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[00:37:05] <michealpwalls> Ohh, Robots!
[00:51:24] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - MS Build-2014 Day 2 - http://sylnt.us - cortana-to-have-debate-with-siri
[00:58:41] <arti> argh
[00:58:51] <arti> that feeling when you should've done another approach
[01:19:38] <NCommander> ...
[01:19:42] <NCommander> I can't sleep
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[01:23:58] <Harzilein> hi
[01:31:55] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Lenticular Game Design - http://sylnt.us - nothing-like-call-of-duty
[01:34:11] <arti> greetings
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[01:56:30] <prospectacle> how's it going everyone?
[02:00:07] <prospectacle> Hey NCommander, saw the logs. If you still can't sleep I have a good cure. Guaranteed or your money back. Also, free.
[02:13:11] <arti> does it involve code oil?
[02:13:25] * arti applies to his thighs
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[02:35:44] <paulej72> it is deathly quite tonight. Was there a partly that I wasn’t invited to?
[02:36:38] <SpallsHurgenson> yes, yes there is
[02:40:08] <arti> SSHHHH
[02:46:01] <paulej72> lol
[02:46:35] <SpallsHurgenson> the truth is, we are all desperately hard at work trying to make SN better in every way
[02:47:13] <SpallsHurgenson> (my contribution is that I'm not talking, lessening the amount of nonsense being spouted on IRC :)
[03:01:03] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Does Porn Hurt Children? - http://sylnt.us - politicians-must-be-seen-to-be-doing-something
[03:03:00] <SpallsHurgenson> politicians may have a point. Back when I was young and I wanted to see boobies, I had to resort to National Geographics. Not only did I get some whacking-material, but it also exposed me to a great diversity of culture and geography. Penthouse never did that!
[03:05:56] <arti> sears catalog?
[03:06:34] <SpallsHurgenson> I'm not THAT old
[03:06:51] * arti harumphs
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[03:27:14] <prospectacle> It would be a very different world if every law and social policy had to be proven by unambiguous research into its effectiveness.
[03:27:52] <Cyprus> we can't even get that for medicine
[03:28:05] <prospectacle> does running for political office hurt children? Cause that's illegal, too
[03:29:00] <prospectacle> Social sciences can't afford to test everything, it would be horribly unethical
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[03:38:55] <SpallsHurgenson> on a completely unrelated note, I'm still hungry
[03:46:34] <prospectacle> eat some raw coffee. You won't be hungry
[03:54:00] <prospectacle> if you want it to be tasty, eat some chocolate coated coffee beans
[03:54:40] <prospectacle> if you want to it to be tasty, filling and nutritious. Well I don't know what to tell you, except lower your standards. Pick any two out of three.
[03:58:43] <prospectacle> oh man
[03:58:44] <prospectacle> http://www.theonion.com
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[04:03:28] <SpallsHurgenson> I love the onion; it's just crazy enough that you have to ask, "wait, is this true?"
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[04:15:58] <SirFinkus> http://www.theonion.com
[04:16:03] <SirFinkus> I liked this one
[04:22:04] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Recent Studies Into Vitamin D - http://sylnt.us - you-are-my-sunshine,-my-only-sunshine
[04:23:38] <Konomi> hey news I really need to read
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[04:26:22] <Konomi> http://arstechnica.com
[04:26:27] <Konomi> oh god the horror in that screenshot
[04:27:53] <SpallsHurgenson> well, it's a start... maybe by the time they release Win 8.11 they will finally get the message
[04:31:47] <prospectacle> SirFinkus, yes the onion are good at covering the whole range of satire from "so stupid you can't help but laught" to "so accurate it's scary"
[04:32:23] <prospectacle> That political donation decision will have interesting ramifications. It's going to be quite an experiment. I'm glad I'm not part of it though.
[04:32:55] <prospectacle> Konomi,
[04:32:59] <prospectacle> oops
[04:33:08] <SirFinkus> ehh, it was already pretty much like that anyway
[04:33:15] <prospectacle> Konomi, Spalls, from that screenshot it looks like they've almost come full circle back to XP
[04:33:18] <SirFinkus> they just don't have to go through a pac now
[04:33:42] <SpallsHurgenson> still too much metro!
[04:33:56] <SpallsHurgenson> to be fair, de-metrofied, Win8 is a surprisingly usable windows
[04:34:01] <prospectacle> SirFinkus, true, but PACs had at least a veil of independence. Now you can just be like, "here's a billion dollars, candidate, go out and get elected won't you? there's a good lad"
[04:34:32] <Konomi> yeah except the part where they have teleported a windows phone into the start menu
[04:34:55] <SirFinkus> I've played with windows phones, I was actually pleasantly surprised
[04:34:56] <prospectacle> They should call it XP2, now with tiles!
[04:35:02] <SirFinkus> no place on the desktop though
[04:35:14] <Konomi> cough
[04:35:15] <Konomi> http://www.intelliadmin.com
[04:35:21] <Konomi> looks kinda close to something from tnhe past
[04:35:49] <prospectacle> Yes it seems no one, not ubuntu, android, apple, windows, have realised that people want the option to have full-screen/tiles sometimes, and windows other times, depending mostly on screen size
[04:35:51] <prospectacle> Idiots
[04:36:06] <prospectacle> Just put a toggle-button on the home screen
[04:36:11] <prospectacle> Fucking morons
[04:36:36] <prospectacle> </rant>
[04:37:45] <SpallsHurgenson> just hire the classicshell people and give people a choice :)
[04:38:35] <prospectacle> Spalls exactly, metro might be fine when using a small screen, so let's force it on everyone all the time because "unified"
[04:39:37] <SpallsHurgenson> as bad as metro is, Microsoft's pushiness with their Live services annoyed me almost as much
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[04:39:47] <prospectacle> I mean do they think customers are really so unfamiliar with computer interfaces in 2014 that they can't handle the option to switch between single-tasking/single-column interfaces and window/menu interfaces.
[04:40:26] <prospectacle> Spalls, right, it's the non-optional part that makes these things so infuriating, like "Beta". make it opt-in, and easy switch (And stay switched until you specify otherwise), and no one would complain.
[04:46:46] <prospectacle> Well, that's enough hot air from me. Hope it warmed your day. Catch you all later
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[04:53:19] <SpallsHurgenson> it's been decided!
[04:53:31] <SpallsHurgenson> time to watch some Kids In The Hall!
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[04:58:08] <SpallsHurgenson> or anyway, any clips of classic skits still on youtube :)
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[06:10:26] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Summertime Pi Projects - http://sylnt.us - things-to-do-in-the-basement-when-the-weather-improves
[06:20:22] <swiss> so I'm entranced by Sublime Text
[06:22:40] * Konomi wonders what "Sublime Text" is exactly
[06:27:01] * Bytram is away: Away
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[06:28:24] <arti> konomi: it's a text editor
[06:28:25] <chromas> A text editor with a broken website
[06:28:41] <Konomi> ah I think I recall that one
[06:28:46] <arti> uses a custom ui kit so it is consistent across platforms
[06:30:17] <swiss> chromas: broken website?
[06:30:40] <chromas> Screenshot doesn't load without Javascript
[06:30:52] <swiss> that's not broken imo
[06:31:15] <chromas> I can see using JS to go through the slideshow but it should at least load the first slide
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[06:31:27] <swiss> chromas: it's not a slideshow. It's an animation
[06:31:36] <swiss> arti: I've used it for ~4 hours after being a hardcore vim user. I've already managed to write a new set of autocompletion and syntax highlighters
[06:31:52] <swiss> and their version of block editing >> vim's
[06:32:27] <arti> nice dude
[06:32:35] * arti has experimented but not made the switch
[06:32:38] <arti> my goto is notepad++
[06:32:43] * arti is super productive in it
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[06:35:47] <swiss> it'd be an easy switch to sublime from ++
[06:36:26] <arti> i've got some stuff that i can do in notepad that i can't do as easily. that said, i like a lot of things in sublime
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[07:01:04] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Police to Place Ads on Pirate Sites - http://sylnt.us - download-now
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[07:05:15] <prospectacle> Did you hear microsoft open-sourced its c# and VB compiler stack?
[07:05:34] <prospectacle> Pretty impressive, really. I might give those languages another go.
[07:06:06] <arti> that way we can have more 800meg binaries!
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[07:10:04] <swiss> prospectacle: golang is my favorite right now
[07:11:31] <prospectacle> golang, eh? I'm not familiar with it. Sell me on it. You've got 60 words, and........ Go!
[07:11:59] <prospectacle> arti, well more megs is better, isn't it? I though that's how you measure software
[07:12:09] <swiss> Made by the guy who wrote B and cowrote C, as a modern language.
[07:12:21] <swiss> ken thompson
[07:12:49] <prospectacle> oh yes I've heard of it as "Go". I guess "go" is too hard to google for (ironic)
[07:13:03] <swiss> Also, created by google. Concurrency is easy, integrated with git/github, cannot compile with un-used declared variables.
[07:13:15] <swiss> I love the no-warnings compiler so much.
[07:13:22] <arti> awesome
[07:13:26] * arti waits for support to drop
[07:13:29] <prospectacle> Interesting. What kinds of programs is it best for making?
[07:13:30] <swiss> "I know you want to use that bad code. I know you used that bad code in the past. But that doesn't fly here."
[07:14:16] <swiss> I created some bomb web server stuff with it (could call them webapps, but i don't want to EVER be thought of as a web app dev)
[07:14:23] <prospectacle> yeah as I get on in my career (not that on, but like 10 years) I'm starting to lean towards "strict" modes. They might take more work now but they'll save it later.
[07:14:46] <swiss> it also can use C libraries
[07:15:09] <swiss> Honestly, I've found it to be great for most things.... Though I prob wouldn't use it for scripting/server admin stuff at all
[07:15:21] <swiss> It handled API's WONDERFULLY
[07:15:35] <prospectacle> swiss, what's wrong with web-apps? Just because 90% give the rest a bad reputation? Someone smart (can't remember who) once said that "90% of everything is crap"
[07:15:40] <swiss> the XML handling made me almost not hate the devs of the API for using XML
[07:16:00] <prospectacle> ah that's right http://en.wikipedia.org
[07:16:01] <swiss> prospectacle: because I don't want anyone to think I've written a webapp, because I'm not a frontend guy
[07:16:09] <prospectacle> swiss, fair enough
[07:16:15] <swiss> my webapps were proof of concepts
[07:16:36] <swiss> i did cool stuff in them
[07:16:40] <prospectacle> Sounds like go is worth trying out. Do you compile it or what?
[07:16:48] <prospectacle> What cool stuff did your web-apps do?
[07:17:17] <swiss> speed bump page that snapshotted the website you were about to navigate to. For sites that weren't on the white or black list
[07:17:41] <swiss> so you got to preview the site with 0 risk of malware/browser exploits/junk
[07:18:05] <swiss> mostly for times people would type gooooogle.com or gogglle.com or something like that
[07:18:23] <swiss> misspellings that would end up being some potential malware site
[07:18:59] <prospectacle> It's so dumb that even these days a web-browser (a sandbox almost by definition) can't get a sandbox right.
[07:19:09] <prospectacle> But given that it can't, your app sounds very useful.
[07:19:30] <swiss> also had one that showed live attacks on our network using google earth. It handled requests to add attacks to the map, and auto displayed/created different maps (well, globes) for different types of attacks
[07:20:09] <prospectacle> nice, are you a security analyst or this is just for fun?
[07:20:24] <swiss> part of my job is security analysis
[07:21:11] <swiss> I do side projects for a lot of related teams to mine. I do security log analysis mostly.
[07:21:56] <prospectacle> i like their live compile/run web interface at http://golang.org
[07:22:23] <prospectacle> very cool
[07:22:49] <swiss> yeah, it's bad ass
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[08:00:16] <xlefay> juggs|afk, https://github.com thx though :)
[08:01:50] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Bomber Forgets DST Clock Change, Blows Himself Up - http://sylnt.us - what-the-hell-was-that-bang?
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[08:04:48] <SoyCow6066> FYI: Internal SAN check blew up checking moderation rights. Please let the powers that be know how and where you recieved this error
[08:05:03] <SoyCow6066> I lost count on how many comments I'd moderated
[08:05:24] <SoyCow6066> for each of my over-mods, I got the above message
[08:07:20] <MrBluze> i pinged NCommander to have a look at that SoyCow6066
[08:08:10] <NCommander> SoyCow6066, its a side effect of the lameass filter making its glorious return
[08:08:17] <NCommander> SoyCow6066, I'll push a patch out today to fix it
[08:17:09] <NCommander> !todo
[08:17:09] <SlimShady> todo for ncommander: 1) make sure install-slashsite installs proper schema 2) write up YAFAP for nethack 3) find volunteer who may be willing to work on mod_perl rework effort 4) clean production database of unused vars/tables from Tags/FIrehose/Achievements 5) email to FSF/SPI w/ mattie_p input 6) upstart job for apache 7) package nagios check_by_kssh 8) sphinx 9) go - 1 more
[08:17:16] <NCommander> !todo-done 3
[08:17:17] <SlimShady> 1 item deleted
[08:17:18] <NCommander> !todo
[08:17:21] <SlimShady> todo for ncommander: 1) make sure install-slashsite installs proper schema 2) write up YAFAP for nethack 3) clean production database of unused vars/tables from Tags/FIrehose/Achievements 4) email to FSF/SPI w/ mattie_p input 5) upstart job for apache 6) package nagios check_by_kssh 7) sphinx 8) go one with without smoking
[08:17:24] <NCommander> !todo-done 8
[08:17:25] <SlimShady> 1 item deleted
[08:17:28] <NCommander> !todo-done 7
[08:17:29] <SlimShady> 1 item deleted
[08:17:32] <NCommander> !todo quit smoking
[08:17:33] <SlimShady> todo item 7 added
[08:19:34] <MrBluze> did u quit?
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[08:24:04] <xlefay> What's up with sphinx?
[08:24:43] <xlefay> ^ NCommander
[08:27:03] <swiss> lol, nagios sucks to work with sometimes
[08:27:25] <swiss> xlefay: you play with sublime text ever?
[08:27:34] <xlefay> It does, we currently use Icinga though
[08:27:38] <xlefay> swiss, I've got a license ;)
[08:28:18] <NCommander> xlefay, only used by firehose
[08:28:20] <NCommander> MrBluze, nope
[08:28:30] <xlefay> ah I see; was curious about that.
[08:29:01] <xlefay> my experience with Ubuntu is turning worse while using xbmc :'<
[08:29:09] <MrBluze> ok
[08:29:22] <MrBluze> didnt think so lol
[08:30:01] <xlefay> I got kicked back to login screen after xbmc started lagging :'( think I probably should look into that at some point but meh
[08:30:09] <xlefay> swiss, why did you ask? :)
[08:30:34] <crutchy> good afternoon soylent
[08:31:02] <xlefay> good mornin' crutchy :)
[08:31:16] * crutchy enters timewarp
[08:33:03] <crutchy> how's sublight?
[08:33:28] <xlefay> still dead; haven't actually had the time to start building :<
[08:34:09] <arti> sublight
[08:34:24] <arti> isn't that the speed most star destroyers use within systems?
[08:34:50] <arti> except thrawn, he would use the interdictors to create gravity wells and they'd use the hyperdrives
[08:34:51] * crutchy has bacon and bread rolls... but not a lot of energy after work :-(
[08:35:00] <arti> crutchy, try snorting a line of coffee
[08:35:03] <arti> @.o
[08:35:19] <crutchy> wow i never tried that
[08:35:33] * arti prepares a line with a credit card
[08:35:56] <arti> https://www.youtube.com god this chick makes me rage
[08:36:07] <arti> meat comes @ 4mins
[08:37:59] <crutchy> sublight is the speed that you're stuck at prior to r2d2 having intercourse with a terminal
[08:38:09] <arti> interface*
[08:38:23] <keplr> >mfw no flash in new Linux install
[08:38:29] <arti> lol flash on linux
[08:40:59] <crutchy> try sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
[08:41:25] <crutchy> can't remember but may have to download from adobe
[08:42:00] <crutchy> origin in synaptic says oldstable/contrib
[08:42:15] <crutchy> dunno wtf that is
[08:42:16] <arti> crutchy: warning, tastelessness
[08:42:33] * crutchy opens apt.sources
[08:43:01] <crutchy> or sources.list or whatever its called
[08:43:50] <crutchy> hmm i don't have oldstable in sources... maybe was installed with gdebi
[08:45:39] <keplr> I have to believe she's doing a character as much as Colbert is.
[08:45:46] <arti> no
[08:45:52] <arti> check her twitter
[08:45:56] <arti> she's fucking crazy
[08:46:27] <crutchy> i didn't open it cos i thought when you said "rage" you were talking about an effect on part of your person
[08:46:40] * crutchy has kiddies around
[08:46:51] <arti> should be all pg-13
[08:46:56] * arti doesn't recall any swearing
[08:46:56] <keplr> I knew a lot of Koreans when I was in university. They are the most cliquey and insular group I've ever seen. Incredibly racist.
[08:47:10] <arti> keplr, agreed
[08:47:18] * arti loves korean food
[08:47:29] <arti> my korean friend's dad speaks perfect spanish
[08:47:32] <arti> so trippy
[08:48:10] <arti> how about: study abroad, hang out with your clique only
[08:48:59] <crutchy> as far as i know there's no kangaroos or drop bears abroad
[08:49:09] <swiss> xlefay: i fell in love with it today
[08:49:12] <arti> drop bears is srsly what they're known as?
[08:49:18] <swiss> i hadn't really used it before, only heard about it
[08:49:27] <swiss> oh my lord, is it powerful.
[08:49:28] <arti> swiss: sublime text?
[08:49:38] <swiss> and this is coming from a hardcore vim nerd
[08:49:39] <crutchy> koalas are fucking dangerous
[08:49:40] <swiss> arti: yes
[08:49:58] <arti> crutchy: i heard they smell
[08:50:09] <swiss> I don't know if there's anything vim does that I can't easily do in sublime
[08:50:12] <crutchy> they climb and scratch and grunt and smell
[08:50:28] <crutchy> and if you piss them off they chase you
[08:50:32] <arti> a dingo stole my baby
[08:50:35] <crutchy> and bite
[08:50:42] <arti> i know women who do the same thing mate
[08:51:02] <crutchy> women are far more dangerous though
[08:51:16] <crutchy> they don't let go :-P
[08:51:29] <arti> yeah, they have their perks though
[08:51:37] <crutchy> two of them
[08:51:45] <swiss> i think i'm gonna pay for sublime within a week
[08:51:49] <swiss> because this is so glorious
[08:51:52] <arti> swiss, using a beta?
[08:51:56] <swiss> no
[09:00:10] -!- SoyCow6066 has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[09:33:15] <xlefay> ST's really awesome, especially if you've got package control installed
[09:33:21] <xlefay> <-- back to bed, later
[09:33:25] <arti> lol
[09:35:01] MrBluze is now known as MrBluze|afk
[09:41:05] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Ebola Spreading in Africa - http://sylnt.us
[09:49:20] <arti> swiss: https://github.com
[09:49:58] <crutchy> is this real? http://www.youtube.com
[09:59:02] <keplr> I've never had allergies before this year. This is just horrible. How do people not kill themselves
[10:02:43] -!- mth has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[10:02:57] -!- mth [mth!gxzxdypc@wfkm-731-914-221-403.chello.nl] has joined #Soylent
[10:16:21] MrBluze|afk is now known as MrBluze
[10:16:41] <crutchy> http://www.youtube.com
[10:32:57] * arti has had his fill of youtube
[10:33:02] <arti> the comments make me so angry
[10:33:05] <arti> i'm on beer #3
[10:33:11] <arti> got some classical on and returning to some code
[10:33:55] -!- Subsentient [Subsentient!~WhiteRat@universe2.us/Subsentient] has joined #Soylent
[10:34:56] -!- Subsentient has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[10:40:20] -!- SoyCow4764 [SoyCow4764!~46f7a10c@bzv-34-451-320-38.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #Soylent
[10:40:53] <SoyCow4764> Hello All
[10:41:36] <MrBluze> hello SoyCow4764
[10:44:58] <arti> greetings e-moo
[10:56:15] -!- keplr has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
[11:07:04] <crutchy> !whodown poutine
[11:07:05] <SlimShady> downers of poutine are: kobach: -111, crutchy: -30, xlefay: -23, FoobarBazbot_: -19, FatPhil: -14, stderr: -13, andrew: -12, Khyber: -11, mattie_p: -11, mrcoolbp: -10, FoobarBazbot: -10, SoylentMUD: -9, swiss: -8, pbnjoe: -7, drcoolbp: -7, paulej72: -6, stdhell: -4, dx3bydt3: -4, FunPika: -3, amblivious: -3, swisskid: -3, xyzzyyxxyx: -3, CHALLNGEACCPTD: -2, melikamp: - 1 more
[11:07:19] <crutchy> !whoup coffee
[11:07:20] <SlimShady> uppers of coffee are: crutchy: 5, mattie_p: 2, prospectacle: 1, Blackmoore: 1, xlefay: 1
[11:07:27] <crutchy> !whoup bacon
[11:07:27] <SlimShady> uppers of bacon are: kobach: 58, stderr: 46, crutchy: 20, xlefay: 17, mattie_p: 14, xyzzyyzzyx: 9, Alberto: 8, pbnjoe: 5, MrBluze: 5, juggs: 5, Blackmoore: 4, Marneus68: 3, MrBluze_Cmd: 2, TheMightyBuzzard: 2, Konomi: 2, FoobarBazbot: 2, stdhell: 2, aqu4: 2, Mattiep: 1, martyb: 1, paulej72_afk: 1, n1: 1, FatPhil: 1, hax0rz: 1, keick: 1, useless: 1, MrBluze|zzz: 1, pbnjoe|afk: - 1 more
[11:07:35] <crutchy> bacon++
[11:07:35] <SlimShady> karma - bacon: 209
[11:07:40] <crutchy> coffee++
[11:07:40] <SlimShady> karma - coffee: 11
[11:07:42] <crutchy> coffee++
[11:07:42] <SlimShady> karma - coffee: 12
[11:09:15] <SoyCow4764> Soycow4764++
[11:09:15] <SlimShady> karma - soycow4764: 1
[11:09:26] <SoyCow4764> :)
[11:20:20] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Run, Just Not Too Much - http://sylnt.us - take-your-mixed-messages-in-moderation
[11:43:43] <crutchy> https://www.team-cymru.org
[11:44:02] <crutchy> ^^^ shows a map of conficker infection ^^^
[11:44:23] <crutchy> https://www.team-cymru.org
[11:46:14] <crutchy> http://www.cymru.com
[11:52:17] <crutchy> http://wwwnui.akamai.com
[12:02:09] MrBluze is now known as MrBluze|afk
[12:06:34] -!- Brylarke [Brylarke!~Brylarke@73-51-404-28.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #Soylent
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[12:40:21] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Oracle Cloud Service Security Issues Published - http://sylnt.us - don't-fix-it-yet
[12:50:28] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Microsoft Open-Sources .NET Compiler Platform - http://sylnt.us - good-will-goes-far
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[13:14:54] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v Bytram|away] by SN
[13:22:46] -!- KonomiNetbook [KonomiNetbook!~Konomi@Soylent/Users/189/Konomi] has joined #Soylent
[13:29:38] Bytram|away is now known as Bytram
[13:30:01] -!- x0908d3b2 has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[13:45:28] <crutchy> hi bytram
[13:45:40] <crutchy> hi konomi
[13:45:45] <Konomi> hey
[13:45:50] <crutchy> :-D
[13:46:07] <crutchy> i'm not alone yay!
[13:46:10] <crutchy> :-P
[13:46:21] <Konomi> the rest are watching it's not safe ~
[13:46:22] <crutchy> whatcha up to?
[13:46:24] <crutchy> lol
[13:46:31] <Konomi> just had dinner so nothing really
[13:46:33] <crutchy> i promise i won't bite
[13:46:41] <Konomi> still trying to think of how to name my music
[13:46:52] <Konomi> sorting is such a pain
[13:46:59] <crutchy> you you always use the "stuff" naming convention
[13:47:09] <Konomi> that isn't a naming convention'
[13:47:18] <crutchy> stuff 1, my stuff, random stuff, stuff stuffity stuff stuff stuff
[13:47:25] <crutchy> other stuff
[13:47:27] <Konomi> mv Music/ Scalers/
[13:47:27] <Konomi> ;p
[13:47:44] <crutchy> what kinda music
[13:47:45] <crutchy> ?
[13:48:08] * crutchy confesses that he was listening to lily allen a moment ago
[13:48:08] <Konomi> mostly just trying to decide what to shove all my english music under
[13:48:15] <Konomi> I don't really want to use English as a folder name
[13:48:34] <crutchy> maybe just call it "en"
[13:48:42] <crutchy> as in english language
[13:48:54] <crutchy> then make subfolders in that for genre
[13:49:13] <crutchy> how many languages do you have in music?
[13:49:27] <Konomi> more what I don't have
[13:49:32] <Konomi> I have a lot of game music
[13:50:07] <crutchy> either that or you could just put all your music files in a single directory and use a catalog program to arrange/search
[13:50:17] <crutchy> that way you can change the organisation at a whim
[13:50:51] <crutchy> i i'm using rhythmbox
[13:50:58] <Konomi> I use deadbeef
[13:50:59] <crutchy> but there are prolly plenty better
[13:51:02] <crutchy> mkay
[13:51:10] <Konomi> feels a bit silly saying that
[13:51:12] <crutchy> haven't heard of that one
[13:51:12] <Konomi> lol
[13:51:14] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - A Moon of Saturn Has a Sea - http://sylnt.us - hungry-for-alien-seafood
[13:51:24] <Konomi> http://deadbeef.sourceforge.net
[13:51:30] <Konomi> it's a foobbar like player for linux
[13:51:34] <Konomi> tabbed playlists finally
[13:52:08] <crutchy> kinda looks a bit like audacious
[13:52:47] <crutchy> audacious has a similar looking spectrum in the same spot
[13:53:42] * crutchy is listening to a dubstep remix of a two steps from hell tune
[13:54:41] <crutchy> http://audacious-media-player.org
[14:00:48] <Konomi> and xmpp is like nope for me
[14:00:51] * Konomi wonders what is up
[14:07:34] MrBluze|afk is now known as MrBluze
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[14:15:25] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #Soylent
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[14:15:50] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #Soylent
[14:16:58] MrBluze is now known as MrBluze|afk
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[14:29:25] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #Soylent
[14:36:58] <Subsentient> argh
[14:37:20] <Subsentient> Windows actually makes fopen("name", "r") and fopen("name", "rb") different!
[14:37:37] <Subsentient> I was hoping they did like UNIX and just ignored it
[14:42:00] * Subsentient had carriage returns with his newlines, messing up config parsing
[14:43:01] <crutchy> hey subsentient
[14:43:48] <Subsentient> hi crutchy
[14:44:03] <Subsentient> crutchy: I wrote a config file generator for aqu4.
[14:44:14] <crutchy> cool
[14:44:19] <crutchy> err
[14:44:22] <crutchy> what does that mean?
[14:44:34] <Subsentient> crutchy: --genconfig prompts for some stuff, records a basic config file
[14:45:02] -!- weeds [weeds!~4118a13c@cwz-29-45-637-17.columbus.res.rr.com] has joined #Soylent
[14:46:12] <crutchy> kinda like dpkg --reconfigure
[14:46:20] <crutchy> a bit
[14:46:24] <crutchy> :-P
[14:46:46] -!- kristian [kristian!~457ebb11@wqb-097rib18.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #Soylent
[14:47:06] Bytram is now known as Bytram|afk
[14:51:35] <xlefay> !current-uid
[14:51:35] <SlimShady> The current maximum UID is 4030, owned by zonethree
[14:57:30] <crutchy> hi xlefay
[14:58:05] <xlefay> hi :)
[14:58:06] <xlefay> What's up?
[14:58:54] <crutchy> not much
[14:59:02] <crutchy> just mucking around with some php
[14:59:10] <crutchy> how bout you?
[15:09:22] <xlefay> oops sorry was writing mails.. NCommander, paulej72 & Bytram|afk have been spamming as usually :)
[15:09:32] <xlefay> Well, obviously, I was replying to mails haha
[15:09:33] <crutchy> ha
[15:09:52] <crutchy> i've been spamming the test channel, as usual :-P
[15:10:01] <xlefay> I'm detached from there *reattaches*
[15:10:14] <xlefay> haha lookin' good
[15:10:23] -!- TK [TK!~9ff52002@159.245.ju.y] has joined #Soylent
[15:15:58] -!- SoyCow9665 [SoyCow9665!~8115381e@nkqdlhvawe.cis.rit.edu] has joined #Soylent
[15:16:04] -!- SoyCow9665 has quit [Client Quit]
[15:18:02] <NCommander> Well, for once, ITS NOT MY FAULT
[15:18:13] <NCommander> xlefay, also: webdav++
[15:18:14] <NCommander> :-P
[15:18:52] -!- Subsentient has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[15:19:08] <xlefay> webdav--
[15:19:08] <SlimShady> karma - webdav: -1
[15:19:14] <xlefay> eeeek
[15:19:29] <xlefay> NCommander, although, we could just set up owncloud..
[15:19:46] <NCommander> webdav++
[15:19:46] <SlimShady> karma - webdav: 0
[15:19:56] <xlefay> it has webdav built in last I checked, sharing of files, etc..
[15:20:14] <NCommander> xlefay, I can point webdev right to a public_html folder and be done with it :-)
[15:20:21] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Researchers Create Micro Fuel Cells Powered By Saliva - http://sylnt.us - we-don't-fully-understand-why-science
[15:20:21] <xlefay> http://owncloud.org
[15:20:50] <xlefay> think owncloud will still be a better way, since it has a few more features that we can benefit from
[15:21:25] <xlefay> it even has ldap integration ;)
[15:25:50] <Bytram|afk> xlefay: so we'd self-host our own owncloud?
[15:26:00] <xlefay> Yeah, did you look at: http://owncloud.org ?
[15:26:04] <kristian> owncloud isn't as nice as the screenshots make it look...
[15:26:29] <xlefay> kristian, I'm not that concerned with looks. I'm concerned with functionality, and owncloud does have that last I used it as a small test
[15:27:00] <xlefay> The webdav stuff was a bit painful via windows though, e.g. the no auto mount
[15:27:03] <kristian> i mean the functionality is there but it's not as polished as the commercial offerings it aspires to emulate
[15:27:27] <crutchy> but but but it has user avatars... so it must be cool
[15:27:58] <kristian> I'm not sure this is relevant to you all the but mobile apps for it are not wonderful either
[15:28:04] <kristian> otherwise it's quite usable
[15:28:19] -!- janrinok [janrinok!~janrinok@Soylent/Staff/Editor/janrinok] has joined #Soylent
[15:28:19] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v janrinok] by SN
[15:28:23] <xlefay> I don't have a phone anymore, got tired of it ;) but I suspect others will care for it
[15:29:00] <NCommander> xlefay, if it intergrates with LDAP then lets use it
[15:29:15] <NCommander> xlefay, the biggest problem though is we don't store user passwords in LDAP, they're in kerberos
[15:29:28] <xlefay> I'm sure we can work around that
[15:30:07] <xlefay> e.g. we can set HTTP auth via kerberos, and hack the ldap auth out of it; and force it to use the http_auth variable for users
[15:30:10] <crutchy> hi janrinok
[15:30:14] <kristian> on the bright side, if more people use it maybe somebody will be inspired to make it better
[15:30:24] <janrinok> hi crutchy
[15:30:33] <crutchy> it needs emoticons eh xlefay :-P
[15:30:49] <xlefay> I still have to purge those emoticons out of my thunderbird.
[15:30:57] <xlefay> janrinok, is it you?
[15:31:13] <janrinok> I think it is, but I'm never too sure nowadays
[15:31:23] <xlefay> kristian, exactly :)
[15:31:38] <xlefay> You think? Oh god, he's been taken!
[15:31:53] * janrinok still trying to discover the topic of conversation....
[15:32:02] * Bytram|afk is away: off to the day job... have fun folks!
[15:32:05] <xlefay> janrinok, we were discussing all sorts of things, how are ya?
[15:32:10] <xlefay> Bytram|afk, take care & thanks again!
[15:32:37] <janrinok> I'm good but a little tired.
[15:32:50] <crutchy> cya bytram
[15:32:58] <xlefay> NCommander, did you see the e-mail regarding the meeting?
[15:33:09] <janrinok> I was trying to piece together the few comments I could see and not making much sense of anything...
[15:33:36] <xlefay> janrinok, you can check the channel's log if you wish. The conversation wasn't that long
[15:33:46] <xlefay> it started approx, 10 mins before you joined
[15:33:52] <janrinok> k
[15:34:41] <xlefay> kristian, do you know if Owncloud degrades gracefully without JS? I'm sure at least two people in the staff would take issue with the JS ui..
[15:35:17] <crutchy> janrinok: i think the meeting went something like this: https://www.youtube.com
[15:37:24] <xlefay> another advantage, nc, no need for etherpad! owncloud has something similar ;]
[15:37:43] <janrinok> crutchy: lol - thx, I'd forgotten that one.
[15:39:10] -!- Bytram|afk has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[15:40:58] -!- Blackmoore [Blackmoore!~4028ef96@64.40.xqg.gvs] has joined #Soylent
[15:41:13] <Blackmoore> mornin
[15:41:46] <NCommander> xlefay, no email on the list ...
[15:43:03] <xlefay> oh you gotta be shitting me
[15:43:10] <xlefay> :< accidently mailed the voting email
[15:44:14] <xlefay> NCommander, corrected
[15:44:53] <janrinok> mh Blackmoore
[15:45:06] <janrinok> hi Blackmoore - missed the keyboard the first time!
[15:45:19] <xlefay> mornin' Blackmoore
[15:45:28] * NCommander tars up slash
[15:46:30] <Blackmoore> tis ok. i feel hung over, and i havent had a drink in days.
[15:46:58] <janrinok> That's your problem then, you need to drink much more...
[15:47:15] <Blackmoore> aye. I'll fix that later.
[15:47:47] <janrinok> The body is trying to tell you something. Don't wait, start drinking something strong now - it's for medical reasons, honest...
[15:48:20] <xlefay> !grab janrinok
[15:48:21] <SlimShady> Added quote 96
[15:49:59] <Blackmoore> eh.. i dont usually stock the cubicle. the only thing i have at the moment is hand cleaner.. (bleh)
[15:50:24] <Blackmoore> i suppose i could grab something at lunch
[15:50:36] <janrinok> its worth a try....
[15:50:59] <kristian> xlefay, I don't know if it degrades, but you could find out easily by going to http://demo.owncloud.org in a non-JS-enabled browser
[15:51:32] * xlefay installs lynx
[15:53:48] <xlefay> ok it doesn't
[15:59:29] <kristian> that's not really surprising, it might be possible to just use the webdav interface from a browser, though
[16:02:17] <kristian> also, I can't be the only one who finds it infuriating that simply clicking on a file causes it to start downloading
[16:02:32] -!- michealpwalls [michealpwalls!~michealpw@dq-p708q-fi65.georgianc.on.ca] has joined #Soylent
[16:02:55] <michealpwalls> Hi, everybody!
[16:04:04] <crutchy> 1am here. night everyone
[16:04:13] crutchy is now known as crutchy|zzz
[16:04:27] <michealpwalls> hehe g'night :)
[16:07:07] <janrinok> michealpwalls: hi, how's things?
[16:07:38] <Blackmoore> mornin micheal
[16:08:13] -!- Konomi has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[16:08:55] -!- KonomiNetbook has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[16:10:58] -!- KonomiNetbook [KonomiNetbook!~Konomi@Soylent/Users/189/Konomi] has joined #Soylent
[16:11:24] <xlefay> kristian, haven't used it for a while but I'm guessing it's not just you
[16:11:29] <xlefay> gnight crutchy|zzz
[16:11:34] <xlefay> mornin' michealpwalls
[16:12:15] <Blackmoore> @janrinok -- so how many submissions would you like today :P
[16:25:10] <janrinok> Blackmoore: sry I was away for a moment. If I can keep the list bubbling at around the 20-25 mark that would be perfect!
[16:26:26] <Blackmoore> I'll see what i can do. I've got Prend law and Porn. NPR and economy. and solar powered production of solar power..
[16:26:37] <michealpwalls> "page 3 of 6" oh jesus christ! :O
[16:26:41] <michealpwalls> LOL stupid surveys
[16:26:46] <janrinok> lol
[16:27:07] <michealpwalls> politicalcompass.org/test. At first, it seemed like an alright thing to fill out :P
[16:27:11] <michealpwalls> But it got old fast hehe
[16:27:31] <janrinok> the Prend law and Porn sounds intriguing, but only on a personal note. We had a 'pron' story yesterday!
[16:28:14] <michealpwalls> "Taxpayers should not be expected to prop up any theatres or museums that cannot survive on a commercial basis."
[16:28:23] <michealpwalls> Damnit.. Theatres != Museums..
[16:28:36] <michealpwalls> This stupid survey's about as biased and misleading as the politicians! LOL
[16:28:51] <janrinok> michealpwalls: you sound surprised...?
[16:29:25] <michealpwalls> haha
[16:29:31] <michealpwalls> Yea, dunno why :/
[16:30:14] <janrinok> Don't give them your email address....
[16:30:36] <janrinok> They have only got another few hundred surveys for you to try.
[16:30:48] <michealpwalls> Museums are important... The Royal Ontario Museum, for example... Theatres, no, absolutely not. My city absolutely *blows* money, in the millions every year, on this retarded for-profit art centre. Drives me batshit crazy as I walk for an hour to work some days 'cause our bus service is so garbage... Yet yea, the art centre's got a nice new statue of some naked guy (Who gives a shit?)
[16:31:38] -!- Konomi [Konomi!~Konomi@Soylent/Users/189/Konomi] has joined #Soylent
[16:31:51] <Blackmoore> I will not be happy until Theists provide Sciene equal time in thier churchs.
[16:31:53] <michealpwalls> That's my rant for the morning :P
[16:32:10] <michealpwalls> I agree entirely with that, Blackmoore. Anything less is poppycock.
[16:32:15] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - WD2Go Customers Without Service - http://sylnt.us - way-to-go-cloud
[16:36:53] -!- dentonj has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[16:37:11] -!- dentonj [dentonj!~dentonj@217.33.iwh.wjw] has joined #Soylent
[16:37:45] <michealpwalls> "Those who are able to work, and refuse the opportunity, should not expect society's support." (dull)
[16:37:49] <michealpwalls> What kind of questions *are* these?!
[16:38:12] <michealpwalls> Define "opportunity" - Is this a well educated engineering refusing an "opportunity" to work at McDonald's?
[16:38:12] <Blackmoore> obviosly slanted questions.
[16:38:13] <michealpwalls> Or....
[16:38:16] <michealpwalls> LOL
[16:38:43] <Blackmoore> someone is trying to pick apart the "liberal" bias of your goverment
[16:38:51] <Blackmoore> make Canada more like the US
[16:38:58] <Blackmoore> .. please dont..
[16:39:02] <michealpwalls> Everything must be black or white, right? :P
[16:39:24] <michealpwalls> We are either bloodsucking liberal commies, or we're Right/'Merican LOL
[16:39:45] <Blackmoore> *sigh* at times i wish i could get away with "black and white" bias.. I could use the "he needed killin" defense
[16:39:57] <michealpwalls> haha
[16:40:06] <michealpwalls> Hey, sometimes people *do* need a good killin' ! :)
[16:40:31] <Blackmoore> well it works in florida.. if you happen to be a white male.
[16:40:40] <michealpwalls> I try not to put much effort in Politics, 'cause I'm such a weirdo I don't properly fit in *any* catagory :/
[16:40:46] <michealpwalls> Like, iunno. Hard to explain I guess :P
[16:41:12] <michealpwalls> Many things a typical Canadian would passionately oppose in the U.S, I support. Vice versa, too..
[16:41:36] <michealpwalls> I'm a supporter of the U.S' constitional right to bear arms and defend yourself and your property :)
[16:42:58] <michealpwalls> I think, in the U.S it gets muddled and goes a bit too far at times... Although in Canada it's the stark opposite and it's fucking retarded. We're not even legally "allowed" to own protective equipment, such as a vest or a taser.
[16:44:34] <michealpwalls> I live in a low-income apartment building with 2 young boys. Last week someone was shot in the apartment building..
[16:44:40] <michealpwalls> It took about 30 minutes for police to respond.
[16:44:44] <michealpwalls> Welcome to Canada :)
[16:45:28] <Blackmoore> yeah. the US 2nd ammentment is a mess.
[16:45:31] <michealpwalls> The thing is... Criminals have guns. They have guns, kevlar vests and they really dont' give a shit. Why shouldnt' legitimate citizens have access to guns, too? Why should we cowar and hide in our apartments for 30 fucking minutes waiting for the police? :/
[16:45:56] <Blackmoore> i agree - you ought to be allowed to have "something" for self protection
[16:46:24] <Blackmoore> I'm just not sure how you write that to excluse fully auto chain guns.
[16:46:37] <michealpwalls> Or when, in 2010, over 1,000 Canadians were beat up and arrested for protesting the G20 summit here. I have a hard time believing that would have happened the way it did if we had the right to defend ourself and arm ourselves..
[16:47:11] <michealpwalls> Yea, true :/
[16:48:27] <michealpwalls> I could go on, hehe, but meh :P
[16:48:43] <michealpwalls> Basically, nothing is black and white heehee
[16:50:13] <michealpwalls> "Making peace with the establishment is an important aspect of maturity." LOL what does that even mean? :/
[16:50:19] -!- mrcoolbp [mrcoolbp!~mrcoolbp@Soylent/Staff/mrcoolbp] has joined #Soylent
[16:50:19] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v mrcoolbp] by SN
[16:50:34] <Blackmoore> well, over here the wall stree protesters are getting hit NOW.. by police and finaincally.
[16:51:08] <Blackmoore> in your case - it is the police trying to not say "we are thugs paid by the govermtn"
[16:51:56] <michealpwalls> hah, well they *do* say that here :)
[16:52:02] <michealpwalls> Few youtube clips showing it haha
[16:52:10] <michealpwalls> They're quite proud of who they are [Canadian coppers]
[16:52:43] <michealpwalls> They are authority and are to be obeyed, according to them. Either show them your papers or prepare for a shit kicking :)
[16:52:54] <michealpwalls> (giggle)
[16:53:13] <michealpwalls> Also, being charged with assulting the police officer (That just beat you into a comma )
[16:56:31] <michealpwalls> The site called me a Left/Libertarian" what a crock of shit.
[16:56:32] <michealpwalls> LOL
[16:57:01] <michealpwalls> http://www.politicalcompass.org
[16:57:31] <Blackmoore> yeah. if you arent willing to be a stoge or a thug for the rich you're a smelly hippy that deserves to be beat up
[16:57:50] <michealpwalls> Holy shit... Hu Jintao is ranked *higher* than Mitt Romney?!
[16:57:53] <michealpwalls> Wow lOL
[16:58:25] <Blackmoore> Mitt is rather soulless. it's hard to get a political leaning out of a robot
[16:58:54] -!- egp000 [egp000!~637ad12a@41-074-601-37.lightspeed.miamfl.sbcglobal.net] has joined #Soylent
[16:59:18] <michealpwalls> No wonder I had an urge to punch him in the face whenever he [Mittens Romney] spoke, LOL. Apparently we're exact opposites :D
[16:59:31] <michealpwalls> "Hey, Corporations are people too!"
[16:59:37] <michealpwalls> LOL the best line from Mittens ever :D
[17:00:12] -!- egp000 has quit [Client Quit]
[17:00:46] <michealpwalls> See this site sucks. It says I shoudl vote green.. Gah. Even if I didn't think Greens were completely irrational and their platform was a short-sighted joke, I sure as fuck wouldn't *waste* my vote, voting for a party that has never gotten more than a single seat (And that 1 seat was ONCE!)
[17:00:49] <michealpwalls> LOL
[17:01:08] <Blackmoore> ih mittens. if only i could get a hunting license for politicians.
[17:01:19] <michealpwalls> I would never vote green even if I thought it would be the defining vote of the election LMAO. They're *crazy*!
[17:05:53] <Blackmoore> at this point I'm willing to vote for "crazy" as long as it isnt Dem or Repub
[17:06:21] <Blackmoore> at very least to widen the field
[17:06:44] <michealpwalls> haha
[17:06:50] <michealpwalls> I suppose
[17:07:15] <michealpwalls> I vote NDP mostly (New Democratic Party, it's a Social Democrat party, basically)
[17:07:52] <michealpwalls> Even the NDP makes me cringe sometimes, when they start talking irrational shit like 'pulling out of NATO' and etc. and their desire to get in the middle of the middle-east conflicts.. Gah. Too dreamy :P
[17:08:12] <michealpwalls> But their veiws on society and economics seem somewhat rational? Iunno. All the options are fucking braindead, really..
[17:08:58] <michealpwalls> Although... Even economics, they're really dreamy. They'd be okay with perpetually raising the "minimum wage", without any consideration on what that will do to the volume of jobs available to people :/
[17:09:44] <michealpwalls> They just assume that, if they legislate higher minimum wage, everyone gets paid more and we all benefit... Lets forget about Inflation (When everyone has more money, everything is worth more... The simplest form of inflation ever taught in schools LOL) or that, forcing companies to pay everyone more will result in the company lowering the amoutn of people they pay.. LOL :/
[17:13:09] <Blackmoore> I'd like a platform which had sane enconomic policies, and rational National defense. what i have is a bunch of self-enrichment bastards who are milking every cent of this countries credit, to prop up a military industial complex.
[17:13:13] -!- Cyprus [Cyprus!~Cyprus@localhost] has joined #Soylent
[17:14:27] <michealpwalls> Sane economic policies are impossible in North American politica campaigns, though..
[17:15:42] <michealpwalls> All these fucking retards have their heads shoved so far up their ass they don't understand basic economic principles.. The simplest of the simple concepts like supply and demand. People think giving a corporation a little, temporary tax break will "stimulate" growth.. It's asinine. The *only* metric these companies look at is the demand for their products and the supply of the materials that
[17:15:42] <michealpwalls> goes into the products. That's it. If those don't change, why the fuck would they hire somebody? That's just poppycock :/
[17:16:37] <michealpwalls> If you gave the same money to *people*... Who *consume* those products.... Magically the demand for the products increases as the purchasing power of the consumer-base increases. Viola... There's a sudden need to increase the *production* of those now in-demand products. Amazing concept!
[17:16:42] <michealpwalls> LOL
[17:16:52] <michealpwalls> But nope.. Instead we give our "stimulus" money to fucking Banks...
[17:16:54] <michealpwalls> (facepalm)
[17:18:11] <michealpwalls> That's assuming we actually manufactured things here, though. Mostly consumers dump their money into foreign manufacturing, esp. Chinese manufacturing. We all love shopping at Wal-Mart, though! :)
[17:19:18] <michealpwalls> It's impossible. Just, stop caring. Make sure you teach your kids the power of education. Save money now and put them into Mandarine classes and business management class. Who gives a fuck about our corrupt "countries". Worry about yourself and your family :)
[17:22:16] <AndyTheAbsurd> I hate shopping at Wal-Mart. Also, I'm not having kids, ever.
[17:22:48] <AndyTheAbsurd> But everything else you said (since Cyprus joined) is spot-on.
[17:23:36] <michealpwalls> LOL
[17:23:47] <michealpwalls> The "KidFree" movement is quite interesting!
[17:23:53] <michealpwalls> Or sorry, "ChildFree"
[17:23:54] <michealpwalls> Meh
[17:24:44] <AndyTheAbsurd> either one works for me
[17:24:56] <michealpwalls> To each his own, I say. If someone does not wish to have children, I don't see why Society would try to peer-pressure (Lack of a better word? LOL brow-beat!) them into having one (Or making them feel inferior for *not* having one).
[17:25:48] <AndyTheAbsurd> it's the only sensible choice in a world where the job market is likely to start shrinking drastically due to continued advances in automation.
[17:26:40] <AndyTheAbsurd> especially when we've got ~7000000000 people already
[17:27:23] <michealpwalls> Well, I dont' entirely agree with that view (The jobs/resource scarcity view, that is) but again, totaly support your opinion ;)
[17:28:42] <michealpwalls> I think, resources are pretty moot. Did you know all prescious minerals and materials on Earth are actually deposited here by asteroid and commit collisions? Google it. No gold, platinum, nickle or copper is *from* Earth. It struck Earth and deposited itself here. That logic proves that resource scarcity is an old problem that we've already got a viable technological means to eliminate.
[17:29:26] <michealpwalls> In terms of Jobs, well, this is the old Luddite fear right? The logic is sound, but it's based on bad data (IMHO). The bad data is due to not being able to see into the future. Who *knows* where jobs will come from in the future, is my point.
[17:30:44] <AndyTheAbsurd> rockets are an expensive pain in the ass; what we really want is a space elevator to get at all those asteroids.
[17:30:54] <michealpwalls> haha yea!
[17:31:30] <AndyTheAbsurd> and sure, there's no way that anyone in 1700 would have predicted the rise of factory automation or anyone in 1900 would have predicted the massive IT sector that we have today
[17:32:15] <AndyTheAbsurd> I'm sure that there will be new jobs opening up as time goes on
[17:32:40] <michealpwalls> Yea, exactly. That's essentially what I mean. As older industries evaporate, others pop up that nobody could have imagined or expected. I think, if you look at me and the 60 people in my class... Maybe 60 years ago nobody could have imagined we'd be in college studying for this field of work.. Certainly nobody would have factored it into their equations of "future job prospects", right? :/
[17:32:49] <michealpwalls> Maybe 60 is a bit conservative heehee. Maybe longer :P
[17:32:51] <AndyTheAbsurd> but we've got 30 year old people who are still making minimum wage or just above it because the jobs JUST AREN'T THERE.
[17:33:04] <michealpwalls> *thinks briefly* yea maybe 70 - 75 years?
[17:34:14] <michealpwalls> I see that here, AndyTheAbsurd. It's true (And depressing). I blame society, LOL. Why the hell isn't there a clear path-way for those people to re-educate and re-integrate into the workforce? (There's a 42 year old student in my class, btw. He used to work on CNC machines in factories, Ontario Government is paying for him to "change careers")
[17:35:02] <xlefay> holy shit michealpwalls you write a whole lot of lengthy messages!
[17:35:08] <michealpwalls> sorry :(
[17:35:14] <michealpwalls> It's Friday! (hifive)
[17:35:57] * xlefay goes back to his cave, far far away from these fact saying beings
[17:37:02] <Blackmoore> hehe xlefey dont run away - we have bacon!
[17:37:18] <michealpwalls> LOL big bits of bacon!
[17:37:18] <michealpwalls> :)
[17:37:21] <AndyTheAbsurd> Those people aren't necessarily in need of re-education or re-integration; a lot of them have college degrees. There's no one that's willing to hire them; the older people in jobs that they might have moved into in the past are not moving out because those people are living longer and working longer, governments (at least here in the US) aren't doing the infrastructure projects that they should be doing which would keep a lot of heavy ...
[17:37:27] <AndyTheAbsurd> ... construction people employed...
[17:37:53] <Blackmoore> Well I have kids. and i really do hope that all of us can figure out a way through - well whatever this economy is changing into
[17:38:26] <Blackmoore> it's not going to be the manufacturing we had. I'm not even sure it will be a "service economy"
[17:38:48] <michealpwalls> Honestly, Blackmoore.. My plan is to make as much money as I can after graduation and invest it in my kids education. Highest on the list is a fluency in Mandarin and shortly below that is Business Management/Administration training. I dont' know what else would help :/
[17:39:02] <Blackmoore> I do see more people finding alternate ways for getting "value" kickstarter, patreon.
[17:39:03] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[17:39:30] <Blackmoore> heh. I'm working poor. my kids never had that option.
[17:40:03] <michealpwalls> I'm working poor too, man. Our country's environment might be very different so this may not apply to your situation, but yea.. You have no idea the path I took to get to college :D
[17:40:08] <michealpwalls> I'm 29 years old, btw.
[17:40:21] <Blackmoore> but they are finding a way to pay for college. I'm a bit afaid of what my daughter wil have after she graduates o.O
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[17:42:16] <michealpwalls> At one point, I was working a part-time job in the morning and going to an "Adult Learning Centre" in the evening... Going to sleep in a homeless shelter for the night. Mostly I ate at "soup kitchens" (cafeterias provided to the poor by Churches, mainly the Salvation Army.)
[17:42:39] <michealpwalls> In fact, I was so young whilst homeless I had to stay at a "Youth Shelter", 'cause the Salvation Army's Men's Shelter wouldnt' let me stay there, as I was too young (For my own protection, they said :P )
[17:43:36] <michealpwalls> Later I wound up lying to get in there. I said I lost my wallet and told them I just turned 21 :P
[17:43:54] <Teckla> Anyone here know how I could convert ñ to its %xx equivalent? (Or perhaps it'll be %xx%yy since it's Unicode?)
[17:45:26] <michealpwalls> All my dress clothes came from the Salvation Army thrift shop. I'm sitting here in a really nice Perry Ellis dress paints and some italian designer dress shirt. I dont' bother with a tie anymore haha. But yea. The options *are* out there. It's not easy, but there *is* a pathway out of the bottom.. I'm living proof :)
[17:45:57] <michealpwalls> My nice black dress coat cost me $18, btw. Someone else paid ~$300 for it before they donated it to the Thrift Shop and I bought it haha
[17:46:50] <michealpwalls> Sorry for the wall of text btw :P
[17:46:59] <Blackmoore> @janrinok - good god. can you fix the title on the last article i submitted?
[17:48:19] <Blackmoore> yeah, I have some decent stuff from Amvets too.
[17:48:55] <Blackmoore> i got a tux 2 years ago for $50 at a warehouse sale.
[17:49:00] <michealpwalls> That's awesome hehe
[17:49:18] <Blackmoore> yeah, i always wanted one.
[18:02:20] <michealpwalls> That is a cool story! http://arstechnica.com
[18:02:53] <xlefay> Blackmoore, michealpwalls, did you say bacon?
[18:02:59] <michealpwalls> LOL
[18:03:08] <michealpwalls> Bacon bits! (Big ones)
[18:03:30] <xlefay> The real non-imaginary kind?
[18:04:26] <michealpwalls> Of course
[18:04:53] <michealpwalls> I wouldn't gift imaginary bacon bits to my Soylent friends! What do you take me for?
[18:05:07] <xlefay> Dammit, did I just take a wrong turn and went to the real world?
[18:05:39] <Blackmoore> I will need to make a 3d printer that can print off bacon. so we can deliver it
[18:05:43] <xlefay> You insensitive clod! Real friends don't make friends go into the real world!
[18:05:48] <michealpwalls> LOL!
[18:07:08] <xlefay> humans these days, so gullible
[18:08:00] <xlefay> That wasn't an admission of guilt.
[18:08:02] <xlefay> just fyi'
[18:08:40] <xlefay> woa.. wrong screen, disregard these last 4 messages
[18:08:44] <michealpwalls> LOL
[18:08:59] <xlefay> wrong input bar dammit
[18:10:00] <xlefay> Wonder what alicebot would say if I were to admit my indiscretion
[18:10:51] <xlefay> michealpwalls, so..
[18:10:58] <xlefay> you try Ubuntu yet?
[18:11:02] <AndyTheAbsurd> I knew it, xlefay is a robot!
[18:11:38] <xlefay> I claim the 44th robotic amendment
[18:11:42] <xlefay> oh shit
[18:11:53] <AndyTheAbsurd> I knew it, xlefay is a robot from the future!
[18:12:23] <Blackmoore> so xlefay - what replaced you at your original robotic profession?
[18:12:27] <xlefay> just don't tell alicebot ok?! SHE CANNOT KNOW!
[18:12:45] <Blackmoore> (needs to know so i can get a job later)
[18:13:00] <Blackmoore> (after i get replaced by robot)
[18:13:10] <xlefay> Blackmoore, that's a very long story. Do you have a few millenia's?
[18:13:24] <Blackmoore> as a matter of fact. i kinda do
[18:13:51] <xlefay> You're Bot #49856 aren't you?
[18:15:22] <Blackmoore> eh. no my story is more like "permenently stuck here"
[18:15:40] <xlefay> Blackmoore, implement command override protocol and admit the damn truth!
[18:16:07] <Blackmoore> Sorry kid; I was around when the dirt was soup.
[18:16:17] <xlefay> ok, that works
[18:16:45] <Blackmoore> :P
[18:17:13] <xlefay> so how are you?
[18:17:21] <xlefay> all of ya
[18:17:47] <Blackmoore> still feel hung over. I think i may actually be dehydrated..
[18:17:50] <michealpwalls> Xlefay: Ubuntu Server? nono
[18:17:52] <michealpwalls> Not yet :)
[18:18:27] <xlefay> michealpwalls, it's what all the cool robots run nowadays
[18:18:35] <xlefay> s/robots/people/
[18:18:35] <SedBot> <xlefay> michealpwalls, it's what all the cool people run nowadays
[18:19:32] <michealpwalls> hehe
[18:20:14] <xlefay> Blackmoore, drink moar!
[18:20:20] <xlefay> Ever hard Soylent Green? :) :)
[18:20:25] <xlefay> had*
[18:20:58] <Blackmoore> i've been told it tastes like proccuto
[18:21:24] <xlefay> I haven't heard of procutto but it sounds delicious
[18:22:00] <michealpwalls> Soylent Green reminds me of Idiocracy.
[18:22:03] <michealpwalls> Both great movies :D
[18:24:42] <xlefay> haven't heard of either one of those
[18:29:09] <NCommander> xlefay, ... you don't know where we got the name soylentnews from?
[18:29:22] <xlefay> NCommander, apparently not
[18:29:42] <NCommander> xlefay, ..................................
[18:29:53] <xlefay> Hey... don't you dot me!Q
[18:29:56] * NCommander revokes xlefay's geek card, staff cards, and trivia cards
[18:30:11] <xlefay> aww :'(
[18:30:17] <xlefay> The trivia cards, really?
[18:30:19] <Blackmoore> http://www.wegmans.com
[18:30:20] <NCommander> You've been denied access to the staff bacon
[18:30:31] <xlefay> But the trivia cards?!?!?!
[18:30:55] <AndyTheAbsurd> NCommander: Did you know that in the novel that Soylent Green is based on, none of the "soylent" products are made from people?
[18:31:25] Blackmoore is now known as blackmoore|afk
[18:31:34] <NCommander> AndyTheAbsurd, I was infact aware of that. Thank you TVTropes :-)
[18:31:46] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Full Disclosure Mailing List Returns - http://sylnt.us - things-return-back-to-normal
[18:31:56] <blackmoore|afk> Soybeans and Lentils. (meh)
[18:39:37] <michealpwalls> <@xlefay> haven't heard of either one of those
[18:39:46] <michealpwalls> Iunno why that's so funny to me, but man you crack me up!
[18:40:30] <michealpwalls> It's a really good movie, though. Soylent News. Definately worth the watch :)
[18:41:37] <michealpwalls> http://www.tubeplus.me
[18:41:40] <michealpwalls> (wasntme)
[18:42:55] <Landon> AndyTheAbsurd: that seems at odds with "To this end, Thorn stows himself aboard a garbage truck to the disposal-center, where he sees human corpses converted into Soylent Green."
[18:43:30] <michealpwalls> Yea, the movie I watched made it pretty damned clear
[18:43:34] <michealpwalls> Soylent Green is People ;)
[18:44:11] <michealpwalls> ... I haven't read the book though haha
[18:44:49] <Landon> oh doh, just saw "in the novel"
[18:45:19] <michealpwalls> That's weird! So in the novel, SoylentGreen really *isn't* people? WTF happened to the movie, then?! LOL
[18:45:58] <AndyTheAbsurd> some producer wanted a highly dramatic ending
[18:46:04] <michealpwalls> Touche
[18:46:21] <michealpwalls> "Wouldn't it be so much better if it actually *was* people?! Damnit Bill, give that man a raise!"
[18:46:24] <michealpwalls> The board meeting ^
[18:46:26] <AndyTheAbsurd> the last few pages of the book are kinda...anticlimactic.
[18:46:33] <AndyTheAbsurd> anticlimatic?
[18:46:38] <michealpwalls> Yea, I think that works ;)
[18:48:23] <michealpwalls> .. It's a real shame that NASA is used as some kind of political tool. As it is they're "barred" from "cooperating" with Chinese scientists.. Now Russians? How exactly will NASA scientists go to/from the ISS, I wonder? :O
[18:49:15] <AndyTheAbsurd> michealpwalls: I thought that that change has a specific exclusion for ISS-related activity?
[18:49:16] <michealpwalls> "The prohibition does lay out a specific exemption for International Space Station operational activities, " hahahaha, oh man.. wow.
[18:49:38] <michealpwalls> So... We dont' "coopoerate" with Russia.. But they're still "allowed" to bring us to/from the ISS. LMAO god we're a fucking joke (facepalm)
[18:50:13] <michealpwalls> "Look Russia. We're mad and we're not going to take it! We wont work with you anymore! P.S: Can you bring Jimmy up to the ISS? Thx"
[18:52:31] <xlefay> michealpwalls, they're not standing their ground!
[18:52:49] <michealpwalls> haha
[18:52:56] -!- Brylarke has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[18:58:43] <michealpwalls> God... I have nothin gto do!
[18:58:46] <michealpwalls> LMAO
[18:59:06] <xlefay> hmm, you fix that form shizzle yet?
[18:59:39] <michealpwalls> Yea, session and away I go heehee.
[18:59:50] <michealpwalls> dunno why I even bothered trying to climb the form mountain haha
[19:00:21] <xlefay> probably because you haven't got a damn thing to do ;)
[19:00:29] <michealpwalls> haha
[19:01:25] <michealpwalls> Here I thought our governments were becoming "friends" with Russian government. Hrmm. I think mostly that progress is all down the drain now? :/
[19:02:00] <xlefay> Are they peeing at each other again?
[19:02:27] <michealpwalls> Yea
[19:02:42] <xlefay> Oh well, AT LEAST they have something to do
[19:03:07] <michealpwalls> Russia having a dispute with Ukraine, I think over the naval ports in Crimeo region (Where Russia's Black Sea Fleet operates from) and the U.S is all "Me too!"
[19:03:08] <michealpwalls> :/
[19:03:15] <michealpwalls> At least, that's how I understand it :P
[19:03:18] <xlefay> wait that shit got real?
[19:03:31] <michealpwalls> Yea. Well, about as real as geopolitics get? :/
[19:03:41] <xlefay> Can we please get WW3 happening already, the sooner it's over and we can move on
[19:03:50] <michealpwalls> Basically sanctions, freezing assets, NASA not "cooperating" with them and etc.
[19:03:58] <xlefay> In the end, it's all pointless, humans won't change, they'll just keep fightin'
[19:04:03] <michealpwalls> haha xlefay. I'll start digging a bunker now?
[19:04:36] <xlefay> Heh, you can't get radiation poisoning via IRC silly
[19:04:49] <xlefay> Oh wait, you're one of them humans aren't you?
[19:04:54] <michealpwalls> That's true, IMHO.. I think it's the one thing that binds all societies, civilizations... Mankind is a warlike animal, just like ants. Probably even "cavemen" fought wars with each other over territorial rights ("This is my cave and pond", etc.)
[19:05:17] <xlefay> "THIS IS MY PLACE TO POOP, NOW GTFO"
[19:05:20] <michealpwalls> No, I'm an advanced experiment in artificial intelligence scripting..
[19:05:23] <michealpwalls> :D
[19:05:28] <xlefay> That'd totally be me back then
[19:05:34] <michealpwalls> haha
[19:05:42] <michealpwalls> "Hey hey HEY! I SAID NO PEEING IN THE POND!"
[19:05:49] <xlefay> "Sticks 'n stones won't break your bones, but pooping at my pooping place will!"
[19:06:07] <michealpwalls> haha
[19:08:00] <xlefay> To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if little one-on-one wars were fought about stupid shit like that back then
[19:08:26] <xlefay> It seems, most of the times, wars are just being fought on bigger and bigger scales
[19:15:20] <michealpwalls> Yea, that's really what continues to change I think
[19:15:57] <michealpwalls> Scope and scale..
[19:33:49] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[19:37:42] <TK> Is the story queu empty? I don't see the nagger, but I don't see any new stories since the Western Digital fiasco 4 hours ago
[19:38:40] blackmoore|afk is now known as Blackmoore
[19:39:20] <Blackmoore> the nagger was up several hours ago. I suspect the queue is back at 20
[19:40:15] <TK> I take it the lack of submissions was met with a flood of new ones, but the editors haven't editored them yet?
[19:40:32] <TK> I stand by my word choice above
[19:41:11] <xlefay> 24 submissions atm, I suspect the editors haven't been able to get to them yet
[19:41:31] <Blackmoore> 22 in queue. I sent in 4 this morning. I'm perfectly good if they want to space mine out
[19:41:52] <xlefay> nope, it's 24 ;]
[19:42:03] <Blackmoore> me count good
[19:42:12] <xlefay> but two are being rejected it seems
[19:42:24] <xlefay> one for being a dupe and one for being outdated
[19:42:42] <xlefay> That's probably why you only see 24
[19:43:03] <xlefay> 22*
[19:47:26] <Blackmoore> yeah. makes sense.
[19:47:36] <janrinok> xlefay: Blackmoore: When we have submissions in the queue that we are not going to release we annotate them with a comment to save other editors from having to go through them as well. I only delete them once I have sent email feedback (where possible) to explain why they are not being accepted. But the feedback is a lower priority than keeping the site up and running, so it may be a few hours before they get processed.
[19:48:20] <janrinok> 24 subs, 2 of which will not be accepted.
[19:49:11] <xlefay> figured as much, thanks
[19:49:17] <Blackmoore> @janrinok as long as you have stuff to work with - I'm sure you have the process down; i don't even mind getting rejections.
[19:49:21] <xlefay> janrinok++ :)
[19:49:21] <SlimShady> karma - janrinok: 15
[19:49:28] <janrinok> I'm currently working 8 stories ahead of the next release, with sufficient space to insert any breaking news or hot items.
[19:50:41] <Blackmoore> @TK i think we need more editorializing from the editors. :P
[19:51:22] <janrinok> ...and I'm try to run 3 sites at the same time - the live site, dev, and our new internal one.
[19:51:45] <Blackmoore> @janrinok ouch.
[19:52:26] <xlefay> janrinok, the internal one might take a little bit longer to get back up.. it's kerberos stuff is borked
[19:52:43] <janrinok> OK - I'm only working on 2 sites Yippeee!
[19:52:55] <janrinok> xlefay: thx
[19:53:06] <xlefay> happy to help lol
[19:55:42] <michealpwalls> Hey that's nice, janrinok ("sent email feedback (where possible) to explain why"
[19:55:52] <michealpwalls> (y) - (That's a skype thumbs-up btw)
[19:55:53] <michealpwalls> hehe
[19:56:17] <Blackmoore> looks more like a plumbers crack
[19:56:24] <Blackmoore> (Y)
[19:56:25] <michealpwalls> haha
[19:56:39] <michealpwalls> I didn't even see it until you said it... And now it's all I can see! :(
[19:57:03] <janrinok> michealpwalls: Some don't give us an email contact and we have agreed not to trawl our own database because some have complained about receiving unsolicited emails.
[19:57:16] <michealpwalls> Yea that would be a waste of time haha
[19:57:22] <xlefay> It's absolutely staggering how easily Kerberos can fuck you over
[19:57:32] <michealpwalls> Kerberos is too complicated (for me)
[19:57:39] <michealpwalls> Gah, I hate complicated "solutions"
[19:57:41] <xlefay> *one* wrongly placed entry in /etc/hosts.conf fuckt it up .. ;)
[19:58:39] <michealpwalls> I think, somewhere 'round NT 5 things seemed to get really complicated with Kerberos, IPSec and etc :/
[20:05:05] <michealpwalls> LOL not that I have an alternative if you're rockn' the whole AD thing.. hehe
[20:05:59] <michealpwalls> Whatever happened to 'KISS', Keep It Simple, Stupid :P
[20:06:32] <xlefay> michealpwalls, we don't have an AD
[20:06:41] <Blackmoore> KISS went out whith Embrace, Extend, Extinguish
[20:07:04] <xlefay> We just have ldap & kerberos; so we can KISS.
[20:07:56] <michealpwalls> Hrmm
[20:08:03] <michealpwalls> Bragging rights? :)
[20:08:06] <xlefay> No
[20:08:22] <michealpwalls> What is Kerberos used for? :/
[20:08:25] <xlefay> So we don't have to create each user on every server + single sign on
[20:08:42] <michealpwalls> Ah, I see
[20:08:47] <xlefay> So we only have one username/password everywhere, instead of a hundred different ones for various servers & services ;]
[20:09:05] <michealpwalls> Yea, I didn't think you could do that on linux systems with kerbeos :O
[20:09:06] <michealpwalls> haha
[20:09:08] <michealpwalls> That sounds painful!
[20:09:18] <xlefay> heh?
[20:09:48] <michealpwalls> I thought Kerberos was used mainly for windows domain servers, that's all :/
[20:09:59] <xlefay> ah k :p
[20:14:07] <michealpwalls> Is Kerberos an open standard? I thought it was Microsoft's protocol :/
[20:14:21] <xlefay> It was created by MIT
[20:14:32] <michealpwalls> Oh! Well taht explains quite a bit..
[20:15:08] <michealpwalls> I thought they *developed* it for AD... I didn't realize they're simply *using* it. So any OS could use it, then?
[20:19:32] <xlefay> I believe MS made it's own implementation based on the RFC; I do believe they extended it slightly
[20:21:59] <michealpwalls> Well it's still super complicated. All that complexity and it still wont protect you from a Robber Hose Attack.
[20:22:00] <michealpwalls> :)
[20:22:12] <xlefay> 'Robber Hose'?
[20:22:32] <michealpwalls> Spelling, sorry: https://en.wikipedia.org
[20:22:35] <michealpwalls> (giggles)
[20:22:58] <michealpwalls> "such as beating that person with a rubber hose, thus the name"
[20:23:06] <xlefay> hmm
[20:23:44] <michealpwalls> Example: Say NCommander comes to xlefay's home with a large, heavy Rubber Hose. NCommander proceeds to beat xlefay with the large, Rubber Hose until xlefay logs into his/her account for NCommander to abuse.
[20:23:49] <michealpwalls> Stop that, Mr. Kerberos!
[20:23:50] <michealpwalls> :)
[20:24:06] <xlefay> michealpwalls, I really wanted to grab that, can you repeat?
[20:24:18] <michealpwalls> LOL k
[20:24:27] <michealpwalls> Example: Say NCommander comes to xlefay's home with a large, heavy Rubber Hose. NCommander proceeds to beat xlefay with the large, Rubber Hose until xlefay logs into his/her account for NCommander to abuse. Stop that, Kerberos!
[20:24:29] <xlefay> !grab michealpwalls
[20:24:29] <SlimShady> Added quote 97
[20:24:31] <NCommander> michealpwalls, we solved that problem, you need a SSH private key to get into our network to begin with
[20:24:51] <xlefay> Thank you, I've heard NC was traveling so if I'm not here tomorrow, check quote 97 to see what happened to me.
[20:25:00] <michealpwalls> LMAO
[20:25:12] <NCommander> Unless xlefay is some of savent who can remember his private key from member, rubber house cryptanalysis doesn't get our attacker much
[20:25:20] <NCommander> *memory
[20:25:30] <michealpwalls> Can't I just beat him into putting his ssh key on a usb key, too?
[20:25:33] <michealpwalls> *thinks*
[20:25:39] <xlefay> HEY
[20:25:47] <xlefay> I manually write my private keys!
[20:25:50] <michealpwalls> LMAO!
[20:25:56] <michealpwalls> That would be so epic. I bet RMS does :P
[20:26:07] <NCommander> michealpwalls, I'll add two factor authetication as well, that requires him to provide a urine sample to validate. Too stressed, DENIED
[20:26:14] <michealpwalls> haha!
[20:26:23] <Blackmoore> i'm sure RMS has one memorized.. *it so easy"
[20:26:24] <xlefay> No, he just keeps the USB stick with the private keys in his beard; no-one dares stealing it.
[20:26:30] <michealpwalls> Fiddle sticks! I'll think of something..
[20:26:46] <TK> When using the rubber hose technique, best practices indicate to avoid the head and fingers for optimal results.
[20:26:50] <NCommander> Gah, that beard hasn't been washed in centuries, I won't want to touch RMS's beard least it eat me
[20:26:59] <michealpwalls> RMS is such a legend haha
[20:27:14] <xlefay> !grab TK
[20:27:14] <SlimShady> Added quote 98
[20:27:28] <xlefay> I'll keep that one for future references!
[20:27:33] <michealpwalls> LOL TK. Very wise!
[20:27:39] <TK> The jokes on you, my fingers are already broken. I typed this with my nose!
[20:27:40] <michealpwalls> Obviously TK is an expert... NSA perhaps? :/
[20:27:48] <Blackmoore> one of these day I want to see what all of the quotes are.
[20:28:02] <Blackmoore> TK probably just knows my mom
[20:28:05] <michealpwalls> I'll sit down one day and set out to read them all in sequence.
[20:28:05] <xlefay> michealpwalls, no, it's worse, he's RMS' Security Advisor.
[20:28:13] <michealpwalls> Or write a script to read them out to me.. whatever works :P
[20:28:18] <TK> Blackmore: Me and everyone else in the neighborhood.
[20:28:24] <michealpwalls> haha, could you imagine such a job?
[20:28:31] <xlefay> I should disclose them quotes probably
[20:28:36] <michealpwalls> RMS would be so hardcore. "Is that pen open source?"
[20:28:38] <xlefay> You guys really want the list?
[20:29:03] <TK> Hmmm, maybe nose typing could be used to differentiate yourself so no one can match your writing style
[20:29:03] <Blackmoore> yeah. I cant wait to see what is out of contex
[20:29:13] <xlefay> !quote bacon
[20:29:13] <SlimShady> Quote 18 - <FatPhil> I just tried to set via ssh my g/f's desktop image to that bacon in order to taunt her, but by command didn't work, and I ended up with it as my background image instead
[20:29:13] <TK> Using your nose only forces brevity, and changes your style
[20:29:17] <SlimShady> Also in quotes: 40, 51, 67, 78, 85
[20:29:37] <TK> I'm going to patent this, be right back
[20:29:41] <michealpwalls> LOL
[20:29:58] <michealpwalls> "Patent number 98304857602923484 crypography via nose-typing"
[20:30:06] <xlefay> !grab TK
[20:30:06] <SlimShady> Added quote 99
[20:30:12] <TK> lol
[20:30:15] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Will Living on Mars Drive Us Crazy? - http://sylnt.us - at-least-women-will-live-on-venus
[20:30:30] <xlefay> dude, you're kinda funny, you ever considered giving a cryptormance?
[20:30:50] <michealpwalls> Nah, there's no point. If you want a *real* crypography joke, google "BitCoin"
[20:30:55] <michealpwalls> ho ho ho ho~
[20:30:56] <xlefay> SlimShady, if females live on venus and man on Mars, then sure.. we will go crazy.
[20:31:13] <xlefay> michealpwalls, aah on that note, you want a real linux joke?
[20:31:23] <michealpwalls> Of course!
[20:31:58] <xlefay> Dammit, I've came up blank
[20:32:02] <TK> "Methods for disguising communication via alternating digital and olfactory text input"
[20:32:10] <michealpwalls> haha!
[20:32:34] <xlefay> I must say: In computing, rubberhose (also known by its development codename Marutukku)[1] is a deniable encryption archive containing multiple file systems whose existence can only be verified using the appropriate cryptographic key.
[20:32:42] <xlefay> I find that rather ironic
[20:33:43] <TK> ...So it's one guy, tied to a chair and blindfolded, in a cold dark room with a belt hanging on the wall?
[20:33:46] <michealpwalls> "deniable encryption archive"... Not sure what that means :/
[20:34:02] <kobach> sup shitheads
[20:34:22] <michealpwalls> Oh wait, I think I get it..
[20:34:23] <xlefay> https://en.wikipedia.org
[20:35:10] <michealpwalls> So basically... Your "secret archive" in fact contains many different file systems, each containing data... Hense plausible deniability? "You got *some* data, but that's not the real data" kinda thing? :/
[20:36:01] <michealpwalls> So it's like, drowning out the real, sensetive data with noise basically?
[20:36:16] <michealpwalls> Holy shit! "It was written in 1997–2000 by Julian Assange, Suelette Dreyfus, and Ralf Weinmann.[2][3]"
[20:36:49] <TK> So "deniable" means "I gave you the passphrase to 10% of the drive, the remaining data is all randomized garbage"?
[20:37:32] <TK> Whether or not that
[20:37:38] <TK> 's actually the case
[20:37:46] <michealpwalls> Yea, basically.. Or simply "I gave you access to the 10% *I* have access to"
[20:38:35] <michealpwalls> And you can't really prove they have access to the rest, or as you say, if the rest is even useful. But I think the first is better 'cause I can still beat out the other 90% of data even if it's "noise", just to make sure. But if you deny access to it, or deny that it even exists (Each filesystem is supposedly undetectable... So if you open one, you can claim it's all there is)
[20:40:20] <TK> But the file system intentionally fills the drive with random junk, even when you've only used 1%, yes?
[20:40:31] <michealpwalls> I would hope so? :P
[20:41:02] <michealpwalls> Otherwise you could use signal noise analysis, or whatever it's called. Signals analysis? Something like that, anyways
[20:41:27] <michealpwalls> http://www.nsa.gov
[20:41:31] <michealpwalls> NSA's hiring in that field, btw ;)
[20:41:37] <TK> ugh
[20:41:56] <michealpwalls> LMAO I know doesn't it frustrate you? :)
[20:42:00] <kobach> lol
[20:42:45] <michealpwalls> That was totaly coincidental.. I googled signals analysis cryptoanalyis (Horribly spelled wrong) and Google's 1st result was the NSA recruitment page (dull)
[20:42:49] <michealpwalls> Google trolls me like that :P
[20:43:22] <michealpwalls> "<google> I see you can't spell properly and have an interest in torture and coercion. Did you know the NSA is hiring?!"
[20:44:51] <xlefay> !grab michealpwalls
[20:44:51] <SlimShady> Added quote 100
[20:45:03] <xlefay> God, it's like my birthday today
[20:45:08] <michealpwalls> lol
[20:45:16] <michealpwalls> I want a birthday today!
[20:45:33] <michealpwalls> We'll all go down to the pub and claim it's our birthday. Fair? :)
[20:45:42] <xlefay> Sounds fair
[20:45:46] <michealpwalls> (hifive)
[20:46:12] <Blackmoore> (hifive)
[20:46:57] <kobach> sure
[20:46:59] <kobach> bacon++
[20:46:59] <SlimShady> karma - bacon: 210
[20:47:05] <kobach> xlefay: yungin
[20:47:08] <michealpwalls> ... Has anyone got the sinking thought that a lot of the NSA "stuff" is just noise? I mean.. Really... Think of the wide-reaching damage those "Snowden leaks" caused... And how Snowden is now in Russia. Seems very convenient for the NSA, that's all :)
[20:47:21] <xlefay> kobach, if you had checked your mail already, you'd have bacon.
[20:47:23] <kobach> inconvenient
[20:47:28] <michealpwalls> For an agency that does nothing *but* signals... Hard to believe they'd let a few signals get out of their control no? :P
[20:47:29] <kobach> xlefay: i saw 34 messages and closed it
[20:47:36] <xlefay> !grab kobach
[20:47:36] <SlimShady> Added quote 101
[20:47:53] <kobach> michealpwalls: the govt isnt perfect
[20:47:56] <xlefay> michealpwalls, it was ignorance and arrogance that got them
[20:48:08] <michealpwalls> Could be, haha it wouldn't be the first time
[20:48:16] <kobach> brb, hitting ctrl-a del in thunderbird
[20:48:36] <xlefay> kobach, wouldn't do that if I were you. ;)
[20:48:49] <xlefay> there's least one mail you best reply to :P
[20:49:01] <xlefay> (if you want 10k bacon strips, that is..)
[20:49:10] <michealpwalls> But iunno.. Look at all the companies "moving data out of the U.S" to supposedly "protect" the data. IN reality this benefits the NSA very much, because they had laws that make it very difficult for them to trap and analyse signals in the U.S.. Anything outside the U.S is foreign and covered under their blanket "foreign signals" capabilities :/
[20:49:30] <xlefay> Yes.. the staff is fed bacon, this is how we keep them happy and at SN.
[20:49:33] <michealpwalls> So, largely I see the NSA benefiting from all of this LOL. Plus the fear and public opinion... Who the hell talked about the NSA before this? They sure have justified their budget...
[20:49:39] <michealpwalls> LMAO xlefay
[20:50:41] <michealpwalls> Plus.. Jesus.. You've got Russian officials typing things on old fassioned Typewriters ffs.. You can't tell me there isn't a bunch of old white males at the NSA laughing their faces off over that :P
[20:51:37] <xlefay> michealpwalls, I'm fairly sure they're crying that it makes their life harder; or, they're crying of laughter. Either way, they're crying.
[20:51:58] <michealpwalls> haha
[20:52:05] <kobach> lol xlefay :p
[20:52:06] <xlefay> However, it should make it apparent how fearful the Russian gov't actually is.
[20:52:08] <michealpwalls> Maybe I play too many strategy games :P
[20:52:19] <kobach> no but i hit ignore thread like 3 or 4 times, that cleared things up
[20:52:30] <kobach> i mean do i really need to reply to the email
[20:52:32] <kobach> im right here
[20:52:33] <kobach> lol
[20:52:36] <michealpwalls> To me it would be a really smart move for NSA to purposefully "leak" this stuff... Now Snowden is trusted and in fact, physically *in* Russia... LOL.
[20:52:39] <xlefay> Yes, sir, you do.
[20:52:43] <kobach> what an ape
[20:52:52] <kobach> why am i talking about this in here
[20:52:55] <kobach> brb
[20:53:06] <xlefay> Best bet would be to send me an e-mail, actually kobach .
[20:53:26] <kobach> well thats who it seemed like i was supposed to reply to
[20:53:30] <kobach> since you asked it
[20:53:43] -!- sea [sea!~sea@64.210.tt.ugs] has joined #Soylent
[20:57:39] * xlefay keeps kobach's bacon for himself.
[20:58:22] <kobach> i have more than you
[20:58:32] <kobach> dont lie to yourself
[20:58:35] <kobach> lol
[20:59:25] <Blackmoore> *I ate the bacon... but i did not eat the soylet green (sing to i shot the sherriff)
[21:00:18] <xlefay> kobach, I'll steal all your bacon making animals.
[21:00:38] <xlefay> err, borrow, of course.
[21:00:43] <kobach> lol
[21:00:56] <kobach> hahahaha Blackmoore
[21:01:09] <kobach> thats fucking rich
[21:01:11] <kobach> !grab Blackmoore
[21:01:11] <SlimShady> Added quote 102
[21:01:12] <xlefay> michealpwalls, I don't get why people actually care about all that stuff at this point, as if we didn't know before then
[21:01:39] <xlefay> and people using typewriters ain't trusting someone that easily, after all, that's something they would have done themselves
[21:02:52] <michealpwalls> xlefay: True, although that's partly my point. I mean any keep or government official really already knew all of this.. It's just Joe Average Consumer/Voter that didn't. I think that's what this was all about and it has worked wonderfully in a way :/
[21:02:56] <michealpwalls> Like order out of chaos :P
[21:03:10] <michealpwalls> keep? hah.. Weird typo.. I meant Geek :P
[21:03:28] <sea> mm..order out of chaos
[21:03:35] <kobach> yeah
[21:03:36] <kobach> chaos
[21:03:38] <kobach> like not liking bacon
[21:03:43] <michealpwalls> Chaotic ^
[21:03:44] <kobach> complete chaos
[21:03:56] <sea> There's nothing more wonderful than the order of a lifeless wasteland after a chaotic battle.
[21:05:23] * sea prepares to ignite the universe
[21:06:16] <xlefay> Either some chinese fellow really needs to get in touch with me or it's actually spam...
[21:07:25] <sea> I'd reply. Tell him that you're a rich american businessman
[21:07:44] <michealpwalls> Rich.. American... ? Hrmm!
[21:08:19] <sea> That should be their version of spam. While we get nigerian princes, the nigerians probably get email from american businessmen
[21:08:23] <sea> I suppose that it's similar in china
[21:09:24] <Blackmoore> *I am Sucessful Soviet Plurocrat doesnt have the same ring
[21:09:34] <sea> *message in horribly broken chinese: "Hello, I'm a rich american businessman and I'd like to make a deal with you to transfer the sum of $1bajillion YEN ($1,000,000,000,...) "
[21:10:19] <sea> and then you say something at the end that culturally makes no sense
[21:10:25] <sea> Like: "Sincerely, X"
[21:10:41] <sea> at their end it should look as absurd as the nigerian "Blessings and peace"
[21:14:12] <kobach> hahahahaha
[21:14:36] <kobach> "yours truely"
[21:15:08] <sea> "Bacon lover #626,951,117"
[21:15:16] <kobach> youve won!!!!
[21:15:23] <kobach> click here to claim your prize!
[21:17:26] <Blackmoore> hey i clicked on the link, and now my system is telling me that they want my credit ard to unlock my files!
[21:19:06] <kobach> you should have installed that security suite they wanted you to!
[21:24:55] <michealpwalls> haha that's the funniest malware I've seen, Blackmoore.
[21:25:01] <michealpwalls> So-called "Ransom-ware" by the pedantic
[21:25:17] <michealpwalls> So hilarious. It makes them send $300 to "unlock" their "files" (rofl)
[21:29:24] <Blackmoore> yeah. nd most of the time the victim does.
[21:29:35] <Blackmoore> and gets screwed anyways
[21:29:43] <michealpwalls> LOL yea that's the best part of the joke
[21:33:26] janrinok is now known as janrinok|afk
[21:46:57] <michealpwalls> We should implement SoylentNews in Node.js and push it to the cloud, like Heroku or Amazon. Then Soylent would be "hip" and "with it" !
[21:47:05] <michealpwalls> Think of the possibilites :)
[21:47:15] <xlefay> heh screw heroku and amazing, AZURE HERE WE COME!
[21:47:24] <michealpwalls> OMG azure!
[21:47:28] <michealpwalls> haha you're the best
[21:47:47] <xlefay> I'll say one thing, their webui is extremely clean
[21:48:18] <michealpwalls> brb, almost forgot I need to bring this power cable back to 'Media Services' (They saved my life.. LOL got to work today and realized I forgot my fucking power cable for the lappy at home LOL)
[21:49:43] -!- Dopefish [Dopefish!~Dopefish@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Dopefish] has joined #Soylent
[21:49:43] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v Dopefish] by SN
[21:51:16] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - Linus Blocks kdbus Code Merges from Kay Sievers - http://sylnt.us - never-one-to-stay-silent
[21:55:14] <kobach> DopefishLIVES
[21:55:15] <Blackmoore> yeah Linus!
[21:55:17] -!- Dopefish has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:55:22] <kobach> NOOOOOOOOO
[21:55:45] <Blackmoore> ransomeware--
[21:55:45] <SlimShady> karma - ransomeware: -1
[21:56:27] <xlefay> ransomware++
[21:56:27] <SlimShady> karma - ransomware: 1
[21:56:37] <xlefay> ransomeware++
[21:56:37] <SlimShady> karma - ransomeware: 0
[21:56:43] <kobach> LOL
[21:56:44] <xlefay> I've found it extremely effective over time!
[21:58:54] <xlefay> woa wait, michealpwalls you can't do that
[21:59:23] <xlefay> When someone holds your power cable hostage, you can't just get another one, that's highly inconsiderate of you.
[22:00:35] <Blackmoore> eh, I think extortion is better than ransom
[22:00:55] <xlefay> details
[22:03:07] -!- michealpwalls has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:05:00] <Blackmoore> you get to say things like "I'm sure your mother won't like to find out what you were doing with that bacon"
[22:05:54] <xlefay> kobach, ^
[22:10:43] <kobach> oh my
[22:11:02] <xlefay> Yes, I'm sure you're mother wouldn't approve.
[22:11:02] <Blackmoore> and "it would be a damn shame if the media knew what you were doing with that under aged bacon"
[22:11:11] <kobach> lol
[22:11:51] <Blackmoore> which is why breakfast should always be a group activity.
[22:12:07] <Blackmoore> or maybe i'm just hungry
[22:12:16] <kobach> LOL
[22:12:29] <xlefay> LOL
[22:21:19] -!- Space_Man has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:21:44] -!- Space_Man [Space_Man!~Space_Man@91-886-365-69.static.enta.net] has joined #Soylent
[22:30:08] -!- weeds has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[22:31:16] -!- FunPika [FunPika!~FunPika@Soylent/Staff/Wiki/FunPika] has joined #Soylent
[22:31:16] -!- mode/#Soylent [+v FunPika] by SN
[22:38:25] janrinok|afk is now known as janrinok
[22:40:19] <Blackmoore> so hungry. :(
[22:42:55] <SirFinkus> "Internal SAN check blew up checking moderation rights. Please let the powers that be know how and where you recieved this error "
[22:44:31] <xlefay> https://github.com
[22:44:52] -!- SoyCow1990 [SoyCow1990!~adc4b864@ztnv-387-350-893-369.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #Soylent
[22:44:54] <SoyCow1990> Invalid form key: JYvyhRgpj5 Chances are, you're behind a firewall or proxy, or clicked the Back button to accidentally reuse a form. Please try again. If the problem persists, and all other options have been tried, contact the site administrator.
[22:45:00] <SoyCow1990> I get crap like this every time I try and post
[22:45:30] <SirFinkus> ok, so it sounds like it's fixed, just wanted to make sure it was known
[22:46:22] <mrcoolbp> SoyCow1990: that is still happening?
[22:47:04] <SoyCow1990> Yes mrcoolbp
[22:47:13] <SoyCow1990> I am at work, I wonder if there's something related to that here
[22:47:21] <mrcoolbp> Okay, I'll reopen the ticket, thank you
[22:48:02] <mrcoolbp> SoyCow1990: email me at mrcoolbp@soylentnews.org and you might be able to help us diagnose the issue
[22:49:45] <TK> I left for two hours, and there's two stories between 9:20am and 2:40pm. Am I experiencing the "I don't see the newest stories" bug?
[22:49:57] <TK> Or is it Friday for the editors too?
[22:50:46] <SoyCow1990> mrcoolbp: I think your varnish shouldn't cache the form page
[22:50:54] <SoyCow1990> http://soylentnews.org
[22:51:03] <SoyCow1990> every time I hit refresh, I check the hidden form var for my form key
[22:51:06] <SoyCow1990> and it's always the same
[22:51:22] <SoyCow1990> HOWEVER
[22:51:28] <SoyCow1990> when I go to
[22:51:31] <SoyCow1990> http://soylentnews.org
[22:51:35] <SoyCow1990> it generates a new one
[22:51:38] <SoyCow1990> because the URL is different
[22:51:42] <SoyCow1990> and i don't get a cached reply
[22:53:04] <SoyCow1990> I am using GNU/Linux Firefox 27.0.1
[22:53:55] <kobach> leenucks
[22:54:01] <SoyCow1990> It's really annoying because I was going to tell this guy how much of a luddite he was because he was pretending like cloud computing isn't the the present and future of things
[22:54:16] <SoyCow1990> by cloud computing, I mean AWS, not whatever any random person calls "The cloud"
[22:54:23] <kobach> i call it the internet
[22:54:28] <kobach> instead of the cloud
[22:54:38] <kobach> you host shit on the internet
[22:54:45] <kobach> not "in the cloud"
[22:54:47] <xlefay> SowCow1990 you're not signed in?
[22:54:57] <SoyCow1990> If we could just call it, "Computing resources allocated via API methods" I'd be happy
[22:55:01] <SoyCow1990> I was not
[22:55:05] <xlefay> weirdf
[22:55:42] <xlefay> You checked the bug list? https://github.com
[22:56:05] <mrcoolbp> SoyCow1990: I'll added those comments in the bug: https://github.com
[22:56:06] <Blackmoore> fine I'll just be over here yelling at the cloud
[22:56:19] <kobach> lol
[22:56:37] <Blackmoore> damn kids..
[22:59:48] <SoyCow1990> I did not check the bug list
[23:00:04] <SoyCow1990> I think I'm too important for ticketing systems
[23:00:17] <xlefay> But.. everyone knows the cloud is the real internetz
[23:00:20] SoyCow1990 is now known as poutine
[23:00:23] <xlefay> amirite?
[23:00:41] <poutine> Well it's just that there's a significant percentage of the internet ran by AWS
[23:01:01] <poutine> hearing people talk about their dinky company they work for pushing "cloud computing" and how it's a terrible idea blows my mind
[23:05:19] -!- mrcoolbp has quit []
[23:07:57] <kobach> sup pouting
[23:07:58] <kobach> how u
[23:10:38] <Blackmoore> Ah Potine - i got the INternal SAN error yesterday. seemed rather odd. As for the site i have to refresh every time, but it does update.
[23:11:13] <Blackmoore> \i wonde if your network or system is trying to cache pages, and refusing to load it
[23:11:35] -!- kristian has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[23:12:00] <Blackmoore> i recal something about that at some point. i cant even reacll which job that was at right now
[23:12:42] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: leaving]
[23:15:27] <poutine> I think it's possible something in our local network might be doing so, but is there some test for that?
[23:15:50] <poutine> some, "Does your browser adhere to cache routines properly" test
[23:17:23] -!- Cyprus has quit []
[23:18:58] <poutine> http://www.procata.com
[23:19:00] <poutine> Found one
[23:19:08] <poutine> my caches seem to be operating correctly
[23:19:13] <poutine> I really think this is a varnish issue on your end
[23:20:24] <SlimShady> [SoylentNews] - System-On-a-Chip Trends In 2014 - http://sylnt.us - we-went-to-the-moon-with-much-less-computing-power
[23:23:46] <NCommander> poutine, actually, SAN check is due to trying to spend too many mod points at once + reskey bug
[23:24:09] <NCommander> poutine, the reskey bug is a varnish issue, I just haven't hit the vcl (we know specifically how its triggered now)
[23:24:33] <NCommander> (the SAN check actually been going off since day one, but it displays through the lameass filter which means it never showed up until we fixed that template)
[23:31:00] <Blackmoore> @nc DOH.
[23:33:03] -!- TK has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[23:45:53] -!- SoyCow3489 [SoyCow3489!~810786eb@129.7.tzt.xqw] has joined #Soylent
[23:48:26] -!- SoyCow3489 has quit [Client Quit]
[23:50:12] MrBluze|afk is now known as MrBluze
[23:53:17] -!- poutine has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
[23:59:06] <kobach> lol