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[00:00:30] <halibut> It is amazing just how much data we throw around with computers.
[00:07:01] <Bytram_dewey> in early 80s, I was helping IBM test VM/SP running on a brand new hardware platform. It was later margeted as the IBM 3090. There were two prototypes in existence in the world. I would have one of them to myself for an entire 8-hour shift, several times per week. 9It was designed to support 1K users.) I was running a "paging spider" that walked through pages of memory just as fast as possible.
[00:09:10] <Bytram_dewey> One of the OS commands would display the I/O rate in 4 KB pages per second. I noticed it was a 3-digit field. Hmmmm. Waited. 930. 940. ... 980. took a good long time but I finally got it up to break through 999 4 KB pages per second... and it displayed "000" :)
[00:10:34] <Bytram_dewey> I can't explain why, but that was one of the most enjoyable bugs to find and report in my entire career! And, yes, I could very well have been the very first person in the world to attain that I/O rate. :D
[00:11:49] <halibut> That is cool in a way that I do not think I have ever experienced.
[00:13:01] <Bytram_dewey> =g mark twain to be the first all other pleasures
[00:13:02] <systemd> http://www.jamespreller.com - Mark Twain's Library & Other Pleasures | James Preller's Blog;
[00:14:33] <Bytram_dewey> =g mark twain to be the first that makes all other pleasures pale
[00:14:34] <systemd> https://en.wikipedia.org - Mark Twain - Wikipedia
[00:15:28] <Bytram_dewey> =g mark twain "to be the first"
[00:15:29] <systemd> http://www.openculture.com - Mark Twain Wrote the First Book Ever Written With a Typewriter ...
[00:15:38] <Bytram_dewey> =g mark twain "to be the first" -typewriter
[00:15:39] <systemd> http://www.twainquotes.com - Discovery - Mark Twain quotations
[00:17:40] <Bytram_dewey> halibut: This is what I was looking for: http://www.twainquotes.com
[00:17:40] <systemd> ^ 03Mark Twain quotations - Discovery
[00:18:10] <Bytram_dewey> It *so* captures the essence of how I felt that night.
[00:19:54] <Bytram_dewey> afk; biab (grumbling tummy wants food!)
[00:21:25] <halibut> He has a way with words.
[00:22:09] <halibut> When I saw you specifically removing ``typewriter'' from results, I thought of a different use for typewriters: https://www.youtube.com
[00:22:10] <systemd> ^ 03Leroy Anderson: Ritvélin (The Typewriter)
[00:50:51] <Bytram_dewey> Nice! I'm guessing that was... Dutch?
[00:57:42] <Bytram_dewey> Close -- Iceland. That reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com and that led me to: https://www.youtube.com
[00:57:44] <systemd> ^ 03Victor Borge — William Tell Backwards
[00:57:46] <systemd> ^ 03Victor Borge - "Page-turner"
[01:41:37] <Bytram_dewey> now at: 451G
[02:08:23] <Bytram_dewey> PASTE_BEGIN
[02:08:26] <Bytram_dewey> sent 524,473,233,216 bytes received 15,734,084 bytes 28,760,396.31 bytes/sec
[02:08:43] <Bytram_dewey> total size is 529,717,442,981 speedup is 1.01
[02:08:56] <Bytram_dewey> rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1207) [sender=3.1.3]
[02:09:03] <Bytram_dewey> PASTE_END
[02:10:00] <Bytram_dewey> So... how do I find out what "files/attrs were not transferred"?
[02:12:16] <Bytram_dewey> Select all / copy from the terminal window only contains 512 lines.
[02:14:11] <Bytram_dewey> last file transfer stated it was xfr#732361
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[03:19:37] <halibut> Hopefully you will check the logs and see this. The easiest way to find out what was not done is to run rsync again. The -u tells it to not update something that has not changed, so all you will see is whatever was missing before. There is a chance that the main thing not transferred was some permissions and/or ownership, since you are not root, but I think it expects that and does not warn about it.
[03:20:08] <halibut> Either way, running again should tell you what failed to happen.
[03:26:17] <halibut> Page-turner is indeed pretty funny.
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[13:57:35] <janrinok> Bytram_dewey, ping
[14:10:59] <Bytram_dewey> janrinok: pong
[14:11:33] * Bytram_dewey is not sleeping, but is far from "awake" atm.
[14:23:56] <janrinok> np, just a social connection, that is all
[14:24:09] <Bytram_dewey> I think today (or at least the next several hours) are going to be low-activity. I'm *really* dragging today.
[14:24:14] <Bytram_dewey> nod nod
[14:24:20] <Bytram_dewey> hiow are YOU feeling?
[14:24:28] <janrinok> I see you had a good chat with halibut and made good progress
[14:24:46] <Bytram_dewey> yes, I did. He's been a big help.
[14:24:59] <janrinok> I'm less than average but hopefully with the clock change this weekend I'll gain a bit more rest
[14:25:03] * Bytram_dewey suspects halibut may have a teaching background
[14:27:10] <janrinok> S has had some adjustments to her wheelchair today - the electronic controls are less sensitive now and she is more confident about using it. Her undemanded muscle twitches were causing the wheelchair to jerk around a bit which frightened her a little.
[14:27:31] <janrinok> Anyway, that is sorted now so that is a step forward for her.
[14:27:50] <Bytram_dewey> Yay!
[14:28:17] <Bytram_dewey> So happy to hear that! Mobility means a lot!
[14:29:14] <janrinok> even simple things like moving from the computer to the TV mean she has some individual control on her life.
[14:29:38] <janrinok> PM?
[14:29:45] <Bytram_dewey> I appreciate your checking in. Time to do some errands; laters! And, thanks again for all your encouragement and support!
[14:30:22] <janrinok> laters then
[15:09:37] <Bytram_dewey> Ugh, tried to reply to your PM... this web-based IRC client is being unhelpful. Mostly am having some issues with "digestion" the past few days which has also interfered with my sleep. I just keep chipping away at things and know that whatever it is will eventually pass. Meeting with some friends shortly, and then a nap is on tap.
[15:11:19] <Bytram_dewey> Fnord666++ has been a godsend in pushing out stories and I cannot say enough good things about how that has helped take a load off my mind!
[15:11:44] <Bytram_dewey> and, it's time for me to get going. laters!
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