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[00:49:51] <Bytram> ~submit https://www.nytimes.com
[00:50:00] <exec> error: title not found or empty
[00:50:27] <Bytram> oh well... I'm sure there will be another site carrying the story shortly that will submit.
[00:51:19] <chromas> 🌮submit https://www.nytimes.com
[00:51:36] <Bytram> good luck with that
[00:51:36] <chromas> :(
[00:51:45] <Bytram> yuppers.
[00:51:59] <chromas> bug in my code
[00:52:05] <chromas> it's just sort of sitting there
[00:52:25] <chromas> #submit https://www.nytimes.com
[00:52:25] <MrPlow> Unable to find a summary for that page
[00:53:02] <chromas> it's hard to debug the page through 45 GB of javascript
[00:53:45] <Bytram> just need a bit more js to make the other js go away!
[00:54:40] <chromas> 🌮submit http://www.chicagotribune.com
[00:54:41] <upstart> Submitting "John McCain Dies at 81, Aide to GOP Senator Says"...
[00:54:41] <exec> └─ 13John McCain dies at 81, aide to GOP senator says - Chicago Tribune
[00:54:56] <Bytram> chromas++
[00:54:56] <Bender> karma - chromas: 37
[00:54:57] <chromas> from the sci-tech dept :D
[00:55:03] <upstart> Sub-ccess! https://soylentnews.org
[00:57:21] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.sciencedaily.com
[00:57:25] <exec> 955 stories loaded
[00:57:26] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Single pill with two drugs could transform blood pressure treatment"
[00:57:56] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[00:58:02] <exec> 954 stories loaded
[01:02:04] <Fnord666> Howdy all
[01:02:12] <Fnord666> Is arthur back?
[01:02:30] <Bytram> howdy!
[01:02:35] <Bytram> Yes!
[01:03:04] <Fnord666> And how's Bytram this evening?
[01:03:33] <Bytram> Good. Tried, but good. Thanks for asking! You?
[01:03:38] <Fnord666> and good evening chromas!
[01:03:47] <Fnord666> I'm a bit tried myself
[01:04:03] <chromas> g'day Fnord666, Bytram, Hephaestus
[01:04:19] <Fnord666> but other than that doing well. thanks
[01:05:31] <Bytram> Fnord666: looks like you are only 16 stories shy of... 2,400 stories! https://soylentnews.org
[01:05:34] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[01:05:36] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[01:05:48] <Fnord666> I know. I'm closing in on cmn32480
[01:05:57] <Fnord666> relatively speaking ...
[01:06:27] <Fnord666> who is just 10 stories off of 3000!
[01:07:14] <Bytram> yup... holding steady, that one is.
[01:08:37] <Fnord666> And takyon just broke 1000 himself!
[01:09:29] <Bytram> yup! And that is on top of all the stories he's submitted, too...
[01:09:31] <Fnord666> Although technically he's really "edited" a lot more than that, given that his submissions are almost always publication ready.
[01:09:42] <Fnord666> right
[01:10:00] <Bytram> 'zactly!
[01:10:45] <Fnord666> chromas I wanted to thank you also for all of the hard work you've been putting in. Huzzah!
[01:10:51] <Fnord666> chromas++
[01:10:51] <Bender> karma - chromas: 38
[01:11:34] <chromas> Oh thanks :)
[01:11:38] <Bytram> Zoinks! takyon has posted 11,852 comments, too!
[01:11:43] <chromas> I'll catch up to you guys too, when life takes over
[01:11:45] * chromas plots
[01:12:08] * Bytram steals the graph paper
[01:12:22] <Bytram> "takyon has 4421 submissions."
[01:12:25] * Fnord666 takes his calculator
[01:12:34] * chromas rolls in some card stock; the plot thickens
[01:13:20] * Fnord666 switches the ink to black and the plot gets darker
[01:13:21] * Bytram burns the card stock and plants some seeds, the plot flowers into bloom
[01:14:52] * Fnord666 hacks the tractor's GPS, it veers left, and the plot takes a sinister turn
[01:16:05] * Bytram hurriedly plows up a berm of earth causing the tractor to veer back on course causing the plot to resume its appointed course
[01:17:23] <Fnord666> nerd_humor++
[01:17:23] <Bender> karma - nerd_humor: 1
[01:17:38] <Bytram> nerd_humor++ indeed
[01:17:38] <Bender> karma - nerd_humor: 2
[01:20:24] <Fnord666> chromas How are you doing these days?
[01:22:29] <chromas> Doing okay. Working on my bot and shitposting in irc :)
[01:22:39] <Fnord666> :) indeed
[01:36:28] <Fnord666> chromas which bot is yours?
[01:36:42] <chromas> upstart
[01:39:50] <Fnord666> cook
[01:39:54] <Fnord666> cool
[01:40:13] <chromas> It's written in D and the command prefix is a taco
[01:40:36] <Fnord666> nice!
[01:40:58] * Bytram is pretty nackered and gonna call it an early night... am on vacation this week and really need to try to catch up on my sleep.
[01:41:08] <Bytram> very nice, indeed
[01:41:11] <Fnord666> I need to add unicode into HexChat I guess
[01:41:15] <chromas> ~g'night martyBytram
[01:41:16] * exec insatiably dereferences a pointer to a bootload of 🐔💨 for martyBytram
[01:41:24] <Bytram> ~gnight chromas
[01:41:26] * exec cromulently duplicates a dumpster full of clockwork oranges for chromas
[01:41:33] <Fnord666> ~gnight Bytram
[01:41:35] * exec suspiciously QCs a spoon of vindication for Bytram
[01:41:37] <Bytram> heh, jus tlike clockwork!
[01:42:04] <Fnord666> pleasant dreams
[01:42:20] <Bytram> thanks! And a good night to all of you, as well!
[01:46:04] <Fnord666> chromas how do you like D? What advantages does it provide?
[01:47:57] <chromas> I still haven't fully grasped templates yet and I still gotta dig through stdlib docs all the time because, for example, a function for manipulating a string might be in the String unit, or Array, or Algorithm, or...
[01:48:15] <chromas> I like it because it works a lot like a better c++. I'm not an expert on languages though.
[01:48:41] <chromas> Before D, I was using Pascal/Delphi, so there's that
[01:48:53] * chromas might still have the pascal bot code somewhere
[01:49:35] <Fnord666> =)
[02:05:34] <chromas> 🌮submit https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov
[02:06:17] <chromas> Hm. Ran the parser, then just nuffin
[02:06:19] <chromas> #smake upstart
[02:06:19] * MrPlow smakes upstart upside the head with Ethanol-fueled's 5" extender
[02:14:09] -!- upstart has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[02:58:03] -!- upstart [upstart!~systemd@0::1] has joined #editorial
[08:54:57] <Bytram> http://feedproxy.google.com
[08:54:58] <upstart> ^ 03John McCain, senator and war hero, dies at 81 - CNET ( https://www.cnet.com )
[08:55:00] <exec> └─ 13John McCain, senator and war hero, dies at 81 - CNET
[09:02:00] <Bytram> #g John McCain wikipedia
[09:02:01] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "John Sidney McCain III (August 29, 1936 – August 25, 2018) was an American politician who served as the senior United States Senator from Arizona, a seat to ..."
[09:02:02] <upstart> ^ 03John McCain - Wikipedia
[09:11:09] * Bytram lumbers off and heads back to bed
[16:08:27] <Bytram> Fnord666: Ping!
[16:12:52] <Bytram> https://soylentnews.org
[16:12:57] <upstart> ^ 03Kalashnikov Unveils Electric Car Seeking to Dethrone Tesla - SoylentNews
[16:12:57] <exec> └─ 13Kalashnikov Unveils Electric Car Seeking to Dethrone Tesla - SoylentNews
[16:52:09] <Bytram> Fnord666: Thanks a bunch for pushing out so many stories... FYI I rescheduled so as to resume weekday spacing after Sunday midnight UTC. No biggy, just an FYI. JR had privately suggested that we have weekend spacing strictly on SAT/SUN UTC, and I prolly forgot to pass the word along. My bad!