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[07:08:37] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #help
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[08:19:00] <FunkyLich`> Hello all. I was looking to reset the password, and issued "/ns sendpass FunkyLich" but no email has arrived at the address ****xi@yahoo.com. Now when I issue that again, it says " FunkyLich already has a password change key outstanding."
[08:19:34] <FunkyLich`> What can be done?
[08:53:30] <crutchy> g'day FunkyLich`
[08:54:26] <crutchy> not sure why the sendpass wouldn't have worked
[08:54:59] <crutchy> worst case you could wait 60 days (i think it is) till nickserve releases the nick
[08:55:29] <crutchy> but if you ping Deucalion or paulej72 they have irc god powahs to do anything
[09:09:11] <FunkyLich`> crutchy: Thanks. There actually was a problem with yahoo yesterday, mailbox inacessible, all day almost and that might be the problem.
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[21:32:31] <Deucalion> Hi FunkyLich` - lemme see what I can do.
[21:40:54] <Deucalion> FunkyLich`, that account is not registered to a ****xi@yahoo.com address. You may want to think perhaps about an email address to do with a marine arthropod @ a completely different domain and check that inbox. PM me if you like.
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