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[01:57:00] <Bytram> thunderbird install on Windows 7 Professional (x64)
[01:58:19] <Bytram> retrieved from: "https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/thunderbird/releases/38.1.0/win32/en-US/Thunderbird%%20Setup%%2038.1.0.exe"
[01:58:33] <Bytram> downloaded to: C:\downloads\thunderbird\v38.1.0\Thunderbird Setup 38.1.0.exe
[01:58:41] <Bytram> start .
[01:59:23] <Bytram> double-click Thunderbird Setup 38.1.0.exe
[01:59:50] <Bytram> watch things get extracted
[02:00:05] <Bytram> CUA asks for permission to continue -- okay
[02:00:16] <Bytram> welcome to the thunderbird setup wizard
[02:00:31] <Bytram> clicks Next to continue
[02:00:56] <Bytram> Choose the type of setup you prefer, then click Next
[02:02:07] <Bytram> ( ) Standard - Thunderbird will be installed with the most common options.
[02:02:09] <Bytram> (*) Custom - You may choose individual options to be installed. Recommended for experiences users.
[02:02:25] <Bytram> [x] Use Thunderbird as my default mail application
[02:02:31] <Bytram> click Next
[02:16:19] <Bytram> Choose Install Location - Choose the folder in which to install Mozilla Thunderbird.
[02:17:09] <Bytram> Setup will install Mozilla Thunderbird in the following folder. To install in a different folder, click Brose and select another folder. Click Next to continue.
[02:17:17] <Bytram> Destination Folder:
[02:17:35] <Bytram> [ C:\Program files(x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\
[02:17:48] <Bytram> Space required: 80.3MB
[02:17:54] * Bytram clicks Next
[02:19:52] <Bytram> Set Up Optional Components
[02:20:03] <Bytram> Optional Recommended Components
[02:20:27] <Bytram> The Maintenance Service will allow you to update Thunderbird silently in the background.
[02:20:43] <Bytram> [ ] Install Maintenance Service (I unchecked this)
[02:20:58] * Bytram clicks Next
[02:21:03] <Bytram> Set Up Shotrtcuts
[02:21:11] <Bytram> Create Program Icons
[02:21:26] <Bytram> Create icons for Thunderbird:
[02:21:46] <Bytram> [ ] On my Desktop (I unchecked this one)
[02:21:55] <Bytram> [x] In my Start Menu Programs folder
[02:22:02] * Bytram clicks Next
[02:24:56] <Bytram> Summary
[02:25:17] <Bytram> Ready to start installing Thunderbird
[02:25:28] <Bytram> Thunderbird will be installed to the following location:
[02:25:47] <Bytram> C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird
[02:26:02] <Bytram> Thunderbird will be set as your default mail application.
[02:26:07] <Bytram> Click Install to continue.
[02:26:13] * Bytram clicks Install
[02:26:54] <Bytram> Installing
[02:27:05] <Bytram> Please wait while Mozilla Thunderbird is installed
[02:27:22] <Bytram> Completing the Mozilla Thunderbird Setup Wizard
[02:27:33] <Bytram> Click Finish to close this wizard.
[02:27:45] <Bytram> [x] Launch Mozilla Thunderbird now
[02:27:52] * Bytram clicks Finish
[02:35:15] * Bytram watches Thunderbird load
[02:35:35] * Bytram sees dialog box:
[02:35:42] <Bytram> System Integration
[02:35:43] * cmn32480 thinks this is rather dull w/o Janrinok
[02:35:57] <Bytram> Use Thunderbird as the default client for:
[02:36:14] <Bytram> hrmmm; all the choices look to be grayed out! ??!
[02:37:01] <Bytram> Use Thunderbird as the default client for:
[02:37:05] <Bytram> [x] E-Mail
[02:37:12] <Bytram> [ ] Newsgroups
[02:37:15] <Bytram> [x] Feeds
[02:37:17] <Bytram> ---
[02:37:31] <Bytram> [ ] Allow Windows Search to search messages
[02:37:47] <Bytram> [x] Always perform this check when starting Thunderbird
[02:37:59] <Bytram> [Set as Default] [Skip Integration]
[02:38:05] * Bytram clicks 'Set as Default'
[02:38:26] <Bytram> New dialog box displays:
[02:38:37] <Bytram> Would you like a new email address?
[02:38:55] <Bytram> (see offer for a new email addy at gandi.net)
[02:39:06] <Bytram> two buttons at the bottom:
[02:39:17] <Bytram> [Skip this and use my existing email]
[02:39:28] <Bytram> [I think I'll configure my account later.]
[02:39:50] * Bytram clicks 'Skip this and use my existing email]
[02:40:44] <Bytram> new dialog box displays:
[02:40:57] <Bytram> Mail Account Setup:
[02:41:16] <Bytram> Your name: [ ] Your name, as shown to others
[02:41:28] <Bytram> Email address: email@example.com
[02:41:34] <Bytram> Password: [password]
[02:41:42] <Bytram> [x] Remember password
[02:43:24] <Bytram> three buttons at bottom:
[02:43:38] <Bytram> [Get a new account] [Continue] [Cancel]
[02:44:22] * Bytram enters info for his primary webmail acct; clicks 'Continue'
[02:44:31] <Bytram> new dialog displays
[02:44:39] <Bytram> confirms data entered on preceding dialog box
[02:44:53] <Bytram> Configuration found in Mozilla ISP database
[02:45:37] <Bytram> (*) IMAP(remote folders) ( ) POP3 (keep mail on your computer)
[02:47:07] <Bytram> Incoming: IMAP, imap.mail.yahoo.com, SSL
[02:47:24] <Bytram> Outgoing: SMTP, smtp.mail.yahoo.com, SSL
[02:47:42] <Bytram> Username: username@yahoo.com
[02:47:49] <Bytram> four buttons at bottom:
[02:48:05] <Bytram> [Get a new account] [Manual config] [Done] [Cancel]
[02:48:11] * Bytram clicks 'Done'
[02:48:26] <Bytram> sees: "checking password..."
[02:49:24] <Bytram> Mail for user@yahoocom@imap.mail.yahoo.com: Sending login information...
[02:49:31] <Bytram> that does not look good. :/