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[00:15:33] <systemd> Rank: 10238▲ | WUs: 10126,663 | Score: 101,282,951,243 (10Sat Apr 25 23:36:24 GMT 2020)
[01:09:46] <Bytram> chromas: Umm, I noticed that you noticed earlier that you had the arrow "backwards". I think going from 237th place in the world to 238th is not moving "UP". IOW, I think you had it right the first time?
[01:10:42] <chromas> I changed it but I haven't restarted the bot yet
[01:10:56] <chromas> I thought I'd changed it for the last update but I hadn't
[01:11:35] <Bytram> ah, ok!
[01:11:39] <chromas> When I commented, it showed an up arrow going from 236 to 237
[01:11:57] <chromas> So it's fixed but I'm still running the unfixed code
[01:12:12] <Bytram> so it's not spayed or neutered?
[01:13:21] <chromas> Nope Bob Barker rotates in his grave because for some reason, people do that
[01:13:28] <chromas> Or maybe he's still alive. I dunno
[01:13:31] * chromas has finally started rewriting the article extractor code
[01:13:45] <Bytram> I didn't happen to notice the details when you made your earlier comment about the arrows being backwards, and when I saw they looked to be backwards now, just guessed it was an unneeded fix. we's cool.
[01:13:56] <Bytram> noice
[01:15:03] <chromas> Using a real xml parser so hopefully fewer bugs
[01:15:25] * Bytram has been ticked off enough in the random order of merge stories that he's got scripts to download the story submission list page, and another one to download story submissions, and all that's left is to extract the subids from the stories in the hold list, and then extract the submission text from the submissions for those subids.
[01:15:42] * Bytram lives on the edge playing with regexp
[01:15:59] * Bytram is debating
[01:16:13] <Bytram> chromas: question, if I may?
[01:16:50] <chromas> Sure
[01:16:59] <chromas> You want me to quit dicking around and do some editing? :D
[01:17:16] <Bytram> what makes more sense to you? to have a COVID-19 roundup story with the oldest story first leading down to the most recent? Or lead with the most recent, and work my way down to the oldest submitted story?
[01:17:52] <chromas> Can they be sorted by interestingness?
[01:18:03] <chromas> That's more subjective I guess
[01:18:13] <Bytram> interestingness lies in the eyes of the ignorer
[01:18:23] <Bytram> lol
[01:18:28] <Bytram> interestingness dies in the eyes of the ignorer
[01:18:58] <chromas> but it ayes in the eyes of the....unignorer
[01:19:37] <Bytram> ewe say potatoe
[01:20:04] <Bytram> and eye say potahto
[01:20:34] <chromas> I've never heard anyone say potahto outside that quote. I suspect it's fake news or that those who say it aren't real people
[01:20:40] <Bytram> heh, speaking of which I just polished off a good 2 pounds' worth of balked potatoes.
[01:20:58] <chromas> Can you just pipe all the articles into ciri and have him write a couple paragraphs and call it good?
[01:21:48] <Bytram> nothing coming out of ciri is good. and I mean exactly that. it's good when nothing comes out of ciri. See /ignore
[01:22:22] <chromas> Better than spending 45 hours trimming down 1,285 coronaids subs
[01:22:45] * Bytram is tarting to think that #soylent has another bot messing around with us in there... soon to earn an /ignore as well.
[01:23:16] <chromas> I don't know how people are discovering sn irc
[01:23:24] <chromas> but we also have a #party channel with a party bot
[01:23:36] * Bytram is referring to: kyonko
[01:23:53] <chromas> It's like that bridge Bender used to do but it connects one channel of a bunch of irc networks and is mostly joins & parts
[01:24:11] <Bytram> thanks, but no thanks
[01:24:14] <chromas> lel
[01:24:39] <chromas> Yeah. We don't know who put it there but there's nobody else in the channel
[01:24:41] * Bytram yawns
[01:25:03] <chromas> Not sure about the covid storting
[01:25:29] <chromas> I guess it's like the old fight over top- or bottom-posting in email :D
[01:25:57] <Bytram> I'm thinking newest first. Otherwise, initial thought is that Oh, this is old stuff, why even bother?
[01:26:14] <chromas> Some could be collapsed though. I see several about the disinfectant injection thing people are writing about for some reason
[01:26:34] <Bytram> rather than, oh that's interesting, and that, and that, and well, saw that before, and that, and ahh now I'm getting to the older stuff.
[01:26:57] <Bytram> cause DJT suggested it.
[01:27:09] <chromas> He didn't tell people they should do it though
[01:27:24] <chromas> Just 'cause he says a dumb doesn't mean they need to make it sound dumber
[01:27:39] <chromas> Plus anyone who thinks they should do something that dumb probably should
[01:27:43] <Bytram> a moment
[01:28:17] <Bytram> =yt QtgVxGkrX1Y
[01:28:17] <systemd> https://youtube.com - Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant Into The Body To Treat Coronavirus | MSNBC (02:51)
[01:28:25] <chromas> I mostly try to ignore the covid stories because there's like 8,000 a day. Still see it everywhere though. I even have it mostly filtered out of my feed
[01:28:28] <Bytram> watch for yourself
[01:28:36] <chromas> I saw the clip
[01:29:23] <Bytram> I heard a report on the news that calls to a poison control center went up 50%
[01:29:47] <Bytram> didn't catch the source, though, sorry.
[01:29:53] <chromas> I wonder if that's real or fake like the tidepods thing
[01:30:39] <chromas> Also, I know suicide isn't good, but do we really need the sort of people who would do such a thing?
[01:30:58] <chromas> Anyhow, there are several subs about it so they could be grouped together
[01:31:45] <chromas> See, in the clip, he's asking if that's something they could do/look into
[04:15:33] <systemd> Rank: 10238 | WUs: 10126,696 | Score: 101,283,630,407 (10Sun Apr 26 03:36:41 GMT 2020)
[08:15:33] <systemd> Rank: 10239▲ | WUs: 10126,735 | Score: 101,284,785,558 (10Sun Apr 26 07:37:02 GMT 2020)
[08:18:31] <chromas> S'pose I should install the update
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