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[01:48:30] -!- kadal [kadal!~kadal@73.47.lyy.kjn] has joined #help
[01:49:30] <juggs> Hi kadal, what cloak would you like?
[01:55:59] <kadal> Hi juggs. How about soycow/kadal
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[01:59:25] -!- kadal [kadal!~kadal@soycow/kadal] has joined #help
[01:59:48] <juggs> wish granted kadal
[02:00:52] <kadal> sweet. thanks
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[02:11:05] -!- kadal [kadal!~kadal@soycow/kadal] has joined #help
[02:11:17] <kadal> juggs, is there a tor address for the IRC server?
[02:11:53] <kadal> It'd be useful to have the tor addresses on the wiki page. I looked and couldn't find them there.
[02:11:57] <juggs> Yes we have a .onion for it, let me dig it up
[02:17:24] <juggs> We only have the one tor gateway 7rmath4ro2of2a42.onion - you could try hitting 7rmath4ro2of2a42.onion port 6667 (plain) or 7rmath4ro2of2a42.onion port 6697 (tls/ssl) - I just know we have a link from that onion to our irc, but I am unfamiliiar with tor and have no idea what our sys guys have setup.
[02:28:35] <kadal> ok. I'll try that. Thanks.
[02:38:04] <juggs> You are correct though, this should be in the wiki.
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