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[01:46:44] <chromas> Deucalion: ^
[01:47:00] <Deucalion> sup chromas ?
[01:47:20] <chromas> cwtch was asking about a vhost
[01:49:18] <Deucalion> so they were
[01:51:47] <Deucalion> chromas, why bring it up now?
[01:52:30] <chromas> 'cause I saw you're around
[01:53:17] <chromas> he also popped into #sysops this morning
[01:58:25] * Deucalion sighs...
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[02:05:01] <Deucalion> Thanks chromas - I missed that in here
[02:10:10] <Deucalion> Have to catch them online to work out their SSL / TLS probs and set a sensible vhost - no doubt a cert issue with our self-signed cert for IRC causing the client to baulk.
[03:04:10] <cwtch> Deucalion: are you around? what's a good time to talk about vhost?
[03:04:27] <cwtch> I'm on US eastern time this week
[03:15:08] <chromas> cwtch: if you have something specific in mind, you can do /hs request the.vhost.you.want
[03:15:18] <chromas> and then he can activate it when he stopd by again
[03:15:35] <cwtch> /hs?
[03:15:58] <chromas> it's shortcut to "/msg hostserv"
[03:16:22] <cwtch> for some...
[03:16:51] <chromas> if not, then /msg hostserv request a.new.host
[03:17:00] <cwtch> all IRC ops read hostserv messages?
[03:17:56] <chromas> He'll get a notice of some kind; he won't see your password or anything
[03:18:11] <chromas> But yeah, any irc op should see it
[03:19:43] <cwtch> ok thanks chromas
[03:20:12] <chromas> You're welcome. Also, I'm not sure if you noticed, but you do have a temp hostmask now :)
[03:20:40] <cwtch> excellent
[03:20:58] <cwtch> not that a hostmask is absolutely necessary, but old habits die hard
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