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[00:06:32] * Teckla suspects NCommander doesn't mean Rochester, Minnesota!
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[01:12:46] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - US Court Demands Jurisdiction in Other Countries - http://sylnt.us - no-jurisdiction-without-representation!-Pass-my-musket
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[01:55:42] <crutchy> mornin' Soylent
[01:56:04] <chromas> Afternoon, crutchy ;-)
[01:56:11] <crutchy> Die Hard or Live Trying!
[01:56:37] <crutchy> Try Hard or Live Dying!
[01:57:15] * crutchy looks up new motto
[01:57:44] <crutchy> lol i was sorta close'ish
[02:05:42] <chromas> "Where soylent muffins run naked through the city"
[02:07:06] <arti> "muffin top"
[02:07:50] <chromas> Soylent Exposure
[02:08:01] <chromas> or is that Alaska?
[02:08:03] <arti> X|
[02:08:13] <arti> i don't think anything gets exposed there
[02:08:17] <arti> well, unless you die from it
[02:08:52] <chromas> There was a show called Northern Exposure set in AK
[02:08:59] <chromas> tv show
[02:09:01] <arti> https://farm6.staticflickr.com
[02:09:09] <arti> i think it was filmed in WA
[02:09:17] <chromas> Yeah
[02:09:23] * arti drove through that town camping
[02:09:30] <arti> it was a dink town
[02:09:32] <crutchy> what's WA?
[02:09:38] <arti> washington state
[02:09:43] <crutchy> ah
[02:10:13] <crutchy> it's Western Australia where i come from
[02:10:24] <arti> which side is more awesome?
[02:10:43] <arti> man, squid farts are terrible
[02:10:51] * arti continues eating the delcious bites
[02:10:52] <chromas> "We own entire western hemisphere. It the best hemisphere"
[02:10:57] <chromas> "It's the same on Earth"
[02:11:53] <arti> soudesuka
[02:15:38] * arti learns of euro pizza known as tropicana
[02:15:46] <arti> banana pineapple peanuts and curry
[02:15:50] * arti wtfs
[02:16:01] * chromas concurs
[02:17:35] * chromas hasn't seen ET but notes that it appears to involve fingering a boy
[02:17:46] <arti> cannot unsee
[02:18:21] <chromas> Must've been inspired by the local priesthood
[02:18:36] <chromas> except Spielberg's not catholic
[02:18:42] <arti> no
[02:19:18] <arti> this reminds me of a joke
[02:19:23] <arti> i'll have to pm it to you
[02:19:35] <chromas> go for it
[02:19:41] * chromas isn't offended by anything
[02:20:42] <arti> my name is chromas, and doesn't offended by anything.
[02:21:15] <arti> i probably could've typed it here but yeah
[02:21:44] <chromas> At least, I have yet to be offended. I'm sure there's something, somewhere
[02:22:30] <chromas> Well there's always ## or some place without pubic logging
[02:23:08] <SirFinkus> what is pubic logging?
[02:23:17] <arti> it's when your dog does its business
[02:23:31] <SirFinkus> I hope soylent news hasn't been logging my pubis
[02:31:46] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - FTC As Blindly Optimistic As Anyone Else. - http://sylnt.us - lets-throw-away-$19B
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[02:41:53] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - FTC as Blindly Optimistic as Anyone Else - http://sylnt.us - lets-throw-away-$19B
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[02:47:47] <crutchy> chromas, fortune -o threw up a doozie a while back
[02:48:48] <crutchy> a kind of "wtf! i had better delete -o" kind of doozie
[02:49:27] <chromas> lol
[02:49:50] <chromas> You could have it decide whether to -o based on the channel
[02:50:21] <crutchy> yes
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[02:50:58] <crutchy> there's prolly a couple of ways
[02:51:51] <crutchy> actually one way might be better
[02:52:24] <crutchy> can either us an event or an alias. alias would prolly be better
[02:54:14] <chromas> switch $channel {}
[02:54:53] <chromas> or is it ($channl)
[02:57:52] <SirFinkus> ➤ fortune -o
[02:57:53] <SirFinkus> There once was a fellow named Sweeney, Who spilled gin all over his weenie. Not being uncouth, He added vermouth, And slipped his amour a martini.
[02:58:01] <chromas> I don't want to toss the level 26 coffee machine; I want to hack it onto my level 44 and have a zupercoffeemachine with Linux
[02:58:28] <arti> apparently in the game you take whats given
[02:58:42] <arti> "you come across an HIV infected needle"
[02:58:45] <chromas> And I can't do anything about it because that wouldn't be idle :)
[02:59:00] <arti> maybe we can make a prison variant
[02:59:03] <chromas> I hope it doesn't give me an SQL injection
[02:59:16] * arti badumpsh.mod
[03:00:13] <SirFinkus> I've had pretty bad luck lately, but I did get a ram upgrade
[03:00:25] <SirFinkus> probably 2 or 3 more powerful now
[03:00:29] <arti> nice
[03:01:11] <SirFinkus> https://www.youtube.com how tight is the cameraman's butthole at 3 second in
[03:02:12] <arti> heh
[03:02:59] <arti> lol measles outbreaks
[03:03:21] <arti> y i no immunize
[03:05:56] <SirFinkus> is Andrew Wakefield in jail?
[03:07:06] <SirFinkus> guess not, no justice in the world
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[03:16:19] <SirFinkus> "
[03:16:20] <SirFinkus> J. B. Handley of the autism and anti-vaccine advocacy group Generation Rescue noted, "To our community, Andrew Wakefield is Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ rolled up into one."
[03:23:42] <crutchy> lol "autism and anti-vaccine advocacy group"
[03:27:06] <NCommander> Teckla, Rochester, NY
[03:28:24] <chromas> When you get to NH, you can start a tech boom there
[03:28:53] <crutchy> introduce electricity?
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[03:29:46] <crutchy> g'day marty
[03:30:03] <crutchy> g'day NCommander
[03:30:12] <chromas> Like computers and Internets and stuff, like South California without the pretentiousness
[03:30:13] <crutchy> g'day chromas :-)
[03:30:29] <chromas> and high cost-of-living hopefully
[03:30:34] <chromas> Hi crutchy
[03:30:41] <crutchy> yeah
[03:30:55] <crutchy> freedom central prolly wouldn't hurt that either
[03:31:06] <crutchy> or liberty central
[03:33:20] <Bytram> crutchy: g'day! (fyi if you use "Bytram" in your g'day, then it would blink my screen to let me know someone said soemthing to me.)
[03:41:28] <chromas> martyBytram:
[03:41:45] <chromas> Does that highlight?
[03:42:16] <Bytram> chromas: no.
[03:42:35] <Bytram> has to be a blank-delimited nick
[03:42:41] <Bytram> hichromasbye
[03:42:48] <Bytram> chromas hi there!
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[03:42:54] <chromas> Neat. That way you don't get highlights when your name is part of a word
[03:43:00] <chromas> like ar and _NSAKEY
[03:43:05] <Bytram> give that man an internet!
[03:43:24] <Bytram> make it two, so he has a backup =)
[03:43:52] <Bytram> or artichoke
[03:44:10] <chromas> I store my backups with the Fed. I just pass my _NSAKEY and they return the data I need
[03:44:17] <Bytram> LOL!
[03:44:23] <chromas> arti chokes, two for a dollar
[03:44:48] <Bytram> articles for sale, today's special is "the"
[03:46:05] <Bytram> CHROMAS: I wonder if it is case sensitive?
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[03:46:36] <Bytram> chromas: I wonder if it is case sensitive; try #2.
[03:47:44] <chromas> For me it's not
[03:47:55] <chromas> highlight either way
[03:48:00] <chromas> bYTRAM
[03:51:00] <Bytram> need some words after the nick, I think
[03:51:17] <Bytram> no attention flag on your last msg
[03:51:31] <chromas> testing BytraM teste test
[03:51:46] <Bytram> THAT got my attention!
[03:52:12] <Bytram> one chroma plus one chroma makes two chromas
[03:52:34] <chromas> I are plural
[03:53:11] <Bytram> that's funny, we are singular
[03:53:24] <crutchy> chromases
[03:53:41] <Bytram> be careful with the spelling there =)
[03:53:43] <chromas> All my clients don't seem to mind a name by itself. Hm
[03:53:52] <chromas> chromasses
[03:54:19] <paulej72> chromeasses
[03:54:33] <paulej72> !bite
[03:54:33] <deadbeef> paulej72: Bite my shiny. metal. ass.
[03:54:33] <chromas> Bite my shiny metal me
[03:55:13] <crutchy> bite my shiny chrome ass
[03:55:19] <chromas> That must be leftover from when deadbeef was named after Futurama robots
[03:55:31] <crutchy> i miss bender
[03:55:37] <chromas> Was it ever Hedonismbot?
[03:55:41] <crutchy> just like i miss cupcake
[03:56:27] <crutchy> https://www.youtube.com
[03:56:28] <chromas> Not Futurama, but Adrienne Barbeaubot
[03:56:46] <chromas> Ha! That's exactly what I thought of
[03:58:17] <chromas> "Ms. Bitters, why don't they take the money they spent on candy and prizes and use it to buy desks?"
[03:58:18] <Bytram> hedonismbot rings a bell; I think I saw that before
[03:58:21] <chromas> "That answer wasn't in the video"
[03:58:52] <paulej72> chromas: It was hedonismbot for a short time a long long time ago
[03:58:52] <chromas> He was the bot who was always eating grapes and getting rubbed with oil and stuff
[03:59:40] <chromas> There should be a backup named Flexo
[04:00:01] <chromas> First Bender, then Flexo, then Fry
[04:00:54] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - The Last Day of Nokia - http://sylnt.us - another-one-bites-the-dust
[04:02:24] <crutchy> isn't that the one that ms bought?
[04:03:28] <chromas> Yeah, the byline should be "Finnish him"
[04:07:11] <crutchy> chromas, we have a simple map generator algo... https://github.com
[04:07:38] <crutchy> L for land, O for ocean
[04:08:01] <crutchy> not the prettiest, but can be fixed up
[04:09:42] <crutchy> translated it from a delphi program i developed a couple of years ago
[04:10:45] <chromas> Nice
[04:11:36] <crutchy> still needs other terrain types etc
[04:12:42] <chromas> You could get carried away and generate a topographical map so it has hills and mountains, then calculate precipitation and erosion to get lakes and stuff :-D
[04:12:48] <crutchy> just working on some bucket message validation
[04:12:54] <crutchy> lol
[04:13:03] <crutchy> maybe *you* can do that bit :-P
[04:14:17] <crutchy> when i tested the delphi version the landmasses didn't look too bad
[04:14:34] <crutchy> can tweak some parameters to change the way it works
[04:14:59] <chromas> I just pasted your code into an editor and ran it. Didn't go so well. Need to checkout or pull or whatever your code
[04:16:21] <crutchy> you can prolly make it work isolated without too much trouble. just need local vars for $cols and $rows and get rid of the bucket ref
[04:16:35] <crutchy> sec
[04:18:55] <SirFinkus> http://i.imgur.com
[04:18:58] <SirFinkus> dinner tonight
[04:19:08] <SirFinkus> I know you're all jealous as fuck
[04:19:12] <crutchy> yum
[04:19:12] <Bytram> just had mine; now it's time for bed.
[04:19:23] <Bytram> have a good night everyone!
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[04:19:40] <SirFinkus> http://i.imgur.com
[04:19:43] <SirFinkus> meatcam
[04:20:43] <chromas> Mmm, cc cookies
[04:22:35] <SirFinkus> I got some fancy ass coffee ice cream too, gonna make a beer float
[04:23:20] <SirFinkus> it's date night, and the date is myself
[04:23:41] <chromas> Tell your hand "hello"
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[04:24:05] <SirFinkus> maybe I could wave at it
[04:24:23] <SirFinkus> I'm very pleased with myself for that one
[04:26:07] <crutchy> chromas, try this: https://github.com
[04:26:12] <crutchy> got rid of the bucket shit
[04:26:33] <crutchy> might have to reduce the sparsity parameter
[04:26:35] <SirFinkus> sounds like me later tonight
[04:26:43] <crutchy> lol
[04:28:33] <crutchy> pushed again
[04:28:43] <crutchy> changed some params
[04:29:07] <crutchy> (bigger and more landmasses, and reduced distance between)
[04:29:17] <SirFinkus> again, me later tonight
[04:29:24] <crutchy> np
[04:29:26] <crutchy> :-)
[04:29:56] <crutchy> hmm 1x1 lake filling doesn
[04:30:01] <crutchy> t seem to work
[04:30:03] <crutchy> :-(
[04:31:34] <chromas> It's okay. They're just wells
[04:31:50] <chromas> Or springs. They're resources to fight over
[04:32:35] * crutchy hated 1x1 ocean tiles in civ2
[04:33:46] <crutchy> can kinda get the idea: http://paste.ubuntu.com
[04:34:05] <crutchy> yeah definitely wanna fix the 1x1 lake thing
[04:34:22] * chromas thinks it's funny that the maps say "LOL" all over
[04:34:34] <crutchy> hahahahaha
[04:34:45] <crutchy> it was sooo deliberate too :-P
[04:35:24] <chromas> O stands for Water
[04:36:03] <crutchy> i think terrain/resources might make another layer cos i can use this map for pathfinding obstacle map
[04:36:17] <crutchy> ooh i already got a good pathfinding algo too that i can port from delphi
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[04:41:49] <crutchy> lol found the bug in the 1x1 thing... had the wrong char for ocean :-P
[04:42:36] <chromas> lol
[04:42:44] <chromas> Oh yeah, that's what the "o" would be
[04:42:54] <chromas> Ocean, duh
[04:43:00] <chromas> I was just thinking water
[04:43:04] <crutchy> the 1x1 loop was looking for S
[04:43:13] <chromas> Arrays are easier in Pascal/Delphi
[04:43:18] <crutchy> yeah
[04:43:25] <crutchy> well, sorta
[04:43:57] <crutchy> multidimensional dynamic arrays aren't that easy in delphi. have to use setlength
[04:44:14] <crutchy> indexing can be a bit confusing
[04:44:53] <chromas> theArray[x, y]:= blah;
[04:45:07] <chromas> or [x][y]
[04:47:19] <crutchy> SetLength(DirectionMap, MapHeight, MapWidth);
[04:47:19] <crutchy> for y := 0 to MapHeight - 1 do
[04:47:19] <crutchy> for x := 0 to MapWidth - 1 do
[04:47:19] <crutchy> DirectionMap[y, x] := 255;
[04:47:42] <crutchy> ^indexing args are reversed from setlength
[04:48:03] <crutchy> took me a while to not stuff that up
[04:50:32] <chromas> But I notice your maps are stored 1d with some multiplication to get 2d, instead of a 2d array
[04:52:06] <crutchy> oh yeah sorry that was from pathfind
[04:54:22] <crutchy> 1d works better for messaging
[04:54:30] <crutchy> bit more compact
[04:57:00] <chromas> Not that it's a bad thing. Arrays are like that internally, anyway :)
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[05:48:57] <cykros> nice, i got a sweet random gift encounter on idlerpg...took nearly 2 days off my level timer :-)
[05:51:18] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - How to Fix the Internet's Plumbing Problem - http://sylnt.us - Series-of-Tubes
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[06:22:37] <crutchy> ~part
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[07:38:13] <crutchy> g'day mattie_p
[07:38:23] <mattie_p> hi crutchy!
[07:38:58] <crutchy> how's the mud?
[07:40:28] <mattie_p> ok, I guess, I've been off the net for about two days due to network and computer issues, and some illness that didn't give me time to fix the others
[07:40:42] <crutchy> that's no good
[07:40:50] <crutchy> all fixed/better now?
[07:40:56] <mattie_p> yep, back in the saddle now
[07:41:09] <crutchy> :-)
[07:41:41] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - US Special Forces Develop Stealth Motorcycle - http://sylnt.us - I'm-sure-I-parked-it-around-here-somewhere
[07:43:41] <crutchy> hahahahaha
[07:44:01] <mattie_p> nice department for this one
[07:44:05] <crutchy> good one -> "I'm-sure-I-parked-it-around-here-somewhere" dept
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[09:58:48] <crutchy> fortune
[09:58:49] <exec> If everything is coming your way then you're in the wrong lane.
[10:11:35] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - Raiders of the Lost Carts Successful - http://sylnt.us - I'll-be-right-here.
[11:10:53] <crutchy> !stats-update
[11:11:05] <crutchy> !updatestats
[11:11:15] <crutchy> !statsupdate
[11:11:22] <crutchy> !stats
[11:11:22] <deadbeef> creating stats for channel #Soylent (Thu Jan 1 01:00:00 1970)
[11:11:37] <deadbeef> stat results for #Soylent: crutchy: 13466, xlefay: 11309, unknown: 7099, kobach: 7019, arti: 6575, MrBluze: 6244, NCommander: 4331, prospectacle: 3661, michealpwalls: 2756, hax0rz: 2675, n1: 2410, Landon: 2347, Konomi: 2277, Khyber: 2209, mattie_p: 2155, janrinok: 2043, stderr: 1902, SpallsHurgenson: 1693, Subsentient: 1625, Bender: 1542, Guardian452: 1480, mrcoolbp: 1342, Blackmoore: 1335, Cyprus: 1214, FatPhil: 1126, b> - 25 more
[11:11:57] <crutchy> !
[12:00:52] <crutchy> !update-stats
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[12:22:49] <prospectace> oops
[12:22:55] prospectace is now known as prospectacle
[12:23:15] <prospectacle> clear
[12:23:20] <prospectacle> a good evening to you all
[12:24:23] * crutchy salutes
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[13:31:05] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - Algorithm to Filter out Memes from Other Info - http://sylnt.us - Buzzword-Compliance
[13:48:50] <crutchy> fortune
[13:50:58] <janrinok> hi crutchy
[13:52:11] <crutchy> hi janrinok
[13:52:18] <crutchy> how are you?
[13:52:37] <janrinok> good, and you - on this very quiet Sunday afternoon?
[13:53:01] <crutchy> yeah very quiet. i'm ok. just doing some coding
[13:53:16] <janrinok> which language?
[13:53:22] <crutchy> how is your weekend so far?
[13:53:24] <crutchy> php
[13:54:17] <janrinok> I can't help, and my help is usually the kiss of death to most projects, including my own! Good weekend so far, enjoying a relaxing time between editing wiki and stories.
[13:56:22] <crutchy> sounds good. hah not to worry my project is plugging away ok atm (touch wood). trying to solve a bug atm but i don't think will be a showstopper
[13:57:03] <crutchy> seems to be a nice stream of stories lately
[13:58:55] <janrinok> Thanks - it depends on whose opinion you listen to. There are still enough ACs posting doom and gloom and 'why aren't we as good as the other site' comments. Those that do not post AC I check their own posting record and invariably find they have never submitted a story at all. I enjoy pointing this fact out publically to them. If it's no good - it's their fault.
[13:59:49] <crutchy> hahaha yeah it is fun pissing off ACs
[14:00:24] <janrinok> They never seem to have an intelligent response though - most unrewarding....
[14:00:32] <crutchy> true
[14:03:21] <janrinok> Is it a private project that you are working on or one for this site?
[14:12:44] <crutchy> kinda one for soylent irc
[14:13:09] <janrinok> that sounds like it is a bit of both....
[14:13:22] <crutchy> yeah i guess, but it's on github
[14:13:57] <crutchy> it's a proposed game
[14:14:01] <janrinok> np, just curious. I wondered if you were 'at work' professionally on a Sunday, or coding because you wanted to.
[14:14:20] <janrinok> rofl - Another game!
[14:14:22] <crutchy> just coding cos i want to. i'm not a professional programmer
[14:14:28] <crutchy> yeah :-)
[14:14:34] <Bytram|away> janrinok: hi there!
[14:14:37] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[14:14:43] <crutchy> except i like games where you get to do stuff
[14:14:44] <janrinok> Bytram: Hi, how's thins?
[14:15:03] <Bytram> doing well.
[14:15:12] <janrinok> good to hear, likewise here.
[14:15:25] <Bytram> as a friend of mine often put it: "Probably a darn sight better than I think I am."
[14:15:31] <janrinok> lol
[14:16:01] <Bytram> fyi, I chatted with paulj yesterday about story title lengths
[14:16:12] <janrinok> OK he said?
[14:16:26] <Bytram> there's an update that has yet to roll out, but there is supposed to be up to 100 characters.
[14:16:45] <Bytram> the 100 chars are, IIRC, currently supported in the admin interface
[14:16:51] <janrinok> Yeah, I discovered that on dev, but couldn't get it to work anywhere else.
[14:17:03] <Bytram> don't know where there is truncation going on.
[14:17:20] <Bytram> !uid
[14:17:20] <deadbeef> The current maximum UID is 4240, owned by pipedot
[14:17:27] <Bytram> how about that one!
[14:17:46] <janrinok> But there are various places (on dev) where the limit appears to be 85 characters. Now I know paulej72 is back I'll start investigating it a bit more closely.
[14:18:00] <janrinok> Good UID!
[14:18:02] * Bytram wonders if it's the *real* pipedot or an *imaginary* one; things can be so, umm, complex!
[14:18:32] <janrinok> I 'think' we have an agreement to share stories - but I'm not at all certain on that.
[14:18:49] <Bytram> janrinok: he is back, but still recovering from his loss.
[14:19:15] <janrinok> Understood - I wasn't going to start pestering him with requests and queries.
[14:19:20] <Bytram> janrinok: my recollection, from what I last saw, is that in-as-much-as-possible, we should not be intentionally grabbing stories from the other sites.
[14:19:27] <Bytram> good
[14:19:43] <Bytram> we should strive to stand on our own.
[14:20:06] <janrinok> 'without permission' is the magic phrase. In the very early days there was a verbal(?) agreement to cooperate but I'm not sure to what extent.
[14:20:48] <janrinok> I don't think we do take stories from them, but they said that they wouldn't be upset if we duplicated something that they were also pushing out.
[14:21:32] <janrinok> So, not a copy/paste, but by all means use the source link to build a story sort of thing.
[14:22:36] <Bytram> My view is that there will be unavoidabe coincidences; where we both have something in the queue that comes out at about the same time. Yes, definitely; if we take a storfrom there, we acknowledge them just as we would ars technica or any other site; that would be fine by me.
[14:22:50] <Bytram> s/storfrom/story from/
[14:22:50] <SedBot> <Bytram> My view is that there will be unavoidabe coincidences; where we both have something in the queue that comes out at about the same time. Yes, definitely; if we take a story from there, we acknowledge them just as we would ars technica or any other site; that would be fine by me.
[14:22:55] <janrinok> But that was many months ago, I wasn't directly involved and things may have moved on now. I believe GungnirSniper is now one of their eds. I'm wondering if he came here to see how we did it, and is now looking to use our stories?
[14:23:24] <Bytram> didn't know about the "move".
[14:23:30] <janrinok> All speculation on my part - I'm not accusing anyone of anything yet.
[14:24:08] <Bytram> as to what happens with the information learned from here; I see it as going to the greater good of getting good news out to the world, and givng an opportunity to participate
[14:24:14] <janrinok> GS did the training, posted 1 story, and disappeared into the sunset...
[14:24:22] <Bytram> s/good news/good quality news/
[14:24:22] <SedBot> <Bytram> as to what happens with the information learned from here; I see it as going to the greater good of getting good quality news out to the world, and givng an opportunity to participate
[14:24:43] <Bytram> janrinok: pm
[14:42:09] <crutchy> is it just me or do the story links in message subjects don't work?
[14:42:22] <crutchy> doesn't bother me, just wondered
[14:44:42] <xlefay> bryan is the pipedot developer (I think)? ;-)
[14:44:43] <janrinok> crutchy: which links in particular?
[14:46:16] <crutchy> i had messages re reply to a comment on the spacex lawsuit, but the story liunks to the main page (as AC)
[14:47:34] <janrinok> I've test mine and they seem to be working. Unless the comment you are linked to is below you view threshold - but that is is wild rambling thought from a non-SN-programmer....
[14:48:02] <Bytram> i'm back
[14:48:12] <Bytram> crutchy: do you have a link I can look at?
[14:48:24] <crutchy> lol your wild rambling makes sense to me, so we must be in the same boat
[14:48:55] <crutchy> dunno if it helps, but the address bar says http://soylentnews.org
[14:49:23] <crutchy> hmm yeah i guess it should help since it has the message id
[14:49:32] <Bytram> tried it; won't let me see it: "This message was not found on the system. Either this message has been deleted or purged from the system, or it has been sent via another delivery method, or it was not sent to you, but to another user."
[14:49:48] <janrinok> Agreed, I get message not found error on that link.
[14:49:51] <crutchy> ¿
[14:50:10] <xlefay> That's because the message is send to crutchy ;-)
[14:50:13] <Bytram> we ain't you, so it won't let us see it.
[14:50:21] <xlefay> sent*
[14:50:21] <Bytram> IIRC, there are something like 3 links in a message...
[14:50:22] <crutchy> is it in the myswl messages table?
[14:50:23] <janrinok> Messages are only kept for 14 days
[14:50:32] <crutchy> lol myswl
[14:50:38] <xlefay> crutchy, I like that
[14:50:43] <Bytram> crutchy: I don't have access to the production table; only dev
[14:50:46] <xlefay> myswl
[14:50:47] <crutchy> mysqeal
[14:50:51] <xlefay> mysweal
[14:51:01] <crutchy> oh
[14:51:14] <xlefay> but yes, they are stored in the mysweal db
[14:51:24] <crutchy> doesn't matter. just thought i'd put it out there in case anyone else comes across it
[14:52:02] <janrinok> it is an ex-message, it has shuffled off its mortal coil
[14:52:02] <crutchy> bytram: yeah this message is one of those 3 link ones
[14:52:18] <crutchy> hmm shouldn't be
[14:52:19] <crutchy> sent by SoylentNews Message System on Sunday April 27, @03:38AM
[14:52:43] <Bytram> crutchy: hold on... I have an idea. I think I have a msg waiting for me that I can look at... brb
[14:53:45] <Bytram> crutchy: your msg is one of the "Reply to "foo" by bar" ??
[14:53:52] <janrinok> time for a cup of tea - brb
[14:53:59] <Bytram> janrinok: k
[14:54:04] <crutchy> hmm good idea. mind if i join you?
[14:54:52] <Bytram> I have one that is along the lines of: "FOO has posted a comment, Re:BAR, in reply to your comment, BAR, attached to BAZ.
[14:55:56] <Bytram> laundry calls; back in a couple minutes
[14:55:58] <Bytram> afk
[14:58:29] <stderr> So... Name voting... Any news?
[14:59:59] <Bytram> i'm back.
[15:00:08] <Bytram> I don't have any news.
[15:00:16] <Bytram> sg'morning!
[15:00:29] <Bytram> stderr: g'morning.
[15:00:44] <stderr> Hi.
[15:00:55] <Bytram> how's things?
[15:01:14] <stderr> Wasn't the voting period over 9 hours ago?
[15:01:47] <Bytram> oh. could be. may take time to process.
[15:01:57] <Bytram> brb
[15:03:13] <stderr> If it takes 9 hours to process, you're doing something wrong...
[15:07:16] -!- soyforlent_ has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[15:07:35] <Bytram> stderr: or, maybe, it does not take long to process, but the person running the process is still in bed? it's currently 0915 Eastern Daylight Time here in the states.
[15:08:01] <Bytram> crutchy: you back yet?
[15:08:16] <crutchy> frojack has posted a comment, Re:Terrible linked article, in reply to your comment, Re:Terrible linked article, attached to Space-X Sues to Compete with Russia.
[15:08:34] <stderr> Bytram: Your clock is off... But anyway, he could have started the process before he went to bed.
[15:08:49] <crutchy> the "Space-X Sues to Compete with Russia" story link goes to http://soylentnews.org
[15:08:55] -!- prospectacle has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[15:09:06] <Bytram> yeah, it's 09:08AM (I looked at the wrong clock!)
[15:09:23] <stderr> Still off... :-)
[15:09:25] <stderr> [15:09:05] <Bytram> yeah, it's 09:08AM (I looked at the wrong clock!)
[15:09:57] <Bytram> stderr: now it's09:09 something (time keeps moving, yanno?)
[15:10:07] <stderr> Wh-wh-what?!
[15:10:07] <crutchy> [23:09] <stderr> [15:09:05] <Bytram> yeah, it's 09:08AM (I looked at the wrong clock!)
[15:10:17] * crutchy felt left out
[15:10:20] <crutchy> :-)
[15:10:24] <Bytram> crutchy: ewww.... let me check my links
[15:10:54] <Bytram> crutchy: ugh.
[15:11:06] <crutchy> you doin push ups?
[15:11:20] <janrinok> back now - but nobody missed me... hi stderr
[15:11:35] <Bytram> crutchy: not only does it point at "https://soylentnews.org/" but I am accessing the site WITHOUT https!
[15:11:40] <stderr> janrinok: Hi.
[15:11:46] <crutchy> i miss you... as much as i miss cupcakes, which is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!
[15:12:05] <stderr> Only thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much? :-/
[15:12:08] <janrinok> tea has a wierd effect on you, doesn't it?
[15:12:13] <Bytram> crutchy: looks like two bugs for the price of one.
[15:12:15] <Bytram> LOL!
[15:12:18] <crutchy> i'm into the heavy shit
[15:12:20] <crutchy> milo
[15:12:39] * janrinok steps back for safety reasons
[15:12:39] <crutchy> :-P
[15:13:26] <crutchy> bytram, bugs are fun... don't squash them all
[15:13:53] <crutchy> life would be pretty boring if everything on soylent worked without a hitch
[15:14:11] <Bytram> don't worry; little bugs have lesser bugs upon their backs to bite them; (apologies to ogden nash)
[15:14:21] <crutchy> though exec has its own share of bugs to keep me interested
[15:14:24] <Bytram> I doubt we'll ever run out.
[15:14:29] <janrinok> crutchy: there doesn't appear to be much chance of that happening in the near to mid future...
[15:15:14] <janrinok> all you have to do is poke slash, and it generates some more random bugs.
[15:15:17] <xlefay> Just wait till we document them, then they'll be features ;-)
[15:15:24] <crutchy> hahaha
[15:15:58] <Bytram> the scary part is how many of those "features" are interdependent on each other to keep the site running.
[15:16:16] <janrinok> xlefay: That will be a very large document, so large that no-one will ever read it, and they all become bugs again.
[15:16:17] <Bytram> a feature is a bug with a useful side-effect.
[15:16:29] <xlefay> At least, they're working together.
[15:16:44] <xlefay> janrinok, that's like most of what NCommander writes then?
[15:16:53] <janrinok> most or all?
[15:17:00] <crutchy> and that's not including the easter eggs
[15:17:05] <xlefay> most, sometimes he makes a little tl;dr too
[15:17:13] <janrinok> OK, fair point
[15:18:01] <Bytram> xlefay: I have an idea; it would be interesting to spider the site with wget, but only down to, say, 1 or 2 levels deep to see what links where; kind of get a site map and a rough draft of the functionality.
[15:18:07] <Bytram> what do you think?
[15:18:16] <janrinok> Before I plough back through the records, can anyone recall what day we went live to the world?
[15:18:43] <janrinok> Bytram: you have too much time on your hands....
[15:19:09] <xlefay> Bytram, not sure if that'd any good. You'd probably still spider the "comment" links individual, you can probably exclude them.. but for functionality purpose, I don't think you're going to get that out of a wget
[15:19:22] <Bytram> janrinok: I might have a record; give me a bit.
[15:19:31] <janrinok> ok thx
[15:20:11] <Bytram> xlefay: can specify an --exclude-directories and --no-parent to help winnow it out.
[15:20:13] <Bytram> brb
[15:21:10] <xlefay> Bytram, _that_ could work; but I don't see how you're going to map functionality like that
[15:21:28] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - 26 Asteroid Impacts from 2000-2013 - http://sylnt.us - DUCK!
[15:21:43] <Bytram> janrinok: I think it was Feb 12; take a look at: http://soylentnews.org
[15:21:54] <Bytram> quack!
[15:22:02] <janrinok> thx - I'd got as far as the 21 Feb.
[15:22:23] <Bytram> janrinok: that was when it went alpha...
[15:22:47] <Bytram> look at feb 16 entry: http://soylentnews.org
[15:23:07] <xlefay> 16 fe
[15:23:09] <xlefay> feb*
[15:23:28] <janrinok> brilliant thx for that
[15:26:36] <Bytram> janrinok: hth
[15:27:15] <Bytram> I've got a few things to take care of; afk for a while
[15:27:30] <janrinok> cul8r
[15:27:55] Bytram is now known as Bytram|afk
[15:28:31] <Bytram|afk> janrinok: our feet are stayin' (say that a few times fast) <grin>
[15:29:03] <janrinok> very good - I speak German too
[15:29:39] <Bytram|afk> danke schoen; ich auch, aber nor ein bischen
[15:38:55] -!- SoyCow2324 [SoyCow2324!~a59a5d17@56.26.ca.ispnetbilling.com] has joined #Soylent
[15:39:01] -!- SoyCow2324 [SoyCow2324!~a59a5d17@56.26.ca.ispnetbilling.com] has parted #Soylent
[15:39:34] -!- michealpwalls [michealpwalls!~michealpw@56.26.ca.ispnetbilling.com] has joined #Soylent
[15:39:43] <michealpwalls> 'morning :)
[15:40:07] <crutchy> g'day
[15:40:08] <janrinok> michealpwalls: hi how's things?
[15:47:36] <janrinok> If there is an ed around, can someone do the 2nd ed check on my stories please.
[15:47:58] <michealpwalls> Good, yourselves? :)
[15:48:08] <michealpwalls> Just replying to my morning flood of emails hehe
[15:48:12] <janrinok> ...you can never find an ed when you need them, and then 2 or 3 will turn up at once..
[15:48:41] <janrinok> michealpwalls: good thanks, that was quite a time lag. Have you check your pings?
[15:48:52] <janrinok> checked*
[15:49:02] <michealpwalls> hehe nah it's not lag, just flipping between things
[15:49:08] <michealpwalls> Sorry hehe
[15:49:21] <janrinok> I thought you were relaying via Voyager 2
[15:49:24] <michealpwalls> LMAO
[15:49:54] <janrinok> anyway, hope you are good also.
[15:49:55] <michealpwalls> Speaking of that! I just watched 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' for the first time in it's entirety.. What an awesome story! LOL
[15:50:18] <michealpwalls> The giant alien spacecraft... name "V'Ger" LOL! Epic story :)
[15:51:09] -!- Blackmoore [Blackmoore!~48581a0a@mpcu-55-16-09-48.bflony.east.verizon.net] has joined #Soylent
[15:55:33] <crutchy> janrinok... i would check for you if i could
[15:58:39] <michealpwalls> These fads come and go so fast.. It wasn't long ago that all browsers seemed to have a "Gear" button. Now they all have the "3 lines" buttons... LOL
[15:58:50] <janrinok> crutchy: Bytram|afk is on his way back in a short while. We want every story to be seen by 2 eds before release and at weekends in particular, that causes a bit of a problem.
[15:58:52] <michealpwalls> Well except IE, IE's always behind the curve. They'll probs have the gear for at least another year or two LOL
[16:00:06] <michealpwalls> It seeemed to be: File|Edit|Tools, to being rolled up into a brand-button ("Firefox"), to being rolled up into a "Gear" button. Now the gear's replaced with the stupid 3 lines..
[16:00:15] <michealpwalls> I don't get it. Buncha schizophrenic designers :P
[16:01:31] <michealpwalls> I like the old "Soylent is People!" phrase, rather than the New Hampshire/'Live Free or Die'... Seems too political :X
[16:01:41] <michealpwalls> We'll probs all be on some list now :P
[16:01:45] <michealpwalls> Along with Ron Paul supporters haha
[16:01:50] <janrinok> LaminatorX - Thanks for that - hope to see you around in the not to distant future. Good luck!
[16:07:56] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[16:09:49] <Bytram|afk> I'm reviewing a story; could someone please confirm this link brings up an abstract for me?
[16:09:50] <Bytram|afk> http://circ.ahajournals.org
[16:11:53] <crutchy> yup
[16:12:09] <Blackmoore> confirmed
[16:12:35] <Bytram|afk> Thanks! I saw what looked like a GUID at the end; wondered if it was per-user or per-story/abstract.
[16:12:43] <Bytram|afk> crutchy++
[16:12:43] <deadbeef> karma - crutchy: 60
[16:12:48] <Bytram|afk> Blackmoore++
[16:12:48] <deadbeef> karma - blackmoore: 2
[16:13:29] <Blackmoore> heh. didnt even know i had a score :P
[16:14:44] <Space_Man> this link works here http://circ.ahajournals.org
[16:15:13] Bytram|afk is now known as Bytram
[16:15:28] <Bytram> Space_Man: thanks for that! checking it now.
[16:16:10] <Bytram> yup, works for me! Updating story link!!
[16:16:12] <Bytram> Space_Man++
[16:16:12] <deadbeef> karma - space_man: 1
[16:28:51] crutchy is now known as crutchy|zzz
[16:28:56] <crutchy|zzz> night soylent
[16:29:16] <Bytram> crutchy|zzz: gnight!
[16:34:43] -!- michealpwalls has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[16:39:44] n1|away is now known as n1
[16:50:35] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - Google Glass App for More Privacy? - http://sylnt.us - who-watches-the-watchers?-well,-the-watchers-do
[16:55:28] -!- SoyCow3970 [SoyCow3970!~6213c341@f36.166.16.83.dynamic.ip.windstream.net] has joined #Soylent
[16:56:21] <SoyCow3970> Tried finding the freenode channel...failed to remember the name. So using the web chat. I've tried to find the editor help to no avail, how does one do a url link in a comment or submission?
[16:58:17] * SoyCow3970 drops a pin.
[16:58:26] <SoyCow3970> Nothing but bots in here
[16:58:29] <SoyCow3970> ?
[16:58:49] <n1> hi SoyCow3970
[16:59:00] <SoyCow3970> Ah. its alive. :-)
[16:59:16] <n1> you want to put a link in a comment on a story?
[16:59:39] <SoyCow3970> Yea, I've tried [url], but that didn't work according to preview.
[17:00:04] <SoyCow3970> So I went hunting for docs and notice there is not help docs for editing comments.
[17:00:06] <n1> <a href="http://google.com" >Google</a>
[17:00:25] <n1> would be how you make a link to google with the text "Google" as the link
[17:00:43] <SoyCow3970> Ok. So it uses stright html. Didn't know that.
[17:01:16] <n1> i'll be honest i've never tried any other way of doing it, but straight HTML is the best way of doing it, obviously not a solution for everyone
[17:01:19] <SoyCow3970> Not used to that, every forums or comments section usally filters out html due to problems.
[17:01:45] <n1> i'm not sure where the limits are, but general text formatting and links certainly work
[17:02:01] <SoyCow3970> Thanks. Now to try that...
[17:02:04] -!- Bytram has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[17:03:42] <SoyCow3970> That works. :-)
[17:04:29] <SoyCow3970> Thanks for the help.
[17:04:33] -!- SoyCow3970 has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[17:08:26] -!- Anon3 [Anon3!~Anon3___@via1-vhat2-0-3-jppz214.perr.cable.virginm.net] has joined #Soylent
[17:22:39] -!- Bytram|away [Bytram|away!~pc@Soylent/Staff/Developer/martyb] has joined #Soylent
[17:22:39] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v Bytram|away] by juggler
[17:27:15] -!- michealpwalls [michealpwalls!~michealpw@56.26.ca.ispnetbilling.com] has joined #Soylent
[17:27:20] <michealpwalls> Yay I connected! :)
[17:28:03] <michealpwalls> I could get 0% packet loss when I ping irc.sylnt.us but hexchat would timeout when connecting :/
[17:51:27] -!- Bytram|away has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[17:53:25] -!- pbnjoe [pbnjoe!~pbnjoe@Soylent/Users/313/pbnjoe] has joined #Soylent
[18:17:15] <SirFinkus> oh god, I have that exact same desk http://i.imgur.com
[18:17:42] <michealpwalls> Wow
[18:17:48] <michealpwalls> That looks old and uncomfortable LOL
[18:18:04] <SirFinkus> its fucking awesome
[18:18:30] <SirFinkus> everything locks, and it's extremely sturdy
[18:20:40] <SirFinkus> see, it holds up Ken Thompson like a champ
[18:26:44] <michealpwalls> HEH
[18:26:49] <michealpwalls> valid points :)
[18:31:52] <deadbeef> [SoylentNews] - Scientists Closer to Eliminating Heart Disease - http://sylnt.us - one-beat-at-a-time
[18:39:29] -!- michealpwalls has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[18:41:25] -!- michealpwalls [michealpwalls!~michealpw@56.26.ca.ispnetbilling.com] has joined #Soylent
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[19:23:07] -!- nick [nick!~nick@Soylent/Staff/Editor/n1] has joined #Soylent
[19:23:07] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v nick] by juggler
[19:25:16] -!- n1 has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
[19:26:11] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
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