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[00:02:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Can organic crops compete with industrial agriculture? - http://phys.org
[00:04:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Taiwan's Big Push To Join Asia-Pacific Trade Pact: No Need? - http://www.forbes.com
[00:08:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Telstra's NBN boondoggle nearly set in stone: reports - http://go.theregister.com
[00:28:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Revisit candy with the Sensio Throwback Candy Dispenser - http://feedproxy.google.com
[00:32:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Fathering offspring is more than just a race to the egg - http://phys.org
[00:32:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] You are what you eat—if you're a coral reef fish - http://phys.org
[00:38:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] RIP P4ssw0rd? IT giants agree to share patents to rollout two-factor auth - http://go.theregister.com
[00:38:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Virgin Media's ad fibs EXPOSED by bitter rival BT - http://go.theregister.com
[00:38:00] <Regurgitator> [ScienceMag] Filefish uses 'smell camouflage' to hide from predators - http://news.sciencemag.org
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[00:58:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Disabled tortoise gets a Lego 'wheelchair' - http://feedproxy.google.com
[01:03:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] Belden to Acquire Tripwire for $710 Million in Cash - http://feedproxy.google.com
[01:05:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Another Giant Declares Nuclear Dead In Fracking America - http://soylentnews.org
[01:34:01] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] HBO CTO resigns as platform for standalone streaming service scrapped - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[01:34:01] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] Apple dashboard says iOS 8 now runs on about two-thirds of devices - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[01:34:01] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] Uber sued by SF and LA, shut down in Spain and Thailand - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[01:39:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Mom and daughter SUE Comcast for 'smuggling' public Wi-Fi hotspot into their home - http://go.theregister.com
[01:59:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] T-Mobile launches new $100 unlimited shared data plan - http://feedproxy.google.com
[01:59:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Tablets in 2014: Thinner, better, but predictable - http://feedproxy.google.com
[02:04:02] <Regurgitator> [ArsTechnica] Windows 8’s Xbox Music app gets a bit friendlier to pirated videos - http://feeds.arstechnica.com
[02:09:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] AWS control freak can now manage ON-PREMISES servers - http://go.theregister.com
[02:30:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Hoth Sweet Home: 'Star Wars' AT-AT lawn ornament - http://feedproxy.google.com
[02:39:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Pirate Bay sunk amid Swedish data-center raid - http://go.theregister.com
[02:44:01] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Intel's IoT vision encompasses more than chips - http://rss.computerworld.com
[02:44:01] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Uber hit with consumer protection lawsuits in San Francisco and LA - http://rss.computerworld.com
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[03:00:01] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Uber driver charged with vehicular manslaughter - http://feedproxy.google.com
[03:00:01] <Regurgitator> [CNET] California sues ride-sharing app Uber, settles with rival Lyft - http://feedproxy.google.com
[03:00:01] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Tomorrow Daily 099: VR 'Pokémon,' real-life fireball shooter, a Middle-earth map, and more - http://feedproxy.google.com
[03:05:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] All The Winners Of The 2014 Game Awards - http://www.forbes.com
[03:05:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Destiny's Weekly Strikes Locked Behind 'Dark Below' DLC [Updated] - http://www.forbes.com
[03:06:00] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Silk Casing Enables Long-Lasting, Implantable Wi-Fi Medical Devices - http://soylentnews.org
[03:12:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Confused about 5G? So are we, say carriers - http://go.theregister.com
[03:42:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Dirtbags dressed up malware as legit app using Sony crypto-certs - http://go.theregister.com
[03:44:01] <Regurgitator> [ScienceMag] First look: New U.S. spending deal a mixed bag for science - http://news.sciencemag.org
[03:57:01] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/11/13 DARPA-Funded Inflatable Robotics Helps Spark Idea for Silver Screen Star - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:01] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/11/10 Phoenix Releases POD Interface Requirements as First Step toward Vision of “FedEx® to GEO” - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:01] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/11/09 Wanted: Ideas for Transforming Planes into “Aircraft Carriers in the Sky” - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:01] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/11/06 DARPA’s EZ BAA Cuts Red Tape to Speed Funding of New Biotech Ideas - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:03] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/10/28 DARPA Circuit Achieves Speeds of 1 Trillion Cycles per Second, Earns Guinness World Record - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:05] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/10/20 Atom-width Graphene Sensors Could Provide Unprecedented Insights into Brain Structure and Function - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:07] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/10/08 Using Light Frequencies to Sniff Out Deadly Materials from a Distance - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:09] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/10/07 GXV-T Imagines Future Armored Ground Vehicles that Could Increase Survivability through Improved Situational Awareness - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:11] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/09/30 DARPA Technology Identifies Counterfeit Microelectronics - http://www.darpa.mil
[03:57:13] <Regurgitator> [DARPA News RSS] 2014/09/24 Neutron Vision: Going Beyond X-Rays for Advanced Imaging in the Field - http://www.darpa.mil
[04:12:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] NGINX scores $20 MEELLLION to remind people it sells stuff - http://go.theregister.com
[04:36:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Here's What Venture Capitalists Want To Fund In 2015 - And What They Don't - http://www.forbes.com
[04:42:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Apple lawyers fight to silence dead Steve Jobs: 'No right' to hear him from beyond the grave - http://go.theregister.com
[05:01:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Cassini peeks up Jupiter's skirt - http://feedproxy.google.com
[05:04:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] 'Destover' Malware Signed by Stolen Sony Certificate - http://feedproxy.google.com
[05:06:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Linux Kernel 3.18 Released - http://soylentnews.org
[05:06:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Five Ways Social Entrepreneurs Use Technology To Increase Their Impact - http://www.forbes.com
[05:12:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Brit boffins debunk 'magnetic field and cancer' link - http://go.theregister.com
[05:39:01] <Regurgitator> [MITTechReview] Communication App Works without a Cellular Network - http://www.technologyreview.com
[05:42:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] .Bank hires Symantec to check credentials - http://go.theregister.com
[06:12:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Australia to block piracy sites if Big Content asks nicely in court - http://go.theregister.com
[06:14:02] <Regurgitator> [Krebs] Microsoft, Adobe Push Critical Security Fixes - http://krebsonsecurity.com
[06:37:01] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Science Explains How Moses Parted the Red Sea - http://soylentnews.org
[06:42:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Chinese responsible for 85 per cent of website scams - http://go.theregister.com
[07:13:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Boffins: We have found a way to unlock the MYSTERIES OF SHEEP from old parchments - http://go.theregister.com
[07:37:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Qualcomm laying off about 600 employees globally - http://feedproxy.google.com
[07:37:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] What's really in a McDonald's Chicken McNugget? Former Mythbuster finds out - http://feedproxy.google.com
[07:43:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] DoJ's extra-territorial data demands: now Ireland is baulking - http://go.theregister.com
[08:04:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Australia to crack down on online pirates - http://phys.org
[08:09:00] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Do We Really Need Orion? - http://soylentnews.org
[08:14:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Parliament face-sit-in to spark mass debate on UK's stiff smut stance - http://go.theregister.com
[08:46:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] IBM ponders least-cost cloud-brokering service after scoring patent - http://go.theregister.com
[09:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] California prosecutors sue Uber; Lyft settles - http://phys.org
[09:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Humpback whales increasing in waters near NYC - http://phys.org
[09:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Apple trial likely to go on with new plaintiff - http://phys.org
[09:16:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Fujitsu boss: UK's 2015 elections won't make any difference to us - http://go.theregister.com
[09:34:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Vermont students rally against cyberbullying - http://phys.org
[09:34:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Thailand partially bans Uber ride-sharing service - http://phys.org
[09:34:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Researchers stymied by hackers who drop fake clues - http://phys.org
[09:39:02] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Drug developed at Pitt proves effective against antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs' - http://www.innovations-report.com
[09:39:02] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Now researchers can see how unfolded proteins move in the cell - http://www.innovations-report.com
[09:46:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] 21st century data protection: Get back up to date - http://go.theregister.com
[10:04:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Defects are perfect in laser-induced graphene - http://phys.org
[10:08:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Apple TV Receives Software Update With New UFC, The Scene, Dailymotion And YouTube Apps - http://www.forbes.com
[10:09:00] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Shoes Really Do Make the (Wo)man - http://soylentnews.org
[10:09:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Eight scientists awarded EMBO Installation Grants - http://www.innovations-report.com
[10:18:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] 1&1 goes titsup, blames lengthy outage on DDoS attack - http://go.theregister.com
[10:18:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Uber? Worth $40 BEEELLION? Hey, actually, hold on ... - http://go.theregister.com
[10:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Bridging sensory gap between artificial and real skin - http://phys.org
[10:39:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] China's Leshi Bets Big On Electric Car - http://www.forbes.com
[10:43:00] <Regurgitator> [Pipedot] Advertisers are outraged that 23% of video ads are viewed by robots - http://pipedot.org
[10:43:00] <Regurgitator> [Pipedot] The Pirate Bay is gone for good - http://pipedot.org
[10:48:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] MPs in SHOCK discovery: G-Cloud has yet to impact govt SME biz - http://go.theregister.com
[10:50:01] <Regurgitator> [Nature] Tsunami alerts fail to bridge the ‘last mile’ - http://feeds.nature.com
[11:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] OPALS project uses laser beams for Earth-space communications - http://phys.org
[11:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Colin Firth the neuroscientist? Real-life role reveals ethical dilemma in science - http://phys.org
[11:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] NASA image: Sedimentary signs of a Martian lakebed - http://phys.org
[11:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Astrophysicist looks beyond test flight to asteroids and Mars - http://phys.org
[11:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] New woes may put brakes on Uber, ride-share growth - http://phys.org
[11:05:03] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Veterinary researchers deliver pain medicine to piglets through sow's milk - http://phys.org
[11:05:05] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] The toxic effects of chemicals from TFT-LCD manufacturing on aquatic organisms - http://phys.org
[11:05:07] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Reducing arsenic accumulation in rice grains - http://phys.org
[11:05:09] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Sweden targets Pirate Bay again after complaint - http://phys.org
[11:09:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Dot-Com Survivor BuildDirect Bets The House To Battle Lowe's and Home Depot - http://www.forbes.com
[11:10:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Yeast are first cells known to cure themselves of prions - http://www.innovations-report.com
[11:10:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Wetlands more vulnerable to invasives as climate changes - http://www.innovations-report.com
[11:10:03] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Well-known oxidation mechanism also operative in the atmosphere – with far-reaching effects - http://www.innovations-report.com
[11:13:00] <Regurgitator> [Pipedot] Reflection on the discovery of mid-ocean ridges and the validation of continental drift theory - http://pipedot.org
[11:13:00] <Regurgitator> [Pipedot] EFF introduces the "troll-proofed defensive patent license" - http://pipedot.org
[11:15:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] The Pirate Bay heads for The Danger Zone - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:15:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Orion's lesson for IT: Test your systems, then test again (and again) - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:15:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Why, is that a problem? - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:18:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Satyam Computing Services founder jailed over $1.4 BILLION fraud - http://go.theregister.com
[11:34:00] <Regurgitator> [Wired] 25 of Most Interesting Photos of Earth From Space This Year - http://feeds.wired.com
[11:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] ATV views Space Station as never before - http://phys.org
[11:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] New research could help the welfare of working animals - http://phys.org
[11:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Lessons learned from Orion's first test flight - http://phys.org
[11:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Research provides new model of media consumption in 'age of interruption' - http://phys.org
[11:35:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] New monitor reveals stark realities of poverty in Greater Manchester - http://phys.org
[11:39:00] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] The Science Behind Farts - http://soylentnews.org
[11:45:00] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] AT&T's Thaddeus Arroyo: Tech will transform customer engagement - http://rss.computerworld.com
[11:48:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Belden buys Tripwire for $710m: Will keep network burglers out of Internet of Things things - http://go.theregister.com
[11:48:01] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Will tech titans SWALLOW upstart where Apple guru Steve Wozniak works? - http://go.theregister.com
[12:04:00] <Regurgitator> [Wired] Fantastically Wrong: The Scientist Who Thought 22 Trillion Aliens Live in Our Solar System - http://feeds.wired.com
[12:04:00] <Regurgitator> [Wired] 13 Holiday Gifts That’ll Delight Your Favorite Science Nerd - http://feeds.wired.com
[12:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Autonomous underwater robot with intelligent 3D cameras for high precision search and tracking in deep seas - http://phys.org
[12:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Satellites shed light on solar system—the one on your rooftop - http://phys.org
[12:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Fossil supervolcano in Italian Alps may answer deep mysteries around active supervolcanoes - http://phys.org
[12:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Russia's pioneering days in space flight; what that meant for the US race for space - http://phys.org
[12:09:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Major League Baseball Sees Record $9 Billion In Revenues For 2014 - http://www.forbes.com
[12:18:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] WD and HGST: We tried to merge our two drive makers, MOFCOM said NO, NO, NO - http://go.theregister.com
[12:33:01] <Regurgitator> [Wired] Russia’s Creeping Descent Into Internet Censorship - http://feeds.wired.com
[12:35:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] Recursive DNS Resolvers Affected by Serious Vulnerability - http://feedproxy.google.com
[12:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Rare canine open-heart surgery succeeds - http://phys.org
[12:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] How does space travel affect organ development? - http://phys.org
[12:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Study examines benefits, effects of family-friendly workplace policies - http://phys.org
[12:35:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Climate march to set tone at Lima talks - http://phys.org
[12:35:03] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Ethnic diversity can deflate stock market bubbles, study finds - http://phys.org
[12:35:05] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Coastal communities must plan for sea level rise - http://phys.org
[12:35:07] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Contact lens merges plastics and active electronics via 3-D printing - http://phys.org
[12:35:09] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Seed germination regulators for optimising harvests - http://phys.org
[12:35:11] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Researchers find a small percentage of natural gas wells accounts for the majority of emissions - http://phys.org
[12:35:13] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Poppies fade from Flanders fields as Europe's plant life changes - http://phys.org
[12:37:01] <Regurgitator> [BBC] Pirate Bay goes offline after raid - http://www.bbc.co.uk
[12:39:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Web founder: Europe's 'right to be forgotten' rule is dangerous - http://feedproxy.google.com
[12:39:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] More Kabam employees sell stock - http://feedproxy.google.com
[12:40:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Digital Spies Target Diplomats' iPhones, Androids And PCs With 'Inception' Malware - http://www.forbes.com
[12:40:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Avi Networks Raises $33M To Take On F5, Netscaler And Others - http://www.forbes.com
[12:40:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] T-Mobile Joins The Price War With A New Unlimited Offer - http://www.forbes.com
[12:41:02] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Paying Attention Makes Touch-Sensing Brain Cells Fire Rapidly and in Sync - http://www.innovations-report.com
[12:41:02] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] New Research Offers Explanation for Titan Sand Dune Mystery - http://www.innovations-report.com
[12:41:02] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Storing Hydrogen Underground Could Boost Transportation, Energy Security - http://www.innovations-report.com
[12:41:02] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] World Record for Compact Particle Accelerator - http://www.innovations-report.com
[12:48:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] G.fast is HERE: Sckipio slurps funding to cook up SPAWN of VDSL tech - http://go.theregister.com
[12:48:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Firms will have to report OWN diverted profits under new 'Google Tax' - http://go.theregister.com
[12:48:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Pricey buys pay off for shape-shifting Alternative Networks - http://go.theregister.com
[13:05:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] The science of airport bomb detection - http://phys.org
[13:05:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Using analytics to optimize cloud computing performance and cost savings - http://phys.org
[13:05:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Geminid meteor shower returns December 13-14 - http://phys.org
[13:05:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Blackpool earth tremors during 'fracking' induced on ancient fault - http://phys.org
[13:05:02] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Mazda develops bioplastic for exterior car parts - http://phys.org
[13:05:04] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Rhino species to die unless science can help - http://phys.org
[13:05:06] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Facebook and 'selfie' identities for Bhutan refugees - http://phys.org
[13:10:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] The App That Tracks Your Kids - http://www.forbes.com
[13:10:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Shazam And Spotify Put Data On The Playlist - http://www.forbes.com
[13:10:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Should Wind Energy's Production Tax Credit Get A Break? - http://www.forbes.com
[13:15:01] <Regurgitator> [Computerworld] Apple fights news orgs to keep Jobs video off the Internet - http://rss.computerworld.com
[13:18:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Boffins cure BONING PROBLEMS in 'virtual lab' - http://go.theregister.com
[13:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Why science professors with education expertise are frequently unhappy with their jobs - http://phys.org
[13:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] New model to predict the thermal performance of vegetal façades - http://phys.org
[13:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Tiny possum discovered in national park near Albany - http://phys.org
[13:35:00] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Sowing sandalwood seeds bolsters ailing populations - http://phys.org
[13:35:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Why did NASA scientists name a geologic feature on Mars "Aztec"? - http://phys.org
[13:35:03] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Why I'm proud to be a crystallographer - http://phys.org
[13:35:05] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Protecting biodiversity - http://phys.org
[13:35:07] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] WikiGalaxy turns Wikipedia into a galaxy of stars - http://phys.org
[13:36:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] SQL Injection, Other Vulnerabilities Found in InfiniteWP Admin Panel - http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:36:00] <Regurgitator> [SecurityWeek] Third-Party Bundling Made IBM Products Most Vulnerable: Study - http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:39:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] With 'Marco Polo,' can Netflix win a 'Game of Thrones'? - http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:39:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Google injects smarts, stickers into Hangouts communication app - http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:39:00] <Regurgitator> [CNET] Inventor of the Web wanted to call websites 'psychohistory' - http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:40:00] <Regurgitator> [SoylentNews] Pirate Bay Data Center in Stockholm Raided - http://soylentnews.org
[13:40:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Coupang Raises $300 Million To Fill Amazon-Sized Void In South Korea - http://www.forbes.com
[13:40:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] 4 Interesting Tech Trends In Patient Monitoring - http://www.forbes.com
[13:40:00] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Nokia Qi Charging Plate: The Subtle Wireless Charging Puck - http://www.forbes.com
[13:40:01] <Regurgitator> [Forbes] Are Transparent Managed ETFs The Future? Fund Manager Cathie Wood Is Betting On It - http://www.forbes.com
[13:44:01] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] NASA Measures Typhoon Hagupit's Philippine Rainfall from Space - http://www.innovations-report.com
[13:44:01] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Germanium comes home to Purdue for semiconductor milestone - http://www.innovations-report.com
[13:44:01] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] The Legend of the Kamikaze Typhoons - http://www.innovations-report.com
[13:44:01] <Regurgitator> [InnovationsReport] Abandoned wells can be 'super-emitters' of greenhouse gas - http://www.innovations-report.com
[13:48:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] Who won all-flash sales sash, sucked up all the cash? – IDC report - http://go.theregister.com
[13:48:00] <Regurgitator> [TheRegister] The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three - http://go.theregister.com
[14:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Thin-film hybrid oxide-organic microprocessor - http://phys.org
[14:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] How low can you go? Take the Great Square challenge - http://phys.org
[14:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Organic electronics could lead to cheap, wearable medical sensors - http://phys.org
[14:05:01] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Regions in the genome cause infertility in some hybrids of house mouse subspecies - http://phys.org
[14:05:02] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Fujitsu laboratories develops industry's first bio-derived, water-based paint - http://phys.org
[14:05:04] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Software capable of quickly producing 3-D building models - http://phys.org
[14:05:06] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] The utility of mathematical models in evolutionary biology - http://phys.org
[14:05:08] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Neutron diffraction shows how myelin gets on your nerves - http://phys.org
[14:05:10] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Study shows embryos can learn - http://phys.org
[14:05:12] <Regurgitator> [PhysOrg] Researchers capture microimages of micropillar P/N junctions on a semiconductor - http://phys.org
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[21:23:01] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] New way to turn genes on discovered - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[21:23:01] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] Scientists estimate total weight of plastic floating in world's oceans: Nearly 269,000 tons of plastic pollution floating in the ocean - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
[21:23:03] <Regurgitator> [ScienceDaily] Oldest horned dinosaur species in North America found in Montana: Hooked beak, sharply pointed cheeks distinguishes neoceratopsian species - http://feeds.sciencedaily.com
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