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[01:53:54] <Bytram> whereto? http://go.theregister.com
[01:53:55] <upstart> ^ 03Microsoft works weekends to kill Intel's shoddy Spectre patch • The Register ( https://www.theregister.co.uk )
[01:53:56] <exec> └─ 13Microsoft works weekends to kill Intel's shoddy Spectre patch • The Register
[02:45:15] <Bytram> after pushing out 3 new stories, I just finished 2nding all non-2nded stories that were not mine
[02:45:49] <Bytram> feel extremely tired, hitting the hay early.
[02:45:57] <Bytram> have a great night everyone!!!
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[18:31:05] -!- mode/#editorial [+v janrinok] by Hephaestus
[18:31:16] <janrinok> hi guys
[18:32:20] <cmn32480> ~gday janrinok
[18:32:22] * exec dexterously pukes a FAT16 volume of gravy-less biscuits on janrinok
[18:32:27] <janrinok> cmn32480!!!
[18:32:33] <janrinok> ~gday cmn32480
[18:32:35] <cmn32480> how goes my friend?
[18:32:36] * exec disturbingly drops an ExFAT volume of diabetes on cmn32480
[18:32:51] <cmn32480> at least you got biscuits./..
[18:32:58] * cmn32480 goes in search of insulin
[18:33:20] <janrinok> not bad at the moment. A busy weekend trying to sort out why some of our community are dipsticks, but other than that it was OK
[18:34:00] <cmn32480> what'd they do? check your oil?
[18:34:39] <janrinok> I never quite understand the biscuits and gravy thing. To us, biscuits are what you call cookies. And the thought of adding gravy to them doesn't do my stomach any favours at all...
[18:35:07] <cmn32480> nah... for us biscuits are like little crumbly cakes
[18:35:15] <janrinok> even worse!
[18:35:16] <cmn32480> add some sausage gravy to them
[18:35:30] <janrinok> cake is also sweet and often contains fruit
[18:35:37] <cmn32480> like a think cream sauge with chunks of sausage in it... mmmmmmmm
[18:36:15] <janrinok> ah well, to each his own
[18:36:24] <cmn32480> it's yummy if made right
[18:36:36] <cmn32480> if made wrong it sits in your stomach like a lead weight
[18:36:57] <janrinok> how was your weekend?
[18:37:41] <cmn32480> https://d2gk7xgygi98cy.cloudfront.net
[18:37:44] <cmn32480> reasonably good
[18:37:56] <cmn32480> took a 3 hour nap on Saturday... so that was a nice plus
[18:38:05] <cmn32480> ~title on
[18:38:06] <exec> titles already enabled for 10#editorial
[18:38:13] <cmn32480> #smake exec
[18:38:13] * MrPlow smakes exec upside the head with a primary key
[18:38:31] <janrinok> I take it the images are savoury rather than sweet, in which case they are what we would call dumplings
[18:38:33] <cmn32480> that'swhat we call a biscuit...
[18:38:37] <cmn32480> what woudl you call that/
[18:38:47] <cmn32480> yes
[18:38:48] <janrinok> ^^
[18:38:51] <cmn32480> more savory than sweet
[18:39:22] <cmn32480> my PC is running slow.. .the text is populating a letter at a time
[18:39:39] <janrinok> it is probably trying to mimic your typing skills
[18:39:58] <cmn32480> no... then it woudl come through a letter at a time all jumbled up
[18:40:35] <janrinok> perhaps it is jumbled up - but the end result is that it has decrypted your typing
[18:40:51] <janrinok> quick- patent that idea
[18:40:51] <cmn32480> interesting theory
[18:41:48] <janrinok> a 3 hour nap on Saturday - so it was a bit like a normal day at work for you?
[18:42:11] <cmn32480> sorta... but unlike at work, this one was undisturbed
[18:42:16] <janrinok> gothcha
[18:42:48] <cmn32480> so why are the neighbors morons?
[18:43:08] <janrinok> no the community on here, not in France
[18:43:15] <cmn32480> oh
[18:43:24] <cmn32480> well yes... we ahve our fair share
[18:43:46] <cmn32480> I woudl call them mostly harmless
[18:43:48] <janrinok> Trying to explain why not everyone is excited by stories about the alt-right, why people should use their journals, etc
[18:44:05] <cmn32480> ah yes... that particular nimnob
[18:44:38] <cmn32480> at a certain point, we shoudl just start deleting them and move on
[18:46:00] <janrinok> just had another one who wanted to know why his comments were being blocked when the error message quite clearly stated that the IP had been used for excessive bad posting and was temporarily blocked. Hide behind a VPN, die by the VPN
[18:47:17] <janrinok> I deleted 9 alt-right stories over the weekend, published one that could be salvaged. Turns out that the threatened apocalypse didn't take place anyway
[18:48:04] <janrinok> At least we can ignore alt-right stories for a few more months- discussed, conversation exhausted, new topic please
[18:49:26] <janrinok> Unless something new and _interesting_ comes in from that source
[18:50:52] <janrinok> S goes away for 2 weeks next Monday - I get my quarterly break. I'm looking forward to that. I plan to do a bit of decorating but I will also take it easy too
[19:04:42] <cmn32480> decorating?
[19:04:45] <cmn32480> oh dear....
[19:04:53] <janrinok> yep, needs to be done
[19:04:58] <cmn32480> pleae tell me taht S gave you your instructions on what needs done
[19:05:12] <janrinok> she did, but I'm not doing it all
[19:05:19] <cmn32480> all or any?
[19:05:32] <janrinok> all, I'm going to do 2 rooms
[19:05:32] * cmn32480 listens for S snickering in the background
[19:06:13] <cmn32480> remember to put the canvas on the floor so when you spill the paint it doens't ruin everything
[19:07:11] <janrinok> the biggest problem is moving the furniture on my own. Loads of books to move before I can move the bookcase etc
[19:07:51] * cmn32480 notes that he has just learned that janrinok can read... from his editing, he'd assumed the opposite
[19:08:11] <janrinok> no, but I've coloured them all in
[19:08:40] <cmn32480> long as you follow the lines
[19:09:13] <janrinok> you're meant to follow the lines?
[19:09:40] <cmn32480> nah... just a sufggestion
[19:10:30] <janrinok> oh good, I thought I would have to start again
[19:11:23] * cmn32480 wipes janrinoks story totals...
[19:12:14] * janrinok is back to the same level as cmn32480 now
[19:12:29] <cmn32480> nah... I"m beyond useless
[19:12:45] <janrinok> way, way beyond
[19:13:00] <cmn32480> J has been telling me taht for years
[19:13:07] <janrinok> but you are entertaining, so we keep you on the team
[19:14:09] * cmn32480 feels the love\
[19:17:46] <cmn32480> https://imgur.com
[19:17:49] <exec> └─ 13Imgur: The magic of the Internet
[19:18:14] <cmn32480> our new puppy
[19:18:15] <janrinok> Is that your hound - marvellous beast
[19:18:24] <cmn32480> 30lbs at 13 weeks old
[19:18:33] <janrinok> I didn't realise your were also an imgurian
[19:18:36] <janrinok> me too
[19:18:41] * cmn32480 can't remember the metric conversion for weeks
[19:19:11] <janrinok> easy 10 days to the week, 10 weeks to the month, etc
[19:19:22] <cmn32480> it si the only place I know where I can post images (sort of) anonymously and not have them be public
[19:19:27] <cmn32480> not that I have looked much
[19:19:31] <janrinok> lol!
[19:19:54] <cmn32480> well public without the direct link
[19:20:08] <janrinok> and if you happen to stumble upon some others while looking for your own, well, that's hardly your fault is it?
[19:20:25] <cmn32480> correct
[19:21:02] <cmn32480> granted, I don't post much there, and NEVER anything identifiable
[19:21:06] <janrinok> I usually finish my day lying in bed looking at the latest pics on imgur
[19:21:39] <cmn32480> generally good for a laugh
[19:22:02] <janrinok> always good for a laugh, and 'very good boy' pics etc
[19:22:48] <cmn32480> yes
[19:25:07] <janrinok> is J happy with the dog too?
[19:25:20] <cmn32480> she better be!
[19:25:31] <janrinok> not quite what I asked
[19:25:37] <cmn32480> but she tried to pull the "I';m the only one who takes care of this pooch" line yesterday
[19:25:45] <cmn32480> yes.. she loves her
[19:25:49] <cmn32480> I do too
[19:26:07] <cmn32480> I very quickly corrected her misconception that she was the only one who takes care fo the dog
[19:26:10] <janrinok> and who walks her, feeds her, cleans up after her (the dog, not J)
[19:26:22] <cmn32480> both of us
[19:26:29] <cmn32480> and sometimes the oldest boy
[19:26:56] <janrinok> can't tell if you a fibbing at this distance
[19:26:57] <cmn32480> we are BOTH getting up at 3am when she (the dog, not J) mneeds to go out.
[19:27:09] <cmn32480> some nights it is her
[19:27:11] <cmn32480> some it is me
[19:27:26] <cmn32480> and I let her sleep in on saturday and took care of the pooch until she woke up
[19:27:34] <cmn32480> did it Sunday too
[19:28:00] <janrinok> and the kids are no doubt smitten with her (both the dog and J)
[19:28:26] <cmn32480> yes on both counts
[19:28:32] <cmn32480> but mostly the dog
[19:28:50] <cmn32480> except when she herds them by nipping in the butt
[19:28:54] <janrinok> lol
[19:29:00] <cmn32480> they don't really like that
[19:29:08] <janrinok> ah, the herding instinct...
[19:29:32] <cmn32480> keep telling them that we are trying to establish the household pecking order...
[19:29:40] <cmn32480> at the moment,... they happen to be at the bottom
[19:30:22] <janrinok> dogs do that, they let you think that you are in charge, then whammo, they let you know who's boss occasionally
[19:30:31] <cmn32480> yeah
[19:30:41] <cmn32480> Willow keeps trying to take me out at the knees
[19:30:58] <janrinok> who chose the name?
[19:31:40] <cmn32480> J
[19:31:48] <cmn32480> with a little (not much) input from me
[19:32:03] <cmn32480> she sent a list and told me to disqualify the ones I did not like
[19:32:54] <cmn32480> I rather liek the name
[19:34:27] <cmn32480> so what culinary creation are you whipping up this evening?
[19:34:34] <cmn32480> it is Monday... so no pizza
[19:36:45] <janrinok> we had ham cooked in apple juice, mashed sweet potato and peas (S cannot copy with peas unless they are mixed with something to stop them from rolling off the spoon, and grilled courgette
[19:36:57] <janrinok> *cannot cope
[19:37:06] <cmn32480> mmmmm
[19:37:08] <cmn32480> yum
[19:37:17] <cmn32480> sounds delightful
[19:37:32] <janrinok> got a thumbs up at this end too
[19:37:34] <cmn32480> I don't copy well with peas either
[19:37:50] <cmn32480> what si grilled courgette?
[19:37:59] <cmn32480> I'm not sure I've heard of that before?
[19:38:31] <janrinok> courgette is a green veg, similar in appearance to a cucumber but much firmer in texture
[19:38:59] <janrinok> ah, you call them zuchini
[19:39:25] <cmn32480> AHHH
[19:39:26] <cmn32480> got it
[19:39:37] <cmn32480> grilled zuccini is excellent
[19:39:42] <janrinok> two nations divided by a common language ...
[19:39:52] <cmn32480> yep
[19:40:21] <cmn32480> eventually we figure it out... just takes a while
[19:40:36] <cmn32480> and a little persistence
[19:40:59] <cmn32480> I was starting to google it when yolu typed in the US translation
[19:41:44] <janrinok> it's like cilantro/coriander and a few others no doubt
[19:42:17] <cmn32480> that one I actually knew
[19:42:27] <cmn32480> probably from a previous conversation
[19:43:34] <janrinok> possibly, I do a lot of cooking with coriander seeds, whole or ground, and garnish with fresh coriander so I've probably mentioned it a few times before
[19:43:51] <cmn32480> likely
[19:44:21] <cmn32480> you shoudl wrtte a cook book
[19:44:27] <cmn32480> or a how not to cook book
[19:45:15] <janrinok> actually, we have had guests over the last few weeks, and they were making a similar suggestion. They approved of my cooking, honed after years of cock-ups
[19:45:52] <cmn32480> actually.. I should write the how not to cook book
[19:46:38] <janrinok> you could do the 'how to eat' sequel to my cookbook
[19:47:22] <janrinok> S is switching off - time for me to go. She's early tonight but she is a bit tired
[19:47:27] <cmn32480> Now you are thinking!
[19:47:39] <cmn32480> give her my best, please.
[19:48:04] <janrinok> I will, in fact, I have. You get a hug back
[19:48:24] * cmn32480 gratefully accepts
[19:48:34] * cmn32480 kisses janrinok wetly on the forehead
[19:48:57] * janrinok reaches for a facecloth and towel. Pulls faces and leaves ....
[19:49:01] * cmn32480 notes janrinoks forhead goes all the way to his neck in the back
[19:49:23] <cmn32480> sweet dreams to you both
[19:49:25] <janrinok> and on that note - take care buddy, I'm outta here
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[23:37:04] <takyon> https://soylentnews.org
[23:37:05] <upstart> ^ 03Error
[23:37:06] <exec> └─ 13Error
[23:37:10] <takyon> Is this headline accurate?
[23:38:08] <takyon> specifically, I'm not sure if Intel told the U.S. government *at all*
[23:38:37] <takyon> A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official told the Journal that the department learned about the chip flaws on the day the news broke. This delay blindsided DHS, which regularly provides guidance of how to address such vulnerabilities. The NSA also "did not know about [these] flaws," according to a Jan. 13 tweet by Rob Joyce, the top cybersecurity official at the White House.