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[08:09:37] <janrinok> Bytram, have a look at https://linuxconfig.org Personally, I use MATE but the choice is yours....
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[13:44:09] <Bytram_Unew> coffee++
[13:44:39] * Bytram_Unew goes to take a look at loggie's log to catch up on scrollback... biab
[13:45:47] <janrinok> tea++
[13:49:35] <Bytram_Unew> Ahh! https://logs.sylnt.us
[13:49:53] * Bytram_Unew just loaded and briefly glanced at: https://linuxconfig.org
[13:50:10] <Bytram_Unew> thanks!
[13:52:31] * Bytram_Unew finally got a mouse attached to this Ubuntu system, and the cursor works, but none of the buttons or scroll wheel. Not urgent ATM, but making progress!
[13:53:31] <Bytram_Unew> hmmmm... I wonder if there is a simple way to copy pictures off my phone and onto this lappy?
[13:59:04] <Bytram_Unew> Well, it asked me about 15-20 times (on my phone): Allow access to phone data? The connected device will be able to access data on this phone. [ALLOW] [DENY]
[14:03:29] <janrinok> It normally appears as another drive on the ubuntu machine
[14:05:15] <Bytram_Unew> each time I allow access, it puts an icon on the desktop. I right click... select Information.. and each time it starts enumerating how many files and how much storage is there... btw: mtpfs
[14:05:55] <janrinok> just normal click on the icon and it should open it in a file manager
[14:06:10] <janrinok> mtpfs?
[14:07:07] <Bytram_Unew> it seems to be unable to maintain access... it goes for a while, and then repeats the above message, and again starts enumerating how many files / how much storage is there.
[14:07:31] <janrinok> haven't got a clue.....
[14:11:31] <Bytram_Unew> Aha... just checked and it seems the pics are on the uSDcard, so I *could* just pull the card, mount it in a full-sized holder, plug *that* in, and that *should* work.
[14:12:16] <janrinok> very true - I think
[14:12:32] <janrinok> did you get your thumb drive working?
[14:13:31] <Bytram_Unew> Oh, yeah! That was to make a bootable USB stick.
[14:14:02] <janrinok> great - and I take it that it boots much more quickly?
[14:14:48] <Bytram_Unew> Of course, no more than 10 minutes after I finished creating that image on a 64GB stick, I found an unopened 3-pack of 16GB sticks! Oh well!!
[14:15:29] <Bytram_Unew> will try it in a moment... had been focussed on what had changed in BIOS on orig lappy
[14:15:32] <janrinok> what do you want to do today - if anything? We could install a desktop, install PaleMoon, SSH or whatever
[14:16:57] <Bytram_Unew> I am open to suggestions.My current thought is to identify the BIOS changes made in the original lappy.
[14:17:21] <janrinok> as an aside, if you zip/tar/rar a bunch of your batch files and send them to me I can start to look at how to make them work on linux too
[14:17:33] <janrinok> OK, let me know how I can help
[14:18:19] <janrinok> sed, awk etc are standard on linux but they might/will require changes so that they use bash
[14:19:48] <janrinok> I've also installed the same desktop as yourself so I can see exactly what you are seeing, sort of...
[14:20:08] <Bytram_Unew> Awww, that was so nice of you!
[14:20:20] <Bytram_Unew> give me a couple minutes...
[14:20:22] <janrinok> 10 minutes effort, no more
[14:20:52] <janrinok> It takes all of 15 seconds to switch back to MATE again
[14:21:53] * janrinok remembers now why not very many users stay with the default desktop - it isn't the most intuitive that I have ever seen...
[14:28:17] <Bytram_Unew> I made some changes on myy physical desk...
[14:32:01] <Bytram_Unew> I now have 3 lappys. On the left is (Huey) my original lappy (Dell Latitude E6400) which has orig win install on a 1 TB SSD in it; middle is (Dewey) a new-to-me E6410 with Ubuntu 18.04.4 installed on its 1 TB SSD; and on the right is (Louie) another E6410 which I just booted with a Ubuntu USB Live stick.
[14:33:27] <janrinok> OK, to avoid having to switch internet connections - if I understand your set up correctly - do you want to install openssh-server on each machine so that you can download via one machine and move data to whichever machine needs it?
[14:34:13] * Bytram_Unew is about to enable Louie to access my Mi-FI... likely will drop connection for a bit.
[14:34:55] <janrinok> k
[14:35:18] <Bytram_Unew> FYI: there is NO ethernet connections between the machines; all are standalone atm. I do *have* a 1GB swich, but have not set it up yet.
[14:36:23] Bytram_Unew is now known as Bytram_dewey
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[14:37:51] <janrinok> okay.....
[14:38:05] <Bytram_dewey> Hey! now I can talk to myself... in public! ;)
[14:39:02] <janrinok> of course, you only have a cloak on the huey connection, the other 2 show your connection details - not that it gives anything away
[14:39:06] <Bytram_dewey> I had to reset some parms in louie's setup so it would boot from the USB stick.
[14:39:19] <janrinok> which ones?
[14:40:05] <Bytram_dewey> I don't recall. It was setup for EUFI first off, then the boot order, and then others as I went along....
[14:40:27] <Bytram_dewey> I wonder... Maybe louie can boot the cloned win SSD?
[14:40:43] <Bytram_dewey> wouldn't *that* be nice?
[14:40:45] <janrinok> maybe
[14:41:23] <janrinok> it would be nice and worth a try - but apart from making you very happy it wouldn't tell us _why_ we had the problem
[14:42:22] <janrinok> I'm getting frustrated with this desktop - I'm switching back to MATE until I need to see what you are seeing...
[14:42:43] <Bytram_dewey> well, if it *did* work, then I would know that the clone *was* bootable, and I could just louie as my win box from now on, or I could try and clone louie's BIOS settings onto Hewey, and go back to try again to boot the Win 7 clone on Hewey.
[14:43:13] <janrinok> as I said - well worth a try!
[14:43:49] <Bytram_dewey> okay, wasn't sure if that was a .... I don't really think so? or a Yeah, why not try it? response. =)
[14:43:59] <Bytram_dewey> okay...
[14:45:19] <Bytram_dewey> I hate to admint this, but for full disclosure, it just might be possible that on my earliest SSD boot attempts, that I might not have pulled the power cord and pulled the battery before pulling/installing the SSD. :/
[14:45:59] <janrinok> that would not be good - but best we know....
[14:46:18] <Bytram_dewey> 'zactly.
[14:46:55] <Bytram_dewey> hold on, I need to config my phone to permanently allow louie to access the MiFi.
[14:48:51] <janrinok> well, to be sure, do you want to set a machine up and start re-duping to the clone drive, and we can do useful things on the other two machines while we wait the 6 hours or so for the task to complete?
[14:49:20] <Bytram_dewey> Huh. I had thought that previously, when I allowed any device to connect, the phone would allow meto see the MAC address, for me to use.
[14:49:53] <Bytram_dewey> do you know offhand of a cmd that will show myu mac address on louie?
[14:50:03] <janrinok> ifconfig
[14:50:26] <Bytram_dewey> k
[14:50:32] <Bytram_dewey> sudo?
[14:50:59] <janrinok> not necessary
[14:51:10] <Bytram_dewey> not installed
[14:51:31] <janrinok> did it tell you how to get it?
[14:51:41] <Bytram_dewey> yep apt install net-tools
[14:51:49] <janrinok> there you go!
[14:51:57] <Bytram_dewey> how about that? Louie has backlighting for the kbd!
[14:52:00] <janrinok> that is sudo apt ...etc
[14:52:18] <janrinok> that is probably the flames from inside the machine.....
[14:52:45] <Bytram_dewey> lol
[14:52:52] <Bytram_dewey> thinmk I found it... hold oon
[14:53:46] <Bytram_louie> let's see if this works...
[14:55:07] <Bytram_louie> Is this thing on?
[14:55:15] <janrinok> well I can see you
[14:55:29] <Bytram_louie> Yay, it worked! Thank you!
[14:55:37] <janrinok> .... for what?
[14:55:47] <Bytram_louie> pointers
[14:55:59] <janrinok> oh, got loads of those
[14:56:30] <Bytram_louie> i could have prolly found it on my own... but would have taken much longer.
[14:58:08] <Bytram_louie> So, i will shutdown louie, pull power and battery, remove USB stick, install cloned win SSD, reinstall battery, connect power, and then try to boot. Sound rigth?
[14:58:34] <janrinok> yep
[14:59:49] <Bytram_louie> note to self... phone talking to multiple devices seems to drain battery faster. Just put phone backin my wireless charger with a 37% charge.
[14:59:56] <Bytram_louie> Nad, now for the reboot.
[15:00:11] <Bytram_louie> till we meet again!
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[15:00:25] <janrinok> a bit dramatic....
[15:01:26] <Bytram_dewey> I dunno if there is something I can click on Ubuntu, but I have been opening a terminal and then issuing: shutdown -h now
[15:02:33] <janrinok> lol - depends on your desktop - look for a cogwheel with and on/off vertical switch in it or the icon of a wall switch
[15:03:58] <janrinok> you just want me to switch back to the same desktop as you.... which I have reaffirmed that I do not like
[15:05:25] * Bytram_dewey presses power button on louie
[15:05:49] <Bytram_dewey> statrting windows
[15:06:16] <Bytram_dewey> boot loop
[15:06:48] <janrinok> well it was worth a bit of optimism...
[15:07:50] <Bytram_dewey> See: POST, then Dell startup screen, Starting Windows, a couple of colored dots appear just above the windows logo for about 1-2 seconds, screen goes black for about 3-5 seconds, and then I am back at the POST
[15:07:57] <Bytram_dewey> ahuh.
[15:08:25] <Bytram_dewey> Also, it is a config that I know *does* not work.
[15:09:20] <Bytram_dewey> Once I stop trying the ones that do not work, I'll eventually be left with the one that does!
[15:11:02] <Bytram_dewey> Okay, seems lke there is no choice but for me to go through louie's bios again and identify any changes from what it had had... Phone does not have the largest display, so this may take a while.
[15:12:20] <Bytram_dewey> Unless you have some other idea about to go about that, I think atm, if you could make sure the story queue is in good shape, I can maintain focus on getting things running again.
[15:12:58] <Bytram_dewey> biab
[15:13:48] <Bytram_dewey> I'm gonna be nose down for the next while, so you may need to pinmg me to get my attention
[15:13:49] <Bytram_dewey> biba
[15:14:26] <janrinok> sry - had to get S ready for the nurse, who is due anytime now
[15:26:10] <Bytram_dewey> that's fine! It is going to take me a while to work through the BIOS settings on louie, I have some errands to run, and it is supposed to be sunny and get up to... um,m,m. 12C today, so i want to get out for a bit, as well. Looks like we can get back togther tomorrow? I will certainly let you know as to progress!
[15:27:43] <Bytram_dewey> afk
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[19:06:26] <cmn32480> OMG... you still at this?
[19:06:36] <janrinok> nah - he gone out
[19:07:34] <janrinok> But he now has 2 out of 3 laptops working
[19:08:23] <cmn32480> wow... only 8 days and counting!
[19:08:25] <janrinok> .... just not the cloned drive. But he has found some bios settings that are proving interesting but nothing I can do from here
[19:08:58] <cmn32480> there is a certain point where "No Mas!" should eb the answer
[19:09:23] <janrinok> I must confess it would be easier to try to find a copy of W7, but there is no way of updating it if he did
[19:09:50] <cmn32480> what do you mean no way of updating it?
[19:10:00] <cmn32480> you can still update win 7.
[19:10:04] <cmn32480> just no new patches
[19:10:22] <janrinok> OK, then all he has to do is find a copy of W7
[19:10:22] <cmn32480> the update servers for XP are still running.
[19:10:35] <cmn32480> I think both chormas and I offered that to him
[19:10:43] <cmn32480> but he'd have to down load
[19:11:10] <cmn32480> and that requires the trip ot the library
[19:11:13] <janrinok> he is 2/3rds into his monthly cap but only half way through the period
[19:11:43] <cmn32480> DOH!
[19:11:59] <cmn32480> time to find a coffee shop or library with wifi
[19:12:08] <janrinok> yup
[19:12:21] <cmn32480> take both laps... one to download and burn
[19:12:33] <cmn32480> second to install and update all over the free wifi
[19:12:45] <janrinok> still got a few options that we can try
[19:13:00] <cmn32480> y'all are freaking nuts
[19:13:27] <janrinok> not me - I've got 8 working comps - and none of them run windows
[19:14:39] <cmn32480> I manage a network of 63... and 1 runs linux
[19:14:51] <cmn32480> hilariously, that is the one exec resides on
[19:15:15] <janrinok> lol - he is still learning a lot from what he is doing and that is not time wasted
[19:15:30] <cmn32480> at least he is learnding.
[19:15:45] <cmn32480> and he can probably use the windows ISO to do a startup repair.
[19:16:04] <janrinok> true
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[21:02:41] * Bytram_dewey just skimmed through scrollback
[21:04:54] <Bytram_dewey> Yes, still at it, but have learned a *lot* about linux & ubuntu & machine setup (normally I just ran with whatever I got -- I think the last bare-bones OS install I did was of Redhat 6.2 to put on eMachines 400Mhz Celeron!)
[21:05:11] <Bytram_dewey> =g "Redhat 6.2"
[21:05:12] <systemd> http://archive.download.redhat.com - Index of /pub/redhat/linux/6.2/en/iso/i386
[21:05:24] <chromas> I saw mention of UEFI on one of the laps. What was the status of that particular setting?
[21:06:39] <Bytram_dewey> That was on louie, that one was new to the mix yesterday -- it did boot Ubuntu USB stick, then I found BIOS was set to UEFI, changed it to boot from BIOS, and that worked, too!
[21:07:05] <Bytram_dewey> But, louie did not succeed in booting cloned win SSD
[21:07:35] <chromas> The USB/DVD should work either way, but once installed the OS will (usually) only work with whichever option was selected at install time
[21:08:28] * Bytram_dewey *just* got back from running errands / shopping. Now plan to dive into figuring out (and recording!) the differences from what huey had had, and what I had changed it to -- and which now keeps it from booting.
[21:10:40] <Bytram_dewey> Oh, I was able to pick up some CAT 5e ethernet cables for $~1 each... am I correct in assuming they can handle gigabit? (IIUC, CAT6 would be "better", but not necessary?)
[21:11:05] <chromas> 5e's fine
[21:11:15] * Bytram_dewey scoots off to get a bite to prepare a bite to eat; back soon!
[21:11:23] <chromas> You'd only need 6 for long runs or 10 gig as far as I know
[21:11:58] <Bytram_dewey> Neato! These are all probably 12 foot or less.
[21:12:28] <cmn32480> Cat6 is limited to 100 meteres. Just like Cat5e
[21:12:42] <chromas> ah
[21:13:26] <Bytram_dewey> BTW, I moved my Logitech M510 wireless mouse from huey to dewey... so much better! I just bought a new Logitech M510 that will go with huey.
[21:14:18] <Bytram_dewey> Hmm, so what is 'better' aabout Cat6 vs Cat5e? Is there a quick & easy answer or should I just look at Wikipedia?
[21:15:21] <chromas> Well, it costs more and has 12% more cat
[21:16:41] <Bytram_dewey> LOL!
[21:17:05] <Bytram_dewey> https://en.wikipedia.org https://en.wikipedia.org
[21:18:09] <Bytram_dewey> Firefox has changed a lot since Pale Moon forked off from it... /me is still getting used to the UI and keyboard shortcuts working differently or being absent.
[21:18:23] <Bytram_dewey> afk biab
[21:18:56] <chromas> A nice thing about modern firefox is that instead of the whole program crashing, just all your tabs will individually crash at the same time
[21:19:25] <chromas> Pale Moon is available on Linux, btw
[21:21:55] <cmn32480> Cat6 is thicker
[21:22:09] <cmn32480> handles more throughput
[21:22:52] <cmn32480> both are obsolete, as Cat6A and Cat 7 are commercially available (at exhobitant cost)
[21:23:43] <chromas> Obsolete. Expensive replacement available. Pick two.
[21:32:15] <Bytram_dewey> So, since it will be quite a while before I can think of attempting anything beyond gigbit, I think I will be set for a while!
[21:35:28] <Bytram_dewey> I had previously purchased a Linksys 8-port gigabit switch... but unless I can be assured it is straightforward to set up connectivity between my lappys, I think I will focus on getting huey back in working condition, copy BIOS settings to luey, and get luey toboot the cloned win SSD..
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[22:09:06] <Bytram_dewey> ~time EDT
[22:09:07] <exec> location not found - UTC timestamp: Monday, 24 February 2020, 10:09 pm
[22:09:15] <Bytram_dewey> ~time ET
[22:09:17] <exec> location not found - UTC timestamp: Monday, 24 February 2020, 10:09 pm
[22:09:22] <Bytram_dewey> ~time EST
[22:09:23] <exec> location not found - UTC timestamp: Monday, 24 February 2020, 10:09 pm
[22:09:30] <Bytram_dewey> =time EST
[22:09:52] <Bytram_dewey> =g does anyone really know what time it is?
[22:09:54] <systemd> https://www.youtube.com - Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? - YouTube
[22:10:00] <Bytram_dewey> =)
[22:10:26] <chromas> ~time new joisy
[22:10:28] <exec> location not found - UTC timestamp: Monday, 24 February 2020, 10:10 pm
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[23:01:02] <Bytram_dewey> .
[23:16:39] <Bytram_dewey> running Dell system diagnostics on luey; first part passed, secode set of memory tests started... s/b about 30 minutes (it said)
[23:18:46] <Bytram_dewey> break time
[23:38:30] <Bytram_dewey> =g Javascript
[23:38:31] <systemd> https://www.javascript.com - JavaScript
[23:38:39] <Bytram_dewey> =g Javascript wikipedia
[23:38:40] <systemd> https://en.wikipedia.org - JavaScript - Wikipedia