about protests has burned into my brain, i probably mentioned it here before. I visted the london occupy movement, when it was a thing
[23:32:01] <Ethanol-fueled> go on...
[23:32:04] <n1> and what i witnessed there for several hours, couldn't have been further from the reportin on it
[23:32:08] <n1> reporting*
[23:32:13] <Ethanol-fueled> how was it different, n1?
[23:32:14] <ciri> don't ask me!
[23:32:16] <SirFinkus> I suspect most of the protests on thursday were relatively sincere
[23:32:27] <SirFinkus> nobody trying to start shit, both sides pretty respectful
[23:32:28] <n1> it wasn't 'filthy unwashed hippies shouting at hard working people'
[23:32:50] -!- SpallsHurgenson [SpallsHurgenson!~SpallsHur@Soylent/Users/656/SpallsHurgenson] has joined #Soylent
[23:33:10] <n1> it was a very clean, respectful environment, it felt very inclusive and i saw that people had open discussions about all sorts of things.
[23:33:26] <n1> and the people they happened to choose for the 'interviews with protestors' on the news
[23:33:32] <n1> couldnt have been further again from the people i spoke to there
[23:33:54] <Ethanol-fueled> That's pretty shitty, n1, that the media would be so blatantly anti-populist.
[23:33:58] <n1> they wernt idiots, but i guess you cant get that kind of nuance down into a 20second soundbyte
[23:34:22] <SirFinkus> kooks are more fun
[23:34:30] <SpallsHurgenson> my ears are ringing
[23:34:38] <Ethanol-fueled> kooks were all that was left of occupy SD
[23:34:50] <n1> it does make me question now the representation of protests in general
[23:34:51] <SirFinkus> I'm of the opinion that the media isn't really being all that malicious, they're just going for ratings
[23:35:14] <n1> the media is one thing, the news should be another
[23:35:17] <n1> but apparently they're not
[23:35:20] <Ethanol-fueled> They had like 200 people, then the city sent in a Blackwater-like private security team who beat the shit out of everybody they could
[23:35:25] <SirFinkus> which makes them super easy to manipulate
[23:35:52] <n1> and even if you dont have that, you have the other side, the BBC position
[23:35:58] <n1> where you must be balanced above everything else
[23:35:59] <ciri> somewhere out on the WEB i guess n1
[23:36:04] <SirFinkus> BBC is shit
[23:36:07] <n1> so if you have one person saying the earth is round
[23:36:11] <SirFinkus> all clickbait
[23:36:13] <n1> you have to give equal coverage to the people saying it's flat
[23:36:33] <SpallsHurgenson> don't be ridiculous; the earth isn't flat; any fool can see that!
[23:36:38] <SpallsHurgenson> I mean, it has mountains and stuff!
[23:36:41] <chromas> it can be both
[23:36:45] <chromas> discs are flat and round
[23:36:59] <n1> the bbc has good moments, but they are rapidly diminishing
[23:37:02] <Ethanol-fueled> The earth is technically an oblate spheroid.
[23:37:24] <SirFinkus> I'm glad we have hard hitting journalism like this
[23:37:24] <SirFinkus> http://www.bbc.com
[23:37:27] <Scruffy> ^ 03BBC - Future - The philosopher who studies the experience of coffee
[23:37:42] <n1> SirFinkus, indeed
[23:37:49] <SpallsHurgenson> I recall reading that technically the earth is smoother than would be a ping-pong ball, were you to blow the latter up to the same size as the former.
[23:37:53] <n1> but thats what we get when we dont want to fund the BBC anymore
[23:38:00] <SpallsHurgenson> (another useless fact to clutter your brains)
[23:38:06] <n1> investigative journalists costs money and offer little reward when the government puts a d-notice out on the story
[23:38:32] <SirFinkus> I'd always heard pool ball
[23:38:38] <Ethanol-fueled> When I go to a news site, I want to read fucking news. Not distractions.
[23:38:38] <n1> so reprinting press releases and inconsequential studies is by far the best decision
[23:39:01] * SpallsHurgenson files away the pool ball fact, forgetting how to tie his shoelaces in exchange
[23:39:32] <SirFinkus> I don't think the brain is a FIFO system
[23:39:42] <n1> i did like the guardian and bbc falling for/covering the bank of englands 'accidental' email about an EU exit
[23:39:50] <SpallsHurgenson> why hire journalists when corporations and government press agencies will write your stories for you?
[23:40:03] <n1> SpallsHurgenson, it doesn't make good business sense
[23:40:14] * SirFinkus is going to begin the drinking process for the night
[23:40:26] <SpallsHurgenson> it doesn't count if you start with milk
[23:40:29] <n1> journalists affect advertisers, proprietors, governments
[23:40:31] <n1> and the national interests
[23:40:32] <chromas> it works for laws; why not news?
[23:40:44] <n1> public relations is much more inclusive to those interests
[23:41:02] <SpallsHurgenson> well, those nasty journalists keep finding difficult facts that embarass the corporations that buy the ads.
[23:41:11] <SpallsHurgenson> if only they would keep to the script :)
[23:41:32] <n1> real news is boring
[23:41:44] <n1> and depressing usually
[23:41:49] <SpallsHurgenson> also complicated; it doesnt' wrap up into a neat, easily digestable (and sellable) package
[23:42:03] <SirFinkus> oooh, my pencil lead came!
[23:42:07] <n1> SpallsHurgenson, as i referenced before, it has to fit in to a 20second or less soundbye
[23:42:10] <n1> soundbyte*
[23:42:17] <n1> and be easily translated into a 140 character tweet
[23:42:18] <SpallsHurgenson> who wants to read stuff like that? official press releases have good guys and bad guys and suggest easy solutions :)
[23:42:45] <SpallsHurgenson> everybody likes a nice narrative! truth is complicated :)
[23:42:58] <n1> Ethanol-fueled, that multiculturalism article is a very good read
[23:43:10] <Ethanol-fueled> n1, that's because I wrote it.
[23:43:20] <Ethanol-fueled> But arrogrance aside, I appreciate the complement.
[23:43:47] <Ethanol-fueled> (oh, I didn't write the linked articles though, haha)
[23:44:11] <n1> the submission is alright
[23:44:12] <Ethanol-fueled> n1, in retrospect I wish I'd used a less-inflammatory opening paragraph, hahah
[23:44:21] <n1> thats the only thing i'd change really
[23:44:37] <Ethanol-fueled> You have my permission to change it if you want to run it.
[23:44:43] <n1> thanks
[23:45:03] <n1> it has more chance of inspiring constructive discussion with a revised opening
[23:45:14] <n1> and people should RTFA
[23:45:21] <n1> which i might just use as the dept. title
[23:45:37] <Ethanol-fueled> Go for it. You may want to use a less-abrasive title as well. Change it at will. Run it. Sit back with a bag of popcorn and let the sparks fly.
[23:46:06] <SirFinkus> lmao
[23:46:09] <SirFinkus> the packing job on this
[23:46:10] <SirFinkus> http://i.imgur.com
[23:46:29] <chromas> Amazon?
[23:46:38] <juggs> has to be
[23:46:38] <Ethanol-fueled> Actually there is one good thing about multiculturalism -- the food. I can walk literally one block and get a huge fucking plate of zilzil tibs for dirt-cheap.
[23:46:39] <SirFinkus> amazon, but third party seller
[23:47:06] <SpallsHurgenson> its a box thing. it's actually cheaper for them to mail a few items in oversized boxes than stock a huge variety of boxes
[23:47:14] <n1> problem is multiculturalism is a loaded term in itself now
[23:47:28] <n1> i say this on the basis of another term i've only recently become aware of
[23:47:32] <SirFinkus> it's funny, because the shipping and the packaging probably cost more than the item itself
[23:47:44] <n1> 'social justice' was a new one to me until fairly recently, and i'd only read it in negative contexts
[23:47:57] <n1> so when i finally happened across an article that used it as a positive, i was immediately turned off by it
[23:48:05] <n1> regardless of the merits of the article
[23:48:46] <n1> i had to stop and think for a minute about it, these terms are generally meaningless and people have created their own definitions for them
[23:48:48] <SpallsHurgenson> especially in warehouses with lots of shipping, since its easier for personnel to use wrong-sized boxes than it is to look for the right sized box
[23:49:49] <n1> SpallsHurgenson, they're on time targets, dont get an order ready for shipping every 60 seconds, they're in trouble with their supervisor
[23:49:53] <SirFinkus> not pictured: and add for school girl costumes
[23:50:25] <SpallsHurgenson> n1: exactly. it takes time to find the right box. not to mention storing all those boxes
[23:51:09] <n1> i hear it a lot, "they should have done this", which you can only agree with in general, but the point is, the metrics the businesses use to analyze their performance
[23:51:14] <n1> doesn't cover that stuff in any way
[23:51:16] <n1> so it's not important
[23:51:21] <Ethanol-fueled> n1, and feminism.
[23:51:41] <Ethanol-fueled> Something that can be good and doesn't have to be bad, just that the phrase gets hijacked by idiots every now and then.
[23:51:52] <SpallsHurgenson> a lot of warhouses only have three or four sizes. its not stupidity or even (economic) wastefulness; it just makes more sense to use a larger box sometimes
[23:52:13] <n1> indeed, Ethanol-fueled
[23:52:19] <SpallsHurgenson> anyway, I got no complaints. kitty likes boxes :)
[23:52:24] <n1> it's another one where both sides of the debate damage a once useful term
[23:53:13] <SirFinkus> I'd be shocked if a kitty fit in the box
[23:53:31] * SpallsHurgenson realizes he missed a comment about school girl costumes.
[23:53:34] <SirFinkus> I was more impressed by the fact that it was bubble wrapped, and taped in the exact center of the box
[23:53:57] * SpallsHurgenson feels this topic needs to be explored more thoroughly
[23:54:20] <SirFinkus> "Sailor cosplay innocent schoolgirl school uniform" for only $9.53USD
[23:55:49] <SpallsHurgenson> oh, cosplay; that brings up... /unpleasant/... images
[23:55:54] <SirFinkus> I suspect the girl in the picture is a butterface because they cropped her face out
[23:56:50] <Ethanol-fueled> Haha, ouch.
[23:56:55] <chromas> 100% of all the models in the standing desk photos on Amazon are butterfaces
[23:57:16] <SpallsHurgenson> ~define butterfaces
[23:57:23] <exec> [wiktionary] 03butterfaces: butterfaces
[23:57:32] <SpallsHurgenson> well, that's helpful :)
[23:57:40] <chromas> ~define butterface
[23:57:44] <exec> [wikipedia] 03Butterface: This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.
[23:57:45] <SirFinkus> there are a few other things, the rest is a mix of anime shit, pens/stationary and candy
[23:58:05] <SirFinkus> the ads I mean
[23:58:32] <chromas> SpallsHurgenson: think of someone whose face looks melted like butter
[23:58:36] <chromas> like sarah jessica perker
[23:58:43] <SirFinkus> no, it's a pun
[23:58:49] <chromas> that too
[23:58:51] <chromas> mine's better
[23:58:51] <SirFinkus> "she's got a great body, but her face"
[23:59:24] <Ethanol-fueled> Foxie Brown: Hey look, it's a 12 year-old girl and a donkey!
[23:59:42] <Ethanol-fueled> Captain Hero: Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica parker?
[23:59:49] * SirFinkus just had a disturbing though