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[15:03:50] -!- jman [jman!~root@136.49.wnz.nq] has joined #help
[15:05:08] <jman> Hi, looks like I got banned due to some script that kept trying to rejoin. *Think* I turned it off, my apologies. Honestly just have this in a screen so stay logged in all the time. May I be unbanned please?
[17:29:51] <chromas> oh that was supposed to be undone after a bit. sorry jman
[17:29:54] * chromas undoes
[17:33:33] <chromas> ban removed; invited you back
[18:09:43] <chromas> Really should've only been a kick anyhow, since you weren't joining but only /nick-ing
[18:09:58] <chromas> so maybe your login info isn't up to date in your irc client