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[17:28:20] <Bytram> chromas: It seems that systemd has stopped reporting on out folding status... If it should happen again, how do I tell systemd to start reporting again?
[20:21:47] <Runaway1956> Bytram - I think it's a F@H server problem
[20:22:04] <Runaway1956> No one has made any points in the last day
[20:22:18] <Runaway1956> I clicked on several other teams to be sure of that
[20:33:34] <chromas> The bot pooped out an error earlier about the score string being too short to convert, but only once
[21:57:41] <Bytram> Runaway1956: chromas: Thanks for the info!
[21:58:18] <Bytram> Does the bot automatically start in this channel?
[22:18:47] <chromas> it does
[22:24:39] <Bytram> chromas++ So I just need to wait and things should just sort themselves out when the site "returns"?
[22:26:06] <chromas> It should
[22:26:18] <chromas> though the page seems to load fine in Firefox for me right now
[22:26:22] <Bytram> Woo Hoo!
[22:26:25] <chromas> https://apps.foldingathome.org
[22:27:10] <Bytram> is there a command I can issue to tell it to "look again, right now"?
[22:27:27] <chromas> =folding_rank
[22:27:39] <chromas> oh wait that's a constant
[22:27:55] <chromas> =folding-rank
[22:27:55] <systemd> Rank: 10394 | WUs: 10175,725 | Score: 103,191,189,953 (10Fri Jan 21 09:21:17 GMT 2022)
[22:29:02] <Bytram> Looks to the the exact same as when it last reported.
[22:29:18] <Bytram> *ne
[22:29:24] <chromas> NCC has just over half the WUs of cmn but moare credits
[22:29:49] <chromas> poor cmn got the weaker WUs I guess
[22:30:11] <chromas> oh hm
[22:30:15] <chromas> =join #folding
[22:30:28] <chromas> I did Nazi the bot was gone from there
[22:30:52] <chromas> also knot sure why we need these channels logged
[22:32:50] <chromas> I could be a couple slots higher in the rank if I hadn't spread my WUs across several different names
[22:33:15] <Bytram> future reference -- I sure with we had 'em logged when we first started and then we could see the change in progress over the years!
[22:34:09] <Bytram> hindsignt++
[22:34:18] <Bytram> hindsight++
[22:34:20] <chromas> oh I just did the math. I'd still be in the same spot :D
[22:34:51] <Bytram> leopard++
[22:35:13] <Bytram> won't change his spots!
[22:35:29] <chromas> leopards aren't real, man
[22:35:42] <chromas> =yt birds aren't real
[22:35:43] <systemd> https://youtube.com - The Truth Behind ‘Birds Aren’t Real' | My Life Online (23:43; 794,378 views; 👍17,617 👎[hidden by butthurt Google employees])
[22:35:54] <chromas> =g birds aren't real
[22:35:55] <systemd> https://birdsarentreal.com - Birds Aren't Real: Birds Arent Real
[22:36:50] <Bytram> so, they're... imaginary? e.g. sqrt(-1)
[22:55:00] <Runaway1956> =folding_rank
[22:55:23] <Runaway1956> =/0
[22:55:53] <Runaway1956> =whoami
[22:56:32] <Runaway1956> =submit https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com
[22:56:35] <systemd> ✓ Sub-ccess! "03Runaway1956 User Summary - Folding@Home Stats" (1p) -> https://soylentnews.org
[22:56:41] <Runaway1956> lol
[23:01:37] <chromas> use a - instead of _
[23:02:06] <chromas> oh yeah and it never forces a refresh. there's a timer to update it then the command just reads the 'cached' version
[23:06:31] <Bytram> chromas: I wonder.... does the timer "go off" at set times, or does it wait a set period from the last time (and is then vulnerable to drifting) or... something ekse?
[23:07:00] <Bytram> *else
[23:08:33] <chromas> since the last time
[23:08:38] <chromas> hourly and daily
[23:26:12] <Bytram> Got it, tx! So, if it takes, say, 10 seconds to obtain and process each query, and these are taken once every 3 hours (i.e. 8x per day), that would work out to a cumulative offset of about 1m20s per day or just under 15 minutes per a week? (/me takes a wild guess on the times).
[23:27:37] <Bytram> Would a cron job be simpler?
[23:35:36] <chromas> no because the code's already written. I'd have to do it again :D
[23:36:02] <chromas> they're taken every hour, so it's at most an hour behind
[23:36:24] <chromas> well I dunno how often they update the site.
[23:45:23] <Bytram> keep it simple then -- works for me! Thank you!
[23:45:29] <Bytram> chromas++