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[00:04:17] <mrpg> Let's see "ditching the satnav" looks good.
[00:15:11] <mrpg> ditching - ready
[00:58:01] <mrpg> No more stories for me today, I'll be monitoring the submissions queue.
[00:58:24] <mrpg> Well, I'll make like a tree and bid adieu.
[00:59:07] <mrpg> I'm going to eat rice, meat and maybe some more carbs. I'm tired of cooking. But not of eating!!!!
[00:59:48] <mrpg> And maybe a sweet glass of milk.
[01:00:05] <mrpg> bye!1!1122!!22!!!
[01:00:12] <mrpg> tell your people to call my people
[01:00:34] <mrpg> ~gnight editorial
[01:00:36] * exec hurriedly vomits an array of pepper on editorial
[01:00:50] <mrpg> I like pepper and arrays.
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