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[00:10:00] <mrpg> That's not how probability works. His probability of dying and having SAD is 1/40000, those are independent events AFAICSIAAFAIR
[00:10:57] <mrpg> But yes, I saw, maybe in youtube, that kidneys are not removed because that is dangerous, for a transplant they leave it there and put the other.
[00:11:10] <mrpg> I need a serious reference wait
[00:11:23] <mrpg> The library is closed.
[00:12:59] <mrpg> Take a real clinic: https://www.mayoclinic.org
[00:13:00] <upstart> ^ 03Nephrectomy (kidney removal) - Mayo Clinic
[00:13:14] <mrpg> It dont look so bleak
[00:13:37] <Bytram> =submit https://motherboard.vice.com Canadian citizen has house raided, all electronic devices copied, compelled to divulge accounts and passwords, is interrogated for 16 hours, and it is a *civil* complaint... he's already on the hook for a $50,000 payment to the plaintiffs, and he has not even been to trial yet.
[00:13:40] <upstart> Submitting "What Happens When Telecom Companies Search Your Home for Piracy"...
[00:13:46] <Bytram> clicky
[00:14:02] <upstart> Sub-ccess! https://soylentnews.org
[00:14:35] <takyon> mrpg: added sub note
[00:17:11] <mrpg> He said to email him our emails to make a list for her mom, she'll email us after surgery.
[00:17:18] <Bytram> =g Nephrectomy surgery duration
[00:17:19] <upstart> https://medlineplus.gov - Kidney removal: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
[00:17:25] <mrpg> https://soylentnews.org
[00:17:26] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | There is a Very Real Possibility I Could Die on the Table ( https://soylentnews.org )
[00:18:08] <Bytram> =submit https://threatpost.com
[00:18:10] <upstart> Submitting "ThreatList: 1 Out of 5 Would Ditch a Business After a Data Breach"...
[00:18:32] <upstart> Sub-ccess! https://soylentnews.org
[00:18:35] <mrpg> I met a girl from Oregon years ago.
[00:19:23] <mrpg> The procedure can take 3 or more hours.
[00:20:09] <mrpg> Ok, we'll wait and see. And modify the script to check newspapers in Portland.
[00:20:51] <mrpg> In a different subject, my power thing in the PC has no sata power cable, I need a converter.
[00:21:28] <mrpg> I hope to remember tomorrow that I have to buy it.
[00:22:52] <mrpg> #g arepa con huevo
[00:22:52] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com - "Feb 1, 2014 ... RECIPE: http://www.sweetysalado.com Arepa de Huevo (egg stuffed arepa) is a very popular ..."
[00:22:54] <upstart> ^ 03Arepa De Huevo Recipe | How To Make An Egg Stuffed Arepa | SyS
[00:22:54] <Bytram> does it not strike you as strange that if we was THAT concerned about the operation, he'd have sent out an email ahead of time?
[00:22:55] <upstart> ^ 03Arepa de Huevo (Egg Stuffed Arepa)
[00:23:23] <mrpg> To whom? IT is ahead of time, surgery is next wednesday
[00:24:07] <Bytram> oops!
[00:24:19] * Bytram rumages around for a pair of glasses
[00:24:35] <mrpg> I also thought it was tomorrow or something like that.
[00:24:47] <mrpg> Till I read wednesday, ah ok.
[00:25:08] <mrpg> You week's been hectic and you're out of it?
[00:25:22] <takyon> not just any wednesday... halloween
[00:25:23] <Bytram> I thought it was *last* wednesday. :(
[00:25:45] <Bytram> mrpg: exactly.
[00:25:55] <Bytram> takyon: yep.
[00:26:10] <mrpg> Ok, so the probability of dying on 10/31 makes this safer.
[00:27:59] <mrpg> I'm tired, my head aches, I gotta bathe and eat and I'm installing ubuntu budgie on a VM.
[00:28:21] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[00:28:22] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews Comments | UK Said Assange Would Not be Extradited If He Leaves Embassy Refuge
[00:28:40] <Bytram> he just posted a comment about 2 hours ago.
[00:30:21] <mrpg> #g oregon timezone
[00:30:22] <MrPlow> https://www.timeanddate.com - "Current local time in USA – Oregon – Portland. Get Portland's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Portland's sunrise and sunset, moonrise ..."
[00:30:22] <upstart> ^ 03Current Local Time in Portland, Oregon, USA
[00:31:13] <mrpg> utc-7 ok
[00:32:13] <mrpg> Surgery is at 8:30 which means 11:30 utc-4 so it will end at let's say 2:30pm
[00:33:13] <mrpg> I had surgery once. No problem. 'Cept the stupid doctor arrived late.
[00:37:24] <Bytram> couple of times for me and I had no problems, either, but I was much younger, then.
[00:38:01] <mrpg> I was 32, ballpark.
[00:38:13] <Bytram> mrpg: Be glad the stupid doctor was late! That let the smart doctor get to you first! ;)
[00:38:41] <Bytram> once in my teens and once in my 20s
[00:38:47] <mrpg> haha, as a matter of fact there were supposed to be two.
[00:38:56] <mrpg> One for each new boob!
[00:40:38] <Bytram> oh, wait. It looks like MDC posted a very similar story on his journal.
[00:41:12] <mrpg> Yes, that's where we all are, come join us.
[00:41:40] <Bytram> gots two much else too dew
[00:42:07] <mrpg> In summary: good luck you'll be fine.
[00:42:26] <mrpg> And "my mom will email you if you give me your email".
[00:43:08] <mrpg> I read TMB's comment and I don't know why I thought that he must be a scrawny man that hates everything or a stunt men for Rocky. We need a picture!
[00:46:34] <mrpg> #g security guards
[00:46:34] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "A security guard is a person employed by a public or private party to protect the employing party's assets from a variety of hazards (such as waste, damaged ..."
[00:46:36] <upstart> ^ 03Security guard - Wikipedia
[00:48:05] <mrpg> #g sinead occonor islam
[00:48:06] <MrPlow> https://www.cnn.com - "9 hours ago ... The Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has announced her conversion to Islam, changing her name to Shuhada' Davitt."
[00:48:10] <upstart> ^ 03Sinead O'Connor converts to Islam and changes name to Shuhada'
[00:48:45] <mrpg> Well well well, spank my hiney and call me Al-kwarizmi.
[00:48:50] <mrpg> #g algebra
[00:48:51] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "Algebra is one of the broad parts of mathematics, together with number theory, geometry and analysis. In its most general form, algebra is the study of ..."
[00:48:52] <upstart> ^ 03Algebra - Wikipedia
[00:49:04] <mrpg> #g kanadajin
[00:49:04] <MrPlow> https://prettyuglylittleliar.net - "Canadian girl living in Japan because she's blessed, doesn't need English, and is actually a white Japanese.Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Instagram."
[00:49:05] <upstart> ^ 03Kanadajin - Pretty Ugly Little Liar
[00:49:40] <takyon> what is that, a bullying forum?
[00:49:48] <mrpg> IT seems so
[00:50:25] <mrpg> Note to self: put it in gear, go do something, it's late.
[00:51:09] <mrpg> Be back in 30.
[00:52:46] * Bytram just finished eating a half-dozen baked russet potatoes with butter (well, okay, margarine)... yum!
[00:58:17] <takyon> that sounds like a lot
[00:59:27] <Bytram> yeah, it kinda is. As a teenage, at least half the plate was a heaping mound of mashed potatoes.
[01:01:48] <Bytram> Italians have pasta (for carbohydrates), Asians have rice, the Irish (and my family) have potatoes. Most every nationality has an inexpensive starch source in its diet.
[01:02:38] <takyon> and it's killin gthem all! Go PALEO!
[01:02:40] <Bytram> I have two more still waiting for me, but I'm kind of full atm.
[01:02:46] <Bytram> time for a break
[01:03:10] <takyon> take a break from eating potatoes!
[01:03:16] <takyon> !!!
[01:03:26] <Bytram> lol
[01:03:56] <Bytram> more convenient to just heat up rice, of late, so I've been going with that, of late...
[01:04:20] <Bytram> otoh, as the nights get colder, some hot baked potatoes just hit the spot.
[01:06:02] <takyon> I'd rather make a potato curry. More moist
[01:11:47] <Bytram> part of the trick is to start with good potatoes... not dried up wizened old spuds.
[01:12:28] <Bytram> or, a corn chowder with lots of potatoes... yummy!
[01:12:42] <Bytram> anyway, break time.
[01:42:31] <mrpg> I'll do Xiaomi Announces Smartphones With 10 GB of RAM
[01:51:46] <mrpg> Ready, bye good night.
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[10:47:38] <Bytram> =submit http://www.eye-tuebingen.de
[10:47:40] <upstart> Submitting "Why might reading make myopic?"...
[10:48:02] <upstart> Sub-ccess! https://soylentnews.org
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