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[15:24:31] <mrpg> 10 print "HELLO, WORLD!"
[15:38:06] <chromas> 20 GOSUB 10
[15:41:42] <mrpg> problem: I just found out there are 2 submissions for uber. I did one, i didnt merge them. So, I'm going to accep the other and set to "no display", and add that link onto the accepted submisson. Right?
[16:14:41] <mrpg> reasy, crisis averted.
[17:25:13] <mrpg> the systemd submission would be funnier if it had the full text.
[17:29:07] <mrpg> Civis romanus sum!
[17:30:04] <mrpg> Ok, I did 7 submission in 2 hours, im tired, im going to eat, bye.
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