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[03:56:55] -!- juggs [juggs!~juggs@Soylent/Staff/IRC/juggs] has joined #help
[03:56:55] -!- mode/#help [+o juggs] by juggler
[03:57:22] <juggs> chromas, do you lurk in every channel?
[03:57:53] <chromas> All the ones I know about :)
[03:58:56] * juggs pokes xlefay
[04:01:48] <juggs> chromas, one day you should post a screenie of your irc client with all the networks expanded. I swear if I went to Freenode #BuildATurboFromCereal there would be chromas idling :/
[04:03:38] <chromas> I should go join all their channels, for maximum loggage and harddrive filling
[04:04:01] <chromas> It'd probably kill my db server though
[04:07:09] <juggs> I think there's a datacentre in Utah for that