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[01:29:00] <Bytram_huey> Yay! I got my original Windows lappy to boot again! Only changes in BIOS was to change the boot order and (2) [] Enable Intel Virtualization Technology got turned on (so I turned it back off)
[01:59:30] <Bytram_huey> No joy in getting cloned win SSD to boot in Louie
[01:59:34] <Bytram_huey> :/
[02:09:39] <chromas> did you get ahold of a Windows ISO?
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[07:12:19] <janrinok> Bytram we can install PaleMoon today so that you can use what you (and I) can use what we know
[07:18:29] <janrinok> The networking should be simple to set up.
[13:19:55] <Bytram> chromas: Not yet, barring any surprises, I should be able to do a download in a few hours... do you know of a URL I can download from? Win 7 Pro x64 SP1
[13:20:54] <Bytram> ATM, I am catching up with e-mails and the like which had built up over the past 3 days
[13:44:13] <janrinok> Bytram, standing by to stand by....
[13:50:23] <Bytram> janrinok: Tx! Still just waking up...
[13:51:38] <janrinok> more coffee .... or tea!
[13:52:00] <janrinok> just adding to the queues
[13:52:54] <Bytram> Btw, I made the (possibly inaccurate) assumption that you were familiar with: https://en.wikipedia.org so that naming my lappies after these (from left to right) might help with visualizing what I am doing *and* for telling me what needs doing
[13:53:26] <Bytram> Much appreciated!
[13:54:56] * Bytram has found this web site: https://www.microsoft.com
[13:54:58] <janrinok> I recognised the names but they are not commonly known on this side of the pond any more. Donald Duck is rarely seen nowadays
[13:56:19] <janrinok> a MS download might not be the professional version - but it will allow you to fix the boot problem!
[13:56:46] <janrinok> ....if you still have the data available for this month on your contract!
[14:00:18] <Bytram> am going someplace where I can have free wifi. Expect I can D/L to my phone. Am now trying to track down my Product Key which is required in order to perform a download. I stumbled upon it a few days ago, but does not readily come to mind atm
[14:13:39] <janrinok> isn't it on the bottom of your lappies?
[14:15:19] <janrinok> or you could take your Ubuntu lappy and download straight onto that rather than use your phone.
[14:15:56] <janrinok> bytram ping ^^
[14:25:36] <Bytram> No, there was a problem with the initial setup of Huey, so I needed a new product code... given its importance, I was *certain* I had a record of it somewhere... just needed to track it down... and I just found it!
[14:26:38] <Bytram> I could... not really a place where people would bring in laptops, but I doubt I would get any flack about it, now that you mention it.
[14:26:57] * Bytram looks around for his laptop bag...
[14:28:10] <janrinok> you could always take your phone as well, but I would be very surprised if a library was concerned about you using a lappy in this day and age
[14:30:42] <Bytram> is not a library (or coffee shop)... just a place I know where I can use their wifi
[14:31:21] <janrinok> even so....
[14:31:28] <Bytram> btw I *just* now found my copious records of the time when I originally ran sysrescuecd
[14:31:35] <janrinok> lol
[14:31:45] <Bytram> Oh, I go nowhere without my phone!
[14:31:57] <janrinok> put them somewhere safe - so safe even you couldn't find them...
[14:33:37] <Bytram> of course, *that* phone's resolution and image-stabilization were so-so. For future ref as a note-to-self: IMG_20150723_105945_901.jpg
[14:33:57] <Bytram> Yes, I am actually quite skilled at that! =)
[14:35:13] <Bytram> biab 5-10 minutes
[14:35:18] <janrinok> k
[14:45:53] <Bytram> back
[14:47:19] <janrinok> front
[14:47:30] <janrinok> deja vu
[14:47:39] <janrinok> ... but I've had that feeling before
[14:48:04] <Bytram> You too?
[14:48:11] <janrinok> even three
[14:48:36] <janrinok> success?
[14:49:05] <Bytram> So, I have a UHD TV that I am using as a monitor... which has 4 HDMI inputs.
[14:49:58] <Bytram> huey (Win 7 orig) is currently on port 1; am going to connect dewey to port 2
[14:50:02] <janrinok> UHD - is that a type of milk...?
[14:50:24] <Bytram> It's the udder one.
[14:50:55] <janrinok> stereo!
[14:56:14] <Bytram> Corrections: TV has *3* HDMI ports. Huey *is* on "HDMI 1"; my blu ray player is on "HDMI 2", and now Dewey is connected to "HDMI 3" -- which is actually labeled as "ARC" (Audio Return Channel).
[14:58:33] * Bytram went to boot up Dewey... started and almost immediately powered down -- battery was empty. Plugged in AC adapter and we're up!
[14:59:39] <janrinok> lol - the hardware is ganging up to thwart you!
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[15:05:44] <Bytram_dewey> That worked, but...
[15:06:26] <Bytram_dewey> For some reason Ubuntu insists on using both the built-in display *and* the external monitor.
[15:07:28] <janrinok> yes, you have to select one as the primary display and you can either position the other on the perimeter of the first or simply deselect it from being used
[15:07:41] <Bytram_dewey> On of the main reasons for all this was to be able to use all of the 3840x2560 reolution that UHD has on offer.
[15:08:10] <Bytram_dewey> Hmmm, can I deselect the built-in LCD?
[15:08:15] <janrinok> you are getting that, you should be getting additional space on the second display. Try moving the mouse of the edges
[15:08:53] <janrinok> yes, I'll have to switch to your desktop so that I can find out how. It is different in each desktop
[15:09:24] <Bytram_dewey> Built-in 1280x800; external: 1920x1080.
[15:09:34] <Bytram_dewey> nod nod
[15:09:43] <janrinok> done - just looking now
[15:10:27] <janrinok> click on the icon bottom left, search for 'display'
[15:10:36] <janrinok> how many options does it give you for displays?
[15:11:03] <Bytram_dewey> Oh, and so far as I can tell, to go from viewing one lappy to the other I have to go to "Home" on the TV, and then select an input. :/
[15:11:12] <janrinok> I've got a separate screen for each computer - so I cannot see what yours will say
[15:11:42] <Bytram_dewey> Oh, you mean the "Single Display" choice right at the top that I completely overlooked?
[15:11:46] <Bytram_dewey> ~blame
[15:11:47] * exec points at Bytram
[15:12:04] <janrinok> yep, that'd be the one
[15:13:07] <Bytram_dewey> Max resolution is still: 1920x1280 (just Full HD)
[15:13:10] <Bytram_dewey> :(
[15:13:28] <janrinok> no, I think that we are talking at cross purposes
[15:13:39] <janrinok> did you search for 'display'
[15:13:56] <janrinok> did you then select 'screen display'?
[15:14:10] <janrinok> How many screens does it say that you have
[15:14:40] <Bytram_dewey> Setup --> Displays --> "Single Display", "External monitor (TCL 36")
[15:14:54] <janrinok> on the computer - not the display!
[15:15:11] <Bytram_dewey> just this one.
[15:15:37] <Bytram_dewey> Wait, what do you mean "On the computer?"
[15:16:05] <Bytram_dewey> I'm typing this from dewey - Ubuntu 18.04.4
[15:16:17] <janrinok> on the laptop, press the multibox icon at the bottom of the LHS
[15:16:36] <Bytram_dewey> And... atm the built-in LCD is blank and the only display is on the monitor
[15:16:43] <janrinok> it then shows you a load of possible programs with a search bar at the top
[15:16:58] <janrinok> what do you want to see?
[15:17:20] <Bytram_dewey> TCL external, single display at 3840x2560.
[15:18:02] <janrinok> I thought that you had 2 displays and you wanted to use just one of them. Is that not correct?
[15:18:14] <Bytram_dewey> yes, it is....
[15:18:15] <Bytram_dewey> hld on
[15:18:21] <janrinok> you have your big screen, and the laptop display
[15:18:29] <Bytram_dewey> for just a mooment, I saw high res! blink in and ou,.
[15:19:44] <janrinok> OK, are you still using the default desktop from Ubuntu which is plum/purple colour showing a line diagram of a animal's head
[15:20:37] <Bytram_dewey> Strange! I clicked the grid, see selection of programs I can click-to-run... scroll up and down, then press escape; screen repaints at 3840x2560... and stays that way until I select one of the currently-running programs whereupon it drops back to 1920x1280
[15:20:43] <Bytram_dewey> yes
[15:21:11] <janrinok> when you get to the display of all the programs is there a search bar at the top?
[15:21:30] <Bytram_dewey> yes.
[15:21:44] <janrinok> type the word 'display' in that search bar
[15:21:47] <Bytram_dewey> k
[15:22:33] <janrinok> the top entry on my screen show Screen Display - do you get that?
[15:23:01] <Bytram_dewey> yes, found it, clicked on it, and it brought me to the same screen that I had been working from.
[15:23:19] <Bytram_dewey> but I may have missed somrthing else, keep going
[15:23:46] <janrinok> in the main part of that display, mine shows the identity of my single display. Does yours show a second display too?
[15:25:02] <janrinok> ... because it should if you have more than 1 display connected
[15:25:05] <Bytram_dewey> Because I have selected "Single Display"... it shows no monitor layout/selection/identification xchoise
[15:25:59] <Bytram_dewey> When I had "Join Displays" selected, then it showed me two monitors to choose from and select how I wanted them laid out
[15:26:17] <janrinok> right - we are going to have to install a decent desktop - this one is missing some important features. I suggest MATE - because then we will have the same and I know how it works - but you can choose what you like
[15:26:36] <Bytram_dewey> k
[15:27:01] <janrinok> lets do this the easy way.
[15:27:04] <Bytram_dewey> sudo apt get mate something something?
[15:27:16] <janrinok> sudo apt install synaptic
[15:28:04] <Bytram_dewey> How do I find out its size, ahead of time?
[15:28:51] <Bytram_dewey> or is that something that looks around as it installed, and downloads different things, accordinly?
[15:29:58] <janrinok> nurse is here - synaptic is small
[15:30:22] <Bytram_dewey> Wait a minute... if I *do* find myself getting too close to my bandwidth cap, I can change my plan at any time to unlimited, albeit at a lower bandwidth. =)
[15:30:23] <Bytram_dewey> k
[15:30:39] <Bytram_dewey> sudo apt install synaptic
[15:30:52] <Bytram_dewey> wrong window, eh?
[15:32:09] <Bytram_dewey> Oh, and it does tell me ahead of time how mauch will be downloaded:
[15:32:32] <Bytram_dewey> PASTE_BEGIN
[15:32:34] <Bytram_dewey> martyb@E6410-001:~$ sudo apt install synaptic [sudo] password for martyb: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following additional packages will be installed: docbook-xml libept1.5.0 libgtk2-perl libpango-perl librarian0 rarian-compat sgml-base sgml-data xml-core Suggested packages: docbook docbook-dsssl docbook-xsl docbook-defguide libgtk2-perl-doc sgml-base-doc per
[15:32:38] <Bytram_dewey> PASTE_END
[15:32:52] * Bytram_dewey types "y"
[15:33:11] <Bytram_dewey> chugging right along
[15:33:21] <Bytram_dewey> and... it's done
[15:36:33] <Bytram_dewey> okay, I am feeling *much* better about this! It's been a *long* time since I bought the TV/monitor and this is the first time I have ever seen it display 3840x2560 resolution from a computer!!!!!
[15:37:25] <Bytram_dewey> and, with that... I need to get cleaned up and ready to head out the door (bringing Dewey for Downloads)
[15:37:55] <Bytram_dewey> I will check in here before I head out the door.
[15:38:14] <Bytram_dewey> JR: THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!
[15:38:45] * Bytram_dewey did not want to "ping" you and interrupt your work with the nurse.
[15:38:49] <Bytram_dewey> afk biab
[15:41:03] <janrinok> OK, we still have to download the desktop itself, which is about 280MB if I remember correctly. you might want to move the laptop to the other location for that.
[15:43:01] <janrinok> synaptic has a 'search' button upper RHS. type into that 'ubuntu-mate-desktop' and start the search.
[15:44:09] <Bytram_dewey> back for a moment...
[15:45:09] * Bytram_dewey just checked and so far, I've used 11.56 GB out of 15 GB this month AND that is combined usage from on the phone AND external... the 15 GB limit is on external use; is unlimited on phone.
[15:46:12] <janrinok> assuming it finds it - and it should - then there is a selection box next to the package name. If you click on that it will give you the option to install that package, and it will also install all the other necessary packages to support the desktop automatically. Accept them all and start the download. If it asks you any questions during the installation accept the defaults, we can sort out any personal preferences that you might have
[15:46:12] <janrinok> later
[15:46:16] <Bytram_dewey> Umm, I am still on default Ubuntu desktop... when did synaptic get started?
[15:46:30] <janrinok> it didn't yet.
[15:46:35] <Bytram_dewey> ok!
[15:46:58] <janrinok> but you probably want to do the downloads elsewhere? Or is 280MB not too much?
[15:47:08] <Bytram_dewey> not too much
[15:47:11] <Bytram_dewey> let's do it now
[15:47:37] <janrinok> OK click the icon bottom left RHS and then search for synaptic
[15:48:05] <janrinok> start it - it will want your password (it runs as Administrator because you are installing software)
[15:48:14] <janrinok> click past any info windows
[15:48:33] <janrinok> and expand it to full screen
[15:48:54] <Bytram_dewey> k
[15:49:08] <janrinok> can you see the search button top rhs
[15:49:20] <Bytram_dewey> clicked
[15:49:41] <janrinok> type ubuntu-mate-desktop and start search
[15:50:01] * Bytram_dewey drag-select, copy, p[aste
[15:50:19] * Bytram_dewey clicks "Search" buttomn'
[15:50:25] <janrinok> can you see a package with that exact name?
[15:50:31] <Bytram_dewey> found just one thing
[15:50:35] <Bytram_dewey> yes'
[15:50:57] <janrinok> exactly - click on the box under the 'S' to the left of the package name and select install
[15:51:44] <janrinok> click on whatever it asks you to click to start the installation - I cannot press it here because it is already installed!
[15:51:44] <Bytram_dewey> marked for install... now I see a new dialog box... Mark additinal required changes?
[15:51:52] <janrinok> 'Yes'
[15:51:55] <Bytram_dewey> "cancel" "mark"
[15:52:05] * Bytram_dewey clcks on the "mark" button
[15:52:08] <janrinok> 'Mark;'
[15:52:22] <janrinok> does it tell you the size of the download yet?
[15:52:45] <janrinok> I cannot do this bit because it is already installed...
[15:52:55] <janrinok> I'm working from memory at the moment
[15:53:05] <Bytram_dewey> I do not see the size of the d/l, but I do see "941 MB will be used"
[15:53:16] <Bytram_dewey> ...
[15:53:19] <janrinok> oops - is that too large for you?
[15:53:57] <Bytram_dewey> 1 pkg listed, 1664 installed, 0 broken, 371 to install/upgrade, 0 to remove; 941 MB wil lbe used.
[15:54:12] <janrinok> if you would prefer - I can type out a whole series of stuff that you can then go away and install elsewhere
[15:54:38] <Bytram_dewey> I could handle it, size-wise, but it may take too much clock time for me to get out the door.
[15:55:13] <janrinok> OK, we can leave it for later - I assume that you will also want to download PaleMoon which is 70MB?
[15:55:37] <Bytram_dewey> Grr, and I do not seem to have a large enough swap partition so I can hibernate...
[15:56:03] <janrinok> doesn't matter it will only take seconds to get it back later
[15:56:10] <Bytram_dewey> otoh, my battery is now half full, so I might be able to just take it with me, while still running and plug it in when I get there!
[15:56:18] <Bytram_dewey> k
[15:56:27] <janrinok> lol - live dangerously don't you?
[15:56:35] <Bytram_dewey> Moi?
[15:56:37] <Bytram_dewey> ~blame
[15:56:38] * exec points at Bytram
[15:56:46] <Bytram_dewey> You tell*me*
[15:56:59] <Bytram_dewey> =)
[15:57:04] <janrinok> lets leave it until later so that you can make notes and do this without being rushed
[15:57:25] <Bytram_dewey> what, the mate install?
[15:57:36] <janrinok> yes, your call
[15:58:04] <Bytram_dewey> well, I am a firm believer that the longest distance between two points is a shortcut!
[15:58:22] <janrinok> lol - just let me know what you decide!
[15:58:49] <Bytram_dewey> hmm,, what *is* the next step with the Mate install?
[15:59:07] <janrinok> 'start'
[15:59:19] <Bytram_dewey> Click the "Apply" button at the top with the gears?
[15:59:27] <janrinok> yeah
[15:59:36] * Bytram_dewey does not see "Start"
[15:59:40] <Bytram_dewey> k
[15:59:42] <Bytram_dewey> good!
[15:59:45] <janrinok> no - apply
[16:00:13] <Bytram_dewey> yes, "Apply" does sound applicable at this point. =)
[16:00:32] <Bytram_dewey> really gtg clean up; biab
[16:00:38] <Bytram_dewey> THANKS again!
[16:01:07] <janrinok> laters
[16:01:46] * Bytram_dewey just reselected display layout; single display -- builit in
[16:01:50] <Bytram_dewey> ciao!
[16:07:33] <Bytram> /quit
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[17:09:35] <Bytram_phone> orig product key for huey did not work -- oem...
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[17:54:57] <cmn32480> who is the manufacturer for Huey?
[17:55:11] <cmn32480> Dell and HP had different ISOs than the rest of the world
[17:56:08] <cmn32480> even though their ISO's and kjeys are compatible with each other, their keys are not compatible with general MS ISO for win 7
[18:16:07] <janrinok> OK, dinner eaten, kitchen tidied up, and a hour or two available to do as I wish!
[18:19:32] <janrinok> bytram - did you download a w7 iso?
[19:51:19] <Bytram> Ugh...
[19:52:39] <Bytram> janrinok: /me must have accidetally swiped the touch pad... put my progress notes in the wrong channel; (the one I just invited you to.)
[19:53:13] <Bytram> yes, it *is* dowloaded, but MS would not accept the product key I provided...
[19:57:19] -!- Bytram_dewey [Bytram_dewey!~a6b6f81b@29-695-584-563.mobile.uscc.com] has joined #qa
[19:57:48] <Bytram_dewey> Here is the error message that I received from the Microsoft web site:
[19:57:49] <Bytram_dewey> Error The product key you entered appears to be for software pre-installed by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options.
[20:02:51] <chromas> Before you try reinstalling with it, you could use it to reinstall your bootloader and see if that helps.
[20:03:46] <Bytram_dewey> Here is the URL I ultimately used for getting an iso:
[20:03:47] <Bytram_dewey> https://ia801001.us.archive.org
[20:04:51] <Bytram_dewey> I would llike to do some kind of a hash on the file and compare the hash of an ISO taken from ms...
[20:05:06] <Bytram_dewey> or, heck, just get the hash and do a search for *that*
[20:06:37] <Bytram_dewey> Don't know why it did not show up on a prior search, but am now doing a sha256sum on the iso
[20:09:44] <Bytram_dewey> Here is the sha256 hash of the iso I downloaded: 3dae1a531b90fa72e59b4a86b20216188d398c8c070da4a5c5a44fe08b1b6e55
[20:10:13] <Bytram_dewey> When I search on that, it looks like I have a valid IOS
[20:10:27] <Bytram_dewey> s/...$/ISO/
[20:10:28] <exec> <Bytram_dewey> When I search on that, it looks like I have a valid ISO
[20:12:59] <Bytram_dewey> =g "3dae1a531b90fa72e59b4a86b20216188d398c8c070da4a5c5a44fe08b1b6e55":
[20:13:00] <systemd> http://dellwindowsreinstallationguide.com - Download Windows 7 SP1 Commercial OEM and Retail .iso ...
[20:13:34] <Bytram_dewey> yeah, that site sure looks on the up-and-up
[20:14:09] <Bytram_dewey> =g "3dae1a531b90fa72e59b4a86b20216188d398c8c070da4a5c5a44fe08b1b6e55" -"Commercial OEM"
[20:14:10] <systemd> https://answers.microsoft.com - Where can I download Windows 7 ISO? I have a Product Key ...
[20:14:37] <Bytram_dewey> Well , that one does look a lot more respectical
[20:14:42] <Bytram_dewey> #g "3dae1a531b90fa72e59b4a86b20216188d398c8c070da4a5c5a44fe08b1b6e55" -"Commercial OEM"
[20:14:42] <MrPlow> https://answers.microsoft.com - "SHA256: 3dae1a531b90fa72e59b4a86b20216188d398c8c070da4a5c5a44fe08b1b6e55. Win7_HomePrem_SP1_English_x32."
[20:16:11] <Bytram> clicky
[20:22:43] <Bytram> Yep, looks legit from here
[20:23:53] <Bytram> If any of you have downloaded a WIn 7 Pro x64 iso, could you please confirm you get the same sha256 sum?
[22:06:38] <cmn32480> bytram
[22:06:56] <cmn32480> what make/model is the lappy that you are trying to get the ISO for?
[22:07:13] <cmn32480> I will check back in a bit. ahve to head home.
[22:07:36] <cmn32480> if you are looking for one for a Dell let me knwo and I will ISO it up and put it on oneDrive for you.
[22:28:46] <Bytram> cmn32480: Dell Latitude E6400 which I got with a WD Black 500 GB drive. Updated to a Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB SSD. Used Samsung's program to do the transfer. I have since used dd on Linux to clone that to another Samsung EVO 860 1 TB SSD. I had picked up 3 x Dell Latitude E6410s for a song ($25 each- and each they came with refurbished PC Win 7 Pro license stickers!) and am trying to get one of the new lappys to boot from the cloned disk.
[22:30:11] <Bytram> Am not yet having enough luck to get the cloned SSD to boot on new lappy, so the thought is that I should download a proper Win 7 Pro x64 ISO.
[22:30:57] <Bytram> I must say, it does *feel* like I am getting close, but I could be mistaken.
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