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[00:08:11] <Bytram> Huh. Looks like we cannot use named character entities in story titles any more? AT&amp;T is displayed verbatim in the title??!!!
[00:10:19] <Bytram> hmmmm, looks okay on the story list page
[00:10:42] <Bytram> looks okay when I go to view the story (not in Editing mode)
[00:10:58] <fyngyrz> bytram, were you talking about leg cramps this morning?
[00:11:12] <Bytram> recently, yes
[00:11:25] <fyngyrz> K... {cramps}
[00:11:25] <fungus> K... For leg and other muscular cramps: A possible
[00:11:25] <fungus> helper tip from my days as a marital arts
[00:11:26] <fungus> instructor... often, leg and other muscular cramps
[00:11:26] <fungus> are caused by whacked blood chemistry (in martial
[00:11:27] <fungus> arts, it's because of muscle waste products,
[00:11:27] <fungus> lactic acid and so forth, produced by extended
[00:11:28] <fungus> sequences of high effort.) A quick fix for this,
[00:11:28] <fungus> often within seconds, can be to consume some
[00:11:29] <fungus> chewable calcium, for instance, a few Tums™ or
[00:11:29] * Bytram edits AT&T story, again
[00:11:29] <fungus> equivalent calcium-based acid-stomach remedy.
[00:11:30] <fungus> These dissolve almost immediately in the stomach,
[00:11:30] <fungus> and get into the blood via the stomach lining.
[00:11:57] <Bytram> intersting!
[00:12:03] <fyngyrz> nods
[00:12:40] <Bytram> and... the AT&T in the title is displayed correctly when I went back in to edit the story... so it appears it is only 'off' upon initial edit of a story.
[00:13:04] * Bytram is on his feet all day at work
[00:13:46] * Bytram adds that, of the 4 different bays that we works from, he always seems to be in a bay that is different from the one that the customer approaches. :/
[00:14:02] <fyngyrz> what do you do?
[00:14:18] * Bytram could *really* go for some deep tissue massage therapy on his calves
[00:14:19] <Bytram> pm?
[00:14:24] <fyngyrz> sure
[00:41:48] <Bytram> #g ex machina alicia
[00:41:49] <MrPlow> https://www.youtube.com - "Jun 4, 2015 ... It was hard work to get her voice and look just right for the sci-fi film. » Subscribe to Late Night: http://bit.ly » Get more Late Night with ..."
[00:41:50] <upstart> ^ 03How Alicia Vikander Perfected Her Robot Voice for Ex Machina - Late Night with Seth Meyers - YouTube
[00:41:54] <upstart> ^ 03Late Night with Seth Meyers - YouTube ( https://www.youtube.com )
[06:58:03] <fyngyrz> "should-have-quite-while-they-were-ahead" s/quite/quit/ in net neutrality story department -- done
[12:13:05] <Bytram> fyngyrz++ Excellent catch! Thank you very much! Latka!
[12:13:06] <Bender> karma - fyngyrz: 8
[12:13:10] <Bytram> #g latka
[12:13:10] <MrPlow> https://en.wikipedia.org - "Latka Gravas is a fictional character on the television sitcom Taxi portrayed by Andy Kaufman. A sweet-natured and lovable-but-goofy mechanic, Latka was based on a character Kaufman created known as Foreign Man. Contents. [hide]. 1 Development. 1.1 Creation; 1.2 Tony Clifton; 1.3 Man on the Moon. 2 Awards."
[12:13:10] <upstart> ^ 03Latka Gravas - Wikipedia
[12:13:38] <Bytram> Huh! I actually spelled the name correctly! =)
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[12:23:14] <Bytram> AMD in the datacenter
[12:26:58] <Bytram> AMD in the datacenter @ 2018/04/27 13:59:00
[12:28:40] <Bytram> Possible End in Sight Seen for Cryptocurrency-Driven GPU Demand
[12:30:28] <Bytram> Possible End in Sight Seen for Cryptocurrency-Driven GPU Demand @ 2018/04/27 15:36:00
[12:31:16] <Bytram> Oy... that was close... the story queue had almost run dry, but was able to fill in without there being a break.
[12:31:18] <Bytram> Yay!
[12:31:28] <Bytram> takyon++ great story submissions!
[12:31:28] <Bender> karma - takyon: 76
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[12:32:32] <Bytram> ~tell janrinok Congratulations on reaching 3800 stories! Woo Hoo! https://soylentnews.org
[12:32:35] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews: Hall of Fame
[12:33:12] <Rufio> Bytram, that's a lot of stories
[12:33:29] <Rufio> I often forget just how long SN has been around
[12:33:41] <Rufio> it seems like just yesterday I said, "buckfeta, I quit you!"
[12:33:46] <Bytram> feb of 2014
[12:33:50] <Rufio> O_O
[12:33:52] <Bytram> whereto? https://phys.org
[12:33:53] <upstart> ^ 03New development in contact lenses for red-green color blindness using simple dye
[12:33:53] <exec> └─ 13New development in contact lenses for red-green color blindness using simple dye
[12:35:22] <Bytram> Rufio: This is a link to, AFAIK, the very first "official" story posted to the site (i.e. after it went live): https://soylentnews.org
[12:35:27] <upstart> ^ 03Welcome to the World of Tomorrow... Today! - SoylentNews
[12:35:27] <exec> └─ 13Welcome to the World of Tomorrow... Today! - SoylentNews
[12:35:44] <Rufio> Bytram, seems like just yesterday
[12:36:09] <Rufio> have you counted the # of replies too?
[12:36:15] <Bytram> Rufio: oh, and if you follow that link that shows JR's 3800+ stories, you will see that there are other editors who have also made outstanding contributions
[12:36:25] <Rufio> thx
[12:36:50] <Bytram> to just that story? Or, in total... i.e. how many comments have been posted on the site?
[12:37:15] <Rufio> yeah I was curious if you retained a count on the # of responses to articles. or user posts if you will
[12:38:09] <Bytram> it's already out there for each story... just load the story, and just below the story test is an area where you can choose to filter the comments, and it will list how many comments that story received
[12:38:26] <Rufio> ah ok thx ;D
[12:39:19] <Bytram> as for the total number of comments on the site... you can get a rough idea by going to a recent story, like this one: https://soylentnews.org
[12:39:20] <upstart> ^ 03DNA From Genealogy Site Led to Capture of Golden State Killer Suspect - SoylentNews
[12:39:21] <exec> └─ 13DNA From Genealogy Site Led to Capture of Golden State Killer Suspect - SoylentNews
[12:39:31] <Bytram> scroll down to the comments
[12:39:59] * Rufio nods
[12:40:04] <Bytram> and in the 'header bar' of the first comment there, you'll see something like:
[12:40:08] <Bytram> by Virindi (3484) Neutral on 2018.04.27 8:30 (#672563) [01c93 fc3b2]
[12:40:24] <Bytram> the 2nd parenthesized number?
[12:40:34] <Bytram> ==> (#672563)
[12:40:40] <Rufio> post id
[12:40:47] <Bytram> that means it is the 672,563rd comment posted to the site
[12:40:54] <Rufio> oh!
[12:40:58] <Bytram> =)
[12:41:05] <Rufio> that's crazy
[12:41:11] <Bytram> yep
[12:41:21] <Bytram> 2/3 of a meeeellion!
[12:42:05] <Bytram> not something you have access to, but there's on the order of 21,950 stories posted
[12:42:11] <Bytram> now, there's a caveat on that one
[12:42:33] <Bytram> some have been marked to "not display"... may have been a dupe of another story, for example
[12:42:45] <Bytram> but, gives a close enough idea
[12:43:15] <Rufio> pretty hard core
[12:43:19] <Bytram> put another way, the editors have put out on the order of 5000 stories each year!
[12:44:26] <Bytram> yep, and that is in our spare time... we are all strictly volunteers... nobody has ever received any kind of payment for their contributions to the site
[12:44:37] <Bytram> none. at. all.
[12:45:31] <Bytram> Rufio: have enjoyed chatting with ya, but speaking of spare time... mine is coming to an end... need to get myself ready to go to work.
[12:46:15] <Bytram> one last story... Researchers Keep Disembodied Pig Brains Alive for Up to 36 Hours
[12:47:53] <Rufio> Bytram, thx for the stats and extra info
[12:47:56] <Bytram> Researchers Keep Disembodied Pig Brains Alive for Up to 36 Hours @ 2018/04/27 17:13:00
[12:48:05] <Bytram> Rufio: You're welcome!
[12:48:15] <Rufio> Bytram, yeah it's a refreshing change compared to most sites
[12:48:26] <Bytram> we DO try
[12:49:32] <Bytram> we've got our share of vocal posters here, for better or worse, but for the most part, it is quite a community! Once in a while I start getting really tired, and then I see a discussion where I go "Really? Wow!" and it makes it all worthwhile!
[12:49:33] <Rufio> :D
[12:50:01] <Rufio> indeed - well chat some other time when you're free - peaceful travels to you
[12:50:30] <Bytram> btw, if you are of a mind to do so, the site does require $ in order to operate... I'd appreciate it if you would consider subscribing? See: https://soylentnews.org
[12:50:31] <upstart> ^ 03subscribe
[12:50:33] <exec> └─ 13subscribe
[12:50:49] <Rufio> :D I'll see what I can do
[12:50:57] <Bytram> Much obliged!
[13:07:11] <takyon> anyone around
[13:07:41] <takyon> if you switch the two GPU stories, maybe you won't get "omagerd, I can't buy a GPU" comments on the first one
[13:08:07] <Rufio> takyon, well, i'm here, but i'm a no nothing pleb
[13:08:50] <takyon> Lil' Marco Rufio?
[13:09:45] <Rufio> takyon, whose dat
[13:10:02] <takyon> just a no-show Senator from Florida
[13:10:23] <Rufio> nope, just plain Rufio
[14:00:45] <Bytram> takyon: had not thought about that... had intentionally put htem in that order to lead tyhe question and then provide an answer... easy to fix...
[14:01:05] <takyon> whichever way you think is better is fine
[14:01:13] <takyon> I think the story is live now so it's basically too late
[14:01:32] <Bytram> appreciate that, but I DO agree with you... should only take a minute or so...
[14:02:52] <Bytram> takyon: take a look, now
[14:03:49] <takyon> ok
[14:05:57] <Bytram> one last story before I head to work
[14:05:57] <Bytram> Microsoft Briefly Left Holding the Gun Emoji
[14:06:25] * takyon laughs
[14:06:25] <Bytram> Microsoft Briefly Left Holding the Gun Emoji @ 2018/04/27 18:50:00
[14:14:43] <Bytram> okay, time for work. laters
[14:14:48] <Bytram> have a great day everyone!
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