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[08:46:55] <systemd> Rank: 10394 | WUs: 10175,922 | Score: 103,204,433,832 (10Wed Jan 26 08:25:38 GMT 2022)
[12:39:27] <Runaway1956> =folding_rank
[12:39:36] <Runaway1956> =folding-rank
[12:39:36] <systemd> Rank: 10394 | WUs: 10175,922 | Score: 103,204,433,832 (10Wed Jan 26 11:26:02 GMT 2022)
[12:40:08] <Runaway1956> the update server is still not working correctly, lots of zeros in the update history
[16:16:22] <Bytram> Runaway1956: When last I looked, it seems the interim updated were merged together into one.
[16:18:39] <Bytram> on 2022-01-24 it seems you were credited with ~6.8 million points!
[16:21:33] <Bytram> Ahh, yep. I see your recent (past day's) credits have been infrequent, but also seem to total about the same as your prior updates. =)
[21:55:02] <Bytram> Runaway1956: et al; from ( https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com )
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[21:55:21] <Bytram> Things appear to be working again...01.24.22, 11:52am CST
[21:55:21] <Bytram> It appears the F@H team has fixed their HD issue. First update was a huge jump catching up, and subsequent updates have been pretty steady numbers.
[21:55:21] <Bytram> It will take a week or so for some numbers and graphs to settle down. Fingers crossed no more issues!
[21:55:21] <Bytram> Yes, we all know the stats are down!01.23.22, 9:07am CST
[21:55:23] <Bytram> It's not on my end, the stats feed hasn't updated due to an upstream issue with the F@H servers. According to a twitter post from yesterday (@foldingathome):
[21:55:26] <Bytram> We had a failed drive on the machine that hosts the points database that we are troubleshooting. Apologies for the poor performance right now. The data is safe, and we'll get things running smoothly ASAP!
[21:55:29] <Bytram> So we all just have to be patient and let them fix the problem.
[23:46:54] <systemd> Rank: 10395▼ | WUs: 10175,950 | Score: 103,206,276,802 (10Wed Jan 26 23:27:03 GMT 2022)