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[11:49:48] <clorox|2> janrinok: arthur seems to've broken the fb robot patent link
[11:49:54] * clorox|2 fixes
[11:50:02] <clorox|2> I see missing ampersands
[11:50:28] <clorox|2> or…don't see them, I guess :)
[11:52:28] <clorox|2> It was probably a trick just to see if I was paying attention
[12:35:33] <Bytram> clorox|2: welcome back!
[12:36:18] <clorox|2> Thanks. My db stopped because the disk was full, so my irc wasn't working right
[12:36:27] * chromas got it running again
[12:40:45] <Bytram> yays
[12:40:58] * Bytram waves to chromas
[12:41:39] * chromas waves back with equal amplitude
[12:47:30] * Bytram phases out
[12:48:02] * chromas cosines
[12:49:40] * Bytram runs to bank with freshly-endorsed cheque
[12:50:09] * Bytram notes amount field was not filled in and changes it to two gazillion star credits
[12:51:58] <chromas> With that many stars, you'll never have to pay the $20 for an sn sub
[12:52:43] * Bytram notes that is actually the case atm; one of the admin super powers
[14:52:35] <janrinok> fyngyrz, let me know when you think that you are ready for the Big Time!
[15:00:28] <fyngyrz> Take a look at my edits and see what you think. I feel fairly comfy, but you know how that goes.
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[23:01:34] <CoolHand> ?Cool
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