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[12:08:23] <Bytram> ugh.
[12:10:32] <Bytram> ~eds Left my phone at work two nights ago... which I tether to get on-line. :( And, am still fighting off a nasty cold that has sapped my strength to the point that when I got home from work last night went straight to bed for a nap, got up to attend a meeting and was straight into bed again. Have a big day ahead today at work... IOW Sorry I've not been contributing much to the site of late -- not from lack of interest!! I hope to
[12:10:32] <Bytram> maybe be able to contribute something come thursday, maybe.
[12:18:11] <TheMightyBuzzard> #smake Bytram
[12:18:11] * MrPlow smakes Bytram upside the head with a peaceful #BLM protest
[12:18:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> quit yer bellyaching and go plow the field
[12:20:16] <Bytram> aye cap'n
[12:20:43] <Bytram> you mean I should go sow some oats?
[12:21:15] <TheMightyBuzzard> i think that'd be tough with you snotting all over yourself.
[12:21:45] <Bytram> au contraire! I try to aim away from myself!
[12:21:59] <Bytram> though, in retrospect, that would prolly not help much, either.
[12:23:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> unless you aimed at her better looking friend. women is evil like that.
[12:24:09] * Bytram chuckles and nods
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