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[14:17:21] <Bytram> LOL!
[14:19:07] <Bytram> Yes, I do. There are two reasons why I would like to move my current Win7 install from Huey (Core 2 Duo) to, say, Louie(i5, 2c4t): (1) Faster processor, but even more importantly (2) possibility of using entire UHD (3840x2160) capability of my TV (monitor)...
[14:19:40] <Bytram> Now that I have mate installed on Dewey, do you know if/how I can try to get that install to present a 3840x2160 display?
[14:20:53] <Bytram> I've seen hints that it is possible when I attempt to switch between running programs when I press Alt+Tab. That appears to present a UHD display, but as soon as I click on one of the displayed items, it falls back to a lower resolution. :/
[14:21:11] <janrinok> yes, plug it in, and then menu to System / Preferences/ Hardware / Display
[14:21:34] <janrinok> try setting it as the default
[14:23:00] <janrinok> you can 'move' the lappy's own display to 'attach' it to one of the sides of the BIG display
[14:23:21] <Bytram> Of course, as soon as I switch to that lappy, Hewey no longer is aware that the TV is there and reverts from my (custom) 2200x1200 resolution on the TV to something like 1140x900 on the internal (LCD) display, resizing and rearranging windows accordingly! :P
[14:23:43] <Bytram> here goes nothing... wish me luck!
[14:23:53] * Bytram unsuspends Dewey
[14:23:55] <janrinok> ah, cake and eat it, I suggest solving the problem in small steops
[14:24:00] <janrinok> steps*
[14:24:16] <Bytram> That's the problem... I had completely run out of steops!
[14:24:18] <Bytram> ;)
[14:24:46] <janrinok> I'll open a new box of steops, zip them up, and email them to you
[14:25:19] <Bytram> Actually, before I unsuspend Dewey, I will switch the UHD switch to use Huey as an input, and *then* unsuspend Dewey.
[14:25:23] <Bytram> Obliged!
[14:26:30] <Bytram> Heh, of course, once I start doing that... I cannot see what yo just type here! I'll have to come back in through the Sylnt logs and the Web interface to IRC
[14:27:24] <Bytram> On second thought, I'm still here, albeit with a much smaller (internal, LCD) display. At least I still have *that*!
[14:27:42] <janrinok> I had heard you had a small one
[14:29:01] * Bytram loads: System / Preferences / Display (sans hardware)
[14:31:57] * Bytram selects "Laptop eDP-1" from the graphic, toggles radio button so it is now "Off", clicks apply
[14:32:52] <Bytram> "Does the display look ok?" accepted that it w=as ok.
[14:34:14] * Bytram cofirms LCD is (*) Off and monitor is (*) On
[14:34:26] * Bytram clicks Apply button
[14:35:05] * Bytram notes the "Set as primary" button is grayed out.
[14:36:29] * Bytram sees lappy LCD is black, desktop on TV, but the highest resolution it is offering is 1920x1080 =(
[14:36:29] <janrinok> just out of interest, what resolution does it say the UHD is recognised as being?
[14:37:01] <janrinok> this is on huey?
[14:37:07] <Bytram> dewey
[14:37:43] <Bytram> on hewey, I used an NVidea tool to set a custom resolution of 220x1200 which is the max that it would allow me to specify.
[14:38:18] <janrinok> so have you got the lappy's own display set at primary - in which case you will not be able to increase the res beyond that in the lappy, I think
[14:40:49] <Bytram> Monitor Preferences / Laptop eDP-1 / Monior: laptop () On (*) Off.
[14:41:00] <janrinok> although this might simply be a driver problem at this point. Does it correctly recognise the make and model of your UHD?
[14:41:31] <janrinok> off just means that it is blank, not that it isn't set
[14:42:02] <Bytram> yes, it does: "Technical Concepts Ltd 42" HDMI-1"
[14:43:06] <Bytram> Even when I change the refresh rate from 60 to 30 or 24, I am still offered a max resolution of 1920x1280
[14:43:14] <janrinok> OK, then it should know available resolutions too. I would try leaving both screens on, the lappy res to whatever it should be, and then setting the UHD to primary
[14:43:36] <Bytram> -ok
[14:43:59] <janrinok> if it cannot display at the recognised resolutions it is a limitation of the hardware in the lappy.
[14:45:15] <Bytram> Hmmm, just noticed LCD default refresh is 120 Hz, and for completenes sake' internal LCD is 1280x800.
[14:45:17] <janrinok> try googling to find out what the max resolution of the lappy was when it was first sold / advertised
[14:46:16] <janrinok> if the hardware isn't capable of driving your UHD at max res then there is not a lot you can do if you cannot change the graphics card in the laptop - which usually you cannot.
[14:46:55] <Bytram> understood.
[14:48:24] <Bytram> I *thought* I had seen (when switching between applications with Alt+T) what appeared to be a display at 3840x2560, but I could well have been misaken as to what I was seeing...
[14:49:15] <janrinok> no, there might be slight differences between to the 2 more powerful lappies. They might have updated the graphics capability in one of them
[14:49:32] <Bytram> possiby, the internally-created display used a transform to present whaat appeared to be a higher-resolution/lower-fidelity image
[14:49:44] <Bytram> hmm!
[14:49:47] <janrinok> 1920x1280 is quite old-hat nowadays
[14:49:52] <Bytram> nodnod
[14:50:19] <Bytram> I was using 1920x1200 on an external monitor with win XP over a decade ago.
[14:50:37] <janrinok> I still am... but I understand your point
[14:51:10] <janrinok> have you got HDMI on the back of your lappies?
[14:51:14] <Bytram> For completeness' sake There is the *slight* possibility that the HDMI switch may be interfering.
[14:51:24] <janrinok> good point
[14:51:57] <Bytram> No. Display Port which I am running through (what I assume to be a passive) adapter
[14:52:16] <Bytram> Time to see what Louie has to offer....
[14:53:12] * Bytram selects input #3 on HDMI switch
[14:53:34] * Bytram powers on Louie
[14:54:11] <Bytram> heh. starting windows loop!
[14:54:47] <chromas> What resolution is the splash screen though?
[14:54:55] * Bytram installs USB stick, reboots
[14:54:56] <janrinok> the computer will often collect the possible display parameters from the screen. If the HDMI switch is one way, then that could be another reason why you are not seeing the maximum resolution.
[14:55:36] <Bytram> Ubuntu is trying to boot
[14:56:10] <Bytram> oh, yeah. It's a Live CD, so I need to make some selections...
[14:57:16] <janrinok> However, you can force the linux lappy to consider accepting any parameters you want to specify. There is no easy way of doing this - it is all command line stuff - but the command is called xrandr
[14:59:10] <Bytram> ROFL!
[14:59:16] <janrinok> At some point - just to rule other causes out - just run a direct connection from the lappy direct to the screen input and see what resolution you can get that way.
[14:59:49] <Bytram> I completely forgot, I purchased another Display Port to HDMI adapter, but had not yet installed it on Lewie!
[14:59:54] <Bytram> +)
[15:00:24] <janrinok> I know that _eventually_ you want to be able to see all computers on the same screen, but take tiny steps adding only one think at a time until you find out where it stops doing what you wanted it to do
[15:01:47] * Bytram shuts down Louie, seeks out adapter and HDMI cable, connect HDMI directly to port on TV and will reboot...
[15:02:48] <Bytram> I got online immediately after I woke, need to take care of a few things before I proceed... back in about 30-45 minutes. Thanks so much for the help!
[15:03:02] <Bytram> afk for a bit.
[15:06:36] <janrinok> np - nurse is due anyway
[16:18:18] <Bytram> annnd... IRL gets in the way. Oh well! Have some errands to run; if aall goes well, should be back in about 3 hours or so.
[16:18:24] * Bytram crosses his fingers
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