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[04:59:11] <chromas> talk to botserv
[04:59:26] <chromas> /msg botserv help
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[11:16:19] <requerdanos> Thanks. botserv helped me get a bot in channel.
[11:17:08] <requerdanos> That leaves how to configure member able to join +i channel without cs invite first.
[11:18:47] <chromas> not sure how that works, but groupserv may help
[11:19:16] <chromas> the sooper secret channel seems to use a hostmaks because I have to invite myself in since I changed my vhost
[11:20:28] <requerdanos> hmm, helpful data point, thanks.
[11:22:35] * chromas maks on irc
[11:26:17] <chromas> hm, must not be groupserv because the groups are mostly empty
[11:26:41] * chromas blames Deucalion
[11:26:53] <requerdanos> that's probably not a bad strategy
[11:30:29] <chromas> didn't work. "you must be invited"
[11:30:30] <chromas> awww
[11:35:12] <requerdanos> hmm, interesting, charybdis has a channel mode +I "invite exception"
[11:39:33] <requerdanos> successful test, +I on a mask (as you suspected) makes invite unnecessary
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