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[09:53:01] -!- candyman [candyman!~kandinski@odmkpduphfu.com] has joined #help
[09:53:02] <candyman> hi
[09:53:08] <candyman> I'm candyman from barrapunto.com
[09:55:02] <candyman> NCommander pinged me through our comments
[09:55:14] <candyman> yes, I would be interested to upgrade BP to rehash and comment ways to collaborate
[09:55:35] <candyman> though I'm the worst Perl hacker in existance. I probably have negative value in a project.
[09:57:20] <candyman> come to think of it, the only thing I can offer is to be a good user of the software (that's not chopped liver)
[09:57:45] <candyman> and a good Spanish localisation. Some chump localised our copy of slash sans gettext, just hacking the fucking strings in. Groan.
[21:23:12] <candyman> ping!
[21:29:27] <chromas> Try #Soylent or #dev
[21:29:45] <chromas> it's where all the people are