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[13:56:17] <Bytram> Installing Windows 10 on Louie...
[13:56:41] <Bytram> Language to install: English (United States)
[13:57:15] <Bytram> Time and currency format: English (United States)
[13:57:34] <Bytram> Keyboard or input method: US
[13:57:56] * Bytram clicks [Next] button
[13:58:27] * Bytram sees new screen display
[13:58:56] <Bytram> Clics on [Install now]
[13:59:16] <Bytram> "Setup is starting"
[13:59:45] <Bytram> "Activate Windows"
[14:03:05] <Bytram> "If this is the first time you're installing Windows on this PC (or you're installing a different edition), you need to enter a valid Windows product key. Your product key should be in the confirmation email you received after buying a digital copy of Windows or on a label inside the box that Windows came in."
[14:03:35] <Bytram> "The product key looks like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
[14:04:48] <Bytram> "If you're reinstalling Windows, select I don't have a product key. Your copy of Windows will be automatically activated later."
[14:05:09] <Bytram> and, at the bottom of the screen :
[14:05:57] <Bytram> _Privacy Statement_ I don't have a product key_ [Next]
[14:06:34] * Bytram clicks the "I don't have a product key" link
[14:06:57] <Bytram> New page:
[14:07:23] <Bytram> Select the operating system you want to install:
[14:08:15] <Bytram> (long multi-column list box displays)
[14:09:40] * Bytram debates with self "Windows 10 Home" or "Windows 10 Pro" (I have a sticker on the laptop for Windows 7 Pro)
[14:10:32] <Bytram> >> Operating System: "Windows 10 Pro"
[14:10:48] <Bytram> >> Architecture: "x64"
[14:11:20] <Bytram> >> Date modified: "11/19/2020"
[14:11:31] * Bytram clicks [Next]
[14:16:56] <Bytram> New page displays: "Applicable notices and license terms"
[14:17:38] <Bytram> holey moley! It's long... and I see no way to print or download for later reference. Ugh.
[14:18:10] * Bytram checks "[ ] I accept the license terms"
[14:18:23] * Bytram clicks [Next]
[14:19:03] <Bytram> Which type of installation do you want?
[14:19:44] <Bytram> (The SSD has a "Borked" *copy* of Win 7 Pro on it.)
[14:21:32] <Bytram> "Upgrade: Install Windows and keep files, settings, and applications.
[14:21:36] <Bytram> ...
[14:22:14] <Bytram> "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)"
[14:22:23] <Bytram> ...
[14:23:12] * Bytram is torn, but figures why not let it at least *try* to upgrade? It just *might* work!
[14:25:40] <Bytram> The elided part above for the upgrade choice states: "The files, settings, and applications are moved to Windows with this option. This option is only available when a supported version of Windows is already running on the computer."
[14:27:52] <Bytram> And, for Custom choice states: "The files, settings, and applications aren't moved to Windows with this option. If you wnt to make changes to partitions and drives, start the computer using the installation disk. We recommend backing up your files before you continue."
[14:28:07] <Bytram> .
[14:28:53] * Bytram decides to *TRY* Upgrade...
[14:29:06] <Bytram> Oh, joy. :/
[14:29:45] <Bytram> "The upgrade option isn't available if you start your computer using Windows installation media."
[14:31:46] <Bytram> "If a Copy of Windows is already installed on this computer and you want to upgrade, remove the installation media and restart your computer. After Windows has started normally, insert the installation media and run Windows Setup."
[14:32:17] <Bytram> Oh well, it was worth a try!
[14:34:17] * Bytram just went down a rabbit hole looking at other repair options (from the main screen) and got stuck with no way to back out...
[14:34:19] <Bytram> .
[14:34:24] * Bytram restart install
[14:35:33] <Bytram> Ugh!
[14:36:07] <Bytram> "Where do you want to install Windows?"
[14:36:54] <Bytram> "We couldn't find any drives, To get a storage driver, click Load driver"
[14:53:17] <Bytram> D/B displays:
[14:54:21] <Bytram> "To install the device driver for your drive, insert the installation media containing the driver files, and then click OK."
[14:54:52] <Bytram> "NOTE: The installation media can be CD, DVD, or USB flash drive."
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[17:13:32] <Bytram> See digression and backdround info on the 3 x 3.5" drives I picked up.
[17:14:59] <Bytram> First up, trying the Western Digital
[17:22:30] <Bytram> Yay! The WD drive was recognized!
[17:23:34] <Bytram> Name: Drive 0 Unallocated Space
[17:23:52] <Bytram> Total Size: 698.6 GB
[17:23:59] <Bytram> Free Space: 698.6 GB
[17:24:10] <Bytram> Type: <blank>
[17:24:24] <Bytram> Choices:
[17:24:32] <Bytram> Refresh
[17:24:38] <Bytram> Load driver
[17:24:42] <Bytram> Delete
[17:24:46] <Bytram> Extend
[17:24:51] <Bytram> Format
[17:24:53] <Bytram> New
[17:25:02] <Bytram> .
[17:25:10] * Bytram Clicks on Format
[17:26:00] <Bytram> nothings happens
[17:26:16] <Bytram> Now I notice that these are grayed oue:
[17:26:45] <Bytram> Delete, Extend, and Format
[17:26:55] * Bytram clicks on Load Driver
[17:27:20] <Bytram> Hmmm, on second thought...
[17:27:41] * Bytram clicks on [Next]
[17:27:54] <Bytram> Yay!
[17:28:18] <Bytram> v Copying Windows files
[17:28:28] <Bytram> Getting files ready for installation
[17:28:34] <Bytram> Installing features
[17:28:40] <Bytram> Installing updates
[17:28:46] <Bytram> Finishing up
[17:29:26] <Bytram> GFRFI (Getting files ready for installation) is not at 20%
[17:29:35] <Bytram> s/ot/ow/
[17:29:52] <Bytram> .op
[17:29:52] -!- mode/#qa [+o Bytram] by wheatley
[17:30:13] <Bytram> GFRFI (Getting files ready for installation) is now at 40%
[17:30:38] <Bytram> s/40/50/
[17:30:52] <Bytram> :(
[17:31:46] <Bytram> GFRFI (Getting files ready for installation) is now at 70%
[17:32:23] <Bytram> GFRFI (Getting files ready for installation) is now at 80%
[17:32:51] <Bytram> GFRFI (Getting files ready for installation) is now at 90%
[17:34:16] <Bytram> GFRFI (Getting files ready for installation) is now at 100%
[17:34:34] <Bytram> v Installing features
[17:34:40] <Bytram> v Installing updates
[17:34:51] <Bytram> restarting in 5 seconds
[17:35:57] <Bytram> was at the Del logo boor screen for a stretch
[17:36:06] <Bytram> blank screen
[17:36:17] <Bytram> thumb drive is active
[17:37:08] <Bytram> Yep, back to the USB drive's Windows Seup screen
[17:37:15] <Bytram> powers off
[17:37:29] <Bytram> pulls USB stick
[17:37:45] <Bytram> presses power button
[17:38:44] <Bytram> blank screen, finally
[17:39:01] <Bytram> Windows Logo w/ circling dots
[17:40:10] <Bytram> Getting ReadyStarting Services
[17:40:28] <Bytram> Getting devices ready 5%
[17:40:35] <Bytram> Getting devices ready 30%
[17:40:43] <Bytram> Getting devices ready 59%
[17:40:58] <Bytram> Getting devices ready 95%
[17:41:07] <Bytram> Getting ready
[17:41:55] * Bytram debates opening up his MiFi to all devices
[17:42:14] <Runaway1956> Awesome . . . sounds like you're in business
[17:42:54] <Runaway1956> 750 MB seems a decent size for Windows partition.
[17:43:01] <Bytram> Still on "Getting ready" circle-of-swirling-dots screen
[17:43:10] <Bytram> lol
[17:43:14] <Runaway1956> hmmmmm
[17:43:25] <Bytram> yeah. only 5400 RPM
[17:44:22] * Runaway1956 needs food, BBIAW
[17:45:12] <Bytram> FWIW, the drive activity light on the laptop is blinking... vigorously
[17:46:59] <Bytram> and blinking
[17:47:03] <Bytram> Oh!
[17:47:10] <Bytram> blank screen...
[17:47:26] <Bytram> and blinking continuousy, now
[17:47:38] <Bytram> black screen
[17:48:28] <Bytram> back to system (Dell) bootup screen (option to enter BIOS w/ F12)
[17:48:33] <Bytram> empty screen
[17:48:39] <Bytram> Windows logo
[17:48:47] <Bytram> swirling dots
[17:49:39] <Bytram> disk activity light is solidly ON
[17:50:29] <Bytram> ligher bluse screen
[17:50:46] <Bytram> "Just a moment..." with more sqirling dots
[17:52:37] <Bytram> just how long IS a "moment", anyway?
[17:53:01] <Bytram> "Just a moment..." with swirling dots continues
[17:53:07] <Bytram> Woo Hoo!
[17:53:24] <Bytram> Let's start with region. Is this right?
[17:53:52] <Bytram> [United States] is already highlighted.
[17:54:01] * Bytram clicks [Yes]
[17:54:18] <Bytram> "Just a moment..." with swirling dots again
[17:54:44] <Bytram> "Is this the right keyboard layout?"
[17:54:57] <Bytram> [US] is already highlighted
[17:55:05] * Bytram clicks [Yes]
[17:55:26] <Bytram> "Want to add a second keyboard layout?"
[17:55:41] <Bytram> [Add layout] [Skip]
[17:56:00] * Bytram clicks [Skip]
[17:56:15] <Bytram> "Just a moment..." with swirling dots again
[17:56:42] <Bytram> "Let's connect you to a network"
[17:57:40] <Bytram> "To finish setup, you'll need to connect to the nternet."i
[17:59:00] * Bytram clicks on his MiFi access point which is listed.
[17:59:14] <Bytram> ... Leaves "[x] Connect automatically" checked,
[17:59:40] * Bytram clicks "[Connect]"
[18:00:22] <Bytram> "Enter the network security key"
[18:01:08] * Bytram enters key
[18:01:20] <Bytram> [Next] [Cancel]
[18:01:29] * Bytram clicks on "[Next]"
[18:01:48] <Bytram> Hmm
[18:02:08] <Bytram> "Do you want to allow your PC to be
[18:02:39] <Bytram> discoverable by other PCs and devices on this
[18:02:48] <Bytram> Network?"
[18:03:02] <Bytram> "We recommend allowing this on your home
[18:03:25] <Bytram> and work networks, but not on public ones."
[18:03:52] <Bytram> [Yes] [No]
[18:05:03] * Bytram is unsure... lives in an apartment building
[18:05:46] * Bytram clicks "[Yes]"
[18:06:01] <Bytram> Verifying and connecting...
[18:06:20] <Bytram> Connected, secured.
[18:06:30] <Bytram> __properties__
[18:06:49] <Bytram> If you have a limited data plan, you can make
[18:07:15] <Bytram> this network a metered connection or change other properties."
[18:07:35] * Bytram clicks __Properties__
[18:08:09] <Bytram> Properties for <network name>
[18:08:26] <Bytram> Connect automatically when in range
[18:08:40] <Bytram> (default is On)
[18:08:50] <Bytram> Metered Connection
[18:09:16] <Bytram> "If you have a limited data plan and want more control over your data
[18:09:42] <Bytram> usage, turn this on for this network. Apps might work differently to
[18:10:27] <Bytram> reduce data usage. Some updates for Windows won't be downloaded" automatically."
[18:10:44] <Bytram> Set as metered connection
[18:10:58] <Bytram> (default is off)
[18:11:06] <Bytram> =====
[18:11:35] * Bytram leaves autoconnect-in-range ON
[18:11:51] * Bytram sets metered-connection to ON
[18:12:29] * Bytram clicks "[Done]"
[18:12:35] <Bytram> ====
[18:13:37] <Bytram> Back to the "Let's connect you to a network" page
[18:13:47] * Bytram clicks "[Next]"
[18:14:01] <Bytram> swirling fots
[18:14:24] <Bytram> "Now we have some important setup to do"
[18:14:49] <Bytram> Let's see what's new (??? -- not sure if that is exact)
[18:15:07] <Bytram> How would you like to set up?
[18:15:22] <Bytram> "Set up for personal use
[18:15:56] <Bytram> We'll help you set it up with a personal Microsoft account.
[18:16:19] <Bytram> You'll have full control over this device."
[18:16:36] <Bytram> "Set up for an organization
[18:17:12] <Bytram> You'll gain access to your organization's resources like email,
[18:17:56] <Bytram> network, apps, and services. Your organization will have full control over this device."
[18:18:22] * Bytram selects "setup for personal use"
[18:18:37] * Bytram clicks "[Next]"
[18:19:17] <Bytram> hoo boy :/
[18:19:50] <Bytram> Let's add your account
[18:20:33] <Bytram> Access your apps, files, and services across your devices with your Microsoft account.
[18:20:57] <chromas> Don't do it
[18:20:59] <Bytram> [Email, phone, or Skype]
[18:21:13] <Bytram> Link: Create account
[18:21:28] <Bytram> link: sign in with a security key
[18:21:45] <Bytram> (at the bottom of the screen):
[18:22:26] <Bytram> _Offline account_ _Privacy & Cookies_ _Terms of Use_ [Next]
[18:23:17] * Bytram ponders
[18:23:18] <chromas> Click offline account. It will beg you several times to use your microsoft/hotmail account. Don't give in
[18:24:25] <Bytram> tx! Was what I was leaning towards, too. I'd rather NOT ever provide personally identifiable information to anyone -- they can't lost what they don't have!
[18:24:49] * Bytram clicks "[Offline account]"
[18:25:53] <Bytram> Splash screen "Sign in to enjoy the full range of Microsoft apps and services"
[18:26:14] <Bytram> bottom line of screen:
[18:26:45] <Bytram> __-Limited_experience__ [Next]
[18:27:03] * Bytram clicks "_Limited experience_"
[18:27:23] <Bytram> Who's going to use this PC?
[18:27:32] <Bytram> What name do you want to use?
[18:29:05] <Bytram> Hmmm...
[18:30:03] <Bytram> There's more to this than appears at first. (Long-term implications for usability.)
[18:30:19] <chromas> You can use anything. Maybe what you used before in old Windows
[18:30:21] * Bytram steps away for a few minutes to take a break and to contemplate
[18:31:02] * Bytram does not want "collisions" with past names' usage and semantics
[18:31:12] <chromas> Bytram117
[18:31:45] <chromas> MartyBGoode
[18:32:03] <Bytram> rock and roll!
[18:32:57] <Bytram> my previous "Great idea" was: Huey, Dewey, and Louie...
[18:33:29] <chromas> Huey Louies and the Deweys
[18:33:44] <Bytram> but, as similar as they sound, remembering the spelling is a little more tricky than first meets the eye.
[18:33:59] <chromas> You need an Uncle Scrooge in there
[18:34:58] <Bytram> Also, what happens if I get some more systems? Say, an, RPi or a new, fully-up-to-date system?
[18:35:20] <Bytram> s/RPi/RPis/
[18:35:26] <chromas> Are you naming the PC or the user account?
[18:35:40] <Bytram> urgh. Meant to suggest multiple RPIs
[18:35:56] <Bytram> atm, oh
[18:36:16] <Bytram> "Who's going to use this PC"
[18:36:26] <Bytram> "What name to you want to use?"
[18:36:37] <Bytram> TYVM
[18:37:11] <Bytram> now I really do need to step away for a few minutes to ponder the ramifications.
[18:38:14] <Bytram> on Dewey, uname reports "martyb"
[18:38:33] <chromas> You can change it later. As far as I know, the only issue you might run into is the home folder will still have the original username, though you can rename it and edit the registry to point to it again. Might be a setting somewhere
[18:38:59] <Bytram> ty!
[18:40:00] <Bytram> otoh, files on different systems, can be helpful to know where things originated... different "names" help with that, but then complicates interoperability
[18:40:52] <Bytram> should I go for one username for all my computers or use separate names on each machine?
[18:41:38] * Bytram has found it is generally easier to join separate things together than it is to try and split things apart later
[18:41:59] <Bytram> BI5-10
[18:42:08] <chromas> I usually use the same name, but I don't even remember my username on windows because I never have to type it or look at it
[18:50:24] <chromas> oh and linux doesn't allow usernames to start with numbers so I have to put in one thing and then edit the files later to bypass the insanity check :D
[18:51:15] <Bytram> My intent (atm) is to only use this machine for doing my income taxes... and to have available another machine available when stuff goes sideways.
[18:51:51] <Bytram> okay, a different name it is.
[18:52:09] <Bytram> "Martay"
[18:52:14] <chromas> taxes@taxes.localnet
[18:52:26] <Bytram> LOL!
[18:52:30] <Bytram> chromas++
[18:52:30] <Bender> karma - chromas: 1
[18:52:31] <chromas> Marté
[18:52:47] <Bytram> yeah, I thought of that, but no.
[18:52:53] <chromas> or maybe taXBox
[18:52:58] <chromas> it's the latest from Microsoft
[18:53:21] * Bytram enters "Martay" as my user name and clicks "[Next]"
[18:53:51] <Bytram> "Create a super memorable password
[18:54:33] <Bytram> Make sure to pick something you'll absolutely remember."
[18:54:41] <chromas> "This is my password, this is my gun. This is for s'ur'ty, this is for fun!"
[18:54:51] <chromas> sc'ur'ty
[18:55:45] * Bytram enters password and clicks "[Next]"
[18:55:56] <Bytram> "Confirm your password"
[18:56:44] * Bytram enters password again and clicks "[Next]"
[18:57:12] <Bytram> "Create security questions for this account
[18:58:06] <Bytram> Just in case you forgot your password, choose 3 security questions, and make sure the answers are unforgettable."
[18:58:28] <chromas> I don't remember having to do that
[18:58:49] <Bytram> 6 Questions:
[18:59:06] <Bytram> 1.) What was your first pet's name?
[18:59:25] <Bytram> 2.) What was the name of the city where you were born?
[18:59:39] <Bytram> 3.) What was your childhood nickname?
[18:59:57] <Bytram> 4.) What's the name of the city where your parents met?
[19:00:16] <Bytram> 5.) What's the first name of your oldest cousin?
[19:00:40] <Bytram> 6.) What's the name of the first school you attended?
[19:02:05] <Bytram> Of course, there's no option for me to choose my own questions. :(
[19:02:17] <chromas> But you can still choose your own answers
[19:04:09] <chromas> First pet's name? Password2!
[19:04:25] <Bytram> yes, but remembering what "creative" answers I came up with is non-trivial, and I'd prefer to not choose questions/answers that could be found, say, on-line.
[19:04:42] <Bytram> this
[19:04:45] <Bytram> s/this/that/
[19:04:58] <Bytram> do you now how to active sedbot?
[19:05:04] <chromas> Write it down and stash the paper somewhere
[19:05:31] -!- SedBot [SedBot!~SedBot@pid1] has joined #qa
[19:06:04] <chromas> or use scenery in your room. Question one's answer is something on the wall to your left
[19:06:10] <Bytram> I've done that before, in "code" and sometimes I struggle to remember what the obfuscation resolves to.
[19:06:14] <Bytram> that
[19:06:18] <Bytram> s/that/this/
[19:06:18] <SedBot> <Bytram> this
[19:06:22] <Bytram> =)
[19:06:44] <chromas> Bytram: s/a(t)/e o\1her/
[19:06:49] <chromas> fpos
[19:06:54] <chromas> oh yeah
[19:26:23] <Bytram> "Choose privacy settings for your deviceMicrosoft puts you in control of your privacy. Choose your settings, then select 'Accept' to save them. You can change these settings at any time."
[19:26:42] <Bytram> try again
[19:26:49] <Bytram> "Choose privacy settings for your device
[19:26:51] <Bytram> Microsoft puts you in control of your privacy. Choose your settings, then select 'Accept' to save them. You can change these settings at any time."
[19:28:17] <Bytram> (Defaults for everything are set to "Yes"; I changed all of them to "No")
[19:28:22] <Bytram> Online speech recognition
[19:28:29] <Bytram> Find my device
[19:28:46] <Bytram> Inking & typing
[19:28:52] <Bytram> Advertising ID
[19:28:59] <Bytram> (2nd column)
[19:29:09] <Bytram> Location
[19:29:17] <Bytram> Diagnostic data
[19:29:34] <Bytram> Tailored experiences
[19:31:43] <Bytram> [Learn more] [Accept]
[19:33:04] <Bytram> Swirling circles again
[19:33:19] <chromas> uncheck all, accept
[19:33:45] <Bytram> "Let Cortana help you get things done"
[19:33:47] <Bytram> ...
[19:34:14] <Bytram> [Learn more] [Not now] [Accept]
[19:34:23] * Bytram clicks "[Not now]"
[19:34:41] <Bytram> "We're getting everything ready for you"
[19:34:49] <Bytram> new page
[19:35:03] <Bytram> "This might take several minutes
[19:35:14] <Bytram> Don't turn off your PC"
[19:35:46] <Bytram> (lots of disk activity)
[19:36:03] <Bytram> "Leave everything to us"
[19:36:35] <Bytram> "Almost there"
[19:36:45] <Bytram> and...
[19:36:57] <Bytram> There's a Windows desktop
[19:37:00] <Bytram> Finally!
[19:38:26] <Bytram> ahh, but network activity on my phone is pegged active
[19:38:53] * Bytram takes a break to prepare something to eat
[19:38:59] <Bytram> afk biab
[19:40:43] <chromas> oh yeah you might wanna disconnect it from the net before it tries to download all the updates