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[12:33:00] <exec> 13push to https://github.com @ 12:31:58 by chromatos
[12:33:00] <exec> 03refs/heads/master
[12:33:00] <exec> 11 chromatos: The compiler accepts it; good enough for me. Testing's for chumps
[12:33:01] <exec> 11 https://github.com
[12:33:02] <exec> 08└─modified [+154,-134]: https://github.com
[12:39:42] <chromas> didn't show muh file deletion
[12:57:17] <crutchy> oh
[12:57:56] <crutchy> commit says only 1 changed file
[12:58:03] <crutchy> (green link)
[12:58:08] <crutchy> or teal
[13:03:24] <chromas> Maybe git rm doesn't work like I thought
[13:03:53] <crutchy> i generally do git add *
[13:04:24] <crutchy> commits adds/modifies/deletes/moves
[13:04:38] <crutchy> even in subdirs
[13:05:38] <chromas> I wanted to delete the regex wrapper unit I made
[13:05:49] <chromas> It deleted the file
[13:06:56] <crutchy> https://github.com
[13:07:22] <crutchy> actually its the -a flag in the git commit command that does it i think
[13:07:24] <crutchy> or something
[13:07:29] <chromas> All
[13:07:57] <chromas> But does it remove deleted files from the repo?
[13:08:31] <crutchy> yeah
[13:08:58] <chromas> Cool
[13:09:13] <crutchy> i've got that shell script that i linked hooked into a git alias, so when i wanna publish whatever i change to github i just go 'git up'
[13:10:06] <chromas> Make a hexchat button
[13:10:12] <crutchy> sometimes i do a manual push, but everytime you see 'whatever i changed' or 'update' or something like that as the ccommit message, its me being lazy
[13:10:18] <crutchy> haha :D
[13:10:21] <crutchy> chromas++
[13:10:31] <crutchy> it would be one less terminal
[13:10:55] <chromas> It'll push from the lap and then call an exec alias to pull to the server
[13:13:29] <crutchy> i could pilfer the git pull code that i put into my work app
[15:12:54] <exec> 13push to https://github.com @ 15:11:22 by TheMightyBuzzard
[15:12:54] <exec> 03refs/heads/apiwork
[15:12:54] <exec> 11 TheMightyBuzzard: Minor edits to logic. Still needs more error condition checking.
[15:12:55] <exec> 11 https://github.com
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