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[00:16:52] -!- BadCoderFinger [BadCoderFinger!~BadCoderF@216.160.gyz.km] has joined #Soylent
[00:19:19] <BadCoderFinger> Hi guys
[00:19:37] <juggs> greetings
[00:19:49] <BadCoderFinger> Hey juggs, how are you?
[00:20:55] <juggs> all good thanks. You?
[00:21:33] <BadCoderFinger> It's about as far away from beer day as it gets, heh. But I'll survive.
[00:23:22] <BadCoderFinger> Arguing with a script, but it's my own fault. I wrote it wrong in the first place.
[00:26:08] <juggs> is it a script that takes a lot of arguments? :D
[00:26:42] <BadCoderFinger> It will!
[00:26:51] <BadCoderFinger> Although right now it mostly just takes abuse.
[00:27:32] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Thousands Visit Trinity Test Site for 70th Anniversary of First Atomic Blast - http://sylnt.us - still-glowing-to-this-day
[00:27:34] <BadCoderFinger> Oh hey, crutchy grabbed 3 quotes from me yesterday. I was on cloud nine!
[00:27:43] <BadCoderFinger> I'm famous!
[00:27:47] <BadCoderFinger> Well, ish.
[00:28:17] <BadCoderFinger> Ok, not famous. Pretty much only Spalls laughs at my weird humor.
[00:28:27] <BadCoderFinger> Dang. Now I'm depressed again.
[00:28:58] <juggs> I dread to think what is grabbed in there - reading all the quotes entries would likely send one bonkers or blind
[00:30:13] <BadCoderFinger> Yeah, a bit like bash.org. Too much will hurt a bit.
[00:38:38] <Landon> !quote juggs
[00:38:38] <Bender> Quote 19 - <juggs> any minute now.... someone will say something dumb that sees them in the saddle....
[00:38:42] <Bender> Also in quotes: 56, 261, 279, 310, 351, 360, 361, 363, 397, 401, 467
[00:38:46] <Landon> :>
[00:38:48] <Landon> !quote 56
[00:38:48] <Bender> Quote 56 - <juggs> I just found it a nice reminder that we live on a globe of super-heated goo that likes to spit!
[00:39:23] <juggs> must have been my ebil twin talking :P
[00:41:24] <BadCoderFinger> Heh!
[01:05:40] -!- Bender has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[01:05:59] -!- Bender [Bender!Bender@Soylent/BotArmy] has joined #Soylent
[01:10:51] -!- SpallsHurgenson [SpallsHurgenson!~SpallsHur@Soylent/Users/656/SpallsHurgenson] has joined #Soylent
[01:11:36] <SpallsHurgenson> I feel like laughing. BadCoderFinger, say something weirdly humorous
[01:13:15] <BadCoderFinger> Dangit.
[01:13:34] * SpallsHurgenson falls to the ground laughing, "Oh man, that's a good one!"
[01:13:38] <BadCoderFinger> Now I feel really depressed. Thanks, Spalls. On a beerless day you pull that.
[01:13:59] -!- kadal [kadal!~kadal@m-90-227-85-93.hsd0.ma.comcast.net] has joined #Soylent
[01:14:06] * SpallsHurgenson chortles mightily
[01:15:57] * juggs prises the over sized hammer from SpallsHurgenson's hand.
[01:16:34] <BadCoderFinger> Ouch man. Ouch.
[01:16:39] <SpallsHurgenson> awww, you took my mjolnir
[01:17:04] <BadCoderFinger> Maybe it was Thorvald.
[01:19:42] <SpallsHurgenson> no, it was a Stanley 20-ounce fiberglass rip-claw, just like the god of thunder used I'm sure :)
[01:20:47] <BadCoderFinger> "Every cloud looks like a nail..."
[01:21:09] <BadCoderFinger> "Also, bad guys stronly resemble nails."
[01:21:42] * SpallsHurgenson starts an 18-hour file-copy over wifi because stupid computer manufacturers don't put ethernet ports on laptops anymore :-/
[01:23:19] <chromas> You should have stored your files in the nailcloud
[01:23:44] <SpallsHurgenson> that wouldn't do me any good; juggs stole my hammer :(
[01:24:31] <BadCoderFinger> USB ethernet adapter?
[01:24:37] <juggs> I was just concerned about lightning strike risk
[01:24:57] <juggs> think of children or something..... :-/
[01:25:15] <BadCoderFinger> Dangit. Now I'm a children.
[01:26:19] <SpallsHurgenson> worse, I'm thinking about you now :)
[01:26:56] -!- ChrisHansen [ChrisHansen!~chromas@46-962-967-05.dhcp.wlwl.wa.charter.com] has joined #Soylent
[01:27:32] <SpallsHurgenson> I'm not sure USB would be faster, since I'd first have to copy it TO the usb device, and then back off it onto the laptop.
[01:27:37] <ChrisHansen> I heard you guys were thinking of the children
[01:27:42] <SpallsHurgenson> plus it would, you know, require me to move :)
[01:27:57] <BadCoderFinger> USB ethernet. Bit faster than wifi, but still not near 1Gbit.
[01:28:14] <SpallsHurgenson> Chris Hansen: that's probably a clever pop-culture reference, but I don't get it :)
[01:28:24] <BadCoderFinger> There's the whole "I need to order a USB ethernet device" thing.
[01:28:40] <SpallsHurgenson> oh!
[01:28:46] <SpallsHurgenson> I think I actually have one of those somewhere
[01:31:04] <Landon> one of those came with my laptop :) pretty nifty
[01:31:13] <Landon> downside: my laptop doesn't have actual ethernet :\
[01:32:59] <SpallsHurgenson> I got this one years and years go
[01:33:07] <SpallsHurgenson> bummer... no compatible drivers
[01:34:59] * ChrisHansen blames Microsoft
[01:37:11] <juggs> SpallsHurgenson, http://knowyourmeme.com
[01:37:12] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Chris Hansen | Know Your Meme
[01:37:27] * juggs whacks chromas with a noodly appendage
[01:37:56] <chromas> it can't be me! I have a totally different vhost :)
[01:40:56] <juggs> You probably want to review your irc client settings [ChrisHansen] (~chromas@46-962-967-05.dhcp.wlwl.wa.charter.com): 2b - you got some seepage or leakage there :D
[01:41:29] <chromas> curses!
[01:41:35] <chromas> quick_connect--
[01:41:35] <Bender> karma - quick_connect: -1
[01:41:53] <BadCoderFinger> Heh!
[01:42:57] -!- ChrisHansen has quit [Quit: going to setup a stink at Dice…]
[01:43:14] <chromas> :|
[01:43:22] <chromas> can't even /quit message right
[01:43:53] <kadal> ugh. i don't like this trend of removing ports
[01:44:23] <chromas> What do you have against progress, kadal?
[01:44:25] <BadCoderFinger> Pretty soon they won't have mice or keyboards. Just touchscreens. They won't even fold anymore.
[01:45:06] <chromas> Steve's spirit live on
[01:45:46] -!- Bytram|away [Bytram|away!~pc@Soylent/Staff/Developer/martyb] has joined #Soylent
[01:45:46] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v Bytram|away] by Imogen
[01:46:13] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[01:46:30] <Bytram> !uid
[01:46:31] <Bender> The current maximum UID is 5195, owned by JBanister
[01:47:00] <Bytram> ~weather boston, ma
[01:47:32] <Bytram> hmmm, no weather. :/
[01:47:34] <BadCoderFinger> Ha! The bot hates you too!
[01:48:20] <BadCoderFinger> Also, hello Bytram!
[01:48:23] <SpallsHurgenson> ~weather
[01:48:26] * SpallsHurgenson wants to share in the hate
[01:48:54] <Bytram> BadCoderFinger: heya
[01:48:58] * SpallsHurgenson basks in the disregard
[01:49:01] <BadCoderFinger> Oh yeah. Drink in the hate. Next up in Spalls' playlist: The Dark Side.
[01:49:02] <Bytram> SpallsHurgenson: g'day
[01:49:11] <Bytram> BadCoderFinger: of the moon?
[01:49:18] <juggs> ^weather Boston, MA
[01:49:19] <geotti_away> [Boston, Massachusetts] Scattered Clouds. Temp is 3.9*C but feels like 2*C. East wind: 6.0 kph. Humidity: 93%.
[01:49:38] <juggs> carat FTW! @D
[01:50:06] <Bytram> juggs: thanks, but it's got those cootie measurements in there
[01:50:16] <BadCoderFinger> Dang bots and their dang control characters! Back in my day, if you wanted to know the weather, you bloody well asked your neighbor if it was raining.
[01:50:39] <juggs> Or opened the curtains....
[01:50:40] * Bytram would just look at the rock hanging from a string
[01:50:41] <BadCoderFinger> 3.9 is actually a small amount of cooties.
[01:51:19] <Bytram> not quite; 'c' is cooties... 'C' is kilocooties
[01:51:38] * SpallsHurgenson sings, "The dark side's callin' now; nothin' is real. / She'll never know just how I feel / From out of the shadows / She walks like a dream / Makes me feel crazy, makes me feel so mean / Ain't nothin' gonna save you from the love that's blind / you slip to the dark side across that line / on the dark side, oh yeah!
[01:51:52] <BadCoderFinger> Hoo boy! 3.9 kilocooties could wipe out a whole school!
[01:52:32] * Bytram offers BadCoderFinger a flashlight
[01:52:43] <Bytram> oops
[01:52:49] * Bytram offers SpallsHurgenson a flashlight
[01:52:54] <BadCoderFinger> Ha!
[01:53:07] <Bytram> it has 1 meeelion canlepowah
[01:53:16] <Bytram> s/nl/ndl/
[01:53:16] <sedctl> <Bytram> it has 1 meeelion candlepowah
[01:53:49] <BadCoderFinger> Also, it may be infested with kilocooties. Luckily, those glow in the dark, because they've eaten all the Higgs cooties.
[01:53:58] <SpallsHurgenson> huh... I don't have any flashlight-related songs :)
[01:54:49] <Bytram> SpallsHurgenson: well, call it a 'torch', like 'dem brits do
[01:55:22] <BadCoderFinger> There are songs about torches, but those usually involve pitchforks as well.
[01:56:02] <Bytram> doesn't pitch come from tree sap?
[01:56:13] * SpallsHurgenson has no songs about torches either, and thus has to rely on google for help
[01:56:15] * Bytram wonders how you make a fork out of sap
[01:56:32] * SpallsHurgenson lyricizes (since I don't know the tune) "These are things that I miss / These are not times for the weak of heart / These are the days of raw despondence / And I never dreamed I would have / To lay down my torch for you like this"
[01:56:36] * Bytram adds, excepting systemd, of course!
[01:56:40] <BadCoderFinger> It's flammable then! Also, it can exist simultaneously in the opposite state: inflammible.
[01:57:08] <Bytram> BadCoderFinger: that sparks some memories
[01:57:21] * Bytram channels barbara streissand
[01:57:51] <kadal> chromas, I actually use ethernet every day on my laptop. eventually i'll have to buy a new one. Hopefully ethernet ports will still be around. X-forwarding over WiFi is so.... slow.
[01:58:00] <BadCoderFinger> Bytram: That won't end well. Didn't anyone tell you not to summon evil?
[01:58:25] <SpallsHurgenson> <sigh> still 18 hours to go on the filecopy :-/
[01:58:32] <Bytram> BadCoderFinger: yeah, but streissand effect and all; doesn't help any
[01:58:52] <BadCoderFinger> Heh
[01:59:00] <chromas> hosts hosts hosts
[01:59:06] <kadal> SpallsHurgenson, how big is this file?
[01:59:09] <Bytram> SpallsHurgenson: did you zip/compress/whatever the files, first
[01:59:26] <SpallsHurgenson> its 100+ GB of files :)
[02:00:02] * Bytram suggests that SpallsHurgenson only send the '1' bits -- that should save about half the time
[02:00:56] <BadCoderFinger> Those do compress well.
[02:01:44] <SpallsHurgenson> remember when there used to be STORES where you could go out and buy computer hardware?
[02:01:47] <Bytram> that's "odd"
[02:02:39] <SpallsHurgenson> I could've gone out, bought a usb-2-ethernet adapter, come home and copied the files in just a few hours. But noooo! now we have online shopping and 1-day delivery! bah!
[02:02:49] * Bytram clarifies that "odd" was a reference to the '1' bits
[02:02:59] * Bytram remembers computer hardware stores
[02:03:39] <SpallsHurgenson> I don't like this future. I liked the future of ten years ago when I could still go to stores :)
[02:03:44] <BadCoderFinger> Luckily, I live near a Microcenter. I'd prefer a Frys, but that's where I am.
[02:03:53] * Bytram learned of one in my town a year ago where they gots motherboards and all kinds of electronics goodies -- me is nervous about going in as may not have any money left when he leaves.
[02:04:33] * Bytram ahs neither of those around -- except for the just-referenced-story, the best I've got is a Best Buy or a Staples
[02:04:40] <Bytram> s/ory/ore/
[02:04:40] <sedctl> <Bytram> ahs neither of those around -- except for the just-referenced-store, the best I've got is a Best Buy or a Staples
[02:05:41] * Bytram seems to have two left thumbs on each hand tonight -- sorry for the typos
[02:08:07] <SpallsHurgenson> rmebmer, so lnog as the fsrit and lsat lterts of the wrod are in the rgiht palce, poelpe wlil be albe to udnretsnad you. :)
[02:08:57] <BadCoderFinger> Spalls, your cat is on the keyboard again.
[02:09:00] <SpallsHurgenson> (god, that's almost as annoying to read as it was to type :)
[02:09:31] <JamesNZ> ~gday SpallsHurgenson
[02:10:07] <chromas> crutchy-- # takin' his toys with him
[02:10:08] <Bender> karma - crutchy: 155
[02:10:59] <SpallsHurgenson> is "g'day" really what New Zealanders say when they greet somebody? it sounds Australian to me :)
[02:11:33] <JamesNZ> Of course it's australian, it was written by an australian :P
[02:12:03] <chromas> he admits it!
[02:12:09] <Bytram> _!_"_#_$_%_&_'_(_)_*_+_,_-_._/
[02:12:16] <Bytram> 0_1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8_9_:_;_<_=_>_?
[02:12:26] <Bytram> @_A_B_C_D_E_F_G_H_I_J_K_L_M_N_O
[02:12:26] <Bytram> P_Q_R_S_T_U_V_W_X_Y_Z_[_\_]_^__
[02:12:26] <Bytram> `_a_b_c_d_e_f_g_h_i_j_k_l_m_n_o
[02:12:26] <Bytram> p_q_r_s_t_u_v_w_x_y_z_{_|_}_~_
[02:12:28] <Bytram> €__‚_ƒ_„_…_†_‡_ˆ_‰_Š_‹_Œ__Ž_
[02:12:30] <Bytram> _‘_’_“_”_•_–_—_˜_™_š_›_œ__ž_Ÿ
[02:12:32] <Bytram> _______________
[02:12:34] <Bytram> _______________
[02:12:38] <Bytram> _______________
[02:12:39] * JamesNZ looks sideways at Bytram
[02:12:40] <Bytram> _______________
[02:12:42] <Bytram> _______________
[02:12:44] <Bytram> _______________
[02:13:20] <SpallsHurgenson> and now for all of UTF-16!
[02:13:20] * Bytram is trying to wrap his head around some UTF-8 testing issues -- thought I'd see how IRC displayed these chars
[02:14:01] * Bytram actually left out 0x00-0x1f in the prior paste-bomb
[02:14:02] <chromas> Probably mostly depends on your client
[02:14:11] <Bytram> mroe on the charset, methinks
[02:14:13] -!- Bender has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[02:14:20] <Bytram> umm, moreon the font
[02:14:32] -!- Bender [Bender!Bender@Soylent/BotArmy] has joined #Soylent
[02:14:39] <SpallsHurgenson> "Kia ora"
[02:14:42] <chromas> I'm not sure irc has that concept
[02:15:10] <chromas> Bender went for a beer run
[02:15:35] <Bytram> _
[02:15:35] <Bytram> ________ _
[02:15:35] <Bytram> _ _ ___
[02:15:57] * Bytram can't seem to paste a NUL byte 0x00
[02:16:26] <Bytram> _______________
[02:16:46] <chromas> Some software uses nulls as string terminators
[02:16:56] <Bytram> nod nod, like 'c'
[02:17:10] <Bytram> that last paste was 0x10..0x1f
[02:17:35] <chromas> 0x1, 0x2 and some others are used for actions and coloring and stuff
[02:17:39] * Bytram sees nothing like ^P ^Q etc that he saw in his emacs buffer
[02:17:45] <Bytram> chromas: nod nod
[02:17:59] <Bytram> http://www.w3.org
[02:17:59] <RobotHouse> ^ 03HTML, XHTML, XML and Control Codes
[02:19:02] * Bytram wonders if the Robot left RobotHouse and went outside, would that make it an OutHouse?
[02:19:45] <Bytram> that doc is a little dated, in light of recent changes in unicode and utf-8, so I wanted to try an independent exploration to see what it revealed
[02:19:51] <Bytram> mostly confirmed my thinking.
[02:20:17] -!- Bender has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[02:20:34] -!- Bender [Bender!Bender@Soylent/BotArmy] has joined #Soylent
[02:20:35] <Bytram> bye bye bender
[02:20:39] <Bytram> oh, and wb
[02:24:33] <Bytram> ~weather boston, ma
[02:25:55] <BadCoderFinger> It still hates you as much as it hates me!
[02:26:45] <SpallsHurgenson> no weather for you!
[02:32:31] <kadal> ~weather boston, ma
[02:32:51] <kadal> awww. no weather for me either
[02:33:59] <BadCoderFinger> ^weather Denver, co
[02:34:00] <geotti_away> [Denver, Colorado] Partly Cloudy. Temp is 17.8*C. North wind: 8.0 kph.
[02:34:04] <BadCoderFinger> HA!
[02:34:05] <Bytram> ~whether or not
[02:34:10] <BadCoderFinger> Revel in my coolness.
[02:34:10] <Bytram> =)
[02:34:21] <Bytram> ^weather nome, ak
[02:34:22] <geotti_away> [Nome, Alaska] Light Snow. Temp is 0.4*C but feels like -5*C. East wind: 24.1 kph. Humidity: 99%.
[02:34:47] <Bytram> ^weather admudsen
[02:34:47] <geotti_away> Invalid query. Learn to type, dumbass.
[02:34:55] <BadCoderFinger> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
[02:34:57] <Bytram> ^weather dumass
[02:34:57] <geotti_away> Invalid query. Learn to type, dumbass.
[02:35:04] <Bytram> =)
[02:35:11] <BadCoderFinger> Oh man, that was funny!
[02:35:17] <Bytram> ^weather dumbass
[02:35:17] <geotti_away> Invalid query. Learn to type, dumbass.
[02:35:28] <BadCoderFinger> All this time ignoring you, then it calls you a dumbass!
[02:35:35] * Bytram is disappointed -- it should have had a recursive response on *that* one
[02:35:40] <BadCoderFinger> That's pretty much my life story.
[02:36:28] <Bytram> ^weather amundsen
[02:36:57] * Bytram thinks he killed another weather bot
[02:37:07] -!- interimexec [interimexec!~autoexec@46-962-967-05.dhcp.wlwl.wa.charter.com] has joined #Soylent
[02:37:09] <Bytram> ^weather new york
[02:37:10] <geotti_away> [New York City, New York] Clear. Temp is 16.4*C. WNW wind: 8.2 kph. Humidity: 51%.
[02:37:26] <paulej72> ~weather
[02:37:26] <interimexec> syntax: ~weather <location>
[02:37:31] <Bytram> ^weather amundsen-scott, south pole
[02:37:31] <geotti_away> Invalid query. Learn to type, dumbass.
[02:37:43] <Bytram> ^weather amundsen-scott
[02:39:04] <kadal> ^weather boston
[02:39:05] <geotti_away> [Boston, Massachusetts] Scattered Clouds. Temp is 4.0*C but feels like 2*C. North wind: 8.5 kph. Humidity: 94%.
[02:40:47] -!- interimexec has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[02:42:10] <Bytram> so, it seems that ^weather, when it DOES NOT recognize a place, gives a smart-alec response; and when it DOES recognize the location, gives the weather forecast, but when given 'amundsen' it does neither of those?
[02:42:21] <Bytram> ^weather
[02:42:38] <Bytram> does't give help, either.
[02:42:43] <Bytram> ^weather help
[02:42:45] <geotti_away> [Helpsen, Germany] Partly Cloudy. Temp is 1.8*C but feels like 2*C. East wind: 4.8 kph. Humidity: 82%.
[02:42:48] <Bytram> lol
[02:42:59] <Bytram> ^weather intercourse
[02:43:01] <geotti_away> [Intercourse, Pennsylvania] Partly Cloudy. Temp is 16.1*C. SE wind: 3.2 kph. Humidity: 66%.
[02:43:04] <BadCoderFinger> ^weather somewhere else
[02:43:05] <geotti_away> Invalid query. Learn to type, dumbass.
[02:43:07] <BadCoderFinger> Heh
[02:43:13] <Bytram> ^weather mexico, maine
[02:43:14] <geotti_away> [Mexico, Maine] Overcast. Temp is -0.9*C but feels like -1*C. Humidity: 96%.
[02:43:18] <Bytram> ^weather sweden, maine
[02:43:19] <geotti_away> [Sweden, Maine] Overcast. Temp is -0.6*C but feels like -1*C. Humidity: 95%.
[02:43:22] <Bytram> ^weather norway, maine
[02:43:24] <geotti_away> [Norway, Maine] Overcast. Temp is -0.2*C but feels like 0*C. Humidity: 96%.
[02:43:27] <BadCoderFinger> ^weather Hell, mi
[02:43:28] <geotti_away> [Hell, Michigan] Overcast. Temp is 10.8*C. Humidity: 73%.
[02:43:29] <Bytram> ^weather moscow, maine
[02:43:31] <geotti_away> [Moscow, Maine] Snow. Temp is -1.2*C but feels like -1*C. Humidity: 96%.
[02:43:41] <Bytram> ^weather paris, maine
[02:43:43] <geotti_away> [Paris, Maine] Overcast. Temp is -0.2*C but feels like 0*C. Humidity: 96%.
[02:43:47] <SpallsHurgenson> woohoo! 17 hours to go!
[02:43:47] <BadCoderFinger> Luckily, Hell is not freezing over.
[02:44:13] <Bytram> ^weather fort knox, maine
[02:44:14] <geotti_away> Invalid query. Learn to type, dumbass.
[02:44:25] -!- cmn32480 [cmn32480!~cmn32480@Soylent/Staff/Editor/cmn32480] has joined #Soylent
[02:44:25] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v cmn32480] by Imogen
[02:44:44] <Bytram> https://en.wikipedia.org(Maine)
[02:44:45] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Wiki: Fort Knox (Maine
[02:45:24] <Bytram> geotti_away: learn your geography, dumbass
[02:45:27] <Bytram> =)
[02:46:11] <BadCoderFinger> Heh!
[02:47:46] <JamesNZ> 'murica is a little island off the coast of NZ. That's all you need to know!
[02:48:56] <Bytram> http://www.itworld.com
[02:48:58] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Linux Australia breached, personal details leaked | ITworld
[02:51:34] <Bytram> !last-seen azrael
[02:51:43] <SpallsHurgenson> that's what you get for relying on Fosters beer cans and kangaroo-coders as the basis for your security :)
[02:51:45] <Bytram> ~last-seen azrael
[02:52:06] <Bytram> http://www.itworld.com
[02:52:06] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Linux Australia breached, personal details leaked | ITworld
[02:52:07] <chromas> $seen Azrael
[02:52:08] <aqu4> I last saw azrael at 2014-10-23 15:07:40 UTC in #editorial. Their most recent message is "Bytram: yoyo"
[02:52:31] <Bytram> hmmm, I thought it had been a while. :/
[02:52:42] <Bytram> $seen woods
[02:52:42] <aqu4> I last saw Woods at 2014-10-06 16:18:17 UTC in #editorial. Their most recent message is "Sounds promising"
[02:52:59] <Bytram> $seen blackmoore
[02:52:59] <aqu4> I last saw blackmoore at 2014-10-24 23:47:52 UTC in #soylent. Their most recent message is "nope can't do this on the new phone"
[02:53:16] <Bytram> $seen dopfish
[02:53:16] <aqu4> I'm afraid I don't remember anyone with the nick dopfish, sorry.
[02:53:20] <Bytram> $seen dopefish
[02:53:20] <aqu4> I last saw Dopefish at 2014-10-24 03:15:44 UTC in #editorial. Their most recent message is "you too"
[02:53:35] <chromas> ooh, 10-24
[02:53:36] <SpallsHurgenson> dopefish lives!
[02:53:42] <Bytram> looks like a bunch of eds disappeared in October 2014
[02:54:05] <cmn32480> and a bunch showed up in March 2015
[02:54:33] <SpallsHurgenson> five or six months is the usual gestation period for alien pod people
[02:54:52] * cmn32480 checks for a tail
[02:55:02] <cmn32480> nope.sorry spalls
[02:55:51] <Landon> let's see if I have any puppy pictures for you guys today
[02:56:06] -!- BadCoderFinger has quit [Quit: Night guys]
[02:56:16] <Landon> https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net
[02:56:31] * Bytram waves a belated bye bye to BadeCodeFinger
[02:56:38] <Landon> https://scontent-dfw.xx.fbcdn.net
[02:56:45] <cmn32480> hmmm... self preservation perhaps... but I am always skeptical clicking links in here
[02:56:54] * Bytram thinks Landon is practicing typing line-noise
[02:57:38] <Landon> cmn32480: sfw
[02:57:44] <Landon> unless you don't like lookin at bitches
[02:57:47] <cmn32480> that wasn't the kind of puppies I was hoping for....
[02:57:55] <cmn32480> I was hoping for the NSFW ones
[02:58:02] <cmn32480> but she is a cutie
[02:58:16] <cmn32480> little hairy for my taste
[02:58:18] <Landon> you expect nsfw, but have a sense of self preservation
[02:58:22] <Landon> treading a thin thin line
[02:58:39] <cmn32480> I live in a state of denial and confusion
[02:58:51] <Bytram> you don't say!
[02:58:52] <cmn32480> I think... maybe.... NO!... well, maybe
[02:59:08] <cmn32480> I deny I said it Bytram
[02:59:08] <Landon> http://goatse.cx I have a bridge to sell you if you just visit this link
[02:59:10] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Goatse Apps ( http://members.goatse.cx )
[02:59:22] <cmn32480> how about not
[02:59:23] <ciri> very carefully and then some
[02:59:39] <cmn32480> even I know that joke
[02:59:42] -!- takyon [takyon!~48d82d7d@Soylent/Staff/Editor/takyon] has joined #Soylent
[02:59:42] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v takyon] by Imogen
[03:19:12] * SpallsHurgenson finishes up the fourth season of Babylon 5
[03:26:07] <Bytram> SpallsHurgenson: I heard they lost the orginal digital masters and had to regen them from videotape... what are you watching it on?
[03:26:36] <SpallsHurgenson> the DVDs I bought years ago
[03:26:44] <SpallsHurgenson> (well, the rips of said DVDs)
[03:28:00] * SirFinkus reports SpallsHurgenson to the MPAA
[03:29:03] * juggs is shocked SpallsHurgenson has a dvd player. Wouldn't you be more at home with a camera obscura? :P :D
[03:29:04] <Bytram> if their response were delivered on peruvian critters would that be the llampaa ?
[03:29:26] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Microsoft and Oracle Enforcers Clobbering UK Public Sector - http://sylnt.us - how-to-drive-away-your-customers
[03:30:21] <SirFinkus> reminds me, time for better call saul
[03:30:54] <Bytram> is Saul a baseball umpire? We need a better call, saul!
[03:31:53] -!- cmn32480 has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[03:31:58] <chromas> When comedians go straight
[03:32:21] -!- cmn32480 [cmn32480!~cmn32480@Soylent/Staff/Editor/cmn32480] has joined #Soylent
[03:32:21] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v cmn32480] by Imogen
[03:33:20] * SpallsHurgenson was, of course, only kidding about the ripping of dvds. I always use the original discs :)
[03:33:39] Bytram is now known as Bytram|away
[03:41:44] <Bytram|away> cmn32480++
[03:41:44] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 1
[03:41:45] <Bytram|away> cmn32480++
[03:41:45] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 2
[03:41:46] <Bytram|away> cmn32480++
[03:41:46] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 3
[03:41:48] <Bytram|away> cmn32480++
[03:41:48] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 4
[03:42:58] <Bytram|away> g'night everybody!
[03:43:01] -!- Bytram|away has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[03:43:11] <chromas> something broke my bot tmux window
[03:43:28] <chromas> tmux-- # for being imperfect
[03:43:28] <Bender> karma - tmux: 8
[03:43:50] * SpallsHurgenson hides his baseball
[03:44:25] * chromas notices things being shrunk
[03:44:49] <cmn32480> sweet dreams kids...
[03:45:00] <cmn32480> I gotta hit the sack.
[03:45:08] <chromas> cmn32480: s/k//
[03:45:08] <sedctl> <chromas> <cmn32480> I gotta hit the sac.
[03:45:13] <chromas> night
[03:45:31] <cmn32480> that wasn't nice chromas!
[03:45:33] <chromas> happy slappin' :)
[03:45:48] <cmn32480> internet here is too crummy for that
[03:46:00] <cmn32480> it is barely holding an IRC connection
[03:47:01] cmn32480 is now known as cmn32480|sleepin
[03:47:45] <cmn32480|sleepin> night everybody!
[03:47:56] -!- cmn32480|sleepin has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[03:50:11] * juggs whacks chromas with a noodly appendage again. /me ponders ideaz for a FSM bot and what colander related antics could ensue.
[03:51:22] <takyon> SoylentNews 2045: all bots, all the time
[03:52:28] <SpallsHurgenson> I remember when I was first activated and commanded to join this IRC network... those were heady days for a young bot!
[03:53:29] <chromas> 🍝sieve chromas
[03:56:45] <juggs> takyon, 2045? You may have misread the missive, fairly sure it said 2015. You're not human are you?
[03:57:11] <takyon> i'm extrapolating
[03:57:52] <chromas> exec and Bender do have the ability to spawn baby bots
[03:58:03] <chromas> [dramatic sting]
[03:58:53] -!- kadal has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[04:07:12] <juggs> Bender doesn't just spawn baby bots, it's coded to command a fleet of bots. The thing is a capital ship of bottage.
[04:11:57] <chromas> Bender: list fleet
[04:11:57] <Bender> fleet plugin has the following commands: fleet-del, fleet-add, fleet-save, fleet-disable, fleet-list, fleet-cmnd, fleet-enable, fleet-avail, fleet-disconnect, fleet-connect
[04:12:04] <chromas> Bender: fleet-list
[04:12:04] <Bender> fleet: bender
[04:12:17] <chromas> Bender: fleet-add Flexo
[04:13:24] <juggs> I dread to think what is coming next
[04:14:05] <chromas> First Bender, then Flexo, then Fry
[04:20:45] <juggs> I suspect the author went mad and -9
[04:26:02] * juggs whacks chromas with a noodly appendage on the way out for good measure.
[04:26:52] * chromas strains
[04:33:54] * NCommander has Episode 2 of LP NetHack finally uploaded and processed
[04:34:52] <SirFinkus> neat
[04:35:47] * NCommander is splicing together the video editing for 3
[04:56:02] -!- SpallsHurgenson has quit [Quit: sleepy?]
[05:02:53] <SirFinkus> is it the same game you streamed NCommander, or a new series?
[05:08:09] -!- takyon has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[05:21:22] <SirFinkus> disappointing season finale
[05:21:28] <SirFinkus> last episode was better
[05:40:48] <arti> indeed.
[06:01:23] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - What Do Americans Really Think About Climate Change? - http://sylnt.us
[06:28:35] chromas is now known as soclose
[07:05:29] -!- aqu4 has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[07:06:05] -!- Subsentient has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[07:11:48] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #Soylent
[07:20:43] -!- Subsentient [Subsentient!~WhiteRat@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Subsentient] has joined #Soylent
[07:20:43] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v Subsentient] by Imogen
[07:55:57] <JamesNZ> java--
[07:55:57] <Bender> karma - java: -19
[08:02:08] <soclose> java--
[08:02:08] <soclose> xml--
[08:02:08] <Bender> karma - java: -20
[08:02:08] <Bender> karma - xml: -2
[08:02:29] -!- aqu4 has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[08:02:58] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Government of India Adopts FOSS Preferred Policy - http://sylnt.us - GNU-it-to-me-baby
[08:03:41] -!- Subsentient has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[08:04:13] <soclose> kama gnutra
[08:07:44] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #Soylent
[08:08:14] <JamesNZ> soclose++
[08:08:14] <Bender> karma - soclose: 1
[08:08:19] <JamesNZ> emacs++
[08:08:19] <Bender> karma - emacs: 58
[08:08:21] <JamesNZ> emacs++
[08:08:21] <Bender> karma - emacs: 59
[08:16:40] <JamesNZ> Ermagersh unicode: http://xahlee.info
[08:16:41] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Fonts for Unicode 6 Emoticons
[08:17:48] * soclose notices kcharselect doesn't show any of those characters even when the font supports it
[08:20:21] * soclose wonders if JamesNZ is studying and/or teaching the javar
[08:21:24] <JamesNZ> Learning with it indeed, woe is me.
[08:22:55] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #Soylent
[08:23:24] <soclose> quick, act natural!
[08:23:34] * soclose moos and then grazes
[08:23:52] <crutchy> yo
[08:24:27] * JamesNZ hurriedly attempts to kill crutchy
[08:24:39] <JamesNZ> That's what all the animals do, right? :P
[08:25:09] <soclose> right on
[08:25:16] <soclose> crutchy: we only like you for your bot :|
[08:28:47] <SirFinkus> I inherited a slot machine from my dead grandpa, the first time I tried it I got a jackpot #spooky
[08:39:31] -!- Subsentient [Subsentient!~WhiteRat@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Subsentient] has joined #Soylent
[08:39:31] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v Subsentient] by Imogen
[08:42:01] <Azrael> I have surely been seen since last year!!
[08:42:42] <crutchy> trying to get a 3rd screen going through the usb thingy on my desktop
[08:43:13] <crutchy> currently have a green screen so the driver's working
[08:59:02] <soclose> the green screen means you need a compositor
[08:59:53] <soclose> chroma key powers, activate!
[09:00:39] <crutchy> i'm editing xorg.conf on the usb display atm, so i guess that's a good sign
[09:02:12] <soclose> is that still used?
[09:03:52] <crutchy> hmm. that's confusement. now i have a tty on the usb and xdm on the other 2
[09:04:04] <crutchy> yeah xorg is still used by nvidia
[09:05:11] * soclose can't find it
[09:05:25] <crutchy> got xchat going on a 4th off lappy
[09:05:32] <crutchy> matrix_displays++
[09:05:32] <Bender> karma - matrix_displays: 1
[09:05:34] <soclose> suite
[09:07:07] <crutchy> maybe i'll bail on the linux config and chuck it back on windows for now
[09:07:24] <soclose> join the blue side with kde :D
[09:07:47] <soclose> though I can never get it to retain multi-monitor settings across logins anymore
[09:09:56] <crutchy> there we go. 5 screens across 2 computers
[09:10:15] <crutchy> will have to do :p
[09:10:59] <crutchy> ooh actually if i use synergy i'll be able to drive with one kb/mouse
[09:11:10] * soclose looks at ddr2 ram; closes page
[09:11:42] <soclose> s/;/ prices;/
[09:11:42] <sedctl> <soclose> looks at ddr2 ram prices; closes page
[09:12:29] <soclose> SedBot is shamed it mostly gets used for simple corrections and not much for comedic value
[09:21:43] <crutchy> synergy++
[09:21:43] <Bender> karma - synergy: 2
[09:22:54] <soclose> While you're at it, may as well bring in some x-forwarding too
[10:04:31] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - After 4 years, Japanese Power Utility Finally Admits Fukushima Meltdown - http://sylnt.us - worse-than-previously-admitted
[10:27:03] soclose is now known as chromas
[10:33:17] <TheMightyBuzzard> coffee++
[10:33:17] <Bender> karma - coffee: 1258
[10:33:45] <SirFinkus> morning TheMightyBuzzard
[10:33:52] <TheMightyBuzzard> mornin
[10:34:03] <SirFinkus> hows the new place treating you?
[10:34:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> fair, can't really say till i've got a license and tried the fishing though.
[10:34:50] <SirFinkus> do you have a boat and all that stuff?
[10:35:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> nah, not here.
[10:35:19] <SirFinkus> aside from the Soylent News Donation Yacht of course
[10:36:16] <SirFinkus> boats are expensive, it's much better to have a friend or family member with a boat than to have one yourself
[10:36:27] <TheMightyBuzzard> just bank fishing for the now. gave the boat i had to my dad since there wasn't any place to store it here.
[10:37:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> also the motor was shot and i couldn't ever be arsed to fix it. he digs on things like that for some reason.
[10:38:33] <chromas> Does he have a pickup whose engine is perpetually in need of repair?
[10:40:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> nah, has a sweet new dodge diesel that should go a few hundred thousand more miles before it needs any work.
[10:41:39] <TheMightyBuzzard> he grew up proper dirt poor though and doesn't like to pay for stuff he can do himself.
[10:42:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> i don't either but that doesn't necessarily mean i want to do it either.
[10:43:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> plus if i did all the stuff i know how instead of paying for it, i'd have to build my own houses and do all my own own auto repair.
[10:44:00] <crutchy> coffee++
[10:44:00] <Bender> karma - coffee: 1259
[10:44:05] <TheMightyBuzzard> true dat
[10:44:41] <TheMightyBuzzard> coffee++ # anything non-folgers deserves the extra ++
[10:44:41] <Bender> karma - coffee: 1260
[10:55:06] <crutchy> gunna be some delphi goin on tonight
[10:55:20] <crutchy> soon as i get these files copied across :/
[10:56:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> nifty. i'm sposed to be looking at something for NC but my brain ain't kicking in yet.
[10:57:50] <SirFinkus> more coffee?
[11:01:22] -!- JamesNZ has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[11:02:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> yeah, definitely. also a good reminder to take my freaking pills.
[11:13:43] <crutchy> wifi_copying--
[11:13:43] <Bender> karma - wifi_copying: -1
[11:15:23] <TheMightyBuzzard> ?
[11:15:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh, right.
[11:17:13] SoyGuest50609 is now known as cosurgi
[11:17:23] -!- cosurgi has quit [Changing host]
[11:17:23] -!- cosurgi [cosurgi!~cosurgi@Soylent/Staff/Wiki/cosurgi] has joined #Soylent
[11:17:23] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v cosurgi] by Imogen
[11:17:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> mornin, cosurgi
[11:28:14] <crutchy> g'day cosurgi
[11:28:15] <ciri> hi, do you yahoo? crutchy
[11:30:48] <crutchy> wtf is yahoo?
[11:33:37] <crutchy> now i gotta install mysql :<
[11:35:42] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Extraversion May Be Less Common Than We Think - http://sylnt.us - whatcha-lookin-at-bub
[11:43:57] <TheMightyBuzzard> crutchy, mysql is good for ya. puts hair on your balls.
[11:55:30] <Subsentient> So I just registered to be an organ donor.
[11:55:47] <Subsentient> I told em 'when I'm dead, take everything'.
[11:55:56] <Subsentient> They can even have my nads if they want em
[11:56:29] <TheMightyBuzzard> not me. damned communists. they can buy my organs on the black market like god intended.
[11:56:33] <Subsentient> I'm always worried about my sanity and I've been a suicide risk in the past, at least this way I know that if the OCD makes me kill myself, it won't be all for naught.
[11:58:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> just remember, if you kill yourself you're making a huge freaking mess. piss n shit all over yourself at the very least.
[11:58:26] <Subsentient> hah
[11:58:37] -!- exec [exec!~exec@utioner/T-800/BeVeryAfraid] has joined #Soylent
[11:58:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> my particular ocd traits could deal with that, someone with proper CDO, prolly not.
[11:59:12] <Subsentient> What you did there, I see it.
[11:59:56] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: This is actually what I have: https://en.wikipedia.org
[11:59:57] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Wiki: Primarily Obsessional OCD
[12:00:06] <Subsentient> Read the article.
[12:00:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> mostly though, it epically sucks balls for anyone who gives a damn about you. beyond description.
[12:00:18] <TheMightyBuzzard> Subsentient, you must be new here
[12:00:30] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: No, I'm just nuts.
[12:00:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya but we're all that
[12:00:57] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: hah, "read the article" TFA joke lol
[12:01:15] <TheMightyBuzzard> yar
[12:02:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> my particular crazy, well one of them: https://en.wikipedia.org
[12:02:22] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Wiki: Schizoid personality disorder
[12:04:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> add a dash of adult ADHD and a bit of major depression to the mix too.
[12:04:44] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: Ahh, yeah I got the ADHD.
[12:05:03] <Subsentient> Also, my big problem nowadays is extreme chronic fatigue
[12:05:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> that part i actually don't mind.
[12:05:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> they got me on adderall which is badass.
[12:06:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> makes your coffee work better
[12:06:10] <TheMightyBuzzard> coffee++
[12:06:10] <Bender> karma - coffee: 1261
[12:06:14] <Subsentient> I'm not really depressed as a person, so it's not depression. I remember waking up one day when I was 8 and feeling dead exhausted, and thinking "I hope this goes away", but it never did.
[12:06:24] <Subsentient> It's just getting worse each year
[12:06:56] <Subsentient> There's a reason Epoch's 6000 lines of code took 6 months to write.
[12:07:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> ask bout adderall or some other adhd med then. should help with that as well since they're all essentially stimulants
[12:07:42] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: I'm afraid that'd just get the OCD going really bad. That's something that people with Pure-O REALLY don't want to do.
[12:08:23] <TheMightyBuzzard> might. might not. dunno. s'why i said ask.
[12:08:34] <Subsentient> hm
[12:09:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> first couple days on it you'll get a lot of housework done at the very least.
[12:09:15] <Subsentient> lol
[12:09:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> know i sure did
[12:10:40] <Subsentient> yeah my list of shit that needs to get done is most extensive indeed.
[12:11:20] <TheMightyBuzzard> i let things pile up a little but nothing like i used to anymore. hell i did laundry while i still had clean clothes yesterday.
[12:12:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> plan on doing dishes today even though there's only like half a sink full.
[12:12:08] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: uhoh, guess what: http://www.addforums.com
[12:12:09] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Stimulants make OCD better, or worse? - ADD Forums - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Support and Information Resources Community
[12:13:33] <TheMightyBuzzard> funky. they did the opposite for me. i don't worry about my previous ocd-esque behaviors for the most part anymore.
[12:14:36] <TheMightyBuzzard> like my ashtray used to have to be arranged a certain way so butts didn't catch each other on fire.
[12:14:57] <TheMightyBuzzard> speaking of, that's a grand idea. afk: nicotine
[12:15:01] <Subsentient> TheMightyBuzzard: Then quit eating so much spicy curry
[12:21:44] <crutchy> #boxedfox > konomi, how you been?
[12:21:45] <exec> 13 ten minute relay set for "konomi" in "#boxedfox" on freenode to "#soylent" on this server
[12:23:40] <crutchy> d7 doesn't have a json decoder in the vcl :(
[12:23:44] <exec> 03Konomi [02#boxedfox] 05okay
[12:25:10] <crutchy> #boxedfox > apparently we're trying to one-up the US with warrant canary legislation. lucky we don't have a bill of rights
[12:26:45] <crutchy> #boxedfox > Subsentient, hi :p
[12:26:46] <exec> 13 ten minute relay set for "subsentient" in "#boxedfox" on freenode to "#soylent" on this server
[12:27:18] <Subsentient> #boxedfox > crutchy, The gerbocalypse is nigh
[12:27:22] <crutchy> super_secret_spy_tools++
[12:27:22] <Bender> karma - super_secret_spy_tools: 1
[12:27:44] -!- mode/#Soylent [+o aqu4] by Imogen
[12:27:59] <Subsentient> $chanctl kick crutchy
[12:27:59] <aqu4> Ok.
[12:28:00] -!- crutchy was kicked from #Soylent by aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4 [crutchy]
[12:28:11] <Subsentient> $tell crutchy I got cool stuff too
[12:28:11] <aqu4> I'll tell them in a PM next time I see 'em.
[12:29:00] <exec> meanie :p
[12:30:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> ;dothis $bar = $VERSION;
[12:30:20] <TheMightyBuzzard> hrm
[12:30:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> ;reload
[12:30:22] <MrPlow> Reloaded
[12:30:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> ;dothis $bar = $VERSION;
[12:30:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> well then, spose i better fix that.
[12:30:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> ;dothis $bar = 3;
[12:30:56] <MrPlow> 3
[12:30:58] <ciri> 4
[12:30:59] <ciri> 5
[12:31:01] <ciri> 6
[12:31:03] <ciri> 7
[12:31:05] <ciri> 8
[12:31:07] <ciri> 9
[12:31:09] <ciri> 10!
[12:31:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> okay, it's just that $VERSION ain't set
[12:31:53] <TheMightyBuzzard> ;dothis $bar = `hostname`;
[12:31:53] <MrPlow> boron
[12:35:29] -!- Subsentient has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[12:35:29] -!- aqu4 has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[12:43:23] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #Soylent
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[12:43:42] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v takyon] by Imogen
[12:44:01] <crutchy> g'day takyon
[12:44:01] <ciri> speak of the devil crutchy
[12:45:49] <takyon> good morning to you
[12:49:36] -!- MrPlow has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[12:49:57] -!- MrPlow [MrPlow!~TheMighty@nsa.gov] has joined #Soylent
[12:50:17] * TheMightyBuzzard yawns
[12:53:20] * crutchy is writing a little half-baked json decoder
[12:53:27] -!- MrPlow has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[12:53:42] -!- MrPlow [MrPlow!~TheMighty@nsa.gov] has joined #Soylent
[12:53:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> ;reload
[12:53:57] <MrPlow> Reloaded
[12:54:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> crutchy, why for you do that? there gotta be libraries that already do it.
[12:55:00] * TheMightyBuzzard scratches his head
[13:01:46] <crutchy> i'll give this LkJSON lib a go. looks compact
[13:06:38] -!- MrPlow has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[13:06:52] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - New Bill in Colorado Would Protect the Right to Record Police - http://sylnt.us - 'give-me-your-Bill'-said-the-officer
[13:06:54] -!- MrPlow [MrPlow!~TheMighty@nsa.gov] has joined #Soylent
[13:07:18] * TheMightyBuzzard eyes MrPlow
[13:08:01] * TheMightyBuzzard ponders how to structure some data
[13:12:20] <takyon> microsoft excel
[13:12:42] <TheMightyBuzzard> good thinkin
[13:13:57] <crutchy> need moar complexity!
[13:14:05] <crutchy> hehe
[13:14:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> ya, actually does
[13:14:56] <crutchy> Leonid_Koninin++
[13:14:57] <Bender> karma - leonid_koninin: 1
[13:15:16] <crutchy> awesome little json lib for the old clunker delphi that i'm using
[13:15:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> smoke break
[13:15:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> nicotine++
[13:15:36] <Bender> karma - nicotine: 6
[13:16:25] <crutchy> nicotinectl stop lungrot :p
[13:18:16] -!- TK [TK!~9ff52031@159.245.wl.ns] has joined #Soylent
[13:18:25] <takyon> nicotine--
[13:18:25] <Bender> karma - nicotine: 5
[13:18:48] <takyon> crispr++
[13:18:48] <Bender> karma - crispr: 1
[13:32:33] <crutchy> got the message handler working well enough. now to add some gui funk :D
[13:34:45] <NCommander> SirFinkus, new series, I don't think I didn't have a character die
[13:35:04] <SirFinkus> ahh
[13:35:14] <NCommander> SirFinkus, I'm using the NetHack series to really learn how to do LP's right, and get audio/video editing down, Episode 3 IMHO is looking a lot more solid than the previous ones.
[13:35:46] <crutchy> LP's = Lennart Poetterings?
[13:35:51] <SirFinkus> yes
[13:36:15] <crutchy> everyone wants to do him
[13:36:38] <NCommander> ew
[13:37:09] <SirFinkus> I know he's my PID 1
[13:43:26] -!- MrPlow has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[13:43:46] -!- MrPlow [MrPlow!~TheMighty@nsa.gov] has joined #Soylent
[13:43:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> ;reload
[13:44:01] <MrPlow> Reloaded
[13:45:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> NCommander, mornin, fearless leader. edity notes are on hold for a bit on account of my brain not waking up yet this mornin. this afternoon maybe.
[13:45:15] <crutchy> MrPlow, s/^/Matrix /
[13:45:15] <sedctl> <crutchy> <MrPlow> Matrix Reloaded
[13:46:31] -!- Subsentient [Subsentient!~WhiteRat@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Subsentient] has joined #Soylent
[13:46:31] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v Subsentient] by Imogen
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[13:51:07] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v janrinok] by Imogen
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[13:51:45] -!- MrPlow [MrPlow!~TheMighty@nsa.gov] has joined #Soylent
[13:51:55] <janrinok> hi guys
[13:52:29] <crutchy> g'day janrinok
[13:52:30] <ciri> ... crutchy
[13:52:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> mornin, janrinok
[13:53:21] <janrinok> a'noon TheMightyBuzzard
[13:53:31] <janrinok> hi crutchy
[13:53:32] <ciri> hello janrinok
[13:53:54] <crutchy> almost morning here
[13:53:56] <SirFinkus> hmm, idea
[13:54:02] <SirFinkus> distributed sneakernet
[13:54:02] <crutchy> about 7 minutes to go
[13:54:04] <janrinok> hi SirFinkus
[13:54:04] <ciri> blood for the blood god. janrinok
[13:54:22] <janrinok> you'll be off to bed soon, then crutchy?
[13:54:25] <SirFinkus> you take a drive, plug it into a computer and it automatically fills it with files you've requested
[13:54:32] <SirFinkus> or lets that node know which files you want
[13:54:45] <crutchy> prolly. i can squeeze in a little more coding
[13:54:53] <janrinok> lol
[13:54:54] <ciri> i don't think it's that funny lol
[13:55:00] <SirFinkus> any file that node wants get transferred off the drive
[13:55:17] <SirFinkus> encryption/filehashes etc
[13:56:00] <SirFinkus> just make it dumb and work directly with files, so you can sneak it over a network too if you want
[13:57:39] <janrinok> its a possibility, but what advantages does it give?
[13:58:08] <SirFinkus> anonymity, and in some cases, transfer speeds
[13:58:26] <SirFinkus> in the case of sneakernet transfers
[13:58:36] <SirFinkus> seems like it could be a fun project for me to work on
[13:59:00] <crutchy> its a trendy version of the ol' shoe phone
[13:59:08] <janrinok> a good technical challenge, but I'm not sure it will become a popular way of transferring data
[13:59:24] <crutchy> but runs faster
[13:59:35] <SirFinkus> it might, people do those usb key drop boxes
[14:00:21] <janrinok> that's true
[14:00:26] <NCommander> TheMightyBuzzard, hugely appreicated
[14:01:29] <SirFinkus> you request a file hash, the file hash gets copied to the key, come back in a week and hopefully somebody with that file has plugged in
[14:01:31] <TheMightyBuzzard> NCommander, where abouts is that branch btw. wasn't one in the src/rehash dir.
[14:01:42] <SirFinkus> it'd probably mostly be used over the network though
[14:02:26] <paulej72> TheMightyBuzzard: was it the live code?
[14:02:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> paulej72, no clue. hence asking.
[14:04:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> if it was the live code though NC is gonna cry on account of i deployed from src/rehash/ after i got git all happy again.
[14:06:51] <NCommander> TheMightyBuzzard, src/rehash_editor something
[14:06:53] <paulej72> TheMightyBuzzard: Intenal server error on viewing story queue
[14:07:07] <NCommander> TheMightyBuzzard, "branch" as seperate folder vs. git branch
[14:07:16] <NCommander> git branches drive me semi-loco
[14:07:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> NCommander, gracias. will look into it soon's my brain starts workin again.
[14:07:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> paulej72, bleh
[14:08:06] <paulej72> redeploy from NCommander's branch and see if that works better
[14:08:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> rather fix the error
[14:09:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> actually rather go have a cigarette. error log looks like line noise to me just now.
[14:16:35] <Leebert> Holy bejeezus it is tourist season
[14:18:40] <janrinok> Yep, the same here too. I've just been doing some shopping, and the campervans and aimlessly wandering tourists are back in force.
[14:20:07] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[14:20:10] <Leebert> janrinok: Remind me where "here" is?
[14:20:16] <Leebert> Oh, another time. :)
[14:22:11] <paulej72> Leebert: somewhere in Frace, northern i think.
[14:22:24] <Leebert> Ah, cool.
[14:22:32] <Leebert> I remember the GForge guys were all from France.
[14:22:33] <paulej72> janrinok is an ex Brit
[14:22:57] <Leebert> Sent one of them a t-shirt for helping me work through a sticky bug.
[14:23:51] <Leebert> Only been to France once. Really wanted to take the chunnel, so took the Eurostar from London to Paris.
[14:24:07] <Leebert> Would that the US get its high-speed rail on. :(
[14:24:07] <paulej72> cool
[14:24:42] * paulej72 has no passport and has not left the country
[14:25:04] <Leebert> paulej72: US?
[14:26:24] <paulej72> yes
[14:26:49] <paulej72> lots of stuff to see here wtihout a passort
[14:27:21] <Leebert> Agree. I don't do much foreign travel; still busy traveling the US.
[14:27:54] <Leebert> Mostly my foreign travel is limited to Haiti, but that's more humanitarian. Not really any time for tourism.
[14:28:03] <Leebert> Not that you'd really want to. :)
[14:33:15] -!- takyon has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[14:37:00] <crutchy> 'night #soylent
[14:38:03] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Google Claims VP9 Success as New Video Codecs Appear - http://sylnt.us - eyes-exploding-with-delight
[15:28:07] CoolHand is now known as CH|away
[15:32:49] <CH|away> dang, I didn't think a nick change was a penalty in irpg.. now I'm going to have to take one more to change back, then I'm never changing to "away" again... :(
[15:33:08] CH|away is now known as CoolHand
[15:54:25] -!- mechanicjay [mechanicjay!~jhowe@Soylent/Staff/Sysop/mechanicjay] has joined #Soylent
[15:54:25] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v mechanicjay] by Imogen
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[16:09:14] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Differential Geometry + General Relativity Immersion Course - http://sylnt.us - I-can-really-learn-my-maths-and-sciences-now
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[17:07:13] -!- kadal [kadal!~kadal@18.189.vmo.yq] has joined #Soylent
[17:27:27] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[17:32:08] * mechanicjay is aimless at work today
[17:39:19] <janrinok> is that good or bad?
[17:43:42] <mechanicjay> bad. I have a couple big support tickets that I'm waiting for feedback on. I have a couple feature requests I could hack into a program I'm working on. I have some project planning to do
[17:43:47] <mechanicjay> But what am I doing?
[17:44:13] <mechanicjay> catching up on my retro computing mailing lists and reading the interwebs.
[17:44:18] <janrinok> you are letting your brain rest, to be better prepared for when the feedback arrives
[17:44:51] <mechanicjay> Some days, the productivity gauge is just on 0.
[17:45:08] <mechanicjay> yeah, but having all the outstanding tasks is stressful.
[17:45:20] <janrinok> but the interwebs need you!
[17:54:10] <mechanicjay> I'm tempted to go stare at the PDP-11 on the shelf in the next room and start cataloging the boards inside.
[17:54:27] <janrinok> you've still got a PDP-11 - does it work?
[17:55:16] <mechanicjay> There is an 11 and an 8M on display behind our helpdesk. No one knows the last time they were powered on. It's a personal project I want to take on.
[17:55:50] <janrinok> I trained on a PDP-11, but I haven't seen one for many years
[17:56:38] <mechanicjay> http://archives.smbfc.net
[17:56:47] <mechanicjay> http://archives.smbfc.net
[17:57:38] <janrinok> ah memories... I've never used the 8 though
[17:57:55] <mechanicjay> gosh, I've just lost 20 minutes here:
[17:57:58] <mechanicjay> http://www.datormuseum.se
[17:58:00] <RobotHouse> ^ 03PDP-11/04 - Restoration - Finished! - Dalby Datormuseum
[17:59:40] <janrinok> you might be wasting your time - but you are filling mine with some marvellous memories!
[18:00:08] <mechanicjay> at least I'm doing something useful!
[18:04:19] * janrinok wonders why he is enjoying reading the code from 30+ years ago?
[18:04:54] <mechanicjay> Elegant machines, from a more civilized age.
[18:06:40] <janrinok> I seem to recall it took 10-15 minutes each morning just to get the thing up and running? Not sure if my memory is playing tricks on me or not
[18:10:48] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Duke Engineers Claim to Control Gene Activation/Deactivation - http://sylnt.us - human-programming
[18:14:37] <mechanicjay> I wonder if you could program a human with a PDP-11?
[18:15:04] <mechanicjay> ...how long would it take to sequence the human gnome on a PDP-11?
[18:15:15] <mechanicjay> These are the questions that I need answers to people.
[18:15:47] <janrinok> it would take the 'Its Compiling' call to a new level....
[18:31:58] -!- SirFinkus [SirFinkus!~SirFinkus@q-37-359-375-883.hsd6.wa.comcast.net] has joined #Soylent
[18:32:09] <janrinok> hi again SirFinkus
[18:32:15] <SirFinkus> hello
[18:32:29] <SirFinkus> just read this gem
[18:32:30] <mechanicjay> "Damn it man, that program has been compiling for 7 years so far, what's taking so long?
[18:32:31] <janrinok> still thinking about your project
[18:32:33] <SirFinkus> "Compounding the issue is that we disabled backups almost two months ago due to performance issues. Our most recent backup is from February 10th, 2015."
[18:32:40] <SirFinkus> back up your data friends
[18:33:04] <janrinok> mechanicjay: only 7 years - pah
[18:34:27] <SirFinkus> also: raid is not backup
[18:35:07] <Leebert> SirFinkus: Depends on what you're trying to protect against. :)
[18:35:48] <SirFinkus> well, you should have protection against hardware failure and accidental rm -rfs
[18:36:14] <SirFinkus> raid only gives you hardware failure protection
[18:45:08] <Leebert> Not always; sometimes the cost of offline backups exceeds the cost of just re-creating the data.
[18:46:38] <Leebert> Although I'll concede that, at that point, RAID might not really fit the definition of "backup"; it's an availability measure but not all availability measures are backups.
[18:52:43] <paulej72> RAID allows you not to need your backups for those "oh shit" moments as often.
[18:52:58] <paulej72> the ones where the disk just died
[18:53:24] <janrinok> got to go - see you all on Thursday
[18:53:43] <SirFinkus> I love the warm and fuzzies you get when you realize shortly after a disk dies that your last backup was just 15 minutes ago
[18:54:01] <janrinok> happens so rarely, but yes, I agree
[18:54:07] <paulej72> Back in the day before I had RAID on all of my servers, I lost a 18 GB HD (when that was huge). It took a while to get the data from backup, but it was there when I needed it
[18:54:11] <SirFinkus> "goddamn it... oh wait, everything's fine!"
[18:54:59] <paulej72> retriving 18GB over shared 10mb connection was slow
[18:55:28] <mechanicjay> A couple months ago I had to restore a 1TB volume from backup. Sure which that volume was in a RAID 1 set. Took 36 hours to restore.
[18:55:59] <paulej72> it was an external SCSI 320 drive connected to an HP C160 running HPUX 10.20
[18:56:02] <SirFinkus> I've done that a few times
[18:56:18] <SirFinkus> there was construction behind my house and I was having disk failures at an alarming rate
[18:56:49] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: byeee]
[18:57:05] <SirFinkus> I've done it over wifi, which is extra fun
[18:57:39] <CoolHand> Raid doesn't help those "oh, shit" moments when you realize you just ran rm -rf on the wrong filesystem though..
[18:57:48] <SirFinkus> exactly my point
[18:57:58] <paulej72> true, been there done that
[18:58:13] <SirFinkus> I did that once with rsync and --delete
[18:58:22] <CoolHand> yeah, rsync can be evil
[18:58:29] <SirFinkus> accidentally swapped the source and destination ;_;
[18:58:34] <CoolHand> rsync'ing with overwrite in the wrong direction
[18:58:37] <CoolHand> yeah exactly :)
[18:58:50] <SirFinkus> I --dry-run every time now
[18:58:56] <paulej72> I did have a drive that died a 200GB hd with about 100GB of data. I thouth I had a full backup on it, but it was set to the wrong setting and did not have any backup
[18:59:14] <CoolHand> zfs or btrfs snapshots are handy in those cases
[18:59:27] <SirFinkus> don't you have to manually make snapshots though?
[18:59:28] <CoolHand> (or windoze shadow copy - yuck)
[18:59:38] <CoolHand> SirFinkus: no, they can be setup automagic
[18:59:39] <SirFinkus> suppose you could script it
[18:59:43] <paulej72> luckily the drive was not fully dead and the data was copied to a new drive via a disk suplicator
[18:59:52] <CoolHand> check out snapper util for btrfs
[19:00:10] <CoolHand> my young intern helped me setup btrfs snaps with snapper last summer :)
[19:01:12] <CoolHand> pc-bsd has an automated zfs gui utility to set up zfs snaps
[19:02:44] <SirFinkus> https://twitter.com
[19:02:47] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Dr. Tom Frieden on Twitter: ".@RepHalRogers and I are working to reduce deaths from painkillers. #RxProblem http://t.co"
[19:02:55] <SirFinkus> that's the least effort I've seen put into a publicity photo
[19:03:48] <mechanicjay> That is almost meme-worthy
[19:03:53] <SirFinkus> I love Ginger Bryant's response, I bet she's a pill popper
[19:04:20] <mechanicjay> That might as well say "I care so much I had my intern write up this postboard!"
[19:04:49] <SirFinkus> her twitter has some gems too
[19:04:56] <SirFinkus> https://twitter.com
[19:04:58] <RobotHouse> ^ 03Ginger Bryant (@gingersnapsmd) | Twitter
[19:05:24] <SirFinkus> I also doubt she's an MD
[19:06:47] <SirFinkus> but really, every time I've had surgery, and every time someone I've know has had surgery they got ridiculous quantities of opiates
[19:07:33] <SirFinkus> I always end up getting a prescription for like 60 pills and end up taking 10 or so
[19:08:12] <SirFinkus> I suppose it's handy to have extras if you can keep from eating them for a party
[19:10:41] <SirFinkus> huh, paul is really going for the NSA angle
[19:13:54] <SirFinkus> rand paul did say something retarded once, I can't remember what it was though
[19:14:00] <SirFinkus> might not be able to vote for him
[19:23:38] <kadal> where did Paul come in?
[19:33:58] <SirFinkus> just announced he's running
[19:42:00] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Stanford Claims New Battery Charges in 60 seconds - http://sylnt.us - probably-ready-in-about-5-years
[20:05:25] * Leebert had the distinct pleasure of trying to recover from a double drive failure last year and retrieve about 5 terabytes of data. It was exciting.
[20:06:10] <Leebert> I had explicitly decided to not back up the data since, in theory, it could all be re-constructed (just a bunch of DVD rips). But man, the amount of time it would have taken to re-rip all of that stuff...
[20:09:24] <Leebert> Ah, here was my facebook rant at the time: "External SATA->USB bridge connected to two hard drives containing three images of partitions which are part of a failed RAID array which are mounted as loopbacks and the array force started, which allows you to assemble the LVM and mount the filesystem on the logical volume..."
[20:09:42] <Leebert> "...Oh, yeah. This copy is gonna go FAST. I should be done copying 7 terabytes by Tuesday."
[20:11:13] <Leebert> I'm now running with a spare drive. That was my second ever double-drive failure. The first I wasn't able to recover. :(
[20:24:00] * chromas imagines facebook users just kinda scrolling past that post
[20:24:47] <Leebert> heh. Sadly, I have more than my fair share of friends who would understand that and sympathize.
[20:24:55] <Leebert> Rarely use facebook anymore, though.
[20:24:58] <chromas> "This man had media failure last year. His reaction was legendary"
[20:26:05] <chromas> Today I learned the Christopher Nolan Batman movies weren't the ones from the 1990s
[20:39:07] -!- JamesNZ [JamesNZ!~james@43-567-441-22.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #Soylent
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[21:43:34] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Planes Without Pilots - http://sylnt.us - extraordinary-hacker-opportunity-here
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[23:45:08] <Bender> [SoylentNews] - Bosch Thinks UX Approach can Spark Enthusiasm for Electric Cars - http://sylnt.us - distractions-while-we-drive
[23:45:40] <JamesNZ> coffee--
[23:45:40] <Bender> karma - tea: 445
[23:45:41] <JamesNZ> coffee--
[23:45:41] <Bender> karma - tea: 446