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[03:54:21] <crutchy> ~deop
[03:54:22] -!- mode/#github [-o crutchy] by exec
[03:56:47] <crutchy> ~github-list
[03:56:48] <exec> crutchy-/exec-irc-bot
[03:56:48] <exec> TheMightyBuzzard/slashcode
[03:56:48] <exec> chromatos/pas
[03:56:48] <exec> Subsentient/aqu4bot
[03:56:48] <exec> SoylentNews/slashcode
[03:56:48] <exec> paulej72/slashcode
[03:56:49] <exec> NCommander/slashcode
[03:56:50] <exec> arachnist/dsd
[03:56:51] <exec> arachnist/repost
[03:56:51] <exec> mrcoolbp/slashcode
[03:56:52] <exec> pipedot/pipecode
[03:56:53] <exec> Lagg/steamodd
[03:56:53] <exec> SoylentNews/slashcode_vm
[03:57:59] <exec> 13push to https://github.com @ 03:56:40 by crutchy-
[03:57:59] <exec> 03refs/heads/master
[03:57:59] <exec> crutchy-: update
[08:43:14] <crutchy> not much github action this weekend
[09:34:51] <ar> it's weekend, it's 11:30AM and i'm drinking beer
[09:35:12] <chromas> So we should expect some activity here soon then
[09:36:19] <crutchy> code flows with alcohol
[09:36:56] <crutchy> i've just eaten a tub of rainbow icecream with nerds mixed in, so i aint doin any codin tonight
[09:37:30] <ar> …nerds?
[09:38:03] <chromas> candy units
[09:38:06] <crutchy> http://en.wikipedia.org
[23:21:59] <paulej72> checkpoint
[23:22:18] <crutchy> ke?
[23:23:05] <crutchy> working on irciv atm. feels good to get into it again :)
[23:23:28] <crutchy> almost feels like i'm starting from near scratch again though :/
[23:23:44] * paulej72 needed to stop the replay on my bouncer
[23:24:18] <paulej72> just rewite it from scratch. you know you want to
[23:24:32] <crutchy> i almost am
[23:24:48] <crutchy> its a big refactoring
[23:25:21] <crutchy> using new features of the bot
[23:26:48] <paulej72> :)
[23:53:23] <exec> 13pull request by thors @ 23:48:26 - https://github.com
[23:53:23] <exec> Hi, I created a small patch to allow for &lt;irony&gt; tags in discussion. As should be expected, on the first glance the text looks exactly the same as it would without the tags (since irony is not always easy to detect, and shouldn't be), but if you move your mouse pointer over the tagged text, the mouse pointer will change as to indicate a link. Clicking the tagged text leads to http://en.wikipedia.org