#qa | Logs for 2020-10-27

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[08:51:22] <janrinok> Bytram - please do what I suggested above - create a new account to access one of your many SN accounts and solve the initial configuration using that account. If you are worried about losing data create a new profile first and only tell the new profile about your test email address. That way, TB will not even try to access your other existing accounts. Solve the access problem first, then when you know that you are communicating with
[08:51:22] <janrinok> the server, solve the problem of restoring your old passwords.
[08:53:36] <janrinok> at the moment, you have no idea where the system is failing. Divide and conquer is the solution. Communicate - make sure it remembers passwords - then try to solve for you old passwords one at a time. Leaver the master password until last is my suggestion.
[08:54:11] <janrinok> are you seeing any error messages - have you looked in the logs?
[09:19:18] <janrinok> If I understand it correctly - the master password secures all passwords on your machine - not just TB passwords. But as I've never used it - and never will - I don't know much about it.
[16:21:23] <chromas> I concur with the test account idea. And as long as you're using IMAP, you don't really lose anything by setting up the account anew in TB anyhow. You can use my SN account for testing. All I get is the spams and stats emails I don't want :)
[23:51:13] <Bytram> janrinok: chromas: thanks to both of you! Dealing with some stuff IRL and needed to step back for a bit. Problem is, I follow the *concepts* but my brain goes to mush when trying to *do* it. It may be obvious stuff to you, but the details drive me nuts!