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[01:21:01] <Bytram> whereto? http://feedproxy.google.com
[01:21:03] <upstart> ^ 03Costco Black Friday 2018 deals arrive: $250 iPad, $300 Dyson and more ( https://www.cnet.com )
[01:21:03] <exec> └─ 13Costco Black Friday 2018 deals arrive: $250 iPad, $300 Dyson and more - CNET
[01:26:14] <chromas> I wonder why my cnet rss links don't go through google
[01:26:33] * chromas senses a conspiracy
[01:27:05] <Bytram> Hi! I don't understand the problem... examples?
[01:27:31] <chromas> It's not a problem, but an example would be your link
[01:27:55] <Bytram> okaaay, and what does it [not] do?
[01:28:02] <chromas> it's a google link
[01:28:16] <Bytram> my link was not an rss link... AFAIK
[01:28:43] <Bytram> oh, wait...
[01:29:08] <chromas> Some sites use google feedproxy/feedburner for their rss feeds and the article links go to (feedproxy|feedburner).google.com which redirects
[01:29:10] <Bytram> I got the link from our #rss-bot channel, so that means the link was an rss link, right?
[01:29:41] <chromas> Yeah. It's the link to the article that gets put into the feed. I'm just wondering why my cnet links don't have that
[01:29:55] <chromas> Perhaps I got the feed from somewhere else
[01:30:44] <Bytram> what feed do you have?
[01:31:25] <chromas> https://www.cnet.com
[01:31:25] <upstart> Error: Title is empty
[01:31:27] <exec> └─ 13CNET
[01:31:35] <chromas> #smake upstart
[01:31:35] * MrPlow smakes upstart upside the head with a one-eyed snake
[01:31:40] <Bytram> lol
[02:00:44] <NCommander> The novel is ready for editing
[02:01:46] * chromas clicks, scrolls the textarea for misspleld words, then clicks update without reading
[02:04:04] <chromas> Do the story rejection messages get stored anywhere?
[02:07:21] <Bytram> admin to user message is like any other message to the user...if it is web-based, then it gets deleted after 14 days, unless the user explicitly deletes it earlier
[02:07:52] <Bytram> well, the delete message is basically a variant on admin-to-user message
[02:07:58] <Bytram> or is it the other way around.
[02:09:02] <chromas> Dunno. I was just wondering because sometimes I delete my bot's subs and I wondered what'd happen if I put something naughty in the message. It only seems to appear in the email
[02:09:40] <chromas> (not that putting dirty things in is good form, even if I'm the only one to see it)
[02:10:02] <chromas> it doesn't show up in the message box in the website
[02:10:55] <Bytram> you'd have to select that as your message preference
[02:11:11] <Bytram> 'web' instead of 'e-mail'
[02:12:26] <chromas> 70% accepted rate
[02:21:25] <Bytram> =g gTLD PDP
[02:21:26] <upstart> https://gnso.icann.org - PDP New gTLD Subsequent Procedures | Generic Names ...
[02:24:34] -!- mrpg [mrpg!~Thunderbi@Soylent/Staff/Editor/mrpg] has joined #editorial
[02:24:34] -!- mode/#editorial [+v mrpg] by Hephaestus
[02:24:44] <Bytram> mrpg: !!
[02:24:44] <mrpg> Empty kue.
[02:24:51] <mrpg> Put it in gear evryone!
[02:25:09] <mrpg> We have a sub from a user with karma -21 hahaha
[02:25:12] <mrpg> -12
[02:25:13] * Bytram is already hard at work on NCommander's latest tome... 3k+ words
[02:25:35] <mrpg> !!!
[02:25:54] <Bytram> close I see karma of "-12"
[02:26:23] <Bytram> seems like s/he is trying to redeem themselves?
[02:27:34] <mrpg> Not at all, it's useless.
[02:27:35] <mrpg> hyaluronic acid
[02:27:37] <mrpg> haha
[02:28:05] <Bytram> =g hyaluronic acid
[02:28:07] <upstart> https://en.wikipedia.org - Hyaluronic acid - Wikipedia
[02:32:25] <Bytram> =g EAI emaiil
[02:32:26] <upstart> https://datatracker.ietf.org - Email Address Internationalization (eai) -
[02:39:49] <mrpg> I'll do Astronomers Creep Up to the Edge of the Milky Way’s Black Hole | Quanta Magazine
[02:42:05] <mrpg> Ready
[02:54:01] <mrpg> I'll do Swedish ISP Punishes Elsevier for Forcing It to Block Sci-Hub by Also Blocking Elsevier
[02:54:03] <mrpg> Ready
[02:57:23] <mrpg> That's all, bye.
[02:57:26] -!- mrpg has quit [Quit: close - bye]
[03:03:02] <Bytram> =tpp trans
[03:03:08] <Bytram> =gtpp trans
[03:03:12] <Bytram> =g tpp trans
[03:03:14] <upstart> https://en.wikipedia.org - Trans-Pacific Partnership - Wikipedia
[03:05:19] <Bytram> TPP @ 2018/11/05 06:49:00
[03:06:00] <Bytram> break time
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[14:10:15] <takyon> ~eds
[14:10:16] <exec> editor ping for takyon: janrinok n1 nick Bytram cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away Fnord666 FatPhil mrpg chromas fyngyrz
[14:10:25] <takyon> plz give this a once-over: https://soylentnews.org
[14:10:27] <exec> └─ 13Error
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