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[00:03:03] <takyon> spacex mission was scrubbed obviously. not sure if the time is the same as today
[00:03:12] <takyon> Monday instead of Sunday should be in the headline
[00:03:58] <fyngyrz> Bytram, look at the storied on the front page - I've done the expansion on most of them
[00:04:46] <fyngyrz> [stories]
[00:05:03] <takyon> you have a thing that does this automatically?
[00:05:14] <fyngyrz> just hover your mouse over the terms with the dotted underlines
[00:05:21] <fyngyrz> I do
[00:05:45] <fyngyrz> https://github.com
[00:05:45] <takyon> I see that there is an expansion for RNA
[00:05:46] <upstart> ^ 03fyngyrz/soyacro
[00:05:55] <takyon> but I had to just hover over it, there's no dotted underline in the VT100 theme
[00:06:26] <takyon> err, maybe. I have edited my theme a bit
[00:06:27] <fyngyrz> Sounds like the theme is disobeying the CSS, or overriding it
[00:06:49] <fyngyrz> I see it in Safari and Chrome, anyway
[00:07:38] <fyngyrz> pretty much any all-caps or all-caps+numbers sequence is expanded if you hover
[00:08:22] <takyon> I dare you to add "thot"
[00:08:23] <fyngyrz> I'm using this in my own posts; I did it for the stories, using the external webapp, to demo the usefulness to SN in general.
[00:08:33] <fyngyrz> What's thot? (I can google, but...)
[00:09:01] <takyon> "that ho over there / that ho owes taxes"
[00:09:47] <fyngyrz> added
[00:11:19] <fyngyrz> The real trick is to keep TFS from containing THOT, lol
[00:12:25] <fyngyrz> I added some manual expansions as well, for instance RMIT struck me as being not likely to be common
[00:12:40] <fyngyrz> but adding <abbr> tags is pretty trivial
[00:13:11] <fyngyrz> the general idea is to relieve the editors from doing it most of the time
[00:14:36] <fyngyrz> Presently there are 513 expansions; I've been collecting them from soylent, slashdot, and reddit. I figure that's a pretty good subsample of common usage that's relevant to SN
[00:23:38] <fyngyrz> Also, for the webapp, I've built in my macro language, which can give you utter kickass things like random sigs, etc.
[00:23:57] <fyngyrz> also very easy HTML coding, linking, etc
[00:24:21] <fyngyrz> To italicize, I just type {i stuff} and I get <i>stuff</i>
[00:24:44] <fyngyrz> I've included a few demos in the github repo, but most of my personal ones aren't up there
[00:24:49] <fyngyrz> matter of what you want to do
[02:26:58] <takyon> see comment on journal
[02:27:27] <takyon> first thing i want is to get the current soylent themes consistent with the tag you used, <abbr> right?
[02:27:34] <takyon> gotta have that dotted line
[13:03:16] <Bytram> fyngyrz: how do you propose to handle collisions? e.g. "TLA" is that "Three Letter Agency" or "Three Letter Abbreviation" or "Three Letter Acronym"?
[13:05:06] <Bytram> Or... "SN"... is that "ScienceNews" (web site) or "SoylentNews" or "Signal to Noise" or...
[13:13:44] <Bytram> I'm not at all familiar with the implementation, but AFAIK, we have a Javascript 'picker' tool to choose the Nexus(es) and Topic(s). Could a similar tool be created? Give it an acronym, and it provides a selection of matches of which one can be used in an return an <abbr>...</abbr> phrase, AND/OR allow the creation of a new mapping/expansion.
[13:19:42] <Bytram> BTW, there is the current issue with it taking an increasingly long time to load stories for editing and this would only exacerbate that. ATM I am seeing 5-10 seconds to [re]load a story editing page. Is already painful. :(
[13:23:25] <Bytram> In case it is not clear, I am in favor of abbreviations, and doing so during story editing, but am NOT in favor of doing an expansion at the time of loading a story for reading. What I saved should be what I saved. Period.
[13:28:21] <Bytram> connection is a little wonky... keep getting dropped out of IRC and then rejoined. BIAB.
[15:48:34] <fyngyrz> Bytram, I don't treat them as collisions; I treat them as multiple definitions, like a dictionary. Here, take a look at the current set of defs; ABC is the first example, but there are many: https://github.com
[15:48:35] <upstart> ^ 03fyngyrz/soyacro
[15:49:33] <fyngyrz> Bytram, the way I am suggesting doing this would not add to the Db load. say it takes 7 seconds now; it's take about 7.001 seconds after adding this. It's really *very* efficient.
[15:51:45] <fyngyrz> As to what you saved, that should be free of expansions. IMHO. Just as a story can be edited by other editors, so should the expansions be editable. And they would be in either case: If you can them, any editor can get in there and change them. If they're done after the fact, and editor can get in there and change them. HOWEVER, when an acro is wrong or needs updating, changing it in the acro file, instead of each story, is W
[15:51:45] <fyngyrz> AY more efficient, and easier, and corrects things in EVERY story at once.
[15:52:52] <fyngyrz> Look at AC also for multiple definitions