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[00:00:45] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.sciencedaily.com
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[00:09:08] <Bytram> #g ultra faint dwarf galaxies
[00:09:08] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "A dwarf spheroidal galaxy (dSph) is a term in astronomy applied to small, low-luminosity ... The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has resulted in the discovery of 11 more dSph galaxies as of 2007 By 2015, many more ultra-faint dSphs were discovered, ... it is likely that it is a dwarf spheroidal galaxy rather than a faint star cluster."
[00:10:00] <Bytram> #g "dark matter halos"
[00:10:00] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "A dark matter halo is a theoretical component of a galaxy that envelops the galactic disc and extends well beyond the edge of the visible galaxy. The halo's mass dominates the total mass. Thought to consist of dark matter, halos have not been observed directly."
[00:10:28] <Bytram> #g "mini-halos"
[00:10:28] <MrPlow> https://ned.ipac.caltech.edu - "Mini-halos. There are a few clusters where the relativistic electrons can be traced out quite far from the central galaxy, forming what is called mini-halo."
[00:10:48] <Bytram> #g "mini-halos" wikipedia
[00:10:48] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "Radio halos are large-scale sources of diffuse radio emission found in the center of some, but not all, galaxy clusters. There are two classes of radio halos: mini-halos and giant radio halos."
[00:11:21] <Bytram> #g "ghost galaxy"
[00:11:22] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com - "Oct 4, 2014 ... Front Rider's Perspective on Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy at Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, USA. Operated ..."
[00:11:30] <Bytram> #g "ghost galaxy" astronomy
[00:11:30] <MrPlow> http://www.astronomy.com - "Nov 13, 2018 ... An international team of astronomers can't fully explain the “ghost” galaxy that they discovered about 425,000 light-years from Earth. Finding a ..."
[00:11:38] <Bytram> #g "ghost galaxy" milky way
[00:11:38] <MrPlow> https://earthsky.org - "Gaia spots enormous ghost galaxy on Milky Way's outskirts. By EarthSky in Space | November 16, 2018. Gaia satellite data revealed the galaxy, which has ..."
[00:11:51] <Bytram> #g wikipedia "ghost galaxy" milky way
[00:11:51] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "An ultra diffuse galaxy (UDG) is an extremely low luminosity galaxy, the first example of which was discovered in the nearby Virgo Cluster by Allan Sandage and Bruno Binggeli in 1984. Such a galaxy may have the same size and mass as the Milky Way but a ... \"Ghost galaxy is 99.99 per cent dark matter with almost no stars\"."
[00:12:46] <Bytram> #g wikipedia "ghost galaxy"
[00:12:47] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy is a seasonal Halloween overlay of Space Mountain at Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland. It first premiered at Hong Kong ..."
[00:14:35] <Bytram> #g wikipedia "ghost galaxy" James "Bullock"
[00:14:36] <MrPlow> http://enacademic.com - "Wikipedia; Interpretations; Translations; Books ... The Dapper Dans of Disneyland as of Fall 1995: Jim Campbell (bass), Bill Lewis (baritone), ... Disney World, had two full-time quartets consisting of: Tenors Dan Bullock and Kevin Souppa, ... Halloween Screams · Haunted Mansion Holiday · Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy ..."
[00:14:42] <Bytram> #g "ghost galaxy" James "Bullock"
[00:14:42] <MrPlow> https://phys.org - "Aug 27, 2008 ... \"We are excited because these galaxies are virtually invisible, yet contain a tremendous amount of dark matter,\" said James Bullock, a study ..."
[00:20:29] <Bytram> whereto? http://go.theregister.com
[00:20:32] <exec> └─ 13I studied hard, I trained for years. Yay, now I'm an astronaut in space. Argggh, leukemia! • The Register
[00:20:36] <upstart> ^ 03I studied hard, I trained for years. Yay, now I'm an astronaut in space. Argggh, leukemia! ( https://www.theregister.co.uk )
[00:22:05] <Bytram> ahhh, that one's about reducing immunity after being in space for a while; we already published that one.
[00:23:31] <Bytram> whereto? http://feedproxy.google.com
[00:23:32] <upstart> ^ 03Just how good are Tesla's Easter egg Atari emulations? - Roadshow ( https://www.cnet.com )
[00:23:41] <Bytram> #g frogger
[00:23:41] <MrPlow> http://www.happyhopper.org - "Free Frogger - the world's most popular Frogger site. Play for free here."
[00:23:55] <Bytram> #g arcade game frogger
[00:23:56] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com - "Jun 8, 2008 ... Frogger released in early 1980s My PATREON TIP JAR - https://www.patreon.com ..."
[00:24:11] <Bytram> #g wikipedia arcade game frogger
[00:24:12] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "Frogger (フロッガー (Furoggā)) is a 1981 arcade game developed by Konami. It was licensed for North American distribution by Sega-Gremlin and worldwide by ..."
[00:34:16] <Bytram> #g Lactobacillus reuteri
[00:34:16] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "Lactobacillus reuteri is a Gram-positive bacterium that naturally inhabits the gut of mammals and birds. First described in the early 1980s, some strains of L."
[00:54:41] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.sciencedaily.com
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[00:56:04] <upstart> Submitting "Germs in Your Gut Are Talking to Your Brain. Scientists Want to Know What They’re Saying."...
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[00:57:28] <Bytram> whereto? https://www.newscientist.com
[00:57:29] <upstart> ^ 03We've only just found out exactly how sperm wiggle their tails to swim | New Scientist
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[01:04:36] <Bytram> #g havana tornado
[01:04:36] <MrPlow> https://www.cbsnews.com - "1 day ago ... Havana, Cuba -- Cuba's president said Monday that a tornado had killed three people and injured 174 others in eastern Havana. The Cuban ..."
[01:04:52] <Bytram> =submit https://www.cbsnews.com
[01:04:53] <upstart> Submitting "Tornado in Cuba hits Havana, killing at least 3 people"...
[01:04:54] <exec> └─ 13Tornado in Cuba hits Havana, death toll at 3 according to President Miguel Diaz-Canel today - Live updates - CBS News
[01:05:15] <upstart> Sub-ccess! https://soylentnews.org
[01:05:48] <Bytram> http://feedproxy.google.com
[01:05:49] <upstart> ^ 03Which HDMI cable should you buy? Here's a few ( https://www.cnet.com )
[01:05:50] <exec> └─ 13Best HDMI cables for your new 4K and HDR TV - CNET
[01:13:18] <Bytram> =submit From the just-in-time-for-the-superb-owl dept https://www.cnet.com
[01:13:20] <upstart> Submitting "Which HDMI cable should you buy? Here's a few"...
[01:13:21] <exec> └─ 13Best HDMI cables for your new 4K and HDR TV - CNET
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[01:14:03] <Bytram> http://feedproxy.google.com
[01:14:04] <upstart> ^ 03Tesla is overhauling pricing and naming for Model S and X - Roadshow ( https://www.cnet.com )
[01:14:05] <exec> └─ 13Tesla is overhauling pricing and naming for Model S and X - Roadshow
[01:24:16] <Bytram> ${abbr ASML}
[01:24:16] <fungus> ASML
[01:24:21] <Bytram> orly?
[01:24:25] <Bytram> #g ASML
[01:24:26] <MrPlow> https://www.asml.com - "ASML Agrees to Acquire Mapper Assets and Intends to Offer Continued Employment to Staff - ASML Intends to Take Over the Majority of Mapper Employees in ..."
[01:24:39] <Bytram> #g ASML wikipedia
[01:24:39] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "ASML is a Dutch company and currently the largest supplier in the world of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry. The company manufactures ..."
[01:27:11] <Bytram> ${abbr EUV}
[01:27:11] <fungus> EUV
[01:27:21] <Bytram> ${abbr MIT}
[01:27:21] <fungus> <abbr title="Massachusetts Institute of Technology">MIT</abbr>
[01:27:35] <Bytram> okay... just checking to see if it was still working
[01:27:43] <Bytram> ${abbr NXE}
[01:27:43] <fungus> NXE
[01:27:47] <Bytram> #g NXE
[01:27:48] <MrPlow> https://finance.yahoo.com - "View the basic NXE stock chart on Yahoo Finance. Change the date range, chart type and compare Nexgen Energy Ltd. against other companies."
[01:27:55] <Bytram> #g NXE wikipedia
[01:27:55] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "The Xbox 360 system software or the Xbox 360 Dashboard is the updateable software and .... Starting with the NXE Dashboard in November 2008, Larry Hryb (known on Xbox Live as \"Major Nelson\") and other team members hosted a new ..."
[01:28:02] <Bytram> #g NXE electronics
[01:28:02] <MrPlow> https://www.linkedin.com - "Learn about working at NXE ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at NXE ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD, leverage your ..."
[01:28:33] <Bytram> #g Twinscan NXE
[01:28:33] <MrPlow> https://www.asml.com - "ASML's TWINSCAN NXE platform is the industry's first production platform for extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). The NXE:3300B is the successor to the ..."
[01:33:34] <Bytram> #g NXE 3400C
[01:33:34] <MrPlow> https://www.asml.com - "Oct 17, 2018 ... We have made significant progress in the execution of our roadmap, accelerating the introduction of the higher-productivity system NXE:3400C, ..."
[01:33:45] <Bytram> #g NXE 3400C price
[01:33:45] <MrPlow> http://staticwww.asml.com - "Nov 13, 2018 ... In second half of 2019 we will introduce the NXE:3400C specified at 170wph ... and aggressive systems and service cost reduction roadmap."
[01:34:28] <Bytram> #g NXE 3400B
[01:34:28] <MrPlow> https://www.asml.com - "The TWINSCAN NXE:3400B will support EUV volume production at the 7 and 5 nm nodes. Combining productivity, excellent image resolution, matched overlay ..."
[01:34:35] <Bytram> #g NXE 3400B price
[01:34:36] <MrPlow> https://www.eetimes.com - "Nov 19, 2010 ... But EUV has been delayed and R&D costs have exploded, causing tool ... has 10 orders for its next-generation EUV tool, called the NXE-3300, ..."
[01:35:29] <Bytram> #g NECCO
[01:35:30] <MrPlow> https://www.necco.org - "Necco supports children of all ages through therapeutic foster care, adoption, counseling, alternatives to secure detention, independent and transitional living ..."
[01:35:39] <Bytram> #g NECCO new england
[01:35:40] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "Necco was an American manufacturer of candy created in 1901 as the New England Confectionery Company through the merger of several small confectionery ..."
[01:52:36] <Bytram> =submit https://www.latimes.com
[01:52:38] <upstart> Submitting "PG&E files for bankruptcy. Here’s why that could mean bigger electricity bills"...
[01:52:38] <exec> └─ 13PG&E files for bankruptcy. Here’s why that could mean bigger electricity bills - Los Angeles Times
[01:52:59] <upstart> Sub-ccess! https://soylentnews.org
[01:54:46] <Bytram> https://www.youtube.com
[01:54:47] <upstart> ^ 03Fluid-inspired metal coating self-heals before your eyes
[01:54:48] <exec> └─ 13Fluid-inspired metal coating self-heals before your eyes - YouTube
[01:55:02] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.sciencedaily.com
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[03:35:33] <Fnord666> evening all!
[03:40:21] <Fnord666> ~gday Bytram
[03:40:23] * exec single-candidly enriches a +1 mace of snack bar with Bytram
[03:50:52] <Bytram> Fnord666: !!
[03:51:02] <Fnord666> Bytram !!
[03:51:11] <Bytram> So good to 'see' you!
[03:51:17] <Bytram> you have been missed
[03:51:34] <Fnord666> aw shucks.
[03:52:06] <Fnord666> How have you been?
[03:52:33] <Bytram> we have soldiered along without you, but it quickly became apparent by your absence how much you contributed to the site!!
[03:52:51] <Bytram> finishing up my 3rd day off in a row... starting to feel semi-human again!
[03:53:00] <Bytram> how are YOU?
[03:53:19] <Fnord666> I'm doing ok. thanks for asking
[03:53:48] <Bytram> glad to hear it
[03:54:24] <Bytram> I see you are 'back in the saddle' pushing out stories... YAY!
[03:55:02] <Fnord666> Yeah, saw the queue was a bit low and I had finished up other chores for the night so I thought I would get back to work
[03:55:16] <Fnord666> Also saw that Jan pushed some out
[03:55:31] <Bytram> yep, he just got back a day or so ago.
[03:55:55] <Bytram> I hope it's not all work and that you get some enjoyment out of it, too!!!
[03:56:16] <Fnord666> I should have put quotes around that
[03:56:39] <Bytram> :chuckles:
[03:56:42] <Fnord666> because you are right, it's not all work
[03:57:08] <Fnord666> I see the sub queue hasn't changed much...
[03:57:14] <Bytram> nod nod
[03:57:44] <Bytram> it was getting pretty rough, so I threw in a few subs
[03:57:59] <Fnord666> quick question - are you able to get to arstechnica right now?
[03:58:05] <Bytram> hoped someone could run with those with my nick on 'em and just push 'em out... easy like.
[03:58:08] <Bytram> umm, lemme check
[03:58:26] <Bytram> http://arstechnica.com
[03:58:37] <Bytram> that looks like a 'no'
[03:58:45] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[03:58:46] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews: SoylentNews is people
[03:58:47] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews: SoylentNews is people
[03:58:47] <Fnord666> thought so
[03:59:02] <Bytram> that is... quite unusual.
[03:59:05] <upstart> Error: Title is empty
[03:59:13] <Bytram> rofl
[03:59:25] <Bytram> https://arstechnica.com
[03:59:55] <Fnord666> Always appreciate submissions that don't need major overhauls
[03:59:58] <Bytram> looks like it is trying to come back... at least it's trying to do a TLS handshake on my end
[04:00:01] <Bytram> likewise
[04:00:14] <Bytram> I also tossed in a few ~arthur and =submit subs
[04:00:49] <Bytram> note: for any submissions of sciencedaily, be sure to scroll down to see if there is a "materials" submitted by "someplace" link.
[04:01:16] <Bytram> if so, the "materials" link points to something they most likely copied verbatim. Is best we point folks there.
[04:01:28] <Fnord666> Guilty. I forget to check that sometimes
[04:01:35] <upstart> Error: Title is empty
[04:01:48] <Bytram> also, there is often a <b>Journal Reference</b> that I like to include (after some minor formatting changes)
[04:02:01] <Bytram> I still forget it on occasions.
[04:02:07] <Bytram> Is why we have 2nd edits.
[04:02:16] <Bytram> being human is not a character defect.
[04:04:40] <Fnord666> fair point
[04:07:23] <Fnord666> So how have you been these past few weeks?
[04:11:14] <Bytram> I'm doing okay.
[04:11:31] <Bytram> sorry, got distracted by a web site link I saw in #rss-bot
[04:11:41] <Bytram> https://designyoutrust.com
[04:11:43] <upstart> ^ 03Vintage Yugoslavian Computer Magazine Cover Girls Of The 1980s-90s
[04:11:43] <exec> └─ 13Vintage Yugoslavian Computer Magazine Cover Girls Of The 1980s-90s
[04:12:00] <Bytram> "In the 1980s, computers were sold like sport cars: with sexy women and pin-ups. I propose a look back to the past with the covers of the Yugoslavian magazine Racunari, published in the 1980s and 1990s. It is impressive to note that at that time, mixing women and computers necessarily meant sexy secretary or incapable woman and slave of her computer."
[04:14:26] <Bytram> Heh.
[04:15:39] <Bytram> There's a woman where I work who came from Serbia. She knows I have an interest in learning words in foreign languages... at least: hello (or, good morning, afternoon, evening, night, as the case may be) thank-you, you're welcome, and goodbye.
[04:15:54] <Bytram> well, I'd asked her how to say happy new year.
[04:17:07] <Bytram> As I was scanning thru those covers, something caught my eye. Sure 'nuf, in all caps I saw: srećna nova godina
[04:17:21] <Bytram> and it was indeed their January issue. =)
[04:17:48] <Bytram> SREĆNA NOVA GODINA
[04:17:49] <Fnord666> nice
[04:17:58] <Bytram> yep
[04:18:39] <Fnord666> woo hoo, Turbo Pascal 4.0 made the cover!
[04:18:40] <Bytram> every once in a while I'll ask a guest how to say something simple, and they come back with 5 words and sixteen syllables!
[04:18:49] <Bytram> ROFL!
[04:19:05] <Bytram> Yep, I was reading the program titles and strolling down memory lane.
[04:20:43] <Fnord666> I want to know what that motorcycle on the Sept 87 cover is
[04:20:52] <Bytram> seeing old Compaq, IBM, and wow... Atari!
[04:21:08] <Bytram> januar 1989 (Issue 46)
[04:21:18] <Bytram> foot rest?
[04:21:21] <Bytram> ;)
[04:22:41] <Fnord666> Sad thing is I probably have 3.5" floppies for a bunch of those programs stored downstairs
[04:23:17] <Bytram> motorcycle: https://main-designyoutrust.netdna-ssl.com
[04:23:43] <Bytram> I once had a collection of Byte magazines going back to issue #13
[04:24:57] <Fnord666> drum brakes front and back!
[04:25:00] <Bytram> had to throw 'em out. :(
[04:25:07] <Fnord666> bummer
[04:25:14] <Bytram> yup.
[04:25:17] <Fnord666> those would be a flashback
[04:25:18] <Bytram> on both. =)
[04:25:32] <Bytram> as for the bike... color looks military green.
[04:25:45] <Fnord666> not sure how far back my Dr. Dobbs collection goes
[04:25:47] <Bytram> maybe something renovated from WWII ?
[04:26:26] <Bytram> IIRC, they were under Russian control (at least after the war; not so sure about before)
[04:26:28] <Fnord666> possibly
[04:28:21] <Fnord666> Lots of interesting things going on for sure. That cylinder looks like an ankle breaker if you kick start it wrong
[04:28:25] <Bytram> I'm wondering if the orange wire suggests that efforts to maintain authenticity with original equipment may not have been the best
[04:29:15] * Bytram rode hundreds, if not thousands, of miles on bicycles. Only once for about 2 miles on a motorcycle -- as a passenger.
[04:29:22] <Fnord666> If it's military whomever rode it was in for a backache with that hardtail
[04:30:04] <Bytram> something tells me their being military or not would have little to do with their getting a backache.
[04:30:33] <Fnord666> true. I was just thinking of off road and/or blasted roads.
[04:30:34] <Bytram> unless they were forced to listen to classical music as they road it... then it would be a bachache.
[04:30:42] <Bytram> ba dum tish!
[04:30:49] * Fnord666 groans
[04:30:51] <Bytram> s/raod/rode/
[04:31:05] <Bytram> oi.
[04:31:23] <Bytram> insert facepalm.jpg here.
[04:32:56] <Fnord666> been riding motorcycles since I was about 10. Started out on dirt bikes. First broken leg at 12.
[04:34:43] <Bytram> You did pretty well if it took you that long!
[04:38:40] <Fnord666> :)
[04:39:06] <Fnord666> It's that dangerous point where you think you know what you're doing...
[04:43:31] <Bytram> that goes with almost everything, right?
[04:52:41] <Fnord666> absolutely
[04:59:08] <Bytram> Including being president?
[04:59:12] <Bytram> ba dum tish!
[05:21:14] <Fnord666> good night all!
[05:27:24] <Bytram> ~gnight #Editorial
[05:27:26] * exec irreducibly reverse-engineers purse of green eggs and spam from #Editorial
[05:27:55] <Bytram> might be missing a definite article in there =)
[05:28:07] <Bytram> have a great night everybody!
[12:22:40] <Bytram> httpws://wiki.soylentnews.org
[12:22:45] <Bytram> https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[12:22:46] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews ( https://wiki.soylentnews.org )
[12:22:50] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews
[12:32:12] <Bytram> whreto? http://vm.soylentnews.org
[12:32:13] <upstart> Error: Title is empty
[12:32:14] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews Tracker
[12:33:08] <Bytram> Huh! Didn't even know we had that! Saw link at: https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[12:33:09] <upstart> ^ 03DevelopmentVMHowto - SoylentNews
[12:33:12] <exec> └─ 13DevelopmentVMHowto - SoylentNews
[12:53:42] <Bytram> whereto? http://feedproxy.google.com
[12:53:43] <upstart> ^ 03iRobot's Terra cuts the grass while you relax ( https://www.cnet.com )
[12:53:44] <exec> └─ 13iRobot's Terra robot lawn mower cuts the grass while you relax - CNET
[12:58:31] <Bytram> #yt does everything but mow your lawn
[12:58:32] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com
[12:58:41] <Bytram> https://www.youtube.com
[12:58:42] <upstart> ^ 03[How To Mow A Lawn] Like A Pro - Lawn Mowing Tips For A Great Looking Lawn - Lawn Care Tips
[12:58:43] <exec> └─ 13[How To Mow A Lawn] Like A Pro - Lawn Mowing Tips For A Great Looking Lawn - Lawn Care Tips - YouTube
[12:58:51] <Bytram> nope
[12:59:00] <Bytram> #yt HP does everything but mow your lawn
[12:59:00] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com
[12:59:09] <Bytram> https://www.youtube.com
[12:59:10] <upstart> ^ 03FREE Mods to Boost Small Engine Horsepower! Pt. 1
[12:59:11] <exec> └─ 13FREE Mods to Boost Small Engine Horsepower! Pt. 1 - YouTube
[12:59:13] <Bytram> nope
[13:10:25] <Bytram> https://www.youtube.com
[13:10:26] <upstart> ^ 03Mow the Lawn - HP Engineer
[13:10:28] <exec> └─ 13Mow the Lawn - HP Engineer - YouTube
[13:19:42] <Bytram> http://feedproxy.google.com
[13:19:43] <upstart> ^ 03Samsung unveils 1TB smartphone storage in 'industry first' ( https://www.cnet.com )
[13:19:44] <exec> └─ 13Samsung unveils 1TB smartphone storage in 'industry first' - CNET
[13:21:35] <Bytram> #g Samsung 1TB eUFS
[13:21:35] <MrPlow> https://news.samsung.com - "11 hours ago ... “The 1TB eUFS is expected to play a critical role in bringing a more notebook-like user experience to the next generation of mobile devices,” ..."
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