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[02:12:05] <Bytram> whereto? https://www.usatoday.com
[02:12:06] <upstart> ^ 03Maternal mortality rates rise as hospital safety measures go unused ( https://www.usatoday.com )
[09:46:43] <chromas> After all Bytram's research and I just go and NUKE his suggested dept >:D
[10:13:21] <chromas> Hm, I noticed Bytram's bot-sub after I did his 'real' sub. They don't share sources.
[11:26:47] <Bytram> chromas: good morning! I'm pre-coffee atm, so I can't remember what I subbed wrt amazon/oracle... am looking now.
[11:28:17] <Bytram> the Arthur-submitted article from The Register is a 'meta' article referencing the CNBC one that I submitted and you accepted.
[11:28:23] <Bytram> nuking the arthur one now
[11:30:26] <Bytram> done!
[11:38:35] <Bytram> chromas++ Thanks for filling the story queue! I couldn't stay awake any longer!
[11:38:35] <Bender> karma - chromas: 34
[12:24:17] <chromas> Just tryin' ta get muh numbers up
[12:24:56] <chromas> ooh, my karma matches my uid
[12:26:14] <chromas> !karmactl lock
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[20:53:05] <chromas> Fnord666++
[20:53:05] <chromas> Fnord666++
[20:53:05] <chromas> Fnord666++
[20:53:05] <chromas> Fnord666++
[20:53:05] <Bender> karma - fnord666: 44
[20:53:05] <Bender> karma - fnord666: 46
[20:53:05] <Bender> karma - fnord666: 46
[20:53:09] <Bender> karma - fnord666: 47
[20:53:25] <chromas> also
[20:53:25] <chromas> takyon++
[20:53:25] <chromas> takyon++
[20:53:25] <Bender> karma - takyon: 86
[20:53:25] <Bender> karma - takyon: 86
[20:53:35] * chromas should give out more
[20:53:35] <cmn32480> chromas--
[20:53:35] <Bender> karma - chromas: 33
[20:53:39] <cmn32480> ther. fixed
[20:53:53] <chromas> Oh noes! I doesn't matches my uid
[20:54:10] <chromas> Just noticing they did a buttload of subs
[20:54:15] <chromas> ~g'day cmn32480
[20:54:15] <cmn32480> do you melt now?
[20:54:18] * exec niggardly pukes a can of bewb on cmn32480
[20:54:23] <cmn32480> ~gday chromas
[20:54:25] * exec casually pesters a painting of circular references with chromas
[20:54:26] <chromas> I do
[20:54:34] <cmn32480> i win... i think
[20:54:37] * chromas may now kiss the pie
[20:54:55] <Hephaestus> ~g'day MrPlow
[20:54:57] * exec irrefutably coalesces a json representation of rations with MrPlow
[20:55:00] * cmn32480 is going to GTFO from the office in about 5 minutes
[20:55:07] <chromas> noice
[20:55:51] <cmn32480> actually.. f that
[20:55:54] <cmn32480> I'ma leave now
[20:56:00] <cmn32480> ~gnight chromas
[20:56:02] * exec analiciously drops a fartbox of donkey rhubarb on chromas
[20:56:06] <cmn32480> lol
[20:56:20] <chromas> ~g'night cmn32480
[20:56:22] * exec irresponsibly slides a raid 4 volume of horse plops to cmn32480
[20:56:30] * chromas doesn't know what to do with that
[20:56:32] <cmn32480> we both lost!
[20:56:40] <chromas> animal output all around
[20:56:50] <cmn32480> any way I'm out
[20:57:09] <chromas> sea ja
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[21:35:50] -!- mode/#editorial [+v mrpg] by Hephaestus
[21:36:46] <mrpg> Hi, the dept. line doesn't accept a dash or two dashes as a valid character. If I write +- it only sees +, if I write +-- it only sees + too.
[21:37:12] <mrpg> So that's why I wrote +.-.
[21:37:28] <mrpg> I'll do weight loss
[21:37:31] <mrpg> the sub.
[21:37:33] <mrpg> ready
[21:37:41] <mrpg> I'll do cryptocurrency
[21:37:50] <mrpg> the sub, I'm not mining.
[21:37:52] <mrpg> ready.
[21:43:50] <mrpg> I'll do google glass trial helps autistic children
[21:43:53] <mrpg> ready
[21:43:57] <mrpg> so fast!!!!
[21:43:59] <mrpg> me++
[21:43:59] <Bender> karma - me: 14
[21:47:09] <mrpg> I'll do ketchup packages something something
[21:47:11] <mrpg> ready!
[21:47:46] <chromas> I see two cryptocurrencies
[21:49:53] <chromas> mrpg: what was the dept you wanted? I can fix it with &#45; :)
[21:50:01] <chromas> (or you can if you like)
[21:51:08] <mrpg> Because they talk about electricity I wanted ot put +-
[21:51:22] <mrpg> I dont know why there are two... ignore one.
[21:51:34] <mrpg> Blame the minus sign
[21:51:56] <chromas> Ah. Yeah it treats - as a space and those get chopped, but if I put a &#45; in there then it works (until the next edit, when it becomes a trimmable - again)
[21:53:00] <chromas> it also works for emojis, if you ever wanna stick one it doesn't like into the dept
[21:53:46] <chromas> like 🖕 or 🐔💨
[21:54:35] <mrpg> ah ok I'll do it.
[21:55:46] <mrpg> Ready. Will it dissapear if someone updates the story?
[21:55:47] <chromas> ooh, there's a battery glyph 🔋
[21:56:00] <chromas> It will, but nobody should since it's green now
[21:56:06] <mrpg> For the life of me I dont see a battery there.
[21:56:34] <chromas> could be your font if you're on win or lin. I hear macs do it right though
[21:56:48] <mrpg> linux pidgin
[21:57:02] <mrpg> I need a magnifying glass
[21:57:12] <chromas> ah
[21:57:25] <mrpg> Wasap has cigarrete emoji but no toothburhs emoji. wtf?
[21:57:25] <chromas> ⚡
[21:57:33] <mrpg> toothbrush
[21:57:46] <chromas> I don't see one in my character map
[21:58:24] <mrpg> I'll do the 661Tb sub.
[21:59:12] <chromas> Wow, that's more than Khyber could do. Were they using AC LEDs?
[22:02:14] <mrpg> Lasers that emit pulses of light instead of a pure color.
[22:02:52] <chromas> Imagine if they could encode bits on individual photons. That'd be neat
[22:04:07] <mrpg> indeed
[22:04:41] <chromas> Each photon could have its own IPv6 address too
[22:05:49] <mrpg> sub ready
[22:08:01] <mrpg> Six stories, enough for today. See you tomorrow have fun bye.
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[23:35:55] <Bytram> ~tell mrpg isntead of +/- can also use the single unicode glyph: ±
[23:42:49] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.cnet.com
[23:42:52] <exec> └─ 13Bacteria learn to resist alcohol-based hand sanitisers - CNET
[23:42:53] <exec> 1109 stories loaded
[23:42:54] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Bacteria learn to resist alcohol-based hand sanitisers"
[23:43:24] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[23:43:31] <exec> 1108 stories loaded
[23:43:36] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.bloomberg.com
[23:43:42] <exec> it has been only 15 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[23:44:02] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.bloomberg.com
[23:44:07] <exec> it has been only 40 seconds since the last submission - please wait
[23:44:18] * Deucalion waves thanks to Bytram
[23:44:19] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.bloomberg.com
[23:44:27] <exec> 1108 stories loaded
[23:44:28] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Bitcoin Whale's Bad Trade Leaves Counterparties Holding the Bag"
[23:44:33] <Bytram> Deucalion: thanks for... what?
[23:44:57] <exec> error: something went wrong with your submission - maybe try again in a minute
[23:45:06] <Bytram> Deucalion: thanks for... what?
[23:45:08] <Bytram> ~arthur https://www.bloomberg.com
[23:45:14] <exec> 1108 stories loaded
[23:45:15] <exec> attempting to submit story: "Bitcoin Whale's Bad Trade Leaves Counterparties Holding the Bag"
[23:45:31] <Deucalion> holding fort
[23:45:43] <exec> submission successful - https://soylentnews.org
[23:45:50] <exec> 1107 stories loaded
[23:46:19] <Bytram> Oh, I did? Wow! yay me!
[23:47:34] <Bytram> ~arthur https://phys.org
[23:47:37] <exec> └─ 1312-yr-old Mexico university student doesn't like word genius
[23:47:38] <exec> 1107 stories loaded
[23:47:39] <exec> story not found
[23:47:59] <Bytram> Yeah, so? Please submit it anyway! =)
[23:48:51] <Bytram> guess I gotta wait another 20 minutes or so to see if it gets added to the storybot page: https://wiki.soylentnews.org
[23:48:54] <exec> └─ 13Storybot - SoylentNews
[23:49:56] <Bytram> time to make some din din... back in a bit
[23:50:12] <upstart> ^ 03Storybot - SoylentNews
[23:51:12] <Deucalion> Yeh... have a congratulatory pin badge, a $5 voucher to redeem in the company store and if you like a certificate... never mind that adjustment of salary from $0 p.h. to -$4p.h., just sign the paperwork. uch my general cynicism is showing. Off to bed.
[23:51:57] <chromas> -$ph. I wonder if anyone's ever tried that in the tips-count-as-income states
[23:52:17] <chromas> or put a negative tip on your check at the restaurant
[23:53:59] <Bytram> ~gnight Deucalion
[23:54:00] * exec overratedly sets a gigabyte of logical phalluses by Deucalion
[23:54:43] <Bytram> chromas: Would not help any... if the IRS can deem that you received something of value in excess of its cost, that counts as income
[23:55:04] <Bytram> to a degree
[23:55:27] <chromas> I was thinking of the places where restaurants can pay less than minimum wage if they count the tips
[23:56:16] <Bytram> a company could, for example, give its employees coupons worth say, $3 towards a purchase of $6 or more. That is not taxable to the IRS. If they could redeem the $3 coupon for $3 worth of merchandise, then that WOULD count, AFAIK
[23:56:37] <Bytram> ugh, long day... not quite following your idea?
[23:57:49] <chromas> Some states allow employers to pay less than min wage because the tips they get + employer income >= minimum wage. So if they make a buttload of tips, I wonder if they could get away with paying negative $ to employees
[23:57:50] <Bytram> chromas: So, for example, I work an 8-hour shift, earn say $80 (@$10/hour) and take in, say $40 in tips... what would your idea do to that?
[23:58:01] <chromas> They're already screwing them over with shared tipping and stuff
[23:58:43] <chromas> Pay you -$2/hr so you're still earning minimum wage :D
[23:59:10] <Bytram> I believe there is still a minimum per hour wage they must pay
[23:59:13] <chromas> You're making too many dollars and I need them to Create Jobs™
[23:59:54] * Bytram rummages around for a printing press