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[00:22:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] BBC Attacks Apple With Familiar Allegations In Panorama Investigation Over Working Conditions - http://www.forbes.com
[00:22:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] In Pictures: Reviewing The iPhone 6 Plus - http://www.forbes.com
[00:26:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Banish the fear of Big Brother when you bring in BYOD - http://go.theregister.com
[00:32:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Scientists find meteoritic evidence of Mars water reservoir - http://phys.org
[00:32:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Compact galaxy groups reveal details of their close encounters - http://phys.org
[00:32:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Signs of Europa plumes remain elusive in search of Cassini data - http://phys.org
[00:53:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] ICANN Compromised via &#34;Spear-Phishing&#34; Attack - http://soylentnews.org
[00:53:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Just What Fleeing Staffers Feared: New Saucy 'New Republic' Savages Sports Writing Icon - http://www.forbes.com
[00:53:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Mexican Telecom Tycoon Carlos Slim's Net Worth Slipped In 2014 - http://www.forbes.com
[00:53:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Unilever Drops Mayo Lawsuit Against Egg-Replacing Startup Hampton Creek - http://www.forbes.com
[00:56:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Finally kicked that <i>Minecraft</i> habit? Story time! - http://go.theregister.com
[01:26:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Red Hat CFO reaches for eject cord after Street-beating performance - http://go.theregister.com
[01:53:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Google accuses Hollywood of 'trying to censor the Internet' - http://feedproxy.google.com
[02:03:01] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] Microsoft sues tech support scammers for trademark violation, false advertising - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[02:24:00] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Cloud Cities on Venus? - http://soylentnews.org
[02:27:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Microsoft drops early Chrissie pressie on Mac Office fanbois - http://go.theregister.com
[02:58:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Net Neut: Verizon flips the bird to FCC on peering deal crackdown - http://go.theregister.com
[03:28:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Woz moves to Oz - http://go.theregister.com
[03:33:01] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] Critical Git bug allows malicious code execution on client machines - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[03:54:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Flickr ends sale of prints uploaded under Creative Commons - http://feedproxy.google.com
[03:55:00] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Chromecast Now Lets Your Guests Take Over Your TV Without Needing Your WiFi Password - http://soylentnews.org
[03:58:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Johnson & Johnson buys your .baby for $3m - http://go.theregister.com
[04:29:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Kiwi hacker 'menace' pops home detention tracker cuffs - http://go.theregister.com
[05:27:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] New York State to Ban Fracking - http://soylentnews.org
[05:27:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] 'Mobile Suit Gundam' Book Review - http://www.forbes.com
[05:27:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] U.S. Should Save Nuclear Industry From Fracking Peril: IEA - http://www.forbes.com
[05:30:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] NBN Co reveals product roadmap and Telstra planning deal - http://go.theregister.com
[05:30:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Forget Google's robot cars, now it's on to ANDROID cars - http://go.theregister.com
[06:00:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Microsoft begins war against fake phone tech support scams - http://go.theregister.com
[06:28:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Rank Facebook, Boris Johnson, Google As Tax Challenged (Diplomatically Please) - http://www.forbes.com
[06:34:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Hack hijacks electric skateboards, dumps hipsters in the gutter - http://go.theregister.com
[06:50:00] <Regurgitator> [Bugtraq] Vuln: JasPer 'jpc_dec.c' Multiple Remote Heap Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities - http://www.securityfocus.com
[06:58:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Byfield Files a Bug Report on Bug Reporting Systems - http://soylentnews.org
[06:58:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Xiaomi May Lose Luster In Three Years As Huawei, Oppo Catch Up - http://www.forbes.com
[07:00:01] <Regurgitator> [MITTechReview] Seven Must-Read Stories (Week Ending December 20, 2014) - http://www.technologyreview.com
[07:04:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] India's heavy launch rocket passes flight test - http://go.theregister.com
[07:30:00] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] Being humble: Research shows E.B. White was right in Charlotte's Web - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[07:30:00] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] A clear, molecular view of how human color vision evolved - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[07:30:00] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] Ability to balance on one leg may reflect brain health, stroke risk - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[07:30:00] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] Most commonly prescribed glaucoma drug reduces risk of vision loss by more than 50% over 2 years - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[07:30:01] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] Doctor who survived Ebola received experimental drug treatment - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[07:30:03] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] Signs of Europa plumes remain elusive in search of Cassini data - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[07:30:05] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] NASA's Kepler reborn, makes first exoplanet find of new mission - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[07:34:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Judge spanks SCO in ancient ownership of Unix lawsuit - http://go.theregister.com
[07:34:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] How much for a wrist job? A tenner normally, but for this one, over $30k - http://go.theregister.com
[08:06:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Movie industry's evil plan to destroy the internet is going precisely nowhere - http://go.theregister.com
[08:18:01] <Regurgitator> [ScienceMag] The top 10 science news stories of 2014 - http://news.sciencemag.org
[08:30:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] How Does Prostate Cancer Form? - http://www.innovations-report.com
[08:36:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Git thee behind me, Git client bug! - http://go.theregister.com
[09:00:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Schrödinger's Cat Pictures - http://soylentnews.org
[09:00:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] One Tesla Analyst Lowers Volume Estimates While Another Sees Opportunity - http://www.forbes.com
[09:02:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Poll: Americans skeptical of commercial drones - http://phys.org
[09:02:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Lava slows but still on track to hit Hawaii market - http://phys.org
[09:02:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Japanese scientist resigns over stem cell scandal - http://phys.org
[09:02:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Apple co-founder Wozniak skeptical on smartwatches, Google Glass - http://phys.org
[09:07:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] VISC-y business: Can Soft Machines keep the free lunch counter open? - http://go.theregister.com
[09:30:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Crave giveaway: 12 Cree LED light bulbs with incandescent style - http://feedproxy.google.com
[09:32:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Warming leads to more run-ins with polar bears - http://phys.org
[09:32:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Movie world fears for freedom of speech as N.Korea parody pulled - http://phys.org
[09:33:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] Sony Attack: Implications for 2015 - http://feedproxy.google.com
[09:36:01] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] How will climate change transform agriculture? - http://www.innovations-report.com
[09:36:01] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Trigger mechanism for recovery after spinal cord injury revealed - http://www.innovations-report.com
[09:39:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Fujitsu’s customers come big data samba dancing - http://go.theregister.com
[10:02:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Quantum physics just got less complicated - http://phys.org
[10:02:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Gift Guide: Strong photo, video gear options - http://phys.org
[10:06:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] ATOS Deal To Buy Xerox ITO Is Bid For Trust Over Cost - http://www.forbes.com
[10:07:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Revealing the quantum geometry of the graphene lattice - http://www.innovations-report.com
[10:08:00] <Regurgitator> [Pipedot] ICANN gets hacked after employees hand out private data in phishing scam - http://pipedot.org
[10:10:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Armouring up online: Duncan Campbell's chief techie talks crypto with El Reg - http://go.theregister.com
[10:32:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Brazil's Coelho offers $100,000 for N. Korea parody film - http://phys.org
[10:32:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Hackers may have exploited Sony's weakest link: humans - http://phys.org
[10:32:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Indonesia volcano erupts, injuring 4; 1 missing - http://phys.org
[10:33:01] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] Ireland Doubles Down on Data Protection Funding - http://feedproxy.google.com
[10:34:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] The biggest news and gadgets of 2014 in CNET UK podcast 415 - http://feedproxy.google.com
[10:36:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Scientists Discover That Exercise Changes Your DNA - http://soylentnews.org
[10:37:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] First series production vehicle with software control - http://www.innovations-report.com
[10:40:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Webcam-snooping spawn of ZeuS hits 150 banks worldwide - http://go.theregister.com
[11:03:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] What we've learned from the Boxing Day tsunami - http://phys.org
[11:03:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Spinning up a dust devil on Mars - http://phys.org
[11:03:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] New species and surprising findings in the Mariana Trench - http://phys.org
[11:03:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Amputee puts limb system through its paces - http://phys.org
[11:04:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] Apple, Microsoft, GitHub Release Updates to Fix Critical Git Vulnerability - http://feedproxy.google.com
[11:08:01] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Tech face-off: Apple's Mac Pro vs the 5K Retina iMac - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:08:01] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Is this really how Sherlock got his start? - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:08:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] A "GPS" for molecules - http://www.innovations-report.com
[11:11:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Google Tax part 94: EU's H-dot wavers over copyright levy - http://go.theregister.com
[11:21:02] <Regurgitator> [ScienceMag] RIKEN team gives up on STAP cells - http://news.sciencemag.org
[11:33:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] NASA's spaceborne carbon counter maps new details - http://phys.org
[11:33:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Astronomer confirms a new "Super-Earth" planet - http://phys.org
[11:33:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Will rapprochement mean new research collaborations between Cuba and the U.S.? - http://phys.org
[11:33:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] 3-D-printable materials deform to change surface area, enabling curvature rather than rigid folding - http://phys.org
[11:33:02] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] New method to reduce the optical band gap of strontium titantate thin films - http://phys.org
[11:33:04] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Rolling lab tracks methane to its source - http://phys.org
[11:36:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] The Hyperloop - http://www.forbes.com
[11:36:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Hyperloop Reality Check: Elon Musk's High-Speed Scheme Is Alive And Kicking - http://www.forbes.com
[11:36:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Watch: How Jaguar Smart Windscreen Will Eliminate Driver Blind Spots - http://www.forbes.com
[11:38:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Aunty BBC attacks Apple -- says it routinely breaks promises - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:38:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Computerworld's holiday gift guide 2014: Stocking stuffers for $30 or less - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:38:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Computerworld's holiday gift guide 2014 - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:39:00] <Regurgitator> [Pipedot] T-Mobile granted rule-change in fight over AT&T, Verizon roaming charges - http://pipedot.org
[11:41:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Reviewed: <i>LittleBigPlanet 3</i>, Lara Croft's latest raid and more - http://go.theregister.com
[12:01:01] <Regurgitator> [BBC] Millions deleted in Instagram purge - http://www.bbc.co.uk
[12:03:01] <Regurgitator> [Wired] Running an Ebola Clinic in Sierra Leone Is All About Containment—And Chlorine - http://feeds.wired.com
[12:03:01] <Regurgitator> [Wired] Our Favorite Maps of the Year Cover Everything From Bayous to Bullet Trains - http://feeds.wired.com
[12:03:01] <Regurgitator> [Wired] Absurd Creature of the Week: The World’s Goofiest-Looking Spider Is Actually a Brutal Ninja - http://feeds.wired.com
[12:04:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Video: Flying over Becquerel - http://phys.org
[12:04:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] The next Napa earthquake could be much bigger, scientists find - http://phys.org
[12:04:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Veteran employment falls as disability enrollment climbs, study shows - http://phys.org
[12:07:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] The Ebola Treatment You Haven't Heard Of - http://www.forbes.com
[12:08:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Critical vulnerability in Git clients puts developers at risk - http://rss.computerworld.com
[12:12:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Iliad owner coughs €2.3bn for Orange Switzerland - http://go.theregister.com
[12:12:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Merlot and hot dogs: Atos snaps up Xerox for $1.05bn - http://go.theregister.com
[12:33:01] <Regurgitator> [Wired] This Week’s Weirdest Wild Animal Encounters - http://feeds.wired.com
[12:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Technology to help people with disabilities to learn and communicate - http://phys.org
[12:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Finding innovative solutions for reducing CO2 emissions - http://phys.org
[12:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Less privileged kids shine at university, according to study - http://phys.org
[12:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] How the cell keeps misdelivered proteins from causing damage in the cell nucleus - http://phys.org
[12:34:02] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] The tsunami-early warning system for the Indian Ocean – ten years later - http://phys.org
[12:34:04] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Creating the fastest outdoor wireless Internet connection in the world - http://phys.org
[12:34:06] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Image: Christmas wrapping the Sentinel-3A antenna - http://phys.org
[12:38:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Think North Korea hacked Sony? Think about this - http://rss.computerworld.com
[12:39:00] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Alek's Controllable Christmas Lights for Celiac Disease - http://soylentnews.org
[12:39:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Microplastics in the ocean: biologists study effects on marine animals - http://www.innovations-report.com
[12:42:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Welsh council rapped for covert spying on sick leave worker - http://go.theregister.com
[12:42:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Linux 'GRINCH' vuln is AWFUL. Except, er, maybe it isn't - http://go.theregister.com
[13:02:01] <Regurgitator> [BBC] Microsoft takes on tech scammers - http://www.bbc.co.uk
[13:04:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] Can We Learn from Big Breaches? - http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Atos shares soar after Xerox acquisition - http://phys.org
[13:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Epithelial tube contraction: A new feedback mechanism for regulating contractility - http://phys.org
[13:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Sony hack adds to security pressure on companies - http://phys.org
[13:04:02] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] First series production vehicle with software control - http://phys.org
[13:04:04] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Study finds tropical fish moving into temperate waters - http://phys.org
[13:04:06] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Digging up the 'Spanish Vikings' - http://phys.org
[13:04:08] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] After Rosetta, Japanese mission aims for an asteroid in search of origins of Earth's water - http://phys.org
[13:07:01] <Regurgitator> [CNET] BlackBerry squeaks out quarterly profit - http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:09:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Time Management Secrets Anyone Can Use - http://www.forbes.com
[13:09:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Chatting About Time Management With The Godfather Of Irrationality, Dan Ariely - http://www.forbes.com
[13:13:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Love the cloud? Be a ‘Cloud Hero’ with Microsoft - http://go.theregister.com
[13:34:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Found in Linux Kernel - http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:34:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Image: Underwater structures of the Great Bahamas Bank - http://phys.org
[13:34:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Renesas announces SRAM using leading-edge 16 nm FinFET for automotive information systems - http://phys.org
[13:34:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Fully automated: Thousands of blood samples every hour - http://phys.org
[13:34:02] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Blackberry posts 3Q adjusted profit, revenue down - http://phys.org
[13:34:04] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Hearing capabilities of bushcrickets and mammals - http://phys.org
[13:34:06] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Two-armed control of ATR, a master regulator of the DNA damage checkpoint - http://phys.org
[13:34:08] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Multifold challenges for districts level retrofitting - http://phys.org
[13:34:10] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Optimized algorithms help methane flame simulations run 6x faster on NERSC supercomputer - http://phys.org
[13:34:12] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Explainer: What is 4-D printing? - http://phys.org
[13:38:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Blackberry reports falling revenue, but loss shrinks - http://rss.computerworld.com
[13:38:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Microsoft helps boost Android, iOS app performance with offline access - http://rss.computerworld.com
[13:39:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] A New Universe Of Geospatial Space And Time Data - http://www.forbes.com
[13:41:01] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Europe shows that humans and large predators can share the same landscape - http://www.innovations-report.com
[14:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Oil palm—a modeled crop: Scientists developed a model for oil palm cultivation - http://phys.org
[14:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Scientists reveal breakthrough in optical fibre communications - http://phys.org
[14:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] 'Global positioning' for molecules - http://phys.org
[14:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Quantum world without queues could lead to better solar cells - http://phys.org
[14:04:03] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Coping with floods—of water and data - http://phys.org
[14:04:05] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] The origin of the language of life - http://phys.org
[14:04:07] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] CERN nuclear physics lab admits Pakistan - http://phys.org
[14:04:09] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Bangladesh development threatens fragile Sundarbans mangroves - http://phys.org
[14:04:11] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Researchers use new technique to quantify the electrostatic contribution to the transition state of enzymatic reactions - http://phys.org
[14:04:13] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Team realizes an Aharonov-Bohm type interferometer to measure the band topology in graphene type lattices - http://phys.org
[14:08:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Hands-on with Sony's latest smartglasses - http://rss.computerworld.com
[14:09:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Get a Loftek portable LED work light with USB charger for $54.99 - http://feedproxy.google.com
[14:09:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Bento boxes and gear for hungry geeks (pictures) - http://feedproxy.google.com
[14:11:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] The Evolution Of Facebook - http://www.forbes.com
[14:11:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Facebook Needs To Prove It Can Drive Store Purchases - http://www.forbes.com
[14:11:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Uber's Growing Tax Problems - http://www.forbes.com
[14:11:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] UGE's CEO: Prepare For Post-Incentive 'Cleantech 2.0' - http://www.forbes.com
[14:14:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] UK air traffic bods deny they 'skimped' on IT investment after server mega-fail - http://go.theregister.com
[14:34:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Pinpoint laser heating creates a maelstrom of magnetic nanotextures - http://phys.org
[14:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Legume has potential to turn sandy soils into productive land - http://phys.org
[14:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Thermoelectric power plants could offer economically competitive renewable energy - http://phys.org
[14:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] How wise is the woolly bear caterpillar's wintry weather prediction? - http://phys.org
[14:34:02] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Research pair devise a way to make nylon precursor that is less harmful to the ozone layer - http://phys.org
[14:35:01] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] After Silk Road takedowns, Dark Web drug sites still thriving - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[14:35:01] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] BMW i3 review: A city car for the future - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[14:37:00] <Regurgitator> [BBC] Apple 'deeply offended' by BBC story - http://www.bbc.co.uk
[14:38:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] IDG Contributor Network: 2015 CRM predictions to fire up customer success and growth - http://rss.computerworld.com
[14:41:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Open Source has Won. Now what? - http://soylentnews.org
[14:41:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] BlackBerry Unveils Revenue Drop After Launching 'Classic' Phone - http://www.forbes.com
[14:41:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] How To Find Every Lego Minifigure - http://www.forbes.com
[15:04:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Lengguru 2014 scientific expedition returns – an initial overview - http://phys.org
[15:04:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] New challenges for ocean acidification research - http://phys.org
[15:04:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] The state of shale - http://phys.org
[15:04:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Why is Venus so horrible? - http://phys.org
[15:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Compromises lead to climate change deal - http://phys.org
[15:08:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] 3 questions the BBC must answer about its Apple ‘abuse’ - http://rss.computerworld.com
[15:09:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] iPhone 6 Plus 16GB, 64GB now ship in one day - http://feedproxy.google.com
[15:09:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] 2014 welcomes the Net's new names: .beer, .farm, .nyc and much more - http://feedproxy.google.com
[15:11:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] BrandVoice: What Will The Car Of The Future Look Like? Answers Are In The Data - http://www.forbes.com
[15:11:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Here's A Surprise: Even Women Millionaires Have Lower Self-Esteem Than Men - http://www.forbes.com
[15:11:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] OracleVoice: Ray Wang: Cloud Is The 'Foundation For Digital Transformation' - http://www.forbes.com
[15:11:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Instagram Worth $35 Billion, Facebook Stock $91, Citi Says - http://www.forbes.com
[15:14:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Windows Server 2003 custom support could cost MILLIONS - http://go.theregister.com
[15:34:01] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] BlackBerry Completes Acquisition of German Anti-Eavesdropping Firm - http://feedproxy.google.com
[15:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Security flaws allow global cellular eavesdropping - http://phys.org
[15:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Trade winds ventilate the tropical oceans - http://phys.org
[15:34:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Hermit creepy crawlies: Two new taxa of wood-feeding cockroach from China - http://phys.org
[15:34:02] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Microplastics in the ocean: Biologists study effects on marine animals - http://phys.org
[15:34:04] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Satellites guide sailor from treacherous waters - http://phys.org
[15:34:06] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] A vegetarian carnivorous plant - http://phys.org
[15:35:02] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] Viking women were most certainly not stay-at-home moms - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[15:35:02] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] Sony bets it all on indie at PlayStation’s Vegas expo - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[15:41:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Locus Energy: Maximizing The Value Of Installed Solar Assets - http://www.forbes.com
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