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[12:21:45] <Bytram_dewey> I'm currently running with all of the latest updates applied to Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1; I had a thought that, now that I have downloaded a copy of the 20.04.1 iso, I can always fall back to installing from scratch... why not *try* an update-in-place? It might actually *work*!
[12:58:55] <janrinok> Bytram!! Sry, you caught me just on my way to nap - which I have now just awoken from. If you have all the latest updates applied to 18.04.1 you are actually running 18.04.5. You cannot do an update in place from an ISO, you can only install.
[13:00:31] <janrinok> But, if you have already downloaded 20.04 then you will only be downloading the same software if you try to do an update-in-place, which seems like a double hit on your download limit, or have I misunderstood.
[13:01:05] <janrinok> Bytram_dewey, ^
[13:02:09] <Bytram_dewey> went to a location w/ WiFi yesterday and did the d/l there
[13:02:11] <janrinok> reading back, you have done an upgrade in place
[13:02:36] <Bytram_dewey> But am still on the 18 release not 20
[13:02:39] <janrinok> Ah, OK, that makes more sense. How is your download speed looking?
[13:03:04] <Bytram_dewey> I am at home atm; ~500 KB/s
[13:03:51] <Bytram_dewey> in about 2-3 hours, I'll be back at WiFi where I get 5-7 MB/s
[13:04:27] <janrinok> as far as options given during the update, accepting the default is the safest option. It is only important/relevant if you have modified the files in question to something unusual which I don't think you would have done.
[13:06:13] <Bytram_dewey> k
[13:06:18] * janrinok is doubly confused now. So you have updated 18.04 to 18.04.5, AND you have downloaded both 20.04 AND 20.04.1?
[13:07:11] <Bytram_dewey> yes...
[13:08:03] <Bytram_dewey> (1) at WiFi location, downloaded both 20.04.1 and 20.04 ISOs to disk.
[13:08:10] <janrinok> the latter step was definitely overkill, I don't you gain anything there. If you ever install 20.04 then you will have to update it to the latest anyway
[13:08:30] <janrinok> *I don't think
[13:08:33] <Bytram_dewey> (2) Got home and realized I was being a bit pessimistic... Update-in-place should prolly work!
[13:09:37] <Bytram_dewey> (While I was there, it was a small thing to d/l 20.0 -- just in case there was strange issue w./ the install... better safe that sorry)
[13:09:47] <janrinok> there is a possible benefit. Once you have dewy set up, try installing 20.04.1 from iso direct to another lappy with the big screen already attached - it might find it and select the correct resolution for you
[13:10:46] <Bytram_dewey> Umm, I mean *upgrade* in place
[13:11:30] <Bytram_dewey> (3) to do the *upgrade* in place, it seemed I needed to *update* in place and bring 18.04.1 up-to-date
[13:11:38] <janrinok> But even if you stay at 18.04.5 the only thing you will not have is the very very latest kernel - which has nothing that you or I use over what is in 18.04.5
[13:11:49] <Bytram_dewey> (4) I did #3 yesterday
[13:11:54] <janrinok> It is more for up-and-coming technology
[13:13:09] <janrinok> if you did an upgrade-in-place then you are using 20.04.1. If you did an update-in-place then you are using 18.04.5
[13:14:09] <Bytram_dewey> Try again... the *upgrade* from 18 -> 20 encouraged an *update* of 18.04 before proceding with the *upgrade*
[13:14:26] <janrinok> update brings your existing software up to date! Upgrade-in-place changes it to the next release
[13:14:35] <janrinok> correct
[13:14:59] <Bytram_dewey> so, I *have* performed the *update*
[13:15:15] <janrinok> understood - that's 18.04.5 currently
[13:15:40] <Bytram_dewey> uname -a shows
[13:15:40] <Bytram_dewey> Linux E6410-001 5.4.0-51-generic #56~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 6 09:47:18 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[13:15:50] <janrinok> if you say so.....
[13:16:13] <Bytram_dewey> it's what I saw on the *upgrade* page
[13:16:23] <janrinok> that's precisely the same as 20.04.1
[13:16:30] <Bytram_dewey> made sense to me
[13:17:04] <janrinok> that will be what the .5 update will have given you over the .4
[13:17:13] <Bytram_dewey> I could well have misunderstood
[13:18:09] <Bytram_dewey> Q: how do I find out what release I am running? I showed the output of uname -a above. Is there something else/better?
[13:23:05] <janrinok> your method is fine. If you are running MATE you usual have a bar across the top of the screen which shows you a menu on the lhs and the date/on-of/sound etc on the rhs. You can easily add your own selection of shortcuts to that. One that I have added is the MATE System Monitor, which is also availabel from Applications / System Tools/ MATE System Monitor. It is a useful thing to have available because it shows network throughput, disk
[13:23:05] <janrinok> usage, allows you to inspect individual threads, and the first tab gives you a display of your current set up and software
[13:24:09] <Bytram_dewey> thanks for the hint wrt system monitor... already found it! You know me too well!
[13:24:42] <Bytram_dewey> so, according to uname, I am on 18.04.1 but I thought you mentioned 18.04.5 ??
[13:25:44] <janrinok> in which case you did not do an update yesterday....
[13:26:13] <Bytram_dewey> so, uname IS the correct way to check?
[13:26:42] <Bytram_dewey> it sure did a lot of d/l and installing
[13:27:11] <janrinok> uname is but one way to do it.
[13:28:02] <Bytram_dewey> IIRC that included systemd, cups, as well as firefox, Libre*
[13:28:34] <Bytram_dewey> so I thought, but was wondering if there were another/better way to check?
[13:28:46] <janrinok> lsb_release -a
[13:29:08] <janrinok> there is an underscore between lsb and release - but my Hexchat keeps eating it!
[13:29:37] <Bytram_dewey> >> Description: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
[13:29:41] <Bytram_dewey> :D
[13:29:49] <janrinok> there you go
[13:30:14] <Bytram_dewey> so, it looks like uname is not correct?
[13:31:08] <janrinok> uname only gives you the kernel. Both 18.04.5 and 20.04.1 are using the same kernel version
[13:33:10] <janrinok> there is probably another option for the current software version
[13:34:26] <Bytram_dewey> Do you know off the top of your head where/how I go from 18 --> 20?
[13:34:29] <janrinok> but as I tend to use the first tab of the MATE System Monitor - which tells me everything - I stick with that
[13:34:48] <Bytram_dewey> If not, I can search for it (found it once before)
[13:35:05] <Bytram_dewey> nod nod
[13:35:39] <janrinok> Having done the update, you are best to search online for the instructions, but the command is do-release-upgrade
[13:36:03] <Bytram_dewey> I really appreciate all the assistance (and patience!)
[13:36:29] <janrinok> Unless you intend to boot with no desktop whatsoever - ala server mode - then I use a mix of CLI and GUIs.
[13:36:47] <Bytram_dewey> Be sure to ask S to give you a kiss (as a show of my thanks!)
[13:36:56] <Bytram_dewey> not on this lappy, no
[13:36:56] <janrinok> afterall, I'm not changing back to links as my preferred browser!
[13:37:17] <Bytram_dewey> it *does* have its uses. tho!
[13:38:52] <Bytram_dewey> okay, need to get cleaned up and ready to head out the door
[13:38:56] <Bytram_dewey> thabnks again!
[13:39:11] <janrinok> np - hope it all goes well!
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[18:00:24] <Bytram_dewey> Yay! lsb_release -d now outputs: "Description: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS"
[18:02:12] <Bytram_dewey> Looks like the update-in-place worked (there was an error message after reboot that marcopolo(?) crashed, but, in the few minutes since I rebooted I do not see an issue with anything else
[18:28:57] <janrinok> never doubted it would work
[18:32:02] <janrinok> it has full support for 5 years - due to enter Extended support in Apr 2025, extended support until Apr 2030. Next LTS version is due Apr 2022 etc
[18:34:26] <Bytram_dewey> janrinok: thanks for all the help!
[18:34:40] <janrinok> what? I just sat here and mocked you....!
[18:35:20] <janrinok> once you get used to it you will wonder why you didn't start using it sooner
[18:35:45] <Bytram_dewey> That said, got home a short while ago to discover some mail I need to attend to; will likely be out for a few hours. Not a problem by any means (potentially quite the opposite), but best not to dally about it.
[18:35:51] <janrinok> But there are loads of alternative distros to try, either with the same (MATE) or different desktops
[18:36:02] <janrinok> time for my bed anyway
[18:36:31] <janrinok> not feeling too good the last couple of days - bit of exhaustion but needs must....
[18:37:02] <Bytram_dewey> Oh, it is by no means a potential problem with the environment -- it's all the scripts and code that I'd written over the years that will need porting over!
[18:37:58] <janrinok> shouldn't take you too long once you get started. There will be a bit of frustration, but then you will write a script to change your scipts ;)
[18:38:10] <Bytram_dewey> Changing season, perhaps? Coupled with the days getting shorter and the ongoing covid issues -- it's enough to wear *anyone* down.
[18:38:56] <janrinok> no, this is just regular exhaustion - I've just decided not to do some of the things that I was supposed to be doing, they will have to wait.
[18:39:27] <Bytram_dewey> I anticipate that will help -- There's a lot of consistency, with just enough customization to make it not always work. :)
[18:39:34] <janrinok> French organisations expecting me to write my life story in French again... sod 'em
[18:40:40] <Bytram_dewey> janrinok++ Good. For. You. and ... ugh. First things first -- get some sleep and sleep well knowing there is someone who very much appreciates all your help!
[18:40:53] <janrinok> If you haven't already done it, I would suggest that you configure your settings to automatically update security updates, and tell you periodically about any others.
[18:41:12] <Bytram_dewey> that said, i really should be going. Later
[18:41:14] <janrinok> Thanks for the kind words.
[18:41:19] <janrinok> tomorrow maybe
[18:41:40] <Bytram_dewey> If you are up to it; take care of *YOU*!
[18:41:57] <Bytram_dewey> ;aters!
[18:42:07] <Bytram_dewey> s/;/l/
[18:42:17] <janrinok> 'aters to you too
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