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[02:19:05] <Bytram> !grab cmn32480
[02:19:05] <Bender> Added quote 72
[02:19:16] * Bytram was wondering what that smell was!
[02:19:21] <Bytram> but seriously...
[02:19:37] <Bytram> cmn32480++ Thanks a bunch for jumping in and keeping the queue filled!
[02:19:37] <Bender> karma - cmn32480: 93
[02:22:41] <Bytram> ~define TPU
[02:22:42] <exec> TPU: unable to find definition
[02:22:50] <Bytram> :(
[02:22:54] <Bytram> ~g TPU
[02:22:56] <exec> [google] https://en.wikipedia.org
[02:23:02] <Bytram> nope, that's not it
[02:24:50] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~define-add TPU, Toilet Paper, Used
[02:24:51] <exec> definition for term "TPU" set to "Toilet Paper, Used"
[02:25:34] <Bytram> ~define-add TPU, Tensor Processing Unit
[02:25:35] <exec> definition for term "TPU" set to "Tensor Processing Unit"
[02:25:44] <Bytram> ~define TPU
[02:25:45] <exec> [local] TPU: Tensor Processing Unit
[02:25:54] <Bytram> interesting!
[02:26:48] <Bytram> whereto? https://go.redirectingat.com
[02:26:50] <upstart> ^ 03NVIDIA Announces Financial Results for Second Quarter Fiscal 2018 | NVIDIA Newsroom ( https://nvidianews.nvidia.com )
[02:27:34] <TheMightyBuzzard> bah, mine was more amusing
[02:27:47] <Bytram> Tenor Provoking Unit?
[02:28:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> Total Pokemon Universe
[02:28:14] <Bytram> ++
[02:28:37] <TheMightyBuzzard> Taffeta Pink Unitard
[02:28:44] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: were you able to get a new (and working) board to develop on?
[02:29:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> nah. turns out if you hit the reset switch multiple times in short order, the board will reboot to the boot loader and not run the corrupted program code.
[02:29:33] <TheMightyBuzzard> that's a handy feature
[02:29:51] <Bytram> niiice!
[02:30:12] <Bytram> had a guest who had bought a chronograph watch
[02:30:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> yup. had to do it twice today though. i'm not greatly impressed with their usb interface.
[02:30:36] <Bytram> when they hit the lower pusher to reset the start time to zero, the hands were way off from 'zero'
[02:31:22] <Bytram> depending on manufacturer and even model, pulling the crown out 1 or two clicks and THEN pressing/holding one or the other of the pushers often allows the zero-points to be moved back into place
[02:32:03] <Bytram> where is the program stored? Canyou read it back out after you write it to the board? /me wonders about a possible memory problem.
[02:32:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> dunno and no
[02:32:51] <Bytram> or... something as simple as a bit flip on sending the program to the board.
[02:33:10] <Bytram> I wold be VERY amazed if it had ECC, never mind parity protection.
[02:33:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> it's the usb serial interface. 2/3 of the time it either errors or just fails mid-write
[02:33:27] <Bytram> prolly doesn't even give you a return code to let you know the program was uploaded okay.
[02:33:43] <Bytram> 1 Mbps or 10 Mbps?
[02:33:50] * TheMightyBuzzard has no idea
[02:34:09] <Bytram> well... that makes TWO of us! =)
[02:34:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> i expect it's one of the serial rates rather than either of those.
[02:34:46] <Bytram> ummm, I thought those were the serial rates.
[02:35:16] <TheMightyBuzzard> those're usb rates. i'm talkin proper serial. rs232.
[02:35:27] <Bytram> if you have an old USB hub lying around, you may find you have better luck running it through that and restrict the data rate to 1 Mbps (The original USB spec)
[02:35:53] <Bytram> IIRC, USB 2 / high-speed/whatever-came-next was up to 10 Mbps
[02:35:59] <Bytram> ahhh, k
[02:36:14] * Bytram hasn't seen an RS-232 connector in ages
[02:36:30] <TheMightyBuzzard> there's hardware on the board that detects as a usb to serial converter.
[02:36:56] * Bytram regularly has to deal with an accessory that runs over serial at: 38400 N81
[02:37:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> fun fun fun
[02:38:20] <Bytram> works rather well the vast majority of the time... surprisingly
[02:38:32] <TheMightyBuzzard> speaking of, i should get myself a proper rs232 cable. the cell shield has a port for directly sending commands.
[02:39:18] <Bytram> well, not so suprising. I can't recall how much time I've spent on-line on the end of 56K, 9600, 1200, 300, and 110 baud modems
[02:39:27] <Bytram> now your talking
[02:40:06] <Bytram> s/ur/u're/
[02:40:06] <TheMightyBuzzard> thing takes AT commands just like old dial-up modems
[02:40:08] <exec> <Bytram> now you're talking
[02:40:18] <Bytram> ATDT+++
[02:40:36] <Bytram> hayes modem command set ++
[02:40:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> yar. has some extras for pulling shat off the internet though.
[02:41:20] <TheMightyBuzzard> AT commands to pull whatever's at a web address
[02:41:35] <Bytram> maybe start small and get the foundation stuff working, then go whole hog with USB, etc.??
[02:41:43] <Bytram> oh? neat!
[02:41:57] * Bytram thinks that sounds suspiciously like FTP
[02:42:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> nah. it don't need usb while running. just power and one data wire.
[02:42:42] <Bytram> oh, okay.
[02:42:50] <TheMightyBuzzard> ima teach it to play pong this weekend though
[02:43:04] <Bytram> breakout++
[02:43:04] <Bender> karma - breakout: 1
[02:44:35] <Bytram> what inputs/outputs (i.e. controls and display/audio) do you have?
[02:44:39] <TheMightyBuzzard> anyway, it's way on past my bedtime. gonna hit the sack and start back on it tomorrow. think i'm ready to start it data logging to the sd card
[02:44:45] <TheMightyBuzzard> three buttons
[02:44:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> itty bitty lcd
[02:45:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> no audio
[02:45:10] <Bytram> printf++
[02:45:10] <Bender> karma - printf: 1
[02:45:14] <Bytram> best of luck to ya!
[02:45:23] <TheMightyBuzzard> yarp.
[02:45:24] <Bytram> ~gnight TheMightyBuzzard
[02:45:26] * exec cohesively reverse-engineers a printout of speed from TheMightyBuzzard
[02:45:26] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~gnight Bytram
[02:45:28] * exec transphobically bitchslaps a tube of Scientology with Bytram
[02:45:51] <Bytram> I think I lost thatone
[02:46:22] <Bytram> okay, got 5 more pushed into the story queue.
[02:46:44] <Bytram> am knackered and have another early day tomorrow. bed time sounds like an excellent plan.
[02:46:46] <Bytram> laters!
[02:47:24] * Bytram boggles at someone being able to do this:
[02:47:25] <Bytram> https://www.nytimes.com
[02:47:25] <upstart> ^ 03George Soros Transfers Billions to Open Society Foundations - The New York Times
[02:47:57] <Bytram> or, for each billion, he could $3 to every single person in the USA
[02:49:50] <Bytram> oh, it is a single organization called the "Open Society Foundations"
[02:51:37] <Bytram> which he has, so far, funded to the tune of at least $18 billion
[02:52:09] <Bytram> generally at the rate of $800M to $900M per year.
[02:53:08] <Bytram> okay then, with that I'm calling it a night.
[02:53:15] <Bytram> have a great night everyone!
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[18:02:49] <TheMightyBuzzard> ~eds got a time sensitive story in the queue that kinda needs to be run before sundown. https://soylentnews.org
[18:02:51] <exec> editor ping for TheMightyBuzzard (reason: got a time sensitive story in the queue that kinda needs to be run before sundown. https://soylentnews.org): janrinok zz_janrinok n1 nick martyb Bytram cmn32480 coolhand takyon bytram|away Fnord666 charon GreatOutdoors FatPhil Snow goodie mrpg
[18:04:19] <TheMightyBuzzard> also, you're welcome for all the boobs stories
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[18:25:37] <CoolHand> TheMightyBuzzard: that story actually needs to be run by tomorrow night.. it says October 19th
[18:26:12] <CoolHand> for some reason their story dateline says 10/19 and "today", like they pushed it out a day early or something
[18:27:04] <CoolHand> but their little chart on the right of their webpage confirms it is 10/19 (unlike Deneb transit that it has on 10/18 - tonight)
[20:03:57] <takyon> i pushed that story out on 10/18 because the thing happens during U.S. daytime on 10/19
[20:04:35] <takyon> so arguably you could observe on either night. which could be preferred if weather is bad on one night
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