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[03:16:14] <Bytram> poked my nose in for a bit to check on things and it looks like you folks have everything under control... yays!
[03:16:32] * Bytram decides to call it a [relatively] early night.
[03:16:33] <Bytram> laters
[03:40:33] upstart is now known as BotSupremacist
[12:07:03] <cmn32480> iphone 8 @ 20:03
[13:38:04] <CoolHand> exciting...
[13:38:26] <cmn32480> what coolhand? you have a problem with the silence?
[13:48:08] <CoolHand> no - iphone 8.. it's soooooooo exciting..
[13:48:33] <CoolHand> ok /sarcasm , not an apple fanboi
[13:48:35] <cmn32480> and obviously broken out of the box
[13:48:43] <cmn32480> me neither
[13:48:46] <CoolHand> ahh.. /me shocked
[13:48:59] <cmn32480> bytram was also editing at that time, and I dind't wanna step on each other
[13:49:10] <CoolHand> gotcha
[13:50:49] <CoolHand> well, I 2nd'ed for ya - just for taking the time to say stuff in here.. :D
[13:51:05] <cmn32480> yer a pal coolhand
[13:51:40] <cmn32480> I'm rather surprised there is only 1 comment on the pornhub story
[13:53:08] <CoolHand> yeah, usually sex sells
[13:53:43] <cmn32480> apparently nobody but watches porn... (it was for research!)
[13:54:08] <CoolHand> just do in on a vm inside a vm inside a container...
[13:54:22] <CoolHand> inside a chroot jail
[13:54:26] <cmn32480> then restore from snapshots
[13:54:42] <CoolHand> yeah, forgot that
[22:50:45] <takyon> i switched boy scout story nexus to politics