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[02:52:58] -!- Fnord666_ [Fnord666_!~d8c4e185@925-300-434-342.ubr6.dyn.lebanon-oh.fuse.net] has joined #editorial
[02:53:08] <Fnord666_> howdy Bytram!
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[20:40:57] <Bytram> Fnord666: hiya! sorry for the very delayed reply... life got terribly busy, as it is wont to do. :/
[20:41:18] <Bytram> thanks *bunches* for all the stories you pushed out for us!
[21:59:24] <Bytram> Fnord666: btw, saw your request re: text you could not post because of filters... can you please paste it here, exactly as written?
[22:09:44] -!- Cmn32480_phone [Cmn32480_phone!~cmm32480_@12.44.ti.qm] has joined #editorial
[22:10:39] <Bytram> ~gday Cmn32480_phone
[22:10:41] * exec sardonically crams an xml representation of segmentation violations into Cmn32480_phone
[22:11:25] <Cmn32480_phone> ~gday bytram
[22:11:26] * exec theoretically tosses a shaken bottle of segmentation faults to bytram
[22:11:32] <Bytram> ~blame
[22:11:34] * exec points at Bytram
[22:11:43] <Bytram> that was my fault... so sorry!
[22:12:05] <Cmn32480_phone> lol
[22:12:25] <Bytram> saw your 'someone just fill me' comment in #Soylent, so issued: " .kick Cmn32480_phone" thinking the leading spaces would block it from working. NOPE!
[22:12:38] <Bytram> what's happening, anyway?
[22:13:07] <Cmn32480_phone> just at a customer site working...
[22:13:14] <Cmn32480_phone> frustration abounds
[22:13:27] <Bytram> you're in... (/me forgot where)
[22:13:27] <Cmn32480_phone> can't concentrate
[22:13:31] <Cmn32480_phone> nj
[22:13:34] <Bytram> k
[22:14:04] * Bytram has just looked at tmb's filter expressions... and is gonna lose even more of his limited remaining hair
[22:14:43] <Cmn32480_phone> I would offer some.... but.... I haben't any to go e
[22:14:47] <Cmn32480_phone> give
[22:14:59] <Bytram> been there, done that already, eh?
[22:15:03] <Bytram> ;)
[22:15:17] <Cmn32480_phone> yep
[22:15:45] <Cmn32480_phone> at age 21...
[22:16:02] <Bytram> musta been from starting drinknig!
[22:16:52] <Cmn32480_phone> nope... bad genes
[22:17:10] * Bytram rumages around for some Jordache
[22:17:52] <Cmn32480_phone> ok.. channels are statically set on 100 aps... time to see if I pooched it
[22:18:05] <Cmn32480_phone> back in a while...
[22:18:19] <Bytram> ONE HUNDRED ACCESS POINTS? Yowza!
[22:18:24] <Cmn32480_phone> and yes.. it IS a big building.
[22:18:25] * Bytram crosses fingers
[22:18:40] <Cmn32480_phone> well... 50 some... but each has 2 radios
[22:18:56] * Bytram tunes in 'Shiny Happy People'
[22:19:21] * Cmn32480_phone goes to find the golf cart
[22:19:27] <Cmn32480_phone> laters
[22:19:35] <Bytram> to find clubs you can wield against someone?
[22:19:37] <Bytram> ;)
[22:19:43] <Bytram> Best of luck there good buddy!
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