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[00:56:45] <mrpg> First post.
[00:56:48] <mrpg> second.
[00:56:57] <mrpg> sixty-seventh
[00:57:43] <mrpg> #g kaepernick
[00:57:43] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "Colin Rand Kaepernick is an American football quarterback who is currently a free agent. Kaepernick played college football for the University of Nevada in ..."
[00:59:34] <Bytram> mrpg: !!
[00:59:39] <Bytram> Good to see ya!
[00:59:49] <mrpg> hi nice to see you too
[01:00:04] <Bytram> =)
[01:00:22] <Bytram> I was at a mtg earlier, but saw the story queue was running dry...
[01:00:32] <Bytram> was able to push out a story using my mobile phone.
[01:00:48] <Bytram> not easy, but was able to buy some time until I got home
[01:01:29] <Bytram> you are fast approaching your 600th story published! https://soylentnews.org
[01:01:31] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[01:01:35] <Bytram> mrpg++
[01:01:35] <Bender> karma - mrpg: 36
[01:02:02] <mrpg> eee! good for me
[01:02:42] * Bytram looks at romaine lettuce deatrhs/illnesses
[01:03:19] <Bytram> and got redirected away from the linked page
[01:03:20] <Bytram> :(
[01:03:50] <mrpg> it's for your own good, that thing is contagious.
[01:04:38] <mrpg> it loaded ok for me
[01:06:29] * Bytram *may* have accidentally clicked on something... loads fine, now
[01:07:09] <Bytram> oh, and it's a story from "The Telegraph"
[01:07:35] <mrpg> Is it me or nobody uses the term free software anymore? all the news say open source.
[01:08:25] <Bytram> if you own the words used, you can control the discussion...
[01:08:44] <Bytram> just beacuse one can *look* at the source, does not mean one is free to do anything with it. :(
[01:09:48] <Bytram> I'll pass on the romaine lettuce story. It was just a revised total of illnesses and deaths, along with symptoms and how to avoid getting it
[01:10:09] <Bytram> ==> opiate taax dodgers
[01:11:15] <Bytram> nope... will skip that one, too.
[01:11:32] <Bytram> ==> trump / NFL
[01:12:54] <Bytram> I'll 'pass'
[01:20:56] <Bytram> Amazon Will no Longer Ship to Australia @ 2018/06/03 03:12:00
[01:29:26] <mrpg> I have done nothing, I was making pasta.
[01:30:54] <Bytram> nod nod...
[01:31:07] <Bytram> some tough pickings in the queue...
[01:31:16] <Bytram> only got one story out so far
[01:32:01] <mrpg> I'll do "New policy pushes for open source in California agencies"
[01:32:24] <Bytram> k
[01:33:15] <Bytram> methane ice dunes on pluto
[01:35:12] <mrpg> new policy ready
[01:35:45] <Bytram> yay!
[01:35:53] <Bytram> whereto? http://go.theregister.com
[01:35:55] <exec> └─ 13The ice must flow: Dunes of frozen gas spotted on alien dwarf • The Register
[01:36:16] <Bytram> chromas: looks like upstart got offed again :(
[01:36:38] <Bytram> https://www.theregister.co.uk
[01:36:40] <exec> └─ 13The ice must flow: Dunes of frozen gas spotted on alien dwarf • The Register
[01:37:39] <mrpg> I'll do "Scientists Develop Material That Could Regenerate Dental Enamel"
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[01:39:30] <Bytram> upstart: !!
[01:42:26] <Bytram> http://science.sciencemag.org
[01:42:28] <upstart> ^ 03Dunes on Pluto | Science
[01:42:30] <exec> └─ 13Dunes on Pluto | Science
[01:42:52] <mrpg> tooths ready
[01:42:59] <mrpg> hehe tooths
[01:43:12] <Bytram> ain't that the tooth! ;)
[01:44:12] <mrpg> Should I do "Uganda levies social media tax"?
[01:44:35] <Bytram> would it apply to us in any way?
[01:44:52] <Bytram> s/w/c/
[01:44:54] <exec> <Bytram> could it apply to us in any way?
[01:44:59] <mrpg> Not to us or to U.S.
[01:45:08] <Bytram> lol.. good one.
[01:45:14] <Bytram> your choice
[01:45:15] <mrpg> No, just a random story for the weekend.
[01:45:27] <mrpg> Ok I'll read it and then I'll decide.
[01:45:39] <mrpg> You know for what this story is good? For gossip!!!!!
[01:45:49] <mrpg> Uganda Levies Social Media Tax to Prevent Gossip
[01:46:08] <Bytram> from the "You Don't Say!" dept
[01:46:37] <mrpg> stupid engadget requires JS.
[01:48:23] <mrpg> The President of Uganda reminds me of https://www.theguardian.com
[01:48:24] <upstart> ^ 03Gay and bald? Evo Morales thinks you ate too much chicken | News | The Guardian
[01:48:31] <exec> └─ 13Gay and bald? Evo Morales thinks you ate too much chicken | News | The Guardian
[01:48:35] <Bytram> #g sand worms dune
[01:48:36] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org(Dune) - "A sandworm is a fictional creature that appears in the Dune novels written by Frank Herbert. Sandworms are colossal worm-like creatures that live on the hot ..."
[01:48:37] <upstart> ^ 03Sandworm (Dune) - Wikipedia
[01:48:45] <mrpg> Morales said chicken producers injected fowl with female hormones and insisted that "when men eat those chickens they experience deviances in being men".
[01:49:36] <Bytram> what possible benefit is offered for the expense and effort required to do that?
[01:49:52] <Bytram> benefit to the chicken producer, that is
[01:50:14] <Bytram> methane dunes @ 2018/06/03 10:15:00
[01:50:50] <mrpg> "Papua New Guinea recently announced that the country would block access to Facebook for a month to analyze how the population is using the service."
[01:51:40] <Bytram> the people started spending more money on VPNs?
[01:51:52] <Bytram> break time / dishes
[01:57:08] <Bytram> 2ding CA open source
[01:57:23] <mrpg> Uganda tax ready
[01:57:42] <mrpg> Should it be "also at BBC" or "also at the BBC"?
[01:58:05] <Bytram> hrm
[01:58:12] * Bytram goes to look
[01:59:07] <Bytram> umm, I'm not a native... commonly referred to as "The Beeb"
[01:59:30] <Bytram> if I had to choose, I'd say add the 'the'
[01:59:41] <Bytram> ==> "also at the BBC"?
[01:59:46] <Bytram> ==> "also at the BBC"
[02:00:00] <mrpg> I concur
[02:00:19] <mrpg> Ready.
[02:00:27] <Bytram> k... I'll 2nd it
[02:00:51] <mrpg> I'll go fix me something to eat, be back in a while. Pasta and tuna maybe.
[02:01:02] <Bytram> "will be levies" ==> "will be levied"
[02:01:29] * Bytram just had a big bowl of rice & chili & beans w/ extra chili powder
[02:01:34] <mrpg> good catch
[02:01:51] <mrpg> #g pimienta
[02:01:51] <MrPlow> http://www.spanishdict.com - "Ella se niega a comer verduras sin cargarlas con sal y pimienta.She refuses to eat vegetables without loading them with salt and pepper. 2. (botany). a. pepper ..."
[02:01:52] <upstart> ^ 03Pimienta | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict
[02:02:05] <mrpg> I have pepper but no eggs.
[02:02:09] <Bytram> yuck.
[02:02:55] <Bytram> pepper... as in the spice, or the "vegetable"
[02:05:06] <Bytram> 2nding dental enamel
[02:06:38] * Bytram notices a collision on release times... about to move methane dunes story slot
[02:07:06] <Bytram> Methane Ice Dunes Found on Pluto @ 2018/06/03 12:36:00
[02:08:34] <Bytram> just saw this in the #rss-bot channel: http://science.sciencemag.org
[02:08:36] <upstart> ^ 03When facts are not enough | Science ( http://science.sciencemag.org )
[02:08:38] <exec> └─ 13When facts are not enough | Science
[02:08:55] <Bytram> don't know if it is any good, but wanted to put it out for someone else to take a lok.
[02:09:08] <Bytram> I'm wiped and am heading to bed
[02:09:17] <Bytram> have a great night everyone!
[02:21:59] <mrpg> bye good night
[02:27:58] <mrpg> Bank of England Considers Central Bank Digital Currency
[02:27:59] <mrpg> ready
[02:28:07] <mrpg> I'm tired bye.
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[13:45:15] * Bytram just pushed out a meta story about server upgrades that should complete in the next 10 minutes or so.
[14:00:28] <Bytram> break time
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[23:57:54] <Bytram> ~eds Anybody here? I just subbed a site fundraising story that I would appreciate, if possible, that it be run at 0900 UTC Monday (2018-06-05)
[23:57:55] <exec> editor ping for Bytram (reason: anybody here? i just subbed a site fundraising story that i would appreciate, if possible, that it be run at 0900 utc monday (2018-06-05)): janrinok n1 nick Bytram cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away Fnord666 FatPhil mrpg chromas fyngyrz